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    A few pics. Great turnout of about 45 folks total. Beautiful weather, great food, great music from the garage Super Cornwalls and an old Def Tech sub. 32 lbs before hitting the smoker yielded approx. 24 lbs. More than enough for the gathering.
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    You probably need to think about a Tapped Horn Sub (18 ft. long horn) with a 12" LAB driver that will STOMP those Mickey Mouse direct radiator 15's. Why you guys are messing with this amateur crap is beyond me.
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    always nice to get home. The grass needing to be cut is way better than coming home to a brown stubble field.
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    Glad to be back home, grass almost needs to be cut but not today. I need to readjust to home abnormal compared to Hope abnormal.
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    Welcome Chuck, glad that those CW-llls worked out so well for you. It's terrific when we find a combination of gear that sounds great and excites us. Some people are never satisfied and are constantly searching for that combo. Hang around a while, there's a lot of great people on here. Remember....we love pics.
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    I think you'll blend right in...
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    Calling for some rain here for a day or so then warmin up thru the wkend. Time for the annual Bratwurst Festival Thurs-Sat nite. Plenty of food and the beer gardens will all be rockin. 250k in a town of 16k over 3 days? Yea, nuts... Buckle up, try to drive straight and avoid the DUI check points on the way outta town? Yup, now they do...
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    Thanks for the pics Kevin and it was a pleasure meeting all of you.
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    Otari has a good reputation as a dependable deck. What type of heads on it, 2 track or 4 track? I have 4 decks (2 Ampex and 2 Pioneer) and they are all 2 track. You lose half of your recording time, but the sound is much better. Watch out for older tapes, there is something called sticky tape syndrome. The coating on the tape will be sticky and gum up your deck in a hurry. You will know right away if you run into one. They're are a couple of companies making brand new quality blank tapes, and the prices are often comparable to what people are selling vintage tapes for. Old Maxell and TDK tapes hold up good. Ampex tapes not so much.
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    A little CF3 bass action. Was listening to a Pandora station playing something, have no idea who, but the bass was banging so made a quick vid while I thought of it. Driving the Epics is my Topping TP 32Ex digital T-amp, which the specs say puts out 50 watts at 4 ohms and 30 watts at 8 ohms. On another note, cant go wrong with Hsu or SVS.
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    Looks good, love to see neighbors do things like this, it's how it used to be. Nowadays many people don't even know there neighbors especially in city's where there closer, it's sad. The pictures look like deja vu
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    plastic cars
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    Try a Jolida jd100. Mine sounds great, I recently rolled some Voice of Music branded 12ax7a's in and I'm hearing stuff on my favorite songs I've never heard before.
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    About an hour ago I received a little surprise in the mail - in the form of a new phono stage from an audiophile in Sydney It a DSP design by Parkes Audio - The Puffin Playing around with the settings as I post I have never used my Test Records and it was a good time to unwrap one of them By - Opus 3 Title - Test Record 1 - Depth Of Image
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    Very impressed with the upgrades from Bob Crites. Listening to Steely Dan AJA cd from mobile fidelity and boy does it sound good. Would not hesitate in recommending the upgrades. Appreciate the welcome Billybob and thanks for everyone’s help and suggestions.
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    Watch out(no pun intended) as the horology bug can bite hard. My habit started when my grandfather died and i inherited his 1950's gold Juvenia watch. Now it needed service and speaking with the local watchmaker i was drawn into the world of vintage watches which i started to collect back in the 70's. After a long stint in broadcasting i moved south and turned my hobby into my profession selling Patek, Rolex and other fine watches for one of the top jewelry stores in south Florida. Music and horology are passions of mine. Both my watches and music equipment are arcane technology that i love and collect.
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    They're likely not the proper 57-1/8" anyway, so no greater harm can come!
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    I see it now... Asian eyes, we see the world in Letterbox.
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    The Advent of Panurge sounds sort of like Tull on something "far out man"! (insert Tommy Chong's voice here) Not knocking it, I did listen to the whole thing! It is a change of pace @Full Range !
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    see? I didn't even show up and made it interesting. lol by the by I'm known for my robe, not the sarong.
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    Hidden behind plants on the deck are HIPs, Billy Bob's @billybob phono preamp, and a Technics TT with Carl's @CECAA850 Ortofon cartridge.
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    I'll attempt to identify those in the pics in Kevin's@kevinmi post above. In the top photo, left to right, Matt @Skelt, Claude @ClaudeJ1 ( back to camera), Dave @mopar dave, Bill @Picky's_Son_1974 (back to camera), Dave @Dave1290 & Glen's @picky left knee. The middle pic has, left to right, Bill, Dave & Glen. The bottom photo has, left to right, Glen, Dave, Bill, Claude, Matt & Dave. Everyone is accounted for except Kevin, the photographer, and yours truly. Picture Paul Newman and Robert Redford . . . there's no resemblance, but picture them anyway. The setting is my backyard.
