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    --- Good kitty, nice kitty! and what did one lion say to the others - " tastes' like big chicken"?!
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    And in KARMA news. 3 Rhino poachers were eaten by lions in a game reserve in South Africa, they found a gun one skull and 3 pairs of shoes. http://www.foxnews.com/world/2018/07/05/gang-rhino-poachers-mauled-to-death-by-pride-lions-after-breaking-into-game-reserve.html
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    For those who prefer the Hawaiian Firecracker, I have a fresh batch ready to go.
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    Unfortunately, England won. Fortunately, Columbia lost. It was one of those match ups like Yankees Dodgers, there was no one to like.
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    They wished they had my hot sauce for it though. It's time for Oldtimer's hot sauce special editions. First up is Solstice Scream, a blend of habanero and Trinidad scorpions. This is a very simple pure chile head sauce, strained and sold in 3 ounce bottles for $5 each. Made with Druidic incantations on the summer solstice. 3 ounce bottles, TSA approved for all of your travel needs. Next is Mordor Mud, a pure chocolate habanero sauce. Nothing chocolate about the flavor, just the color. Same 3 ounce size and strained, no chunks. Stolen from Mordor itself by brave little Hobbits who brought the ill gotten gains to me in the middle of the night. Limited quantities so put your orders in soon. The Mordor Mud has a quite unique flavor...
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    Today is national bikini day, missed seeing any. But tomorrow is fried chicken day, so that's good. http://listofnationaldays.com/july-5th-national-bikini-day/
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    The size of the that little Heresy box was based on significant research. Apparently it was the largest box where 2 complete units could be made out of a single 4x8' sheet of plywood Hey, there's that efficiency thing again. No wasted wood.
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    In the Pictures folder on my PC, I classified this under "East Texas Yard Nature". This is a picture of a Butterfly and naturally it is on one of our Butterfly Bushes (Spring 2009).
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    Not mine, but an incredible shot. Storm chasing does sound like fun. Unfortunately, nothing to chase where I live. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5839057/Dramatic-images-capture-ferocity-unique-tornado-looks-like-mushroom-cloud.html
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    Leslie, As others have said: truly sorry for your loss. If my wife and I hadn’t just purchased a new house, I’d be hopping on I-40 and heading towards you in a heartbeat. Wish you all the best.
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    Yes that is a fact! If you want more, the same researcher (PWK) also discovered that the largest single cabinet that could be built from a single 4'x8' sheet of 3/4" plywood was the Cornwall. That's real practical American logic at work for you. Thanks to Paul for having a sharp mind.
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    Agree fully with rplace. EAC is NOT a swiss Armny knife. It does ONE thing and does it as well as science will allow. It automatically varies rip speed to error correction. If EAC can't rip it, you need to talk to the NSA or somebody. Probably the best free deal for audio you will ever find. Dave
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    Bottlehead S.E.X. amp! Excellent headphone amp, and can drive most horn speakers to pleasing levels. What a fun project! https://bottlehead.com/product/single-ended-experimenters-kit-3-for-headphones-sensitive-speakers/ Rick
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    Hi Leslie. I'm terribly sorry for your loss and I'm sure it's not easy dealing with some of the items he loved. Let me give you a little information, then I have a suggestion. I live in West Virginia and would not be a buyer for your speakers. I am just trying to help you as you asked. Just so you know a little of our lingo if someone makes a post and ends it with GLWYS that means "I am not a potential buyer, but Good Luck With Your Sale." That will help you know those forum members who are not interested in buying. There is a Notification icon which looks like a Bell. If you see one be sure and click on it because it means someone wanted to notify you specifically, either by quoting your post, or by highlighting your name with an asterisk, and it looks like @leslieg The Klipsch Cornwall is a very good speaker and it has value on the used market. In addition, in particular there seems to be a good market in Texas for used Klipsch if you price them according to fair market value, which I'll get to in a moment. In general if you want top dollar out of them it might take a month to sell them, and if you just want to move them out quickly you can price them for a quick sale as well. I appreciate your offering them here on the Klipsch forums first because I think you will find most of us probably loved Klipsch the way your husband did. We also feel as you do, we would prefer to buy and sell to known people rather than Craigslist if we can. Cornwalls hold up very well over time and probably play just as well now as they did when new. My suggestion is that they have the most value to you and your family and I suggest you pass them down to a family member if you can. That gift of music can be shared and your husband remembered every time they are played. Again, I know this is a difficult time. Let us know if you need anything. -Dave
