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On 6/7/2021 at 7:47 PM, PrestonTom said:

I am sorry to hear this, Dave was one of the good guys! He will be missed. 

All my condolences to his family and friends. 


I agree and please attach me to the above sentiment...It's kinda weird that I never met him in person yet had conversations with him on a regular basis thanks to this forum. In fact, there was a good 12 years where we were in heated discussions almost on a daily basis and I always walked away feeling I learned something from him--I miss those days and feel fortunate for being able to share the same screen, headspace and planet with Dave Mallette and definitely RIP my friend. 




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I will regret not taking him up on his offer to listen to his system. I believe he lived several blocks down the street from me. He was a pleasant and somewhat eccentric fellow. The likes of his generation will not pass this way again. Rest in peace David!


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21 minutes ago, Lone Lobo said:

There is still an existing RMHC board as far as I know, but their main emphasis is on an annual festival and local performances. They mostly refer to it as the Regional Music Heritage Festival now. 

could you explain to us what was Dave's expertise in sound recordings --

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2 hours ago, RandyH001 said:

could you explain to us what was Dave's expertise in sound recordings --


He was doing recording when he was younger, learning, always learning. He had made a 4 channel recording system, that worked spectacularly well for live events, using his own recorder, the MBS4. (Did you know you can record a 4 channel wav file?) The MBS was for Mallette Bicycle Shop, as I recall, what his father had. I think Ron (Lonelobo) could probably fill you in on more of his background. Travis could also tell you about work he did (or didn't do) on helping out with PWK's audio recordings.


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15 minutes ago, Marvel said:


He was doing recording when he was younger, learning, always learning. He had made a 4 channel recording system, that worked spectacularly well for live events, using his own recorder, the MBS4.


Last time , I spoke with Dave , he mentionned  a project with the Air Force  , but he never explained what that was --was he teaching ? , was he a consultant ?  

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I was fortunate to attend a show down between Dave’s Khorns and his refrigerator Frazier model 11s.

BBQ burgers, kind souls, and a switch that made the Frazier’s thump is my memory of Dave.



Rest in peace Dave.


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Well true to form, Texarkana Funeral Home screwed the audio pooch on Dave's funeral stream. Obviously, Dave was confused by the universe's largest mixer finally as his disposal and must have gotten the mute button and live to earth buttons crossed.

Anyway, the service was typical Presby Mass with hardly a mention of our fair hero, so no great loss. What follows is his brother's heartfelt eulogy at the graveside services. Onward thru the Phogg my friends!  

Eulogy for David
June 17, 2021
My brother, David, loved life fiercely. Life did not always return the favor, but he would
bounce back with amazing resiliency from setbacks that would have crippled a lesser
Perhaps the greatest love in David’s life was for his children, Jennings Elizabeth and
Thomas McRae. His love of his first-born, Jennings, was boundless. All children are
precious, but Jennings, she was a perfect angel. Her loss at age 13 was a crushing blow to
David, and he lived the rest of his life with the confidence of seeing Jennings again on the
other side.
David was equally overjoyed with the birth of his son Thomas. Thomas was named after
his great-grandfather who sired 10 children, including 7 boys. Out of that large family,
our Thomas is one of the only two surviving great-grandsons with the Mallette surname.
David was a proud U.S. Army veteran of the Vietnam War and was even prouder to learn
recently that Thomas has followed his example of national service by enlisting in the U.S.
Second only to his children was David’s love for music, especially organ music and the
great pipe organs themselves. He collected over 1500 recordings of classical music and
had a special listening room at home where he loved to sit for hours immersed in the
David also loved, in no particular order, the Cossatot River, steamboats, steam
locomotives, and UFO theories. He loved Roman history, Byzantine history, Civil War
history, and Church history. He loved theology, genealogy, meteorology and cosmology.
He loved player pianos, photography, and videography. He loved Bach, Beethoven and
Rachmaninoff, Scott Joplin and Conlan Nancarrow, Star Trek, Dr. Who, and The Three
Stooges, and he loved his old dog, Shadow.
In addition to being the lover of many diverse interests, David was a great dreamer. He
would often just sit, staring into the distance, lost in his own thoughts and oblivious to his
surroundings. In elementary school, one of his teachers called our Mom in for a
conference. “The problem is,” declared the teacher, “David is a dreamer!” Some
problem!! Don’t you wonder, like me, if this old world might be a better place with a few
more dreamers?
Some of David’s dreams were, let’s just say, better than others. One of his best ideas was
the local Regional Musical Heritage Center, which combined his love of music and of
Texarkana. In the last few years of his life, he poured much of his remaining time and
treasure into the RMHC. It was a noble effort and I hope it can find a way to carry his
dream into the future.
I know that David, like all of us, was far from perfect. But maybe we who are left behind
can learn a few things from his example: to love our family and friends without
reservation, to take time to enjoy the finer things in life, such as food, wine, art, and
music; and finally, to be unafraid to dream big dreams. To paraphrase that little green
poet, Kermit the Frog:
“I hope we all find it,
That Rainbow Connection,
The lovers, the dreamers, and my little brother, David.”

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