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What I Got Today!


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Not what I got TODAY per se, but I finished hooking everything up and getting it in place now that almost all of the pro gear sold has left the building.   Quite glad no one bought the last pair of these 884 SW Subs.   This is an incredible outdoor system on the cheap.  Already had the entire system, just needed the room to hook it up. Only the pair of 884s and the 2500c speakers are part of the system.  The rest is the leftover gear needing to move on as well. 


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6 minutes ago, Ceptorman said:

Nice gear WCD....those Khorns might sound better if you spread them out a little 😃

The khorns I got on a trade from Khornukopia.  Those are sold, waiting for new owner to pick them up soon (not a forum member).  I was using the rf5s for my outdoor speakers and they have put a smile on many a face.   It was time for the serious upgrade however. 

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Picked up a new toy to give to my daughter for Christmas.  She loves riding my ATV with me, so it was time to get her something she could drive.  I've already installed control arm skid plates, mirrors, and a tuner.








Also got a new dog...  He's a work in progress...




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10 minutes ago, Schu said:

Russian collusion?

We've moved well beyond that and Russian Collusion is so yesterdays news.


Obstruction of Justice

Obstruction of Congress

Obstruction of the merging lane



High Crimes

Crimes while High


Misdemeanor's while High

Misdemeanor's while thinking about getting high.

Obstructing high people while trying to commit a misdemeanor.



Bribery while high and trying to commit misdemeanor's

Obstructing bribery

Bribing congress while trying to get high and commit a misdemeanor


Quid pro quo

This for that and that for this

High quid while bribing and obstructing quo for the other


Doing a porn start with really big hooters. (personally I think they should go with this one)


Hello to all of you that get to read this prior to its removal.  





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