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Intermittent forum issues

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21 hours ago, Islander said:

I wasn't able to log on for over a week.  I'd get the list of Sections. but when I clicked on any of them, I'd get "This File is Not Active", or something like that.  After about five days, even the list of Sections wouldn't come up, just a warning that this site was not trustworthy.  It was like the whole Forum had disappeared.  Klipsch Service was still open, but clicking on Community would just bring up the FAQs, with no mention of the Forum.


Then I took a last chance on October 23rd or 24th,  and Googled Klipsch Forum, and there was the Forum, back and big as life!  That really made my day/week!


Was it like that for everyone else?

if you use Safari then Yes , The klipsch website was down , since you have to play with the settings to be able to view a Web site with an expired SSL certificate , however with Firefox or Chrome , the Forum was visible ,

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15 hours ago, soundbound said:


Yes, it was like that for me too. When trying to get on the forum I would just get a warning like you did that it was an untrustworthy site, could be a fake site looking to steal my personal information or something like that for some days not able to get unto forum. It’s happened before, but was longer this time.


the klipsch web sites are 100%  secure , if it ever happens again  and you are worried about any risks , log into a Browser , disable passwords , and history , then log in using your password and accept the risk ,  since there is 0 risk and 0 history or password recorded -  

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