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    I gave Swanky some light reading but he's holding out for a Lassie or Rin Tin Tin book.
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    Presby's Crown Jewel Bearded Iris Superstition Bearded Iris Nikon D3100 Nikkor 50-135 f3.5
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    It’s the season.
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    Scheduled for the J&J vac on Monday the 10th.
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    People here hold onto their grills. Most get used until they become inoperable.
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    ok, so it's intervention time.... repeat after me...."I have a veneer everything I can touch problem".... Gads, I don't want to see your dog! lol Though I WOULD expect him to be end-grain matched.
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    "31" indicates the 31st pair of the day. This was a check to insure pairs stayed together. The "E" stands for Eminince, the woofer manufacturer (K-33-E). Alternatively it could have been "B" for CTS of Brownsville, TX (K-33-B). Both suppliers were used interchangeably for several years.
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    Seriously, the angling of walls is not nonsense. The fewer parallel surfaces in your room, the fewer standing waves you'll deal with, and the less effort you'll have to invest in acoustic treatments. I've been in professional recording studios where the control room had seven walls, and the cathedral ceiling was angled. My listening space right now has a ton of advantages, especially regarding bass nulls, because it's an L-shape with a ton of outcroppings. I can stand anywhere in the space and the bass response does not change, and that's HUGE.
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    Why? Are they that dirty? How about a microfiber cloth? Anything else is a gamble.
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    Care for some coffee? How about a laugh?
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    Sold the RPM-600s, got the Heresy II's. Amazing upgrade! Thanks to all who encouraged me and replied to this thread. Could not be happier!
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    I have to ask what are you mega watt SS guys doing posting in the Tube section 🤷‍♂️... Us tube guys all know you have long ago burned all the hairs out of your ears to know what sounds good
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    Well well I move CF3 to living room to help KLF 30 got another CF4 on the way ADDICTED TO CF LINES 😉☺️❤️🥰
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    Already paid the nice guy for it. Just waiting to pick it up. Going to use as my 5th cf-2 as a center channel.
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    These look interesting and built tough too.. 700 pounds of gear, $2500 bucks. https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649735971-edgarhorn-edgar-titan-ll-2-seismic-jbl-2441-350hz-mid-mid-bass-horn/
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    People usually exercise their perogative to change their mind, be it male or female. This without any subliminal. When I smell popcorn, I usually respond in a positive way. A photo just doesn't do it for me.
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    Just in case anyone else encounters this, I finally heard back form Klipsch. They do not have any packing materials in inventory. Which means they can't send any, nor do they have the ability to get any... This is a shame, I'm totally willing to pay for these pieces. Welp...I'll just cross my fingers and hope my packing skillz can keep the speakers safe 🤞, I'm hoping to blast some Journey on moving day, not make a call to customer service for repairs...
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    Of course, and never got any info on V Safe.
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    I made flares out of 2" thick XPS foamboard. Here's a pict of one in progress, and the big hot wire knife used to form them. Idea and how-to credit, goes to a member named Oohms....found the link to his project somewhere on these forums...
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    Yea, a decent number of manufacturers will allow you to purchase said materials, they want their stuff to survive the move and help build brand loyalty (at a cost to the consumer of course), as these are the best way to package and ship. I'm ok with getting a 'no, we don't do that' answer...but a complete non-response is rather revealing. I have already purchased several large boxes and a TON of bubble wrap and foam strips...but ideally I was hoping Klipsch would be more responsive. Thanks to those who have responded already!
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    https://www.fastcompany.com/90614789/cdc-v-safe-vaccine-program-inaccessible-smartphone So 20% of those vaccinated couldn't use V safe even if they knew about it. Another 25 million people who don't speak English can't use it either.
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    ANdreG I posted a picture babadono LOL I brew Beer... and I am happy!
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    Volume and tone potentiometers (pots) work by moving a slider around an arc-shaped piece of carbon/graphite. When the slider is near the contact point, the current travels only a short distance, so resistance is at its lowest, meaning volume will be highest. As the knob is turned toward Low volume, the slider is moved around the arc, so the current has to travel further along the resistive material, increasing the resistance through the pot, lowering the volume. That’s roughly how they work. The point is that after many years, some of the resistive material is worn off the arc and builds up where it doesn’t belong, causing crackling noises. The DeOxit can rinse that out, plus any actual dirt that has found its way into the pot. This can restore the operation of the pots to something like when they were new.
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    My system, still evolving: Belle Klipsch (mid-80's, bone stock) Quicksilver Audio monoblocks (hiding up top, with Hammond cages on top) Denon HEOS Link (doing double duty as DAC and Pre right now, but a XiangSheng 728A is in route to gain-match with the QS's) My wife actually loves the look of the speakers, but she hates the look of all the gear involved in powering them. But once I got the tubes fired up (replaced a Sony stereo amp), she smiled and hi-fived me. "I had no idea how these speakers were going to sound better, but they sound better now!" was her reaction.
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    B&O may be overpriced, but they don't lie about their performance. That's why Bo$e gets way more abuse. Bottom line. If Amar didn't lie about his shitty products, he wouldn't get hammered the way he does by anyone who knows anything about audio.
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    Yes, it was slow, and inconvenient to report minor effects, let alone serious ones 10 years ago. It's now real time and daily, via text/cell with V-safe, as a result of that decade old study.
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    Maybe you'll get to hear another one someday, one that won't break either of our backs.
