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    We are taking steps to ensure people know there are still ways to listen to our speakers in a dealer showroom. We've started a Certified Heritage Dealer program, and have made some improvements to our online dealer locator as well. Check out the new and improved dealer locator, and more info about the Certified Heritage Dealer program here: https://www.klipsch.com/dealers -- you can even just look up all the Certified Heritage Dealers there, which shows what they carry as well as a pic of their showroom. This is just a partial list at this time... Many more Certified Heritage Dealers (and some additional dealer locator improvements) to come!! Certified Heritage Dealers showcase a minimum of two dedicated 2-channel Klipsch Heritage Classic speaker systems in a home setting, in addition to other legendary and Inspired speakers in the line. These hand-selected dealers are fully capable and qualified to assist you find the ultimate sound experience. Please contact them to confirm they have a specific product before visiting. Klipsch Heritage products are also available to order online from a select network dealers in the United States. The speakers will ship in book-matched pairs with the option of white-glove delivery service. Look for this badge to when searching for Certified Heritage Dealers. Quick link to see ALL current Certified Heritage Dealers in the US: Click here!
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    Standard Day Temperature (2 x Altitude in Thousands) - 15 = If altitude is greater than 7,500 feet the result is a negative (2 x 40) - 15 = 65 - 65 degrees C Now next time your are flying along and the flt deck welcomes you to cruising along at 33,000 today you can turn and announce that it is currently minus 51 degrees C outside
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    Can I get back to you on that? πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ Always heard the higher you were the cooler it was, but it seems after I got so high any higher is not cool at all.
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    How many times have we heard or said that phrase. He, she, they nailed the whatever out of that song. Everybody who sings or plays, listens or learns, wants that magic moment where skill and passion combine into an emotional roller coaster that bares the emotions and reveals the glorious essence of the commonality of humanity. We here spend gobs of money and rashers of time just to garner a hint of that greatness. Sometimes we are rewarded and sometimes we wonder why we chased that wisp of fog upon the wind. Sometimes we reflect and recall how a song on the radio, a strolling whistler on a summers day, a brief snaatch of song caught upon the wind from a passing car or an open window, can rouse that feeling. Sometimes it can happen while flipping through the channels, a bored search through the banal offerings that comprise most of that medium. So by happenstance I come across a PBS fundraiser, a concert in tribute to the fallen bard, Leonard Cohen, performed on the anniversary of his death. Now, I'm a big fan , I'm enjoying it but hardly wowed, until... KD Lang performs her version of "Hallelujah" I know she has sung this song many times, but I'm absolutely floored by her rendition this evening. Every note, to me anyways, is an unbridled masterpiece. When she reaches deep her emotion scales the heights, not an over-emoted blast of volume to brag about her range, but in service to the song and the emotion it should render. It's a few days later, now, and I still get wound up a bit thinking about. Indeed she did. She nailed it!
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    INMHO, they are MC Nuggets with no bones.☺️
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    That doesn't sound good. The plane a one or two engine? Y'all weren't off the ground, I hope.
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    It was a big deal for me, not gonna lie. It isn't just the speakers, we had to get fancy turntables and nice tube amps plus furniture. One of my amps alone was $3,200. Then there were space considerations as I already had a Jubilee setup which was taking up my only two good corners that K-horns could have used. Just a huge investment in time, money, and effort, and I still need to work on the syndicated content. It wouldn't be for everybody but yeah I felt like it made sense for me.
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    Lol, I came here to type exactly this.
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    Some folks just like to complain. Here we are actively trying to improve our Heritage Dealer base, yet...
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    Either way as long as they're crunchy.
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    Actually, they use them in both their amps and instruments. How many of these type links would you like me to provide? https://www.lespaulforum.com/forum/showthread.php?202103-Red-or-Yellow-Jupiter-caps-for-Tweed-build And why do people continually conflate sound production with sound reproduction - or like to pretend that the quality of a part matters in every other engineering application except audio. Did you even read the data sheet on the previous page? Anything that costs more than $10 around here is voodoo, fru fru, pixie dust, etc. Some of you just embarrass yourselves.
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    The Klipsch Heritage line of speakers is truly the best kept secret out there today and always has been. Once someone hears my old LS and Heresy, naturally they wipe the drool off their chin and want to know where they can get them and hear the NEW stuff... No problem, we'll drive from North Central Ohio to Indy to check them out... Bring cash and we're taking your pickup so you can haul them home! Gives new meaning to "Keepers of the Sound!" Not whining just wondering why? A focus on the home theatre @ Best Buy , is great but there are many young/old farts with the cash to spend who are craving more. The Forum here is a great starting point for anyone new to Klipsch to start...
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    All that fancy schmancy horn loaded plasmathingamajig coupled to a ported woofer.
