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Cables, Coffee, Cycles, and Cocktails


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3 hours ago, MicroMara said:

I do remember something simmilar in the 1990 tess, I moved into a new flat and spent all days before christmas till after new year with renovation works in the new apartment. But it doesn´t scared me at all , I had fun ! 

It's the roads that Google puts me on, very bad surfaces and not even secondary. I'm talking there fifth place roads. I'm getting a 26 ft truck, 20 is not enough so that's that!


Well, I've gotten rid of four of the six fluorescent fixtures in this place. Problem is the one over the kitchen sink is just too much for out there. Think I'll take it, put it in the laundry/pantry and remove the one I just put in there, it's too much light for that room also. I'll take it to the dog house! Then I'll have to get a picture of it for @grasshopper! He might like it.

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Thanks for that @Marvel.  May you all have a blessed Christmas also!


@JohnJ  lights in the doghouse is a novel idea.  @grasshopper needs all the light he can get in there kinda maybe.


12:30AM here and 22F with rain coming in overnight then on and off for the next 3 days w/highs in the mid 50's.  Crazy.


Slipped out today and picked up a fifth of Johnny Walker Black label on sale @ the liquor store, which is nuts.  Don't drink just hoard Scotch and Whiskey.  This month it's been Single Barrel whiskey's every Saturday.  Some semi-decent brands are showing up but I'm clueless as to what to buy.  Some 350-400 range but it's gone in a heartbeat and only shows up in select stores on short email notice.


I'm waiting on the bottle lottery drawing, which is 1 bottle per person who signed up for it in a state-wide drawing.  THAT's the killer deal.  ALL top shelf at regular prices that you NEVER seen in ANY stores so it's pretty much like a unicorn hunt.  Fingers are crossed cause I entered all 15 draws so we'll see.


A local kid won a Xmas basket FULL of top shelf stuff last year.  1 draw state-wide for it and FREE is always good.  Needless to say he and his friends drank every bit of it and didn't even invite me over.  I counted 11 empty bottles laying in a pile and it was all to die for.  He just HAD to post a pic on fb.  Grrrrrrr...


Wimmen out @ Christmas?  I buckle up, put my helmet on, look 6 ways twice before EVER moving the car.  That's the way I roll til 2 weeks into January.  Wimmen will run you over around here cause every one of them is on a mission from God.  Preservation of Species Version 1.0.  :)



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Can´t stand this weather anymore , since more than two weeks just dark grey and rain , no daylight , clouds hanging so deep, you can touch them 🤣. Shouldn´t change till after new year 🤔.





However I´ll wish you all together very happy christmas days




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I appreciate the thought , John and Dave.

 I don't need that much light in the doghouse. I can do my gardening outdoors... it's legal in AZ and I have a med card, just to make sure [wife thinks it gives some protection - it doesn't] and it gives me a reason to see my doctor. HeHeHe

speaking of which, I'm due to renew. the card does give me a tax break at the dispensary. I have never set foot in one ... and I don't really trust anything I didn't grow. You should see the list of nasty stuff that is tested for.... mostly chems used by commercial growers.


My Christmas tree didn't happen this year. With the dry summer, the tree I prune for it only grew enough to make a large wreath. It makes a good smell in the house. I put up some lights and tinsel garland and called it good. 

We bought a new tv for us. The "old" one will be used as a monitor for the wife's computer. Unfortunately, her AMD is making large/r necessary. 



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I'm picking up a friend to take him to church. He's 81 and stopped driving, and is getting wobbly on his feet. I hadn't seen him for a few weeks and got in touch. Finally convinced him I would pick him up so he could get to Mass. Starting to wonder when that will happen to me.


Lady at work said her MIL had an accident. She's 93 and they still let her drive. Now she's in the hospital...


That often doesn't end well.

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My buddy DJ’d a dance party at our local spot Saturday night.

We had a good time but we were out way too late.IMG_2085.jpeg.bde5e3677bb8bcbffc73106e5f1aa966.jpeg

yesterday afternoon I stopped by my other friends wood shop and we started putting a dent in a bottle of Angel’s Envy that our pastor gave him as a way of saying thanks for making coffee after church each Sunday.

It’s pretty good stuff.


This morning we got up and went to the  Christmas mass and then came home and opened presents.



the kids and I are adding to the ever growing fleet of Star Wars LEGO ships.IMG_2100.jpeg.a7ce9404c7b345509266c96fa7b662c0.jpeg



Merry Christmas everyone!

I hope your day is enjoyable and full of peace.


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