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    Hello fellow Klipsch lovers. I am your true audio geek, and I wanted to share with you my experiences, especially with the Kilpsch speakers. I bought my first really nice stereo, 46 years ago. A set of BIC Venturi formula Sixes, a Pioneer 838 receiver and a Gerrard Zero 100 turntable. I was in audio bliss for a number of years until I decided to “upgrade”. Well that journey has lasted another 40 years. Bigger speakers, amps, turntables, over and over again. Currently I have a pair of Focal Nova Utopia's, Quad 2805's and a pair of Carver ALS loudspeakers, 3 different sub woofers (good ones), VAC amps, Pass lab amps, great CD player, nice turntable etc. But still with all this gear, I have never enjoyed listening to music as much as I did when I had my old BIC formula Sixes and my Pioneer 838. Well, two months ago, after about 2 years of researching, reading your forum and audio reviews, I took yet another plunge and purchased a pair of Klipsch Cornwall 3's. I can only tell you that I have never enjoyed listening to music more than I have in the last 2 months. Every album or CD I play on these Klipsch's just sounds great!. Smooth, ultra dynamic, clean and most of all, just wonderful. No more does my mind start to think, or analyze or find fault or anything else. I have finally returned to just listening and enjoying the music like I did 46 years ago. The Klipsch speakers just sound great on every piece of music I have and for this, I am so grateful. What an exceptional speaker, these Klipsch's truly are. I have come full circle.
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    A couple of better audio days after my battle with the tone arm last week. In the main system I balanced the tone arm again and moved the tracking force up a notch. Fiddled with the step up settings on the Schiit and things sound much better. Also moved the speakers out as suggested in a review on line (Spatial M3 Turbo S). Then set up the second system with the Horn Monos, a NAD CDP from LF's system, A Schiit SYS for volume control, and my LS/Altec speakers. Good to hear the old speakers again.
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    A few pics. Great turnout of about 45 folks total. Beautiful weather, great food, great music from the garage Super Cornwalls and an old Def Tech sub. 32 lbs before hitting the smoker yielded approx. 24 lbs. More than enough for the gathering.
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    It's been my experience that tomorrow always gets here. Whether you or I will be here to greet or not it is the real variable. :^)
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    Thank you guys...I appreciate it. Definitely nice to have a room for my humble and mediocre setup. Hung some more album art with some frames I made maybe 12 years ago back in Texas. They've been stored at my best friends house for about 10 years now so it's nice to have them back. Also got my pair of Infinity Quantum 3's that I bought from the original owner in Dallas for......one dollar. I can never sell them because of the story behind them. And those Watkins woofers sound fantastic.
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    Never. Overkill is my middle name. Just ask Dave1290. I shook his calf muscles around for a good, after he issued "the challenge." 10 minutes with a 15"driver in a 15 foot tapped horn, and a 21" in another corner. Soon to add Double Monster 12's in a 22 foot tapped horn of my own design, that will get down to 13 hz.!! That will scramble your eggs AFTER you eat them. My Room is 11.5 x 16, it's not overkill, it just lets you use 100 watt amps instead of 1,000 Watt amps. Like PWK said, distortion is approximately proportional to amplifier power, so to get truly LOW DISTORTION sub bass, you still need a HORN!! What forum are guys in anyhow, did you forget that this is all about HORNS?? I tried those direct radiators. Power of ant's fart in comparison. Big name 12's, 15's and custom Double 18's. Never going back.
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    You probably need to think about a Tapped Horn Sub (18 ft. long horn) with a 12" LAB driver that will STOMP those Mickey Mouse direct radiator 15's. Why you guys are messing with this amateur crap is beyond me.
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    always nice to get home. The grass needing to be cut is way better than coming home to a brown stubble field.
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    A neighborhood walk. Nature's perfection.
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    Glad to be back home, grass almost needs to be cut but not today. I need to readjust to home abnormal compared to Hope abnormal.
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    to take @DizRotus's joke one step further "Que sarong? So wrong!"
