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    • SILLY, from the former east of Berlin:  
    • Well then, congrats on the Khorns. If were me, and planning on an HT, 5.1 or 3.1, looking like a different AVR in your future. If you get either pair, would listen first with the Yamaha AVR first..as the Klipsch may revive the sound. And, since your leaning heavily into HT, would likely go with the 7s as at least 2 or 3 Klipsch centers come to mind as matching closely in the Reference line for clarity and timbre. If doing 2 channel stereo at times, the Yamaha stereo mode should sound decent with either model. Only problem with the Chorus and a matching center is, maybe a KV-4 or a C-7, as some not liking the Klipsch Academy as much. Would be abit of a difficult choice for me, but, either would work well enough for me as a center match not as important to me. Do not let either pass you by if a decent deal for you. Others here will have more and different... @nick89rs
    • Slavery makes an excellent comparison because for those who believed in it, it was an entirely useful and acceptable benefit compared to its downsides. But for those who did not believe in it, the downsides outweighed the benefits and there was enough of them to overturn the institution and walk away from it. It was replaced with systems of paid labor.   Slavery serves as an example of an "economic innovation" that while accepted at first, became unacceptable over time and exposure to the harms. There are most definitely "harms" being accumulated on the Internet ledger. If they grow, I can see no reason people shouldn't seek to end them. The end of one innovation spawns new ones. I'm certain that there will be a long line of innovators ready to offer "new ways to distrubute information" if there's money to be made doing it.   I think we're in the early phases of this innovation where the majority is still deriving more benefit than harm. But is there any question which way that vector is pointing?
    • Hi!  I'm going to build a little home theater in my new home.  The room will be 4.06x4.03m (13.3x13. 22ft), I know, it's not the best thing a square room.  By the way I'm trying to understand the best placement for my speakers.  My goal is to make a 7.2.4 layout in the future but, at the moment I'm going to make a predisposition. I'll start with a 5.1.2 or 7.1 layout.    My speakers at the moment are: Rf82 mkii  Rc62 mkii Rs42 mkii R12-sw   About the video I have a epson eh tw6600 with a 100" screen.    Another question is where to put the rs42 bipolar surround.  Should I put them at 90° from ears or somewhere else?    Because of the window and the door the best way (according to me) to place speakers is the one I attached.  I could make a specular layout but there is too little space to put the surround after the window.    Please, let me know all your suggestions!  Thank you very much! 
    • Fwiw, I think equating slavery with the internet is totally off base and with the demise of traditional media of the 1970s where are you suggesting people get their News and information? Like I said, I thi k that ship has already sailed. The real question is how are we going to put limits on it?
    • I'm not really sure, I'm really new to good sounding audio. I posted my tale in the 2 channel section but long story short I stumbled into some used khorns and I'm hooked on great sound now.  The movie room doesn't have the corners for them so they are staying in the living room    I currently have a probably 10 year old Yamaha rx-v375 receiver,  a entry level Polk package 5.1 setup and a 70 inch QLED Samsung that we stream to using a Chromecast.   My plans were to probably stick with 5.1 for the time being and start to pick away at the components individually.  I'd like to go for broke (broke in my case being under $2000) center channel speaker because I'm tired of voices getting lost in the mix. Then find some nice floor standing front channels, then get a much nicer receiver.    It just so happens that a set of chorus's and RF7s have come up on marketplace near me this week for less than I see either for on eBay and much much less than new.    The sub goes woof and the rear channels don't seem to contribute a lot so they are of lesser importance to me right now.    Edit: for clarity 
    • I don't think the humans of 1975 thought that "life was unliveable without the Internet." It doesn't need to be replaced by anything, does it? If we assume it has "negative net value" to humanity, or we assume it is a "monsterous tool of repression," we wouldn't be thinking about replacing it, would we? Does anyone speak of "replacing slavery"?   The world had genius long before the Internet. I don't buy the argument that in general people are getting smarter because of the Internet. I mean really, who the heck would they be referring to? I can see though that it is not particularly easy for people to sense the impending (looming) danger to privacy, freedom, sovereignty, and democracy when the main offering is still all the candy. The gambling, porn, entertainment, games, and all that will slowly dissolve after the IoT links everything in your life to one authority. When you get issued an automatic traffic ticket by mail because your car reported its 75MPH speed in a 50MPH zone directly to the authorities you might start to see the danger. Or, when your ban account is automatically debited by the utility companies before you can even buy groceries, you might sense danger. I dunno?
    • I doubt we have control of whether the net stays or not, eventually. For my part, I can go back to 1975,even 85 protocol and be Super Duper HAPPY ! Nothing modern would be an easy trade off considering the damage done by constant interaction of insanity promoted......But..not happening so eventually adults and people with functioning brains will retake the environment. That may be a while, and I always feel like (just thinking) this has all happened before at some long past era.....We went nuts, stopped it and it all started over, then takes a long time to re ruin everything again....
    • Thanks for the tip and I will be looking into that.
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