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8 minutes ago, JohnJ said:

You mean this ******* don't you?



He's said for us to cancel Christmas!

That is definite grinch-speak around here.

saw this butt head and cuomo-homo laughing it up about how many people they've killed this past year. the hypocrisy just reeks.

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He started with a lot of false stuff about aids also when he was younger, now those folks aren't dropping as fast... or maybe at all in the future.

I don't wear my respirator because he said to. I wear it because I don't trust either side that was spreading it at the first of the year while ignoring facts that they did not want to talk about.

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1 minute ago, oldtimer said:

Besides having a career in it?  Beats me.  What makes you an expert in something you have done most of your life.  And while we are at it, do you know of someone better? (at infectious diseases, not kissing ***)

Dat's Bill Gates inna meme, not Dr Fauci.

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