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    CSN, back when they liked each other.. cincy
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    And of course we end up here, cincy
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    Maybe a little bit mellower: Right after their biggest hit ever (WTW doesn't count as that with me!) A sleeper of a tune that they played only once out of the five times I saw them.. when Joe & Steve were fighting on stage all over the country... that tour.
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    Led Zeppelin ever deeper into dorm room70’s rock. Where did I leave the bong anyway? Cincy
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    Good time of the year for that cincy!! Just kinda hot around here after a couple of weeks of abnormally cool weather, thought about you having move down here recently! This one is not dated at all, as a hard and heavy connoisseur it's smashingly good! And it didn't survive, I had to get a new one after I got a working turntable again a couple years ago.
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    Not me, not crazy about watermelons, about all I ate there was a fried corndog, and it was good.
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    Picky... I'm sorry to hear about the struggles for both you and Verna. You are now on my prayer list (the older I get, the longer it gets). Blessings on you both! Bruce
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    === so You’re the one who left that here? It’s been well cared for, no worries. I’ll return it when we visit —
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    Khorns are not too big.. Cincy
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    Todd again, Faithful, like his covers. Not the album ones. Cincy
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    Hey @JohnJ, only reached 90 here. Lovely day. Might have been humid but it’s hard to say as I spent the whole day In the pool. Cincy
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    Todd Rungren, loved going to his concerts back in the 70's cincy
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    Aja spinning. Khorns being Khorns. Love the sound. cincy
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    Since weather was kind of crappy and muggy, my wife and I worked upstairs some today. I decided to put the Belle clones on the 15' wide "short wall" and I feel they sound better this way. I ran them on the VTA ST-70 for a little while but it's just too damn warm this time of year. I hooked up my fully rebuilt Carver M-200t which, rebuilt, is right at 140 wpc and it honestly sounds a little better on the Belles. Obviously its 4x the power, too, so it's coasting along pretty good. Moved some other things around but will post those later. But progress. With the tambor doors shut on the Barzillay cabinet. I love this thing and bought it maybe 13 years ago from the same retired Delta airlines pilot I bought the $500 1978 Walnut Klipschorns (that I had to unfortunately sell).
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    Good morning fellow Klipsch Brothers and Sisters: It's been a long time since I've poured my heart out to you all here on the forum. I used to post daily, but somehow, life and social media happened! Still, despite Facebook and all of its advantages, I prefer this forum to mainstream social media because it's simply more intimate and it's they way we all started as a family. It's akin to reading a real newspaper in your hands as opposed to reading it on line. Love the smell of newsprint! Many of you whom attended this years pilgrimage in Hope are already aware of the challenges the Lord had chosen for my bride Verna and I this year. And as word has traveled, we've received so many prayers, well wishes and so much love from so many corners of this orb. In short, in the beginning of this year, I was in need of two, total knee replacements. Verna got word in March of two issues just one week apart (can you imagine?): 1) "You have skin cancer on your forehead!" 2) "You have breast cancer in your right breast!" DOUBLE DAMN!!! March kinda sucked for us. In March my right knee was replaced successfully. Many of you saw the results in Hope and it's wonderful! The same month, they began treating Verna's basal cell on her forehead with a special chemo-type cream. Six weeks later, it was totally gone! In May, Verna underwent a lumpectomy for the removal of a pea-sized tumor. Her lymph nodes are clear (great news!) In June, they went back in and removed a section of skin the tumor had rested against that tested position for cancer markers. For those of you who unfortunately know "Cancer-Speak", she is Grade 1, Stage 1A which is like a best-case scenario. In short, she is currently enduring 4 massive treatments of chemo, one every three weeks, then a month's rest. After the month's rest, she'll begin 16 separate treatments of radiation: Once, five days a week until done. She should be through just before Thanksgiving. The chemo and radiation are purely precautionary so as to help insure the cancer doesn't return in 9 years as "something else". We'll have an enormous amount to be thankful for this year as they predict a full recovery for Verna!! To back-track slightly, I had my left knee replacement in July; an even greater success over the first (much less pain and greater initial range of movement). I am still currently recovering and in outpatient physical therapy after undergoing a successful two weeks of at-home therapy. I am unrestricted, on the go, kicking butt and taking names! So many of you have asked how we're doing that there aren't enough minutes in our day to answer everyone individually. So sorry about that. I could not be doing better and Verna has been an absolute, "Rock Star"! He has a few moments here and there of nausea as expected with chemo. Many things, including water, taste "metallic" to her. She gets tired easily. But she NEVER complains about anything! She lost her hair on Wednesday, so our daughter took her to the barber and he her gave her a "buzz cut"....on the house in a private room in the back of the shop! Classy guy! She has several scarfs that she wears and a wig, which she has yet to wear out because it's been pretty warm lately. But she's doing amazingly well! She's my Wonder Woman! Thanks to all of you who knew. Thanks for your continuous support. And it's been a pleasure telling the rest of you who were unaware of our journey. We will be fine! Love to all! -Glenn and Verna
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    Sorted! No more shrieking noise! Tech reported the screw issue - found thar all screws were only half seated, and two were completely free, but were being sandwiched onto a pcb. $75 later, I have a functional Xilica. Now to figure out how in heavens name it works..... lol
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    Glad to have you. Take care of that bong. It’s almost as old as you are! Cincy
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    Art Installation for music I'd say
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    Great LP @cincymat did y'all have that nice cool 96 degrees around mid afternoon like we did west of you today? "Now anybody that's feeling mellow........." (if you've heard double live Gonzo you know what comes in at the ellipses) I'm not tonight. Been so long this stuff is almost like new to me, and dated too. ** & I was not directing that quote at anyone, thought I'd put this here because what I'm digging on tonight is decidedly different from some others that I like too!
