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    At the risk of offending someone... I would go big, or go home. If that is an option. There is no replacement for displacement. You may not ever turn the volume past 9 o’clock, but the woofers will know what to do with the extra horsepower. Tight and deep. I have owned half a dozen lesser NAD amps over the years. NONE of them sounded as good as the one(s) I kept. Currently running a C372 at 150 watts a side. I used to have a couple of them bridged. Got a “tester” amp, a Harman Kardon Citation 22 at 200 watts a side. At about the 50 watt LED it pounds! My Heresy II’s sound even better on it! Leaking caps and all...I can smell them as I type this! Lol
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    This is kind of a crazy macro shot I took when I found a jumping spider eating a wasp:
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    And in KARMA news. 3 Rhino poachers were eaten by lions in a game reserve in South Africa, they found a gun one skull and 3 pairs of shoes. http://www.foxnews.com/world/2018/07/05/gang-rhino-poachers-mauled-to-death-by-pride-lions-after-breaking-into-game-reserve.html
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    They're checking... I think they may have gotten several sets in house and not realized that they were matched pairs. I am assured by more than one person at adorama that they are checking with the warehouse and they will let me know. If go some ungodly reason they can only sell mismatched pairs, I may be okay with that provided a discount is given.
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    Return unless you plan to keep forever. I woild be concerned about the severe decline in resale value should you ever decide to upgrade or downsize... They can special order another pair. Otherwise that would need to be a DEEP discount. Just my 2 cents.
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    Today is national bikini day, missed seeing any. But tomorrow is fried chicken day, so that's good. http://listofnationaldays.com/july-5th-national-bikini-day/
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    The size of the that little Heresy box was based on significant research. Apparently it was the largest box where 2 complete units could be made out of a single 4x8' sheet of plywood Hey, there's that efficiency thing again. No wasted wood.
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    In the Pictures folder on my PC, I classified this under "East Texas Yard Nature". This is a picture of a Butterfly and naturally it is on one of our Butterfly Bushes (Spring 2009).
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    Not mine, but an incredible shot. Storm chasing does sound like fun. Unfortunately, nothing to chase where I live. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5839057/Dramatic-images-capture-ferocity-unique-tornado-looks-like-mushroom-cloud.html
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    Hello friends! I'm trying to find out how Klipsch speakers respond to classical music, opera etc. I'm planning to buy a complete set up for a surround system, Dolby Atmos with the RF-7's in the front, RC-64 III center channel etc. I read that those speakers are amazing when it comes to rock and rock, pop music etc, but I don't see many people talking about classical music. What it's your opinion? Thanks!
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    Received my SVS SB-2000 subwoofers today. Very excited to get them set up although being delivered in Minnesota they are pretty frozen so I'm letting them sit out while I run errands and have lunch with my folks. Initial impression...they are tiny! I guess going from a quad of 15" subs to these will do that to a guy. My room is small so these should work very well. Looking forward to having useable output to 20Hz. My Peavey subs, even though they are THX theater subs, drop like a rock below 45Hz or so.
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    Yesterday I finally pulled the trigger on a pair of Heresy III's, and now I am in search of a good stereo amp to drive them. I think I have it narrowed down to the NAD C368 and its big brother the NAD C388... NAD C368: 80 Watts RMS per channel Total Harmonic Distortion 0.03% NAD C388: 150 Watts RMS per channel Total Harmonic Distortion 0.009% In all other respects (other than physical size and price), the two amps are identical. I live in a small condominium, and have no need (or desire) to play music at high volumes. I am interested in sound quality at low to moderate volumes. Which amp is the better choice?
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    I drive my Heresy's III with an integrated MP-501 MK-V Tube amp ( kt-120's, 55wpc) and their is NO substitute to that beautiful silky sound of tubes with all heritage Klipsch speakers. .... I have tried many excellent SS amps, 100-300 wps, and that sound was never the same. Go tube ironman !
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    Did a little reading about Gin martinis. Think I'm going to try a Plymouth Gin/Dolin vermouth, stirred vigorously and served with all ingredients and glass very cold. Olives or lemon peel. Need to find the parts and I will report back. Also read something about bartending/mixology that shaking"bruises" the vodka.
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    I posted this earlier in the thread... at the time of ordering, I was told they had 8 sets total, I hope they didn't mean 8 speakers total. Minus one set for me
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    Here is a sunset shot I took a few years ago at Las Catalina in Costa Rica with my Canon DSLR and Rokinon 14mm lens: All in all this is by far my favorite lens. It is all manual with regards to F stop and focus but its tack sharp and punched far above its weight in regards to price: https://www.amazon.com/Rokinon-FE14M-C-Ultra-Canon-Black/dp/B003VSGQPG/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?ie=UTF8&qid=1530911452&sr=8-1-spons&keywords=rokinon+14mm+canon&psc=1
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    Jeez ... very tempting Only $5600 Hell; made three times that in the market today But they would be replacing my KPT-904's which I "just" got and absolutely love Going to have some vino before I decide
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    That's funny! Maybe they used it for internal bracing?
