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I just looked at that main 3 phase contactor inside the machine. I see now that all 3 legs are bonded together and therefore acting as a heavy duty single phase switch. Of course 4 or 5 wires in use could indicate 3 phase either with only a ground or ground & neutral being 5 wire.

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That's neat MKP'S BossB)


A bit cool here this morning....too cool for the bubble at least with the top down.  Jake is happy though.


Going to do a little Christmas decorating and then out to buy a mattress set.  Maybe a fire in the fireplace this afternoon.


Coffee done....


What are you young fellas up to this weekend?




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22 hours ago, Weber said:



Typing and looking on my phone, so I'm more limited than usual.


The three wires and one being green has all the making of ~ 230v, single phase. Green to ground and the 2 hots will go to the 2 pole breaker.

Some people will use white as ground when there are only 3 wires and only 2 are hot. White is usually the Common wire, which is a ground in the breaker box.


What amp draw does the welder's nameplate say it needs?


Edit: rereading your post, you might already know how the wiring needs to be.

Single Phase 200/230 is the machine.

The machine was NOT grounded, only two wires, RED/BLK were constant.

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Morning gang


Coffee, Stare at the Pc.

$99 bucks at the welding store, welder does work and is worth "Saving".

Today, will install "New Fan" and so far that is all i can find wrong with it.


Nice peacefull freezing morning here, 37 and feels like 0......Coffee Time.:emotion-44:


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Afternoon gang....

Coffee all done..... Just hanging around, The BOSS and I are watching the Death Wish marathon on the El' Rey network:laugh:. Man I love the El' Rey network, several weeks ago The BOSS and I had to watch her mom. We spent the weekend there and we watched all of the Puppet Masters. It was like 8 hours of Puppet Master lol lol. OMG I forgot how dumb those movies were... We got a bunch of laugh out of em... 


3 hours ago, Tarheel said:

What are you young fellas up to this weekend?


Not sure yet Chuck..... I need to start getting the F-250 ready to battle the leaves in the yard. Gotta put the enclosure on the bed of the truck and get the Billy Goat leaf vacuum on it. It's a fair size commercial set-up and it takes some time. Sometimes I feel I should just pay a company to do the leaves.... but once I start it is fun sucking those big piles of leaves up. It takes six trips to the dump to clear the yard.


It's been fairly cold here especially in the evenings. I've had a fire going all week.... and speaking of fire, I still got more wood to split....


Might have one of my younger buds (Tyler) over tomorrow. I've known this guy since he was 16. He came around the shop with his Acura GSR. That was 15 years ago. He's a nice young man that seems a little lost right now. When he was around 18 or so his father got killed in a work accident. His dad was a mason, he was working at the collage in town were my shop is and he was cutting stone. The saw kicked back and hit him in the neck...... It was really really bad.. 

Over the years we got close. Tyler joined the Kenpo Karate school I was in, he was already a black belt in Hapkido... He's really good. Over the years I turned my basement into workout area.... I would have my karate friends over on Sundays and he was one of them that would join us. Well over the years the Sunday workouts kinda fell by the wayside. You know how things change.          

Tyler came over the house last weekend. It's been close to a year since The BOSS and I have seen him. We keep in contact through "tex". We went out to dinner and came back to house. We had a good evening, I asked him if he would like to start doing the Sunday thing again. Man his eyes lit up and was like HE!! yea. Hopefully I can help him out....  put things in to perspective..... I'm sure most of of you guys know how life can kick in the teeth..... The BOSS did tell him that he's gotta take it easy on me cuz I am older now...... One Sunday Tyler through me on the mats so hard I had to spend the rest of the day in bed.... All my karate buds were laughing at me... I was laughing too but I couldn't get up.... the one guy said "you asked for it Mark":laugh:..... yea I did lol lol..


Check back later... a good weekend to all...


MKP :-)



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2 hours ago, MORE KLIPSCH PLEASE said:

God I remember back in my drinking days closing down the bars and then going to a diner to get breakfast "before" breakfast.... now that was some good eats:D


MKP :-)


Have yourself too much to drink and you could taste your breakfast twice: Coming and going. :)

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Well it looks like our bud Weber was the first to page 1100.  What should he win boys?  A toaster?


Got everything done I had planned yesterday.  Decorated for Christmas, bought a mattress set at Goodnight Sleep Store, made a fire at LF's new place, grilled 2 NY strips on the Green Egg, sat by the fire with 3 fingers Jack Daniels Black and LF, watched an episode of Bloodline on Netflix, early to bed.  Bien!


Ceptorman has skills gents!  Looking good!


Time for the second cup........



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Good morning my friends.........:emotion-44:


Chuck, sounds like you closed with a productive day and evening!   Our tree goes up today!  All outside lighting (new and different) completed and ON since last week...


This morning, I am off on a freshly polished iron horse in these (burrrrrrrrrrr!)  30 degree temps this morning for my rider's club final event today....   Again, we raise money all year with our own 'Mystery Ride and pigroast for the 'Grey House' downtown, and provide Christmas gifts for about 35 kids... :emotion-21: (we also donate some $$ to the Shriners)


Been doing this for a number of years, local NBC station comes down and does a news story with us...   We bring a Santa Clause (one of our own members), and when the weather is good (no sand and salt on streets), we take the bikes which the kids get a kick out of.   We are escorted by the city's fire dept. (big hook and ladder rig) where Santa actually rides shotgun!


The kids with parents are all in this livingroom in the house, Santa calls up the kids one at a time to sit on his lap, I take photos, they are handed their specific wrapped gift (shopped for and wrapped by our own members).  They take the gift back to their seats/floor, and wait for a signal to open them from the director.  It is really fun to watch all the reactions at the same time!  :laugh: 


Well, it only lasts a little over and hour, but it is a fun time for all involved..   


When I get home, I will set up a  brunch for us  (my sister is living with us now, temporarily) and later, the tree decorating will begin :biggrin: and being that she is a pro floral arranger, I am sure it will be wonderfully done!,  and thats the news from here...


Enjoy your day my friends....   I'll stop by again soon..   


...........Gary  :emotion-29:

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