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What I Got Today!


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On 8/3/2016 at 3:14 PM, kg4guy said:

Well I couldn't resist got these on Ebay for the fraction of what they normally cost this makes 4 DBH218's 2 passive 2 powered.



Hey there KG4.........please say you own a sound co. and mix live audio at outdoor shows ;)

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Banner week for me. Monday scored three Heresy HIP units for $120, 7-ply cabinets in rather rough shape and large security eyelets which served as anti-theft in a small college library. Ended Friday with a pair of Cornwalls in oiled walnut finish with blown woofers for $250. Dropped the latter off to a local Klipsch tech to be re-coned, after that they'll need some elbow grease to restore the finish on the cabinets. That said, I expect to have a killer 5.1 setup for about one-third the going used prices. Score!!!



Cornwalls oiled walnut.jpg

Heresy HIP at home.jpg

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I received my MC2505 back from Mr. Dewick. I will be un boxing it tomorrow and testing it out. Well i might un box today, to look at it. But wont be able to try it out until i get sometime to move stuff around.

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I picked up some nice Ikea shelves off of craigslist and was finally able to get my records off of the floor. When I picked up the shelves, I thought I'd have a lot more room for future acquisitions. Oops. I guess I need to keep scanning craigslist.



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