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    -40 I also know that pie r round! πŸ˜‚ I'm the one riding and just nodding my head when the guy in front of me tells me that. I remember flying outta Cbus, GA to Atl on the way home from Ft Benning LONG ago. Had been talking to a CW3 rotor pilot @ the airport and there he was talking to the Cpt and another pilot when I boarded. He told them I was a nice kid and to put me in the jump seat for the flight so they flopped a lil board down and I got to ride up there. It was actually waaay cool til they started to come in for the landing. ALL I could see was the nose of the aircraft and ground EVERYwhere.... Yea, once was enough... Thought I was gonna die. Now I know why rotor pilots are rotor pilots!
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    So at what temperature(s) does C and F become the same?
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    Perfect! I'm starting to see the big picture now... Our Family Puts Crazy on the Front Porch With a Cocktail in Hand I'll bite... Goes to Google to find out what the temp outside is in Farenheit cause I KNOW someones gonna ask... Goes to get another Cocktail... πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚
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    This is a big deal that's been a long time coming, and I believe it will breath new life into "affordable hi-fi". I can't tell you how many people have never heard Heritage models, and how blown away the very few that get to hear them are when they do... I'd also recommend Belgium, the Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, UK, as well as Canada, Texas (DFW, Austin/SA, Houston), and perhaps southern California as potential focus sites for Heritage dealer certs. Apparent demand and general levels of disposable income seem to be high for vintage and new Klipsch gear in those locales. Chris
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    Carl's picture is a monument to something bad. The dude stripped all those Klipsch cabinets of Klipsch drivers and put in second rate stuff and thought he did something good. At one time I was interested in all of it until I found that out. He even stripped the K-4M and K-55-v drivers out of the midrange and threw that "junk" away !!! I never thought I would see someone spend that kind of money just to take and try and turn it into a JBL or Gauss speaker system.
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    That was a step in the right direction, but ... if new customers can't hear them it's a pity. Whatever happened to tasting the fruit at the Adam Smith fruit stand? Back in the day, the ENTIRE lineup of the time (Khorn, Belle, La Scala, Cornwall, Heresy) was demonstrated daily, along with a sampling of JBL, Altec, AR, Bozak, etc., etc., in the following San Francisco Bay Area Stereo Stores: Berkeley Custom Electronics Pro Audio The Listening Post The Good Guys Christopher's Audio Poor Richard A small store on College Ave. in Berkeley -- name lost in the mists of antiquity.
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    Wow. I had to google plasma tweeter, had not heard of them before.
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    The LF, I'm seeing a trend here, might be a little something to it ? 🐳
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    4 engine; abort for low power (on one engine) on the take off run; lotta data running thru da brain, see below The flight engineer computes predicted power at 80 knots using outside air temperature, pressure altitude and logged engine efficiencies...a certain amount less than predicted requires an abort, return to line and high power runs to troubleshoot. The T56-a-14 is rated at 4600 shaft horsepower at 1077 degrees C T.I.T. (Turbine Inlet Temperature) at standard day [sea level (29.92" hg) and 15 degrees C /59 degrees F]. Deviations of pressure altitude and temperature are calculated to arrive at predicted. All engines are different depending on age / use, overhaul or repair. Performance trending is done every 112 days. Salt water ingestion, wear and tear, over temps, air leaks, etc. So with FOUR perfect 100% efficient engines (eh, never, ever, ever in your dreams) you have 4 horse powers, temperatures, propeller R.P.M and fuel flow to monitor as you set power from idle to military while accelerating from 0 to 80 knots. Now figure that all our engines range from 98 to 103 % (or greater) and you gotta know which engine predicts what while maintaining all other limits....a busy time. Life of a P-3 flight engineer but that is just take off performance on engines. Trivia question: no googling Standard day temp is 15C at sea level What is standard temperature at +40,000 feet M.S.L (Mean Sea Level) [given no temperature inversion (layers of cooler / warmer air at different altitudes ]?
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    Possibly ha, that's funny.
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    Your own day!!??!! You dog! You martini dog! And given your love for Klipsch, possibly a "horn dog"!
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    Got lower with several recordings I have than before. Down to 50 hz with the old Heresy IIs that you could feel the bass hit you... just not down low. The Forte IIIs improved that dramatically down to 38 hz not a chest thumping bass but much lower. Put an out of phase by 180 degrees SVS SB2000 across the room and it can hit you with the bass sound down to 19 hz! "She Said" by Robert Plant #5 on that disc is much different than I've ever heard it. "There & Back" ..... WOW! On LFE letting the CXA80 control what the sub plays it's nice but it colors what the Klipsch are already playing down to 38. Set it to 50 hz and lower and this is better, it just lowers the playback without coloring much of what the Fortes already reach. Onto the head wagging, toe tapping, boot stomping non-stop jam that is Jeff Beck!
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    Scrooge McDuck's saying, "Work smarter, not harder" We have a crew disposing of weeds on all vacant and frontage. For free. The cows are in town ... and we have folks giving them water to keep them here. If you park on the street, they can be hard on side mirrors. .. Weed-n-feed. open range ... we don't need a permit to fence. If you don't want them, it's your responsibility to fence them out.
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    A surprise arrived by mail from Picayune. A Pilgrimage tee shirt. Which one of you did this? Christy and Elden?
