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Show us your great photography thread!

JL Sargent

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Salute to the young Mr. Sargent -

Appears to be research for WWl? Should you ever find yourself in KC MO you will probably enjoy the only World War l Museum in

the county. Very informative with actual combat artifacts like tanks, cannons, uniforms, etc. They've constructed a life scale model battlefield depicting the sounds and perils of trench war fare. I imagine you and your son would really appreciate the experience. Checkout the KC Liberty Memorial web site.

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A few interesting facts about those Mark I tanks:


First tank to ever see the battlefield Sept. 15, 1916.

8 man crew, 2 had a place to sit.

two 25 gallon gas tanks over the driver and commanders heads. One direct hit and pow.

4 mph top speed.

No shocks or suspension of any kind.

6 cylinder gas engine that was hand started.

They wore chain mail masked to protect from bullet fragments flying around inside tank



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Saturday, my son came into the garage and asks me what am I doing (along with a million other things). Then he asks to sit on the workbench. I pick him up and as soon as his feet leave the floor, Springsteen's "My Hometown" starts to play on the radio.


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Exactly, you're good. It was our first time going and will probably go back and take a little more time to see everything, plus during the week the production line would be running. There were many things we never realized about the area, like this Mastodon tooth found in the salt mine in 1885 and that the property was originally a plant nursery. 


It's hard to tell the size from this pic, but it's about a foot tall and deep. 


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