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    I’ll make the change to the bill of materials tomorrow. Anything else you want changed?
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    I guess I better go with your experience and just throw out my data.......
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    Beautiful pair of Klipschorns. Circa 1978 some say the best period as far as construction goes. These are upgraded with CT125 tweeters and Dean’s beautiful amazing sounding crossovers.!! Crossovers are set -6db on the mids.....These upgrades made all the difference in the world, you will love these, I certainly have!! Wood is beautiful. Selling due to financial issues. Times have been tough dam it, but they’re just things. $3300 local pick up Phoenix, Az area. Don
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    The crossover points are chosen to match each driver along with other parameters.
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    === Cold? Sarong? You remember Seifields’ George Castanza, right? Shrinkage? Yeah, dig out the robe —🥶
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    I bought a new home however the Rec room came finished so I had to work with what was already built . I started with Klipsch in-wall speaker all around and soon enough ungraded . Now I have an issue with my neighbor complaining about bass - the houses are at least 20’ feet apart . Plus both houses are all brick. It’s like having a Ferrari and you can only drive it 40 MPH. I decided to buy 4” foam high quality 12X12x4 - I did notice I have to turn the subs down - deeper bass and way tighter and I can’t hear anything in the room rattle , all walls are drywall and finished ceiling . My system : Maranta SR7011 Rotel RB1091 x 2 running the fronts Yamaha - P7000. X4 running subs mono Dayton U18 - x4 . Custom built boxes. RF7I Fronts - with modded crossovers FR7 sides - no mods RC7 - no mods R800 surround back Ceiling -Energy - 6”. Need to upgrade to CDT 5800 Optoma 4K 135” motorized screen . Sounds really nice , now on a mission to stop bass leaving my house . Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Officially 700 but acoustically it’s around 660hz.
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    I have fired a few bosses in my life though. Ya Ya. I've always said "I've punched more bosses than time clocks".
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    it is almost cold this AM... only gonna make 85`. Better dig out the warm robe.
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    Picked up a Primaluna Prologue Premium today
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    Emile You have a very nice home and from my experience when someone comes up to a nice home likes yours they will add more to the real price of the job. If you have an estimate with all the sizes of the windows and doors. Try going to one of the local companies that make them. Here in Florida we have tons of company’s that make them After you get the price of them they can hook you up with a installer and maybe you can get a better price. On my house that’s 3000sf and I have tons of windows and they are all Hurricane rated and the cost was under 6k, all in with labor and Materials Good luck and don’t give up Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    === takes a confident mans man to travel with a tape measure — just sayin’
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    Dang, they look like they are in the business to make money... Plywood when stores are restocked this December...😎
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    Hello, i have been looking at this forum for awhile and decided i would join and share my thoughts, i guess im one of the lucky ones,i bought my vers.3 cf4's new in like 95 and have been enjoying them ever sense, i can't imagine what the version 1 and 2's would be like! These version 3's will hurt you! It is almost unbearably loud! And i love it loud! It is crisp and clear in every detail, you close your eyes and its like they are sitting in the room in front of you, you can hear every detail , the cymbols, the snare, piano, is all there separately, There are times when a song is done and i just smile, shake my head and go wow after all these years of listening to them, and im only running a Sony DE5ES with 110 watts per channel, i agree with some comments i have seen that if it's not a good quality recording it certainly reflects even more so with these epics,i have music and dvd's i don't even bother listening to because, well why bother, it's like watching a tube tv over a high def tv, what's the point lol, i really want to add an amplifier and see what these things will really do before i die! I have been looking on craigslist for a decent amp, not sure if 120 watt per channel amp will be a noticable difference from the 110 i have now, but i don't know alot about amplifiers except the ones i would like are ridiculously high! Hopefully i can find something decent worth the money i can try out soon, i can't imagine what they will do with more power ! They already sound epic!
