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Cables, Coffee, Cycles, and Cocktails


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Good evening my friends......lots of auto talk going around :emotion-21:    So, I guess 240 HP. out of my Escape's 3.0 quad cam v6 ain't too shabby?  With that 6 speed auto and 3.54 final drive, it is pretty quick for a 3500lb. SUV ;)  (just don't punch it under 20mph. front tires break loose every time!)..


Hey there ChuckB3.......you should do a little TLC on your Dual....   They really are a great turntable...   I just ordered up a new variable pulley shaft for it because mine was a bit corroded but, I was able to free it up after it had been 'fused' for many years!   That is pretty much the only thing I have left to change out on it now along with the little piece that moves the belt for speed changing..   Should arrive here soon, and I will dig back into the project again....


Chuck, BEAUTIFUL PHOTO OF YOU TWO !  But, I am  sorry to hear about your contractor/difficulties!   We have been VERY lucky here,  had our whole first floor tiled via Home Depot..  The first contractors that showed brought all the supplies and materials from HD....but then, they decided that the 45 minute drive each way for x amount of days was not going be profitable for them!


So, next thing I knew, they were on the phone with HD....   These guys told me that HD will be sending out a different contractor!  So, next morning at 8am.  a big white pickup is in my drive.........Plates showed he was from VERMONT !!!  He came in from a 2 hour drive!!!  Turns out, HD was going to put him up at a local Inn for the week!    Well, I don't know who made money on that deal,,,,,,,,,,but anyway...


The job was professionally finished by the contractor that went the extra effort on floor leveling and getting everything on center..  Cool thing was, he was a drummer, so we chatted about music etc..   He spent 5 days here, and at my door every morning 8am.  !  Clean and neat, picked everything up after he was done each night...     I kept his card and sent him an email with photos of Music Hall when it was finished, and he really appreciated that :)..


Ok, this worker bee is off the clock until next Tuesday!  Let the New Years weekend being NOW :lol:  :emotion-46:   I will be over in RTM hangin' with the group...........two new CD's arrived today, need to hear them via the KH's tonight..


Enjoy the evening everyone....

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3 hours ago, deebalch said:

find a good coffee roaster like this one I use in bristol. Obviously you'll probably have a good coffee seller near you too. As their name suggests they only have coffee thats been roasted in the last two days as its way fresh and better tasting. Get beans and grinder yourself rather than buying already ground coffee. That way you can make sure they're as fresh as can be when you use them. i'd also recommend getting a a really good coffee grinder. This can make the difference between a great cup of coffee and a mediocre one - ALWAYS use a burr grinder!!

Depending on how you make your coffee, you ready to rock! I typically use a good percolator and drink espresso as I find it the best.

Welcome to the forum.  Your response sounds exactly like mine (the 2'nd post of this thread, lol).

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Morning all,

@deebalch welcome to the forum and the and CC&C... Oh yea were real coffee snobs and audiofiles here:lol:... Coffee is one of the main subjects but it can range from bathroom remodels to auto repair to food and just about anything in between....lol lol 


It's Friday and I'm wrapping this week and year up. I got a bunch of bills for the used car guys, so I'm going to hit em hard for the end of the year;) 

The BOSS left for moms already..... It hasn't been too bad at the shop by myself, she has come in for a few hours and helped me out doing the billing. I can do the invoices but it takes me forever to do. I should learn the program better, I can get by but so much easier her doing it. 

My daughter and her boy friend (we sent him with her) get back from Puerto Rico this weekend so she'll be back looking after mom next week. She's having a great time. She has really earned it... It would have cost the estate a fortune for what she's has/is doing.... yea there's some coin in the estate but it's not all that.. if mom were to go into full time care center it would gone quick!! You guys know what I'm saying....


OK time to roll... got a gravy timing belt job on a Toyota Camry waiting for me...


A good day to all...


MKP :-)

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Morning gang


Nippy here in Norcal, 27.


I see the Mod's are sleeping at wheel for spammer(s) working their way right into the forum with one post.

And that post takes you off the forum and puts a Dime in the perp's pocket.


Cave prep completed for "Tuning up the two channel" :emotion-21:

Current system is now McM's/Eaw's Stacks @ 250Wpc.

Split the pre signal off the McM system and build an entire new Eaw system across the room.

Took all day yesterday, completed last night, will conduct new years eve "Test" before noon today.

Coffee Flowin....Must clean up the "Cables".......:smile:





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22 hours ago, richieb said:

CEC is right and particularly for today's muscle cars and super bikes. They are as docile as can be and very driveable/rideable until you crank on the loud pedal. My Scat 6.4 is ***** cat until you unlock the power, program the sport setting then you best hang on. It is truly an eye/ear opening experience. Same with bikes that now produce around 200hp and weigh but 450-500lbs, some less. Run 'em round below 7/8,000 rpm and they ain't much but from there till 13/14,000 you best be pointing in the right direction with clear road ahead. Helll maybe there's an answer - buy a BMW RR1000 and keep the S2000. Best of both worlds. Cruise top down in the S and wear diapers and Big Boy pants when you turn the loud handle on the RR.  

I rode a BMW S1000rr last year...HOLY CRAP did it take off. It handled well too. At 2.5 lbs per HP it's a monster:D

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