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    Haha ... Cornwall's could have been 6 inches taller from a single sheet
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    Teaman, thanks, looks like a solid recommendation.
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    I "need" not be overwhelmed by the number of ridiculous options /choices/ directions I could go with this stuff, lol. Seriously, If I go with "used/dated" as far as I can tell I lose only the Dolby Atmos? The afore mentioned components have 4K and various apps. I get both the amp and processor for $1500, which seems like a great buy. How important, really, Is the latest and greatest?
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    If possible put one sub in the center of the front wall and one sub in the center of the rear wall. You'll get better room coverage that way. Square rooms are about the worst shape though. Put your listening position about 2/3 of the way into the room away from the speakers.
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    Thanks for all the replies and second opinions. All the input is highly valued and I'm glad I posted to ask for feedback! Yes, authorized dealer as far as I know (as others have posted here). I've wanted Forte iii's since they first came out, but couldn't afford the price tag, so I got in on the recent Adorama $900 each deal. I did contact them, sent pictures, and they've been helpful so far, but apparently don't have Cherry in stock to send as a replacement. I'll see what happens in the next few days. Thanks for all the suggestions. And yes, I would be obsessed with the imperfections.
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    Wow! I'd be staring at that damage all the time. That damage doesn't just look merely cosmetic at that top corner... appears there might even be some structural.
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    One of the characteristics of good horn loaded speakers is that they reveal differences between recordings. Some voices are thin and crisp, others "round" and crisp, and others bassy and thick. I imagine you are trying many voices on many recordings, right? As to placement, as Schu said, there are shades of grey. Try moving the speakers around little by little ... I don't think bass nodes are cancelled by corner placement; part of the corner controversy is around whether corners help or harm in smoothing out the response. Good looking graphs, and -- whatever they are called -- energy maps or energy photos have been published that seem to support both sides. This has been going on for about 35 or 40 years. It may be safe to say it depends on the speaker design, the room, and the seating position. Or not. Modes, nodes and nulls, oh my! Loudspeaker position and how they are aimed, seating position of the listener, room proportions, room treatments, inc bass traps, etc all may count in any given instance.. One of the recurring problems is that people quote the same statements over and over again until they become factoids in the original Norman Mailer sense, before CNN destroyed the meaning. So, I will now do the very same thing; I'll quote an expert. The following is a quote from an article called "The LEDE Concept" in Audio Magazine, August 1987, by Don Davis.* "Paul Klipsch's advocacy of corner placement for the past 50 years is still correct. Corner placement has the following advantages: the entire audience coverage angle is within 90 degrees, polar control is excellent at specular frequencies, and the best low-frequency modal response in acoustically small rooms is obtained." [Bolding mine] * "Don Davis and his wife, Carolyn, founded Synergetic Audio Concepts in 1972. Don and Carolyn are both Fellows of the Audio Engineering Society. Don is a senior member of the IEEE and a gold member of the Acoustical Society of America. Don and Carolyn received dual lifetime achievement awards from NSCA, the Adele De Berri Pioneers of Audio award from InfoComm International, and the USITT Harold Burris-Myer Distinguished Career in Sound Design Award.  Both Don and Carolyn were recipients of Indiana's highest citizen award from the Governor when they were made Sagamore of the Wabash (!) for their contributions to education." From Google Books.
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    Experiment with water in the chamber.
