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My name is Newman...


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My Name is Newman...

My Father let me pick my own name by trying/calling me by many names until I really found one I really liked... Newman.

I looked at my father with great interest when he called me by my new name.


I like selfies and posing for photos...


I also really really liked playing in the snow...


More selfies!



Flower time!


School Girl Pose!


My Dad says I had eyes like Paul Newman...



My Mom loves me so much she leaves me with lipstick everyday before work...


My dad commissioned a painting of my favorite Selfie...



After 15 years of traveling in the USA and a really wonderful home life... I started to feel a little sick. I tried my best to stay brave for my mom and dad, trying with great strength to walk and pretend everything was normal... but everything wasn't normal, my poor body started letting me down.



Last Sunday I spent HOURS and HOURS sleeping outside under a beautiful tree in our front yard... my dad by my side watching me with love.





Sunday night I ate a really great rib eye dinner cooked by my dad...


Monday morning, my Mom and Dad took me to the wonderful veterinarian by our home for a visit... I could barely hold my head up to see.


I was so very tired and sick... I could not smile.


It's okay daddy... please be strong... I just want to sleep.


my wonderful mom gave me one last kiss, and you know what... ALL DOGS DO INDEED GO TO HEAVEN!


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Thank you folks for the beautiful words and thoughts... my wife and I do not have children, so Newman really was our child.


I need to assemble a thread to try and help me heal be cause the greif has been completely unbearable. 


I wish science could figure out why dogs can not live longer.



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4 minutes ago, Schu said:

Thank you folks for the beautiful words and thoughts... my wife and I do not have children, so Newman really was our child.


I need to assemble a thread to try and help me heal be cause the greif has been completely unbearable

It will help, trust me.


It helped us tremendously.  You will always have this thread, and sharing your memories is a good thing.


I think Newman and Malcolm would have been great buds.  I hope they are in heaven in a closet of brand new "I only got to wear those once" designer shoes. 



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Very sorry to hear this.


He was lucky to have you two, he was a family member and not a pet. He had a good life and was happy, this was because of you two, it's all we can do with people and pets.


Sadly sometimes we don't have any good choices.  

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Oh, man, I'm so sorry for your loss.  About a third of the way down, I had a feeling where that was going and I got teared up.  I am kind of in that boat, too.  I have two cats, brother and sister, that I got right after I moved to Denton, TX in the summer of 2003.  They were the last two of the litter and they didn't want to separate them (of course).  So, I took them both. 15-1/2 years later, both are on the end of their journey and really starting to show it.  I'd always thought my long haired gray cat, Shadow, would live the longest but it now seems his sister might outlive him.  It's so tough seeing our dearly loved pets get to this point and I dread that trip, once again, to my cousin who is a vet here in town.  You want them to stay with you forever but you can't bear to see them suffer; it's just knowing that time when they can't make it anymore.  I believe in my heart our animals want to stay here with us as long as they can and want to be with us at the end since we've been all they've ever known and have relied on.


My thoughts and prayers are with you and tears in my eyes as I write this, Schu.

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