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    I had a great time at the gathering. It was nice having MoparDave along for the ride to keep me company and be my navigator.The Jersey Mike's subs were to die for! DizRotus' super Heresies and HIP's were outstanding, putting out way more sound than their small size would lead you to believe was capable. On the other end of the spectrum was Claude's monster subwoofer loaded system that registered at least a 7.2 on the Richter Scale! A truly amazing experience to see what can be accomplished on a small scale and a grand scale. Meeting people in person that you have only corresponded to on the Klipsch Community was really a treat, as everyone had a common like for good sounding speakers. Can't wait for the next gathering!
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    Think I'm gonna save this Kona coffee for company. I bought a bag of Mexican.... for $10.... another [past] few days of dire predictions for rain. 70% As is typical, we got cloudy, warm, humid and drizzle. That's how it is here. Too much humidity will actually stifle the rain. in 3 days of "rain", I bet we picked up a whopping 1/2 inch total. rethinking the spiderlings running all over the house. Wolf Spiders carry their babies on their backs... not sure how long... But, when/if you dispatch one, it's like a little explosion. Wife and I were discussing the kittens. Think they will be getting a new home toward the end of next week. She was talking after they are box trained. I told her that they are good to go as soon as they wean. We would like to give them as a pair. Two entertain each other and are less trouble than one. However they go, it will happen soon. They are at that cute stage. There will be a collective sigh of relief in the house. Granddaughter may not like it... She'll get over it.
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    It’s time for a side shift today I know this album has lots of fans and I am one of them Brilliant in its own way Artist - Gentle Giant Title - Octopus
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    Alright folks 😲 This LP is knocking my socks off!! There are a couple more out there of these previously unreleased songs that might be cool too. So far only on side 3 but side 2 has a different version of Stepping Stone, $20 Fine that Stephen Stills does a great job on, well heck it's his song. Jungle is an interesting interlude. Geeze, never noticed how long Jimi's fingers were.... that might have had something to do with it!! They cover Joni's Woodstock! Nice.
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    Thanks Ceptorman! I totally agree with you, it can become an obsession, chasing after that "perfect" combo, which I now full believe is more of a delusion than a truth. I certainly have a lot of photo's but I almost feel embarrassed to put any of them on the sight as they would reveal what a true audio geek and fanatic I have become. I so love audio equipment, but I love the great smooth sound of the music I love so much more. The two passions do feed each other, but at the end of the day it's just hearing that great song on a satisfying, nice system that I truly enjoy. What sort of pictures are appropriate, as I have so much audio gear it would almost be embarrassing to show it to anyone. Thanks for the nod. It feels good to connect with a fellow music lover and audio guy.
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    No pops on side one of the first LP. It sound excellent `cept the first tune sounds not as good of a recording. It's been re-worked of course, and I believe it compliments my "Kiss The Sky" that sounds incredible from thirty years ago! Trying to work a deal with a vendor to replace the Floyd that I had again for just a little while, probably would listen to that more often than this... I just don't smoke weed anymore! https://www.songfacts.com/facts/jimi-hendrix/20-fine
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    Just opened up the Otari and it has no doubt been serviced, VERY clean inside no dust nothing. My understanding is Bobby got this deck from Cigarbum when he liquidated his system. As memory serves it was mentioned. I had a Teac a few years ago as well as a pioneer 909 & 707 none sounded as good as this deck but I suspect that has to do with service and the recordings. 7.5 IPS radio station recordings (Recordings made for air by the station) are superb. Im not much on 80's pop but its fun to put on a tape and walk away for 2 hours and just see whats on there. Rather large assortment of music
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    Damn! I'm convinced now...
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    Keeping them for now. Thanks to all for the interest.
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    Not the kittens, but the spiders.