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    Recently picked up Bobby's Otari 5050 2hd and a lot of tapes as well. I am frankly shocked at the SQ, I cleaned the heads with Q-tip and head cleaner and WOW. The tapes are all the record on type not pre-recorded. Several appear to be stock from an 80's POP radio station. A good mix of music but what strikes me is its dead quiet analog sound. Have to wonder why they ever moved away from reel to reel. Now I have to go investigate all the best ways to use this deck and keep the Tape in good shape etc...
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    Hello fellow Klipsch lovers. I am your true audio geek, and I wanted to share with you my experiences, especially with the Kilpsch speakers. I bought my first really nice stereo, 46 years ago. A set of BIC Venturi formula Sixes, a Pioneer 838 receiver and a Gerrard Zero 100 turntable. I was in audio bliss for a number of years until I decided to “upgrade”. Well that journey has lasted another 40 years. Bigger speakers, amps, turntables, over and over again. Currently I have a pair of Focal Nova Utopia's, Quad 2805's and a pair of Carver ALS loudspeakers, 3 different sub woofers (good ones), VAC amps, Pass lab amps, great CD player, nice turntable etc. But still with all this gear, I have never enjoyed listening to music as much as I did when I had my old BIC formula Sixes and my Pioneer 838. Well, two months ago, after about 2 years of researching, reading your forum and audio reviews, I took yet another plunge and purchased a pair of Klipsch Cornwall 3's. I can only tell you that I have never enjoyed listening to music more than I have in the last 2 months. Every album or CD I play on these Klipsch's just sounds great!. Smooth, ultra dynamic, clean and most of all, just wonderful. No more does my mind start to think, or analyze or find fault or anything else. I have finally returned to just listening and enjoying the music like I did 46 years ago. The Klipsch speakers just sound great on every piece of music I have and for this, I am so grateful. What an exceptional speaker, these Klipsch's truly are. I have come full circle.
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    Will a photo be OK Tracking says definitely delivered tomorrow Aust Monday
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    Well, my fellow Klipsheads just left. I'm sure their hearing will recover soon , but the younger ones will can no longer bear children. I think we were hitting 124 db peaks in the Sub Bass regions, with the "Flight of the Phoenix" plane crash. This should eventually reach 130 db peaks when I'm done building my Super Tapped horn Sub, which was still in pieces when they arrived. Thanks to DizRotus for organizing this event. Hope everyone had fun. I know I did. Looking forward to the next one.
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    In the attic lights Voices scream Nothing's seen Real's a dream Leaving the things that are real behind Leaving the things that you love from mind All of the things that you learned from fears Nothing is left for the years Voices scream Nothing's seen Real's a dream Toys, toys, toys in the attic Toys, toys, toys in the attic Toys, toys, toys in the attic Toys, toys, toys in the attic Lights Voices scream Nothing's seen Real's a dream Leaving the things that are real behind Leaving the things that you love from mind All of the things that you learned from fears Nothing is left for the years Voices scream Nothing's seen Real's a dream Toys, toys, toys in the attic Toys, toys, toys in the attic Toys, toys, toys in the attic Toys, toys, toys in the attic
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    `morning Mike! easygoing Aero still sounds about right to me even after delving into the Naz & Teddy last night!
