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College Football 2019


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44 minutes ago, Sancho Panza said:

See, I told y’all Tigers Win.

Genius I tell ya.  Sheer genius!  lol 


Clemson had zero chance of beating LSU IF LSU played mistake free and Joe threw the ball.  

The NCAA HAS to change that targeting rule though.  Soooo many kids are hit w/targeting calls that really aren't targeting calls.  First time it's 15 and the second time your gone.  Officials were on the money just as Joe was.  Great ball game and NOLA is gonna be rockin tonight!  


Wonder what affect the win is gonna do for Joe's food pantry.  


Soooo Go Tigers!  lol

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19 hours ago, JohnJ said:


Teams before yours have thought they could walk over us but the last time we got beat was by a good Alabama team two seasons ago.


Well Clemson came to New Orleans on 12 January 2020 and LSU gave them and their fans a big taste of something they are not used to........LOSING.


42 - 25    Joe Burrow re-sets four National Championship records smashing Clemson.



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Well Dave LSU had zero chance if Clemson played like they could and have.... but they didn't appear to try hard.

TL was inaccurate & if you lunge at someone of course your head would lead. I saw him line up the top of his shoulder to hit with. That and the receivers calf being on the ground prior to being out aren't anything to blame a loss or attribute a win to. Good teams can push through that and make the plays necessary to win anyhow. My Tigers didn't. 

Thought our D had them early in the game then that fell flat.


Gotta hand it to LSU... that short yardage quick pass rhythm that I've seen in the few times I watched them since the holidays were methodical and devastating to anyone that they beat this year. Gotta adjust the sig.

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2 hours ago, EmilC said:

Being a Penn State fan, my  world revolves around the Big 10.

Watching how both teams played last night  made me reflect on how my 9th ranked Lions look like a high school team in comparison😁


I thought the exact same thing about Michigan, MSU, OSU, PSU....all the SUs Wisconsin, Iowa, MN, oh least we forget Rutgers. I think the best two teams played and the best won. They are in a different world next to the B1G.

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IF OSU had gotten by Clemson I think we would have beat LSU.  Just my opinion though.  Our Zone 6 defensive coverage is MUCH better than LSU's.  it shut down Clemson for the most part.  The Zone 6 receivers are much better than LSU's and were better than Clemson's.  Thing was ya can't leave points on the field it's in the LOSS column.  You score every time you have the ball then it's in the WIN column.  Joe has the quick drop to a science AND has the mobility to throw well on the run AND in the pocket.  Fields has all of those qualities except he's a pin-point passer where as Joe's great just not as sharp.  Joe's not gonna like going to Cincy but he IS gonna love the crowd and playing close to home.  Clemson to him was just another notch in the headboard!    

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3 hours ago, Dave1290 said:

IF OSU had gotten by Clemson...

Yes IF. However, OSU, didn’t. 

Hat's off to Joe Burrow, Coach O, and the rest of the LSU team. Great game, fantastic season! In my best gravely voice, Go Tigers!


OSU fan,




PS. I wish Joe Burrow all the luck in the world should he end up playing for the Bungles. I pray the Brown family does the right thing and trade the draft pick. 

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12 hours ago, Dave1290 said:


12 hours ago, JohnJ said:

Pretty bad. Don't know what to say, just bad.

I can only hope that this is not true and that everything comes out quickly, regardless.  I will refrain from speculation until it does.

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Nope I disagree, and if you didn't see them play any other games the past 29 games or prior you wouldn't know.

Clemson did not stick to their game plan played the same no matter the opponent. I watched LSU use that formula and win pretty big. Clemson.. something went wrong there and they didn't win.

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