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    Do you think it's possible that this is an artifact from the COVID pandemic? That people are spending more money on home entertainment as a category because they're avoiding traditional social entertainment like bars, clubs, concerts, et al?
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    Off topic: @The Green Hornet, what is the story behind your avatar. I actually had a bottle opener that had that same four eyed dude. Never figured out the meaning. On topic: I have small tapped horns that seem to play well with my Belles. Adds to the bottom end nicely. I have only heard one true horn sub and that was a THTLP that belongs to @codewritinfool It was very nice. Filled in the lower octaves with authority and never drew unwanted attention to itself like many DR subs that I have heard tend to do.
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    amazing picture , NYC , to the left the Twin towers of the World Trade Center , to the right the UN
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    One of our members found that it ruined speakers. DO NOT USE!!!!
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    Thank yo. My apologies
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    My room is rectangular so don't pay much attention to me....but that said, if it IS of valid benefit then that alone might fix other issues that you might have to go back, spend more to try to fix/manage (?) Maybe the room itself could be rectangular....but slightly angle in the walls (or one of them?) to get a narrowing. At the narrow end you might have some natural space then to "wall mount" your electronics with the space behind them. I used some of the dead space under my stairwell to build a closet for the electronics. Now they're totally hidden and at chest height so I've got easy access to them without having to crawl around and my wife LOVES that they're not seen. Just throwing some spaghetti on the walls for you.
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    My System is pretty basic. It starts with my Forte IVs connected to my Primaluna EVO 400 Integrated amp with KT150 Power tubes and Brimar Preamp tubes. Connected to the EVO 400 is my Yamaha AVR for TV and movie viewing using the HT bypass of the 400. I have a Klipsch 450 C as my Center channel in my cabinet and a pair of Forte 1s as my surround sound speakers next to my seating position. Under the EVO 400 is my HSU VTF-3 MK5 HP Subwoofer that goes down to 18 HZ and hits those deep octaves hard in my fairly small living room. Next to my Forte IV on the other side I have a Bluesound Node 2i on top of a Denefrips Pontus RDR Dac. For my analog setup I switch between a classic Dual 1229 with a V15 type III Cartridge and a Technics 1200 with an equally great sounding Denon MC cartridge the DL-110. I play these thru a Shannon Parks Puffin phono preamp and that piece is fantastic. Makes most every record sound like it is pristine. Truly a fantastic DSP inspired phono preamp. I enjoy my audio system and almost everything I have tried the past few years has increased the enjoyment of listening to it.
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    Its a grey day this morning, but can't complain.
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    And thanks for all of your input.
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    I can ball with a $100 Weber 22" Kettle just sayin
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    Good advice. Maybe I'll just post when I have them up and running,which is most of the fun of having new speakers. Thanks.
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    New Pass design, VFET kit to be offered via lottery... check diyAudio. I’d love to build one of these.
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    Have you heard other sets of Belles? I really like mine (both sets) but I don't listen at concert levels and not listening to hard metal or anything like that. Any time you are close to St. Louis, let me know and you can hear a fairly close to stock pair and fully tricked out pair to see what may or may not be missing. You may just not care for the sound of the Belles but I sure do.
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    There are several pictures of the Enactron truck at K&A in the 75th Anniversary book which is imminent. In one, Curtis Putnam (Klipsch Engineer) is strumming Emmylou's guitar. And here is the American Studios pic I promised over a year ago!
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    Next I ditched the 1/4" thick panel jack and made believe they're now stereo speakers....... Next step is veneer on the back edges......
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    Very nice room, I like all the wood and light grills.
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    I just recently integrated Cornwalls into my livingroom system. They are original Cornwalls, not IV, but since your concern is bass my experience should be relevant. The Cornwall bass is much cleaner, detailed, and more impactful than the Forte (I currently own both). You will miss some lower stuff without a sub if it is doing movies, but not so much for music. If I was in your position I would not hesitate to get the IVs. With both cleaner bass and far superior mid range it's a winner IMO BTW I do use a tuba table sub with mine... but the livingroom system is primarily for movies.
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    Any sub you could sit the CW IV on top of would place the speaker way above the optimum listening height. I would not consider that option.
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    I think you may be missing something here. It’s not only the lowest octaves where the CW has the advantage over the forte. The midrange is smoother and more detailed. The presentation is decidedly bigger overall. Don't get me wrong, I lived with and loved forte IIIs. But I would take CW IV over them even if subs were added to the fortes. Especially if your room is smaller than mine, then the gap in the lower frequencies closes further. Shakey
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    For me anyway I have owned over 200 Klipsch speakers over the years. First set of Cornwall’s at age 14. I’ve never been the financially upper guy through the years and have mostly used re owned gear. I’ve used everything from $20 Yamaha amps to 10k krell amps and hand made tube and store bought amps and every Klipsch speaker I’ve had just sounded so much better with tubes in the chain of things The mids sound so much warmer and that’s even more so with female voices in the songs. Right now I have a pair of Aria WT-100 Hibyrd tube amps hooked up to my H1’s These amps belong to a friend of mine and I’m using them and doing a tune up on them for him so that’s the only way I’d ever have something like these in my house. Way over my pay grade. Lol And I’ve used way to many pro amps as well They sound great as well But to me the tubes just bring out the soul of Klipsch speakers that’s hard to explain Good luck Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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