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Corona Virus Disease/(SARS-CoV-2) II


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Seems like many here are (as well) injecting presumption into their comments. Assuming that any country or state or county or city could have been prepared for this is unreasonable. NYC completed a ‘pandemic’ preparation survey in 2015 that accurately predicted today’s reality. To fulfill just one part of its recommendations required 1/2 billion $ worth of ventilators. So assume that NYC bought 15,000 ventilators in 2015......  who will be operating them today......  there will never be enough qualified personnel to provide this level of care anywhere whether they are given all of everything they need or not. That is the reality of the pandemic.


Next is the presumption that the federal gov’t could ‘wiggle’ its nose and instantly have 100’s of millions of test kits, 10’s of thousands of vents..... etc. It does not matter WHO was president when this happened anyone would face the same limits. 

Given the initial gross misrepresentation of this disease coming from China and the failure of WHO to drill into the facts all the world can do is attempt to plug the dike while science grapples with treatments and vaccines. Look around - NO country has a great approach on this so stop dumping on America and simply do YOUR part to assist in corralling this virus.

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3 minutes ago, geoff. said:


Crayfish (crawdads) and frogs too!


Squirrels are just wired out rabbits.


Possums are another story...

We Belgians love to eat horse meat and muskus rats. The latter is rare, very rare though. 

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1 hour ago, ILI said:

Reported this, shu. It is fake news, loaded with ads and disrespectful to the healthcare workers around the world risking their lives. 

Did you actually watch it...

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12 minutes ago, ILI said:


Stop being xenophobic. 

Americans eat squirrel and possum meat. 

Not being xenophobic.  Just not to my taste.


Anyone can eat what they want. 

I frequent a restaurant that features frog legs and parts along with alligator and such...  Doesn't bother me but showing a skinned animal may be distasteful to some people.  I really couldn't care less.  Just not something you normally see on these forums.

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