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    The importance of wires and cables increases as cable length and the frequencies that the wiring carries increases. Audio frequencies are low relative to UHF, and wiring is less critical for audio, especially home audio, where loudspeakers are usually located less than 25 feet from the amplifiers that drive them. Commercial installations that may use hundreds of feet of wire are a different matter. If an audio enthusiast is using inefficient loudspeakers that require a lot of power it may be important to pay attention to wire size and to the temperature rating of the wire's insulation. Otherwise, a general recommendation of 16 gage or larger is sufficient and it doesn't hurt a thing to go larger. As far as uber expensive wires, I consider them to be a waste of money as I have never heard any difference between them and much less expensive wires. I would never buy any component without listening to them first. I can easily discern a difference between amplifiers, preamps, speakers, phono cartridges, CD players, and DACs but not between wires.YMMV
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    Mesquite smoked beef. Today is 5th day this week the base has been under a Black Flag. 15 minutes per hour for outside work; we don't follow their rules.
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    Welcome Chuck, glad that those CW-llls worked out so well for you. It's terrific when we find a combination of gear that sounds great and excites us. Some people are never satisfied and are constantly searching for that combo. Hang around a while, there's a lot of great people on here. Remember....we love pics.
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    I read this stuff and I shake my head and smile. Unfortunately, some (but not most) people will see these testimonials and double-talk (IMO) and think maybe they should spend serious money and effort on cables and warming up RCA plugs for a day etc. The reason it is unfortunate is because there are a number of effective things (grounded in engineering, science, common sense, and critical thinking) that they could easily perform to make real improvements in their systems. This silliness is only side-tracking real improvements. Good luck, -Tom
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    I think you'll blend right in...
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    For people who stay up late or get up early, it's meteor time again, tonight and tomorrow. https://www.foxnews.com/science/perseid-meteor-shower-peak Stargazers are in for a treat on Monday and Tuesday, when the annual Perseid meteor will reach its peak. "The Perseid meteor shower is often considered to be one of the best meteor showers of the year due to its high rates and pleasant late-summer temperatures," explained NASA, in a blog post. "This year’s shower, however, has [the] unfortunate circumstance of having a full Moon right at the shower peak, reducing the meteor rates from over 60 per hour down to 15-20 per hour."
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    Calling for some rain here for a day or so then warmin up thru the wkend. Time for the annual Bratwurst Festival Thurs-Sat nite. Plenty of food and the beer gardens will all be rockin. 250k in a town of 16k over 3 days? Yea, nuts... Buckle up, try to drive straight and avoid the DUI check points on the way outta town? Yup, now they do...
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    Lol, Claude, he wants something for a 12x12 room. Would that not be just a tad overkill? 😀
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    @ClaudeJ1 Sittith at the Right Hand... I'm STILL not right! Just do it! Lawd have mercy! hahahaha
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    Shakespeare pun of the day. The Bard would be flattered. You two had set that up so perfectly for me, I just had to step up, dig in, and knock it out of the park. It would've been remiss of me to neglect it! Thanks for both the opportunity and the recognition.
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    Dave @Dave1290, Tell Steve the bowl was a hit. Rather than wait almost a year, I gave it to her today. I’m coming to the realization that, at my age, things to avoid include: green bananas, magazine subscriptions and deferred pleasure. Tomorrow might not get here.
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    Shakespeare pun of the day. The Bard would be flattered.
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    Thanks for the pics Kevin and it was a pleasure meeting all of you.
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    Otari has a good reputation as a dependable deck. What type of heads on it, 2 track or 4 track? I have 4 decks (2 Ampex and 2 Pioneer) and they are all 2 track. You lose half of your recording time, but the sound is much better. Watch out for older tapes, there is something called sticky tape syndrome. The coating on the tape will be sticky and gum up your deck in a hurry. You will know right away if you run into one. They're are a couple of companies making brand new quality blank tapes, and the prices are often comparable to what people are selling vintage tapes for. Old Maxell and TDK tapes hold up good. Ampex tapes not so much.
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    It's got a 454 big block and 700r4 od transmission, monza headlights, Indy spoilers. The 87 on the left actually is more modified, with a complete ACI Stalker body kit, ported/polished tpi, dual exhaust, no emissions, custom prom.
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    So when I stagger off to bed and forget to turn the amp off it is a good thing! I knew it, I just knew it.