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    Hi there! This is going to be a long one, my apologies in advance. Slow-building your system is a very smart move. Better to use smaller amounts of money across a longer period than one one large sum all at once haha. Since you're aiming for a 5.2 system, my recommended order of purchases would be as follows: TV, blu-ray player/gaming console, AVR and cables, front speakers, center speaker swiftly after the fronts and in the end your surrounds. Since you've already picked out your TV, choosing a blu-ray player/gaming console will be easier. There is no point buying a TV that can't handle all your player's features and there is no point in buying a player that might support features your TV can't. Buying a player that can do everything that your TV can handle is perfect and might save you from buying something more expensive with features your system can't handle. Speaker cables should be made of at least 99.9% oxygen free copper. Only step up would be silver, but thats only for people with money to spare and the need to bedazzle. To the human ear, there is no difference in sound between using copper or silver. In addition, the awg/girth of your cables can be determined from guides online saying that the awg you need depends on the length of the cable and what the speaker's ohm is. In much simpler terms, you need not go smaller than 16 or bigger than 12. (Yes, the smaller number awg, the bigger the girth is). Now, since your only previous experience was a soundbar system, you are in the most amazing position where you get to experience different components and hopefully find what sounds the best to you. And yes, I get that this is the Klipsch forum, but klipsch might not be the one for you. The first thing I would have done is to get out and try different speaker- and receiver brands. Since you mentioned best buy, im guessing its through them you will mainly acquire your system from. However, look out for sales. I don't live in the US or Canada, but im given to understand you get some great deals over at your end of the ballpark. The Great news about best buy though, they have a good amount of mainstream brands in the HT market. Don't know if its possible at best buy, but try to get a demo of any speakers you might be interested in. Its important to try a speaker before you buy, but you also have to remember that it will sound differently in your home than what you might experience at best buy. Also remember that different avr/amps will make the same speaker sound differently, not by much, but noticeably yes. Looking at your purposes for your system, I see you included music. Now, for me, that excludes any and all Denon products. They're one of the best for HT, but most would not pick a Denon for music. Thats kinda where Marantz comes in. They are a bit more pricy, but are thought of as a good blend of HT and music. Just as a rule, don't get an Onkyo. I myself love Onkyo. My speakers have never sounded better with any other avr brand, but the HDMI ports on Onkyo receivers are not consistent at all. You're basically playing 50/50 when buying and Onkyo avr these days. Yamaha is great, but haven't exactly got the best room correction software. Obviously, you should get to accumulate your own opinions of these brands, but this was just some common opinions of the overall market on some mainstream brands. All of these modern receivers do support all/most of the streaming services you mentioned. When buying a receiver, you really shouldn't buy the newest version. I myself have a marantz and there was recently launched a new model. I looked at the differences and there was about 4 differences in total that would not in any way improve my experience with the new version of the receiver. Many, including I, will recommend you look at the previous models that will have the same functions and abilities. Maybe even some refurbished ones as well. After you've settled on a system, there is much more to know about how to place your speakers depending on if they're rear/front ported, how to sonically improve your room, if using spikes on your speakers is something you need, how big your subs need to be which depends on your room's total volume, how to mount bookshelf speaker if you get a pair of them, how to setup your avr, if you should do room correction manually or through the software, just to name a few haha... These topics and others such as them, I think would be a better fit for one of your upcoming posts. Good luck with your system. and please say hi to the cat from all of us.
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    My wife at Bishops Castle in the San Isabel National Forest, Colorado. A remarkable structure, built by one man (The castle, not my wife. She is remarkable as well, but required one man and one woman to build) on private property within the forest. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bishop_Castle
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    As always really really great photos! Curious, do you shoot with the camera setting in black and white or do you convert in Lightroom or some other photo editing software?
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    I have not tried them, but I am very skeptical that expensive wire will make any real difference.
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    Until you fix the problem, get someone else to drive the tractor, preferrrably one who is cute.
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    "Klipsch is the #1 premium speaker brand in the United States with over 25% total market share in the home audio category. Klipsch is the #1 premium speaker brand in Canada with over 35% total market share in the home audio category...." https://investors.voxxintl.com/static-files/37d349d2-67fb-4b9f-8512-b2dcbdb15714
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    Today's weather was absolutely perfect! It started out around 62, ended up around 84, and no humidity. I wish every day was like this.
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    that happens daily for me. We're gonna get some rain today. Got a good 1/2in yesterday I expect we will get landlocked any time next week/next rain.
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    Still driving a 10 year old car, lol. 10 years old is about the age I buy bmw's, then drive them another 20.
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    I have always been rooting for you to find a pair of Belle's within a reasonable distance. I know as does most of the forum, how long you have been waiting. I'm glad (in a strange way) that you never found any as these are absolutely stunning and will carry with them a much deserved feeling of pride and ownership. Well done my friend, well done!
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    They are back together and in place for Christmas. Man, once that last coat went on and dried, then light sanding with 0000 steel wool, and a coat of Liquid Gold, they just came to life. They are all done except for bass bin grills and some minor black touch up paint. Man, they look and sound great! The pictures don't really do them justice on how the finish looks. Merry Christmas to all!
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