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Subs for La Scala's?


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7 minutes ago, Flevoman said:

You are talking about the promedia 2.1 Heritage subwoofer, correct? 

This is the only I can find when I use Google. 

No, to me anything promedia is not really Heritage, Heritage is what Klipsch did for many yeears before any of the other products came along, it's what built this company.


The sub we were talking about is brand new and not even for sale yet. The only pictures of them are in this thread. 

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I just learned about this horn loaded sub development and I think it's a brilliant idea.


What's even more "innovative" or more like common sense, is the external amplification.

I think the main reason for the high failure rate of subwoofer amplifiers is the vibration

transferred to any built-in amplifiers. And all that necessary potting glue to hold the

components in place has got to make servicing a pain.


You would think some manufacturer would get the idea to sell their subs with outboard amps.

Put it in your rack with the rest of your equipment, with all the controls on the front. There's

no increase in wiring complication and the controls would be easy to reach. It's a no-brainer

to me and I wonder why the idea never became popular.


I look forward to the reviews of the horn loaded subs, especially the smaller models., which kind of reminds me of my kgsw subwoofer. One wonders what a horn loaded sub in that size package would sound like, even if it didn't reach below 30Hz.

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10 hours ago, mikebse2a3 said:



Interesting.  In this video Roy said that the one between the Klipschorns is the sub for the bass reflex Heritage models (Cornwall, Forte, Heresy) and there is a bigger one for the La Scala and Khorn.  I wonder if that one will be close to the size of the Jubilee bass bin.  More info please! 😊

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