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    Dear all, I good friend has built an amazing home theatre, actually its the best I've ever experienced. It has an all Klipsch front end - he was sold after hearing my KG-5.5's. , in ceiling speakers for side and surround and five subwoofers. Pioneer receiver, Behringer DCX-2496 for sub optimisation and a pair of Crown XLS... Two tapped horns for freight train levels of impact... The weakest link however is the centre channel. This is nothing new of course, others have written about this elsewhere. Nothing against the quality of his nice RP-250C. When sitting on axis, i.e. right in front of the RP-250C the vocals are crystal clear. However when on his outboard seats, I personally find dialogue intelligibility goes off a cliff. I took the opportunity over the weekend to quantify the off axis performance of his front stage, including the matching RP-160M's to see what the measurements might say about why dialogue is so difficult to catch when not in the two money seats. Using Omnimic I have a stand I've made to do measurements of bookshelf sized speakers. This sits on top a turntable with 10 degree markings for accurate off axis measurements.... The first thing we did was measure the impedance of the RP-250C. We use this to set the measurement level to approximate 1watt at 1 meter. The enclosure has a sticker on the back that says 8ohms, I'm thinking Klipsch made a typo here?!!!…. The following measurements are all taken in room, at 1 meter, with 5ms gating at 2 volts with no smoothing. First here is the complete 0 - 90 degree horizontal measurements.... Here is just the 0 - 40 degrees to help clarify the problem.... What we see here is that the RP-250C is only able to perform well in the critical 1-2khz region either on axis (0 degrees) or out to 10 degrees off axis. Not much then. Once 20 - 40 degrees off axis we can see here the suck out that is occurring. If we take this same set of measurements and create a Dr Geddes style polar map we can see more clearly the problem. First here is an ideal polar map lifted from Dr Geddes white paper on controlled directivity... Here is the RP-250C. I've added in the lines to show the extent or lack there of the sweet spot from 2khz all the way down to around 500hz.... What happens when we measure the vertical off axis response.... The irony of the poor horizontal performance is that the RP-250C has just about the best vertical off axis performance I've ever seen outside of a synergy horn.... Polar is stunning, I'd say solid performance across the board out to 40 degrees off axis.... Certainly the RP-250C looks better than the RP-160M when measured in the horizontal, which itself is no slouch, even if it is a bit missing from 1 - 2khz itself and just a bit hot above 10khz.... Traditional horizontal for the 160C... And another impedance typo? 160C also rated as 8ohms!??? 😉 So the moral of the story here is that a traditional centre speaker with the horizontally laid out drivers is a really poor option for precisely its intended purpose - delivering crystal clear dialogue to all viewers. Ideally a center channel speaker is a perfect match of your left and right, or at least a speaker with vertically arranged drivers. Three RP-160C across the front standing on end, certainly not lying flat as intended, would make an outstanding front LCR stage, provided you could keep your ears right in the sweet spot vertically! Cheers
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    Yes on the hot sauce and the tequila or Bourbon, but I do like chocolate, dark the higher the number the better. Maby not communist but just old fashioned odd.
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    you have a beautiful lawn ... the best lawn ever. I’ve heard people say that, they say they’ve never seen a more beautiful lawn. It’s not like the lawns that other people have. You have a beautiful lawn.
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    I have a honda heavy pos auto drive sitting in my garage. I should probably start it and let it run a bit. I need a light weight nimble you do the pushing high wheeler, which I have in a yard machines with the b and s quantum engine. Had it for years and it starts on the first pull once the season gets going. The honda is a key turn starter. Good gawd y'all who are the wimps out there demanding this product? BTW, I got it for free tossed in with a commercial edger I bought from a co-worker. They didn't need it any more because they started hiring out the mowing chores.
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    That would only happen once here.
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    I was known for being temperamental at the bowling alley. Make me angry ...I would leave in the middle of a shift... that was better than me staying. Told the one manager to keep the owner out of the backend... He might have an accident....if I was on duty.
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    Yes that's true @WillyBob, except the women fuss about them like cutting the yard on a hot day. "It's tall, I've got time... I gotta cut it." "It's 99 degrees do it in the morning" "It's wet with the dew in the morning, and I was busy" "It doesn't grow when it's cold dam*$t" My lawn mower died a couple years ago and I traded my Husky 350 for a dual blade 21" honda mower. That was a great saw, it put the oil on the chain by itself, started quickly even cut pine well if you cleaned it afterwards you could use it again!
