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What I Got Today!


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Ah H*ll @sunburnwilly that's a good one!

You know it's the opposite of that. It's butt freezing unless you hit it two more times to knock it down to low!

Never experienced that except for going into a walk-in freezer long ago to rotate the food and taking a seat on something there for a minute. In the winter sitting on something cold outside just is not the same.

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My retirement gift to myself. 2 years ago I dropped a deposit to get on a waiting list. My build finally came-up at the end of April 2023. As of last week 6/23/23 this is where it's at, and it's starting to look like a boat. Should be done on or before mid July.  Static draft is 5" and will jump up in just 10", fully loaded. Yammyhaha with TRP lower unit....  4wheeldrive for the shallow water. Al is getting powerder coated and bimini top is being fab'ed.

New Toy.jpg

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16 hours ago, Dave1291 said:

@314carpenter sucks to be me!  

Allergies? That's what the GM at the restaurant told me he had. Can't eat any shellfish. 

Told me that he's part of a national seafood buyer group. It will be at least 4 years before the U.S. has a sufficient crab biomass to resume Alaskan crab fishing.

Basically the entire biomass couldn't find cold enough water to survive, so they all went deeper, then walked off a cliff, and ultimately fell down into a deep trench where they all imploded due to extreme water pressure.


Sucks to be a crab!

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1 hour ago, the real Duke Spinner said:

Fix, or Repair Daily. 😀

When I had my old 928 Porsche I'd have to run down to Cbus to the dealer once in a while.  Just to nose and see some local kid who moved down there and worked lining up the rides for repair.  One day when I stopped he was laffin and said to stick around if I wanted to see something funny.  So I did.  Nothin to do anyway. This was like 30 years ago.


In rolls an F-1 red Ferrari with the roof off and some skinny greasy sleezeball in 50's attire and a woman dressed exactly the same.  It was retro all the way complete w/wrap around shades.  I about died seeing them crawl out.  


So this kid and I walk down and watch it unfold in the service area w/some lil fat guy carryin a breifcase and wearing a black suit and tie who'd been waiting not talking to anyone. 


So the kid introduces him to the couple and said he was going to tune it up for them.  I'm like wtf so watch.  Panel's removed for him and he opens his briefcase.  A puter and a few lil wrenches and screwdrivers all laid out on a new out of the package cover.  Plugs the puter in, pulls out a lil screwdriver and starts tweeking this and that while the engine was running.  I heard that thing smooth right out like a lion ready to pounce.  Then he closed it all up.  They thanked him and everyone left. 15 minutes max.


I walked back upstairs and the kids telling me this. The guy that brought it down from Cleveland was only the gardner and the woman with him was the maid for some rich dude who owned the car.  Whaaaa???


Then he told me it cost the guy 5k for that lil fat dude to come down from Detroit, spend the nite so he was there in the morning, tweek it then back to Detroit.  The couple bringing it down was a perk from the owner.  So every time they brought it down, that was they way they dressed for the ride and it had to be a perfect sunny day for a ride otherwise it was a no go.


I can't begin to imagine what people thought as they saw him on the inter-state dressed like that crusin in a million dollar ride.  You'd have to run easy peasy w/only a 6-8 clearance on the highway.  Just crazy and had I not seen it I wouldn't have ever believed it.   Wild for sure.  lol 


My motto?  If it ain't broke don't fix it and he knew it!  lol


I did get a deal on a couple citronella candle buckets today @ CVS.  3 left @ $1.69 each.  Snagged 'em all.   SCORE! :)



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