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And now for something completely .................... ?


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the wiring behind the chassis was mystifying enough lol, but that cover must be to keep cat's outta there, heck, I don't know... the future release has a picture where a Klipsch tractrix horn might fit eventually, but it looks like the drivers on top might rotate like a carnival ferris wheel

WAMM-teaser2-768x556@2x (2).png

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teaser picture
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15 minutes ago, Shiva said:

Some serious coin for these to be sure.  While these aren't the Odins,  I landed on a some vids of the gottenburg in action some time ago and was impressed with the sound through my Sennheisers.  


I hear ya.  The pictures on Super TVs in the ads always look better than the picture on my Vizio.

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