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    I say we get Jeff together with some highly-resolving gear and have him show us what he's really capable of hearing in a blind listening test. With both instantaneous switching and waiting several minutes between samples (like enough time to unsolder a component and solder in another [or swapping leads on one], or moving a driver/horn 1/8 inch - one that's sitting on bricks and golf balls. With him going mobile and sitting back down, too). I really, really, really want to see him pull it off. That would be neat. Possibly as with most who make such claims, there'll be some rationale provided why it didn't work. Either way it turned out it would be fun.
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    +1 those are some nice speakers.
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    The point of hearing difference in less efficient speakers seems true to me. Most of these talks comes to me from poeple with very inefficient small monitors.
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    90 in central AR right now. Heres the kicker, DEW POINT 79! Heat index is 105 deg. right now and could go as high as 112-115. Cant breath outside with the air saturation
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    Well after one false start because the warehouse shipped me a compressor instead of a fan I am now up and running with 2 fully functioning AC/Heat Pump units. So Lennox did finally come through with an "in warranty" part but only because I had an old friend in the biz.
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    Looks good, love to see neighbors do things like this, it's how it used to be. Nowadays many people don't even know there neighbors especially in city's where there closer, it's sad. The pictures look like deja vu
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    Try a Jolida jd100. Mine sounds great, I recently rolled some Voice of Music branded 12ax7a's in and I'm hearing stuff on my favorite songs I've never heard before.
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    Very impressed with the upgrades from Bob Crites. Listening to Steely Dan AJA cd from mobile fidelity and boy does it sound good. Would not hesitate in recommending the upgrades. Appreciate the welcome Billybob and thanks for everyone’s help and suggestions.
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    I had a great time at the gathering. It was nice having MoparDave along for the ride to keep me company and be my navigator.The Jersey Mike's subs were to die for! DizRotus' super Heresies and HIP's were outstanding, putting out way more sound than their small size would lead you to believe was capable. On the other end of the spectrum was Claude's monster subwoofer loaded system that registered at least a 7.2 on the Richter Scale! A truly amazing experience to see what can be accomplished on a small scale and a grand scale. Meeting people in person that you have only corresponded to on the Klipsch Community was really a treat, as everyone had a common like for good sounding speakers. Can't wait for the next gathering!
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    It’s time for a side shift today I know this album has lots of fans and I am one of them Brilliant in its own way Artist - Gentle Giant Title - Octopus
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    Now that you have a truly exceptional pair of speakers, and probably don't have the desire to look at different speakers, you can put your effort towards different electronics for those CWs, if there is any itch for something different. I hear a lot of people playing around with vintage amps and receivers on their heritage gear.
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    No pops on side one of the first LP. It sound excellent `cept the first tune sounds not as good of a recording. It's been re-worked of course, and I believe it compliments my "Kiss The Sky" that sounds incredible from thirty years ago! Trying to work a deal with a vendor to replace the Floyd that I had again for just a little while, probably would listen to that more often than this... I just don't smoke weed anymore! https://www.songfacts.com/facts/jimi-hendrix/20-fine
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    Just opened up the Otari and it has no doubt been serviced, VERY clean inside no dust nothing. My understanding is Bobby got this deck from Cigarbum when he liquidated his system. As memory serves it was mentioned. I had a Teac a few years ago as well as a pioneer 909 & 707 none sounded as good as this deck but I suspect that has to do with service and the recordings. 7.5 IPS radio station recordings (Recordings made for air by the station) are superb. Im not much on 80's pop but its fun to put on a tape and walk away for 2 hours and just see whats on there. Rather large assortment of music
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    Yes; love R2R. Have a Teac X-1000R and it sounds great. Unfortunately I only use it maybe twice a year
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    === shall we say it was a “well rounded” evening far exceeding all expectations—
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    === only you. (Although it did bring memories of a date I had in college) —
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    My wife at Bishops Castle in the San Isabel National Forest, Colorado. A remarkable structure, built by one man (The castle, not my wife. She is remarkable as well, but required one man and one woman to build) on private property within the forest. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bishop_Castle
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    As always really really great photos! Curious, do you shoot with the camera setting in black and white or do you convert in Lightroom or some other photo editing software?
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