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    ?? what cha edging, solid granite
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    The Amplifier Institute encourages a responsible attitude to recreational substances. Here two staff members recover after a gruelling listening session.
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    Not sure if my ears would be able to notice any audible differences between the "smooth" or the "scalloped" versions of these lenses, but I do have to say the scallops make a positive impact in terms of aesthetics. As usual, very nice work. That said, I'm staying with the walnut lenses for display and listening purposes..... ~
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    Ya better! Wouldn't want you to catch anything. Those 85 degree drafts are killers... 😎
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    TBH John I think it is the lean meat we are getting. Someone decided we can't handle animal fat.... and replaced it with Crisco
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    I'll never forget the sausage Mr. Man, my favorite of the breakfast meats only because it's easier and quicker to cook than bacon! Like eggs but what good are they without the meat?? & the coffee and maybe grits or bread... On that ham, I'm talking the simple pre-cooked vacuum packed "ham steaks" Three in the package at the warehouse, only one a pack priced high at the grocery store. I steer away from the gluten-free but I'm wondering if it's all gluten free now. Never paid attention to glutens, never will. I do know that they hold all of the texture and flavor that makes the food good! Other than that it has to be an altered curing process and darn... Smithfield is what I've trusted my whole life. That and Neeses Sausage made in Greensboro up the road. Similar to Jimmy Deans blocks of sausage done right and that's it!
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    Never noticed, no problem finding good pork here, ribs, shoulder/butt, loin or ham. Almost forgot some really good sausage, can't forget the sausage.
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    Do you have a list with the info on size and a count of what you need? If so I can go to Pella windows in Longwood and get a price for them for you Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The weekly AP poll was just released. 1. Clemson, 2. Alabama, 3. Georgia, 4. LSU (up from 6), 5. Oklahoma (down from 4), 6. Ohio State (down from 5), 7. Notre Dame (up from 8. Auburn (up from 10), 9 Florida (up from 11), 10 Michigan (down from 7). Other Big Ten teams in the top-25 are 13. Penn State, 14. Wisconsin, 18 Michigan State, 19, Iowa, 21. Maryland.
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    I have the same Primaluna Prologue Premium preamp and power amp and I love the sound with my modded Klipschorns lipschorns
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    Sell now before the value plummets as the property goes under water.
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    Think the post above is sound advice...I like to observe a storm from inside a dwelling. Ya'll be safe...😎
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    Or get them to cut a couple thicker, if those will work, any of them is better than none. My favorite is ribeye.
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    It's a lazy evening here, did all the chores except the bathrooms inside and the yard outside this weekend. I'm taking a break, got a belly full of meatballs and mozzerella and man our new ac is putting out 50 something degrees from the vents ABC store was out of my Single Barrel Rx so I got an alternative I'll try in a little while. "Weed, Whites and Wine"
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    With a sub.....less is more when it's dialed in right. In the process of getting it dialed in you'll probably have to run it on the hot side to get an idea of what it's doing but in the end you want to go easy on the gain. Stuff vibrating in or adjacent to the room will be counterproductive no doubt. Location of the sub is key. Congrats on the sub! Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    Great deal and an excellent member of the forum. Wish I was closer and I'd come up and visit some of the LI wineries, and play a bit of golf at Shinnecock....
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    I hear that.. I was sort of a necessary evil there.They would bring me in when things got very broken. I would get the place running and then we would find a reason to part ways... until the next time. They would call me. Not the other way around.
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    we were allowed 2 shift drinks at the bowling alley. Is a pitcher of beer one drink? sounds like using a weedeater down here. One reason why I use a whip sickle... and I broke the handle on it.
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    I fixed it for ya.
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    I'm sure you will recognize the beauty mark on the left side 😎
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    I just bought some kg4, for about 50$ Without woofer I have keep the passive radiator and put RF82 kit (crossover, woofer and twitters) I print new 3d horn and adapter i love them, bass is amazing Here what it look
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