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Lost my best friend today.


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Thanks everyone.  My wife and I don’t have any kids so Pugsy was our baby.


A little backstory.  My wife’s aunt had Pugsy and then died of cancer.  The original plan was to keep Pugsy until my wife’s mother could come get him.  After having him for a while we became too attached to him to let him go.  So, my wife’s mom got a pug named Penelope a little later.


Both Pugsy and Penelope died yesterday.

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Hey wuzz,


Sorry about your buddy and Penelope.  Really awful when they go.


My wife rescued a wire-haired fox terrier. He's psycho, bites the hell out of me and has a taste for pre-war oak trim but I eventually give him a pass because he's a dog. In the past year and a half he's also gone mostly blind. But when I look into those cloudy gray eyes... Did I mention he was a "surprise"?


I don't let my kids off that easily (no the don't bite or eat the house).


Hang in there and remember the 18 good years. I don't have that with my kids yet.



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I'm so sorry to hear of your loss wuzzer.


18 years is a long time. But they make it so good.


I don't know why, but this sometimes seems more difficult than losing a parent or sibling.

I'm going to lose my pal in the next few weeks - stage 5 lymphoma. He just turned 8 and he's been with us 5 years and a week.

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This old curmudgeon has seen my share of pets come and go.  The pain when they cross that bridge tears me up EVERY time.  When my youngest went to Ohio State I was thrilled when she became a member of the OSU WBB team.  Then she hooked up w/a football player and got a dog together?  I said no, but they both wanted one.  Yup, just as I told her, he would have zero time for a pet if he was ballin.  She kept the dog and he hit the NFL.


I was the one who always got the call to babysit when the team was on the road or whenever.  A Mountain Feist is what they got.  Nothin but speed and strength.  That little dog owned me dragging me all over the yard on a leash.  She didn't like it, she'd chew thru the retractable leash and GO.  Now she's been trained but when grandpa hit Phoenix a year ago Kyia knew exactly who I was and went totally ballistic.   My daughter said she'd never remember me.  HA!


My daughter called her a traitor but I just smiled EVERY nite when she crawled on the couch next to me.  Ever have a dog's butt in your face when you wake up and not care?  I just laffed and held her closer when she turned around.  She sleeps right against you at night protecting you.


The day will come and I'll be flying into Phoenix to spend some time again.  One trip I don't want to make but I know my daughter will want me there.  Just sad but it's gonna happen.  That we all know too well.  I feel your pain gentlemen.



Marissa and Kyia on a recent hike in the land of cactus.   :)



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I wrote a little poem for Pugsy tonight.  It's titled "I never wanted a dog"



When Angie’s Aunt passed away

A dog named Pugsy needed a place to stay.

We decided to give him a home for a while

A place for his little toothy smile.

When Angie’s Mom was going to come get him I realized it was a mistake

After all – I had just taught him to shake!

The decision was made to keep him forever

Knowing that a dog can be quite the endeavor.

He loved taking walks and riding in the car

No matter if we were going near or far.

He learned lots of tricks as many dogs do

Ever eager to perform them for a treat or two.

As the years went by he started slowing down

He preferred taking naps over running around.

We kept him as comfortable as we could

And gave him all the cuddles we knew we should.

He was such a good boy and gave unconditional love

As is all creation, he was a gift from above.

On the day he finally breathed his last

I thought of every moment we spent in the past.

“I never wanted a dog” was my thought as I cried

Because I knew the hardest thing I’d ever have to do is say goodbye.




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