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Cables, Coffee, Cycles, and Cocktails


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1 hour ago, RandyH000 said:

Maatouk is one   , Najjar is impressive  by the number of choices  --these brands have top quality ,  highly selective coffee , similar to  European Brands -




Phoenicians have been in the Med doing business for a long time.


I'm sure they have some great products to sell


The Punic wars were over trade and trade routs, with the Romans taking over 100 years to win.


I wonder if there is a Hannibal Brand of anything.


Scipio has an unassuming roadside grave that isn't maintained in Italy, the Greatest man of his day.

I think he is in a hillside outside of Naples



Searched Hannibal and H Coffee, come up with History Books and ultra violent movies and merch.


This coffee popped up in the search


DEATH WISH COFFEE (30,000 5 star reviews can't be wrong)

Dark Roast Coffee Grounds [16 oz.] The World's Strongest Coffee, USDA Certified Organic, Fair Trade, Arabica, Robusta (2-Pack)




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2 hours ago, richieb said:

Okay, I’ll take the bait - lower sixties yesterday, took the S1000R for blast

No 60s here for a while. Glad that you were able to take the girl out.


2 hours ago, richieb said:

on some different country roads at the new place. 


Where's that?

Do you have a mapping AP or?? I have thought about getting this.



2 hours ago, richieb said:

Thought the best way to circulate through the system was a blast or two into triple digits. Which on this machine don’t take long — let her eat — 

It is, and she love it. 

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1 hour ago, JohnJ said:

I thought that the thought/word police would be riled by that post. Then they don't like me enough to protest I guess.


A Director level I worked for was really good at grading papers of people who worked for him and similar behaviors.

The CEO moved him under a VP who took note of every comment, act and behavior performed on the subordinates, and did the same thing to the Director in Public, usually in the most humiliating and degrading way possible.

When the Director complained to the CEO about his treatment, the CEO told him that he was a fah in a loud clear voice with the door open and told him don't come back.

After six months at his new company his entire staff of 60 went to the CEO at noon, and told him if they were still working for the guy at 5 pm they were all quitting. They had a new boss by 1pm.

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