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    So I'm parting with some of the system. This massive system I bought was well cared for. I'm gonna sell two LF's and two top sections with pair KP-682s. The 682's out perform the subs that came with KP-600s. These are functional and sound great. I have the cannon cables and brand new connectors made for the audio rack. It is a 4 way active system. The tweeter manifolds with mid has an internal passive so it is a 5 way total system. On casters. I have the front grill covers not shown here which are in good shape with Klipsch logos. I also have top covers for 600's and the subs. The audio rack I put together with used parts. I built the rolling box myself as a test box. It doesn't have a cover. The Ashly was mine I bought new that you can't get any more; amazing piece of audio. EQ and the 4 carver amps work fine. You can hear the fans a little more on the top Carver amp. The connector panel on the back of the audio rack I made myself. Can be used for any 4 way stereo system whether Cannon connectors or spades. This doesn't come with original Klipsch active crossovers. I will be using this system for a big pool party at my house this weekend then I'm ready to let it go. $1400 $1200 for the whole rack and connectors with the 30AMP Hubbell. Has wheels. $3000 $2500 for KP-600 pair with 682 subs. Grills and covers included. Cannons included. Grills with logos and covers are hard to come by. I've reduced my price as I need to move these for space. If they don't sell at this price....will be sold piece by piece or part by part. I won't sell the audio rack by itself. I can easily sell individual components in the rack and make money $1500 plus. I've been selling the Carver Amps for $280 on Ebay easily. This is used equipment. Right now works great and my son and I have been playing it for fun. I have several more boxes of the KP-600 system and as of now.....I'm probably keeping it. Pick up only Carrollton, GA jc
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    I broke 2 car windows of my own trying to drive off with those. Also a strangers window while running thru the parking lot and getting "clothes lined" while trying to get back before the movie started.......good ole days!
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    Trucker! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Haha ... she left this morning to visit her mom for a week ... I can "play" now
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    Welcome back my friend! Since your wife is now home I think you'd better cancel that order! πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚
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    Some technical info. NXT (New Transducers Ltd) was one of the pioneers in this field. Of particular interest is their 1995 US patent https://patents.google.com/patent/US6904154 which provides quidelines for panel size and exciter locations. Recommended panel sizes are 1.134/1, 1.37/1 and 1.41/1. Exciter locations on 4/9th, 3/7th and 5/13th (x/y locations should not use the same node line for x,y). Preferred exciter mounting is on a fixed frame with the exciter then being glued to the panel. Interesting because I've read hundreds of pages on various forms ... 99.9% of people just use scrap pieces of wood or foam and slap an exciter onto it ... guessing at sizes and locations ... it is utterly amazing that they still seem to get decent results OK; waiting for my stuff to arrive
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    There probably is at least one within that range that hasn't yet been officially "Certified" as of yet. I have a list of 31 Retail dealers that are in the process or have already been approved. Stay tuned! We're still getting dealers to participate in this. In the meantime, you could contact the Klipsch dealers closest to you and ask them why they aren't yet a Certified Heritage Dealer.
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    The advertisement was probably in 1959, the year the Cornwall was introduced. It refers to the Brussels World's Fair, which happened a year earlier, in 1958. The Klipsch demo -- to an auditorium full of people -- used 2 Klipschorns onstage in artificial corners, with a Heresy between them. I assume the Cornwall wasn't ready. They also had a live v.s. recorded demonstration but I'm not sure whether it used a small group or an orchestra. Probably a group. I hear the American Pavilion was the most popular one. One strong draw was "America the Beautiful," a total surround film (Circarama) by Walt Disney with multichannel sound. After the fair, it went to Disneyland. There was also a religious film in 70 mm Todd-AO and 6 channel stereo. About 11 years later PWK decided to recommend fully horn loaded speakers as center speakers, as they had lower modulation distortion (less than 1/3 as much -- the Klipsch literature of the time said that, at 2 feet, the Khorn, at 100 dB, had 1% total modulation distortion and the Cornwall had 3%, at only 90 dB!), so the candidates for a center channel were the Belle Klipsch or the La Scala.
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    It's been around a very long time, this picture was an old EV model from the 50's and it has been around much longer.
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    Can I get back to you on that? πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚
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    and related were the Polyplanar speakers - I bought one as below in the late 1960's and loaded it into a bass reflex - the aluminum center cap was "tizzy" and motor strength - weak
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    Make mine Vodka please... and keep the fruit.
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    Your living room is bigger than I imagined. Which one are you in the picture? 😎 +++ That concept of a three speaker front sound stage was sooo far ahead of its time.
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    I've watched several of those Kendrick Sound videos. They apparently do great restoration work and offer premium White Glove service. You will pay a lot of Yen for those speakers with that service. 🈢️ (Japanese sign meaning "not free of charge")
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    Wow, they’re coming down quick. Might have to start looking for a place to put them lol. If I was @Pete Mote I’d be trying to get a price adjustment. Most credit cards offer it. If you’re still within the return window with adorama you could tell them you’d do a return/rebuy. Hopefully they’ll take care of the difference
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