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    D*#n Straight it does! Been there. Done that. The only one that survived: "Shot Me Down" precedes "Love Hurts"
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    and don’t forget that love hurts.
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    What does this statement even mean?
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    I hear ya all the way down here in NC!! Bummed, found out that the folks up at that used record store five blocks away can't order stuff. Corporate does it. So I just got lucky with that Claypool/Lennon Delerium lp. Still they're nice people. Had to give that Floyd with the pops a dozen revolutions in back to them. Scouring discogs now, trigger finger itching after hearing that lp on my F3's as opposed to the last time I played that title on my H IIs. Found a Hendrix compilation to go with the other I have already for an even trade... hope it plays like new should. Is it sacrilegious to listen to Steely Dan on cd?? The two I have already are from the 60s then their very last one. They are good over on the digital side. My copies of Aja & Gaucho through the analog side of my rig is just elbow tingling good.
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    Had a good time thanks to you and Claude for hosting.
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    That's the only size I"ve ever worn. I'm built like the men on my mom's side of the family. You're welcome to my closet, should the calories ever accumulate against you.
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    No. MM. I have a variety of grado carts and seem to prefer the gold with an 8mz stylus over the platinum right now.
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    Went through something similar a year and a half ago---keep the faith Picky.
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    That's tough to handle except you two sir are going at "it" to conquer "it". Fluorouracil is not fun, 5FU isn't in any form. Best Wishes to you both.
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    That's the way my newest tt is, the leads are built in. I did have to tighten them just a little to get them to fit snug on the cartridge pins. T i t vs tat... don't know if it's better than the $$ leads that came with my cart. Hope you can get it straightened out. Have you touched base with @cincymat since he came down here? With the menus you've posted up here for us to ponder while eating sloppy-joes you might be able to get him to swing by if y'all aren't too far apart. He has a fine setup himself! JJ
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    Hello ! I finally changed the original MAE yellow caps for superb MKP Jantzen Superior Z-CAP red on meddle and high: the result is beautiful, more openness, detail and finesse, as if a veil it was up. I am delighted with this change 😀 I changed cap 3.5 µF of 12db/oct for middle and 1.75 µF and 2.5µF of 18db/oct for treble. I measured all the caps to find the right values and to make the most fair compared to the original filter 😋
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    Depends... do you have some tools to measure the freq. response? I would have a set of monitors you are familiar with to compare some different mixes (if that is your line of work/pleasure), and see how you like them for that job. They are very revealing, so a mix that sounds great on them should translate pretty well to another playback system. Bruce
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    Why? What is the supporting evidence for this assertion? Is this supposed to apply to all audio systems in all circumstances? And what does it even mean? Does the 57 1/8 inches include the length of wire inside the loudspeaker cabinet, between the speaker terminals and the speaker? Or does it only count the wire outside the speaker cabinet?
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    The current set up-Acurus A2007, Yamaha CX-A5200, Zu Audio cube center, La Scala AL5 fronts, Sonance VP80s x4 in ceiling surround (14 ft floor-ceiling windows-wall mount not feasible) Rhythmic SW. Just replaced an Onkyo TX-RZ800, which I thought sounded good, but dayum what a difference...WOW
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    I don't know, but it takes a steady hand.😀
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    This is what the booth looks like at the watermelon thing.
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    It seems to me there is a huge market of audio capacitor makers who cater to ego. More money spent does not mandate more or better results. IF I were to even consider doing this to a new speaker I would want to hear first from a guinea pig who has already volunteered to harm his setup. My number one complaint about online forum information is the attachment of ego and personalities to what should be straight forward information. There is a study online where some guy looks at tons of capacitors and his list is chock full of nonsense where capacitors can run you up to $600 each but somehow when you get right down to it the measured electrical values are the same as my cheapo Ersa or Solen caps. Maybe it is the voodoo spell they incorporate into the $600 dollar build that makes it worthwhile. I fail to see how exact same measured values between differing caps can result in harmonic bliss vs crummy sound. I might be wrong but I will have to see and hear evidence to the contrary which I have not yet. However if you have the money to burn the discovery process can be fun I suppose. Do most of the people who try these things even have the hearing capabilities to discern subtle differences or is their hearing impaired through age and abuse and the effort is wasted to begin with. There is a ring tone kids use that their parents cant hear because the pitch is to high for instance. I would do this to one speaker first and play before and after side by side and switch the two channels back and forth if you insist on doing this before I did it to both.
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