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What I Got Today!


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Made an adulting purchase today.  I wasn't looking to buy yet, but knew it would come in the next year.  This popped up on my feed and was basically new.  The guy I got it from was needing the money pretty bad, so I went and picked it up.  We've been cutting down trees in our yard and now we'll be able to have grass.  So far, 44 trees cut in the front yard.  Probably have another 60+ to go for the the back of the property and what I still want to take out of the front.






When we moved in 4 months ago (I just had started cutting trees):


May be an image of car, tree and road


2 weeks ago (I've since burned the slash moved half of the wood to our wood pile:


No description available.


My CRD Jeep continues to put in work!


No description available.







Also got my PRI 2022 splurge purchase... A set of wireless corner scales.  I've been weighing everything, just because.  :)



The screen was damaged, but they sent me another one to replace this:





Took in an abandoned dog after he found himself on our property.  He's a sweet boy, but we have two other dogs, so now we're looking for a forever home for him.  If I didn't have two dogs, I'd keep this one...  3 is too much for us.

May be an image of dog


May be an image of 1 person and dog

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1 minute ago, Invidiosulus said:

@yamahaSHO we had several hustlers at work and they were really fantastic machines.


I hadn't heard of the brand prior to the sale post in the local buy/sell page on FB, so I did some research and thought it would be a pretty solid buy off of that.  My wife said here dad said it was a good buy as well.  He had much more experience with this stuff.  I haven't had to mow grass in almost a decade since I lived in the mountains when I went back to Colorado.  


They guy who sold it was pretty enthusiastic about it, other than having to sell.  He went over everything with me, to include the initial oil change, and documentation on it, to include the receipt from the local store in his name.  Right before I started taking off, he stopped me and wanted to give me the branded oil for it.  I had actually talked him down a little on price, but after talking with him for about 30+ minutes and hearing his story on why he had to sell, I ended up going back to the car and grabbing additional money to pay him original asking, which was still a really good buy (once a haggler, always a haggler).  We were originally getting a little sketched out when driving there as he was out in the middle of nowhere, here in Arkansas.  All worked out and I might be hiring him for drywall work in the near future.  

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14 minutes ago, oldtimer said:

Nothing like tobacco to join the rest of them...we all pick our own poisons though.  Except the ones afraid of living.

Man my Dr. doesn't even five me grief about an occasional smoke. Go pet yer peeve somewhere else dammit.

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23 minutes ago, geezin' said:

Don't care. 'Taint the first time you stuck yer beak in my posts.

Oh I see now.  For some reason I am subject to a different set of response rules as anyone else here.  WTF?  It isn't the first time I have ever posted either, ffs.  I have also given a "like" to several of your posts too, damn I guess I should apologize?  

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GoldNote M 9 Class D Mono Amplifiers with Hypex UCD 180 Modules that doesn´t suck on the switchmode power supply also available from Hypex but on a classic linear power supply. So the Italians are serious about the current and in the control of the UCD 180 they use instead of the usual op-amps a combination of two individual transistors that transmit the signals to the power stage with 200W/ 8Ohm



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4 minutes ago, rplace said:


Same one in my kitchen. Could not be happier.


Oh nice! I went through some old threads here as part of my decision process and saw that you had gone with a Bonavita at one point. I didn't realize you ultimately went with a MM. Two brews in, and it's everything I hoped it would be.

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