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An open apology for "funny" comments....


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First, to those who have either emailed or called me to tell me that I am "out of line", have taken their posts in a less than the appropriate and most serious light, or by making comments, jokes, funny asides, etc., ad nauseaum, I'm sorry. Truly. I am. Never was any harm intended; never a conscious thought given to hurting someone's feelings; and certainly never to impugn their thoughts, or deride their contributions. Never has been and certainly never will be.

Second, I believe that the Forum is a "family" place, sometimes dysfunctional to be sure; and I have always viewed my "place" as to at least contribute where I can, and offer advice and suggestions. I do however, believe that such philosophy does, legitimately (at least on my part), include the occasional comedic aside, the well intentioned segue into humor, or the "off the wall" remark.

The Forum posts often take a turn to the serious; and to the point of being so narrowly focused, or to be honest, defensive; and thus perforce, can exclude constructive comments from many members without the technical knowledge or skills that the original poster and some respondents may have. To that end, a "lighter" aside may often stimulate further discussion that can often lead to solutions or at the least, different viewpoints regarding the original post's intent.

What happens so often, and without any intention to do so, we become so "focused", or "wrapped up" in our threads, that we fail to see them from the viewpoint of the casual (if not well intentioned) observer. We see these threads (as in a collection of posts..) as a struggle for some psychological intent for ascendancy, or to be more blunt, "I know what I'm talking about - you don't - and I want' some gratification as to my idea being cool". We have all done that; we all still do, to some degree; it's just whether or not we realize what we are actually doing.

We should, I would suggest, be perhaps a little more careful before we make a comment; and in particular to the "new guys". We do not know who they are, their background, or their tolerance for our particular brand of oblique and often perverse humor. For sure I will do so. I am most guilty of such commentary, but..... I would also ask the "new guys" to take all comments with a grain of salt; and apply the same consideration to the "old folks". You do not know us (although you will eventually..); you certainly do not have any experience with us as individuals (a loss that is certainly overcome by participation...), and for all of our faults, I have rarely seen a Forum member in any good standing who is not willing, when all the jokes have been played out...., not step forward and do everything in their power and capability to assist you.

Bear with all of us, old and new alike, and always consider that we are here to participate in all of the myriad ways that each of us feels most comfortable.

That being said, I'm just waiting for the rest of the "habitual offenders" in this arena (yah!! the "let's make it crazy gang") to chime in and tell me that I'm just too soft hearted and getting wimpy.... [6]


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I guess I must admit I'm one of the worst offenders. Gosh, I feel terrible. To make up for any bad feelings I may have caused, I am offering to fly, at the expense of Klipsch LLC, anyone out to my town, Rohnert Park, California, for a big, "I'm so sorry" hug. I will meet you (and your beautiful family) in the lounge at Rohnert Park Intramural Airport for some intense "fini-time." I will present you with an audio-oriented prize package(culled from my collection of disassembled...well, smashed,
really...vintage consoles) for you and your unbelievably gorgeous family , and a thermos of my special coffee. Then, I will assist you in reboarding your plane for your trip back to your
lovely home.

I hope this, in some miniscule way, makes up for the crimes against humanity which I so thoughtlessly wrought upon the world, through the Klipsch Forum.

Oh, there may be an extra luggage charge for some of the prize packages on your return flights.

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Why ya gettin all sappy all of a sudden? Me, I have a NEED from time to time because of my temper, you are a real Wussums Pussums by comparison to what I may let fly. I will finish with this thought to you, There is a real reason that many of us here on this forum really enjoyed "Calvin and Hobbs" , yet it was still cancelled from the funny papers. It has nothing to do with pure intentions, Calvin was not liked by the general populace because they just didn't "get it", and I think that fully applies here.

J.B., best one I've heard in a while [Y]


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Why ya gettin all sappy all of a sudden? Me, I have a NEED from time to time because of my temper, you are a real Wussums Pussums by comparison to what I may let fly.

Hmm, I don't think I'd call Marshall wimpy, woosy, or wombly. Restrained, gentlemanly yes...but I'll bet when he does let it fly (when he has to, mind you) it ain't no single engine prop...not that there's a competition happenin' here...

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If I've said it once, I'll probably say it again, but this I believe is true:

There is no discernible difference between properly constructed speaker wire and interconnects.

There, I've said it out loud. I feel much better and can't wait to say it again.

And again.

And Again

So what's this thread about?

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GLA51, you're a lovable fuzzball, I miss the truly insulting posts by dragonfyr/mas - he was brilliant in a wonderful sociopathic way. Even though we crossed swords quite a few times, he's still one of my internet heros.

I also thought it would be wise for me to openly apologize once. I didn't get any love either so don't hold out any hope for gushing emotions here.


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