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How much toe-in do you use


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4 minutes ago, buf said:

I have the Forte IIIs and I was wondering if the amount of toe-in that I use is similar to what other owners use. This could apply to other Heritage speakers.

Well, I guess this could depend on how you have your speakers situated relative to the back wall, how far apart they are, and where your listening position is.  Since neither the La Scala, Cornwall, Heresy, or the Khorn have rear passives,  the toe in of these would differ from your Forte III, and of course depends on the listener and their environment.  My Khorns are toed in only very slightly, maybe 5-8 degrees, whereas my La Scala II's are slightly more.  Individual preference.

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Haha ... have Forte's (on rollers) in a small stereo room.  Usually at zero degrees ... but the maid moves them ... sometimes 10 degrees.  Cannot hear any difference (prob due to the small size of the room). :D Just added K-510 horns ... jeez ... sorry, but Forte's are anemic :(  ... looking for KPT-684's :) 

Cheers, Emile

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The distance from the speaker to your listening position is only relational to toe in if you want to sit directly "on axis". I would recommend not doing this with Forte IIIs. In my experience they sound best when only slightly toed in. Much more than that and they can get a little "hot" in the midrange. When you get it right, it will be very obvious.


The usual disclaimers apply, JMHO and YMMV, etc., etc............



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Depending on how you like the sound, either crossing right in front of you or right behind you, this gives two totally different sounds for 2 ch as far as how wide the soundstage is.


(don't know what the book says?) But I do know how the guy who designed them like them, crossing right in front of where you sit. When he is here he wants the HT mains on the floor on each side of the sub which puts them about 6' apart with the center in the middle, when he's not here I move them back out to the sidewalls, he just shakes his head. :P  


I toe our Flll's in a pretty good way, only  because they're used for only HT as mains and the room is 24' wide. The center Fll fills in the rest with 3 Fll's across the rear with the sub in the center front behind the center channel. We need another Flll for a center.

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6 hours ago, KlipschFan61 said:

No toe-in for me. My listening space is much too small to support it.

It's the nearfield acoustic reflections between your loudspeakers that cause the issues that leads to zero toe-in, including other loudspeakers that are just sitting there.  Move all the stuff from between the loudspeakers, then try toe-in again...the results will be very different. 


I'd also recommend more absorption on the floor just in front of the loudspeakers--out to 3-4 feet, perhaps a little on the side walls next to the loudspeakers, too.  Try tacking up some fuzzy blankets temporarily, then listen to a high quality recording.





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