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    I've continued my non-scientific experimentation and have a little more evidence on the importance of mastering vs medium. I have a copy of Led Zeppelin II that is a 1969 "hot master" by Bob Ludwig. Apparently, his mastering had more bass and range, which caused some records to skip when played on cheap equipment back in the day. Atlantic Records had it remastered to prevent people returning the record to the stores. I also have a 'regular' 1969 master, a MFSL Zep II, the new remastered vinyl, and an older CD of the same album. For the vinyl records, I tested with the audio equipment in the exact same setup (volume levels, etc) just swap the 4 different records. I had some friends listen without telling them which was what version or anything about them - just asked which sounded better to their ears. Guess which one? 1. The 1969 Bob Ludwig hot master! 100% unanimous opinion and a clear and obvious sound difference from the others. It sounds significantly richer, deeper, with more bass and punch. 2. The MFSL pressing. It has good depth and quiet sections but not the same punch as the Ludwig. 3. The new remastered record. I was surprised by this but it falls in between the MFSL master and the fourth place. 4. The 1969 regular master. I expected this to sound a little better, given that it is a pristine excellent condition copy. It sounds good but just flatter than the others. It seems quieter too but even adjusting for volume I think it lack the range of the others. ?. The CD. It is just so much louder than the vinyl, in order to make it at all comparable I have to adjust the volume to make it similar to the vinyl but then it's really hard to compare. The quietness and cleanness of the empty sections of the music on a CD goes a long way to making it sound better. I was interested to see that everybody who listened to the records had the same opinion. I think this just goes to show that the mastering is more important than the medium. I'd love to have a Ludwig mastered CD - best of both worlds maybe. Interestingly, I found a 90s CD compilation of Ratt's greatest hits, which happens to be mastered by Bob Ludwig - and it sounds great. Too bad all the new music can't sound that good.
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    IMHO, bi-wiring from the same amp is ridiculous. What you are doing, basically, is using the amp outputs as though you are running two pairs of speakers, which lowers the impedance, and ALSO makes the amplifier section work harder, generating more heat, and heat is the enemy of electronic components. You MAY WELL "HEAR" a "difference", but that "difference" is highly likely just the difference in impedance caused by the bi-amping from two sets of speaker outputs on the same amp. EVERYBODY judges the sound of the music which they hear based upon pre-conceived notions...it is human nature. Not only that, but, for instance, have you ever heard a song that you loved when you were much younger, but the "QUALITY" speakers you heard it through more recently had you dumbfounded just because it didn't sound as good as you remembered it to sound? Think about that for a minute or two...think about the listening environment conditions in which that you first started to love the song so many years ago....was it being played on the radio??...in your car??...with the windows rolled down and traveling 60 mph?...through those crappy rear deck speakers supplied by the car maker??...etc. etc., etc. You have highly-likely been fooled by your own memories of ending up loving a particular song under horrid listening environment conditions....and now you are listening to it through expensive highly-efficient fully-horn-loaded ACCURATE sound reproducers and you hear everything BAD in the recording of the song that the crappy listening environment way back in the past HID from your ears...it is what it is. Everybody's ears are different, and everybody's pre-conceived notions of "good sound" are ALSO different.
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    As is your condescending post...
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    I have received my money back today. They got the speaker on Monday, so I think that was very quick payment from them. Happy ending! 🙂 Thanks everyone!
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    15 pages about a Heresy on steroids (dwarf Cornwall). This isn’t exactly rocket science folks.
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    Well Dave, you are aware that a real man would use a wood/natural charcoal fire....
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    A marine layer, hovering out at sea.
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    We are playing a little summer baseball.
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    Awesome! I was just thinking of sending you a message to make sure everything arrived. Glad to hear!
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    Man, I love this forum! I just received my Ti mids from Wuzzzer in the mail and have my horns apart and noticed no polarity markings. Knew right off where to look... And here it is in a post from FIVE years ago by the very same gentleman I bought the diaphragms from! It has taken me all of ten minutes to resolve my dilemna. Positive is LARGE. Right on. And thanks Wuzzzer, twice!
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