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    When I had the Ti mids a slight cut at 7k worked for me. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    Certainly agree. But I think I can get 50 degrees with a Peltier design in the garage even in the summer. Actually, I am considering doing that project in the house. Intermediate refrigeration is something almost no one has. With Peltier, it's cheap, efficient, and provides ideal storage for apples, citrus, greens, flowers...and dry curing...that we other either don't have or do without. May actually modify one of my end kitchen cabinets for it. Just line the inside with some inch or so of Styrofoam. No reason to assume it would work well, especially since the room is always in the 70s. Dave
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    Another, trailing smoke. Coming right at me. 👍
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    I've continued my non-scientific experimentation and have a little more evidence on the importance of mastering vs medium. I have a copy of Led Zeppelin II that is a 1969 "hot master" by Bob Ludwig. Apparently, his mastering had more bass and range, which caused some records to skip when played on cheap equipment back in the day. Atlantic Records had it remastered to prevent people returning the record to the stores. I also have a 'regular' 1969 master, a MFSL Zep II, the new remastered vinyl, and an older CD of the same album. For the vinyl records, I tested with the audio equipment in the exact same setup (volume levels, etc) just swap the 4 different records. I had some friends listen without telling them which was what version or anything about them - just asked which sounded better to their ears. Guess which one? 1. The 1969 Bob Ludwig hot master! 100% unanimous opinion and a clear and obvious sound difference from the others. It sounds significantly richer, deeper, with more bass and punch. 2. The MFSL pressing. It has good depth and quiet sections but not the same punch as the Ludwig. 3. The new remastered record. I was surprised by this but it falls in between the MFSL master and the fourth place. 4. The 1969 regular master. I expected this to sound a little better, given that it is a pristine excellent condition copy. It sounds good but just flatter than the others. It seems quieter too but even adjusting for volume I think it lack the range of the others. ?. The CD. It is just so much louder than the vinyl, in order to make it at all comparable I have to adjust the volume to make it similar to the vinyl but then it's really hard to compare. The quietness and cleanness of the empty sections of the music on a CD goes a long way to making it sound better. I was interested to see that everybody who listened to the records had the same opinion. I think this just goes to show that the mastering is more important than the medium. I'd love to have a Ludwig mastered CD - best of both worlds maybe. Interestingly, I found a 90s CD compilation of Ratt's greatest hits, which happens to be mastered by Bob Ludwig - and it sounds great. Too bad all the new music can't sound that good.
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    Can't go wrong with the kits from tubes4hifi! They can get a little pricey, but well worth the money.
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    I have received my money back today. They got the speaker on Monday, so I think that was very quick payment from them. Happy ending! 🙂 Thanks everyone!
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    I'll talk about polar coverage here so that you'll see more on the tradeoff using either your current K-400 midrange horn, or the K-510 or ZXPC horn instead: The horn mouth dimensions (horizontally, vertically) determine the frequencies at which the horns lose polar coverage control in each axis. The biggest difference in the three midrange horns is the vertical dimension of each horn's mouth. The stock K-400 horn begins to lose vertical polar control at about 2500-3000 Hz, and spills increasing amounts of acoustic energy in the vertical direction below that frequency. This is called a "collapsing polar" midrange horn. The other two midrange horns considered here have about double the horn mouth height than the K-400, which means that they don't start to lose polar control in the vertical direction until an octave below the stock K-400 horn. The ZXPC horn is about the same width and double the height of the K-400 horn--so its polar control will match the K-400 horizontally and exceed the K-400 vertically by about one octave (i.e., 1200-1500 Hz). The K-510 horn is somewhat smaller than the ZXPC horn in both directions, but apparently has better higher frequency characteristics due to its flat-sided horn walls close to the horn's throat. At higher frequencies--above the point where vertical polar control begins to be lost due to mouth size--both the K-510 and ZXPC horns cover 90 degrees by 40-60 degrees. The K-400 appears to cover 40-50 degrees vertically above its vertical polar control loss frequency, and about 90 degrees horizontally. The Khorn bass bin polars start to get very narrow above perhaps 150-200 Hz due to the dual-mouth bass bin splay angle and distance between the two mouths horizontally. This has an effect on the midbass sound of male and female voices, etc. sounding a bit "thin". The midrange horn (the K-400) counteracts some of that narrow bass bin coverage angle around the 400 Hz crossover frequency, where its polar coverage is very tall and getting wider rapidly. (Polar coverage mismatch at the crossover frequencies don't sound nearly as good as horn combinations matching their coverage angles at their mutual crossover frequency band.) Low frequency horizontal coverage: the K-510 polars start to get very wide at 700 Hz and below. The ZXPC horn mitigates that polar coverage widening a little more--by perhaps 200-300 Hz lower than the K-510--due to its slightly larger horn mouth horizontally than the K-510. The stock K-400 loses its horizontal coverage control at 300-400 Hz--the so-called "cutoff frequency" of the horn. The ZXPC horn is almost exactly the same width as the K-400, so their low frequency horizontal polar coverage angles vs. frequency are similar. Low frequency vertical coverage: the original K-400 horn the vertical coverage angle really begins to take off below 2500 Hz so all Khorn owners experience that type of loss of polar coverage control presently. That extra bandpassed acoustic energy winds up on the floor and ceiling and it needs to be controlled/absorbed using acoustic absorption on at least the floor, and have a ceiling that is at least 4 milliseconds away (or having absorption tiles on the ceiling), else the loudspeaker will sound tonally unbalanced because of this extra midrange energy in the vertical direction. The K-510 and ZXPC horns lower that frequency about an octave, so they will sound much better across the majority of the midrange horn's band without needing in-room acoustic absorption and a higher ceiling in the vertical plane. The bottom line is that a two-way Khorn configuration will work well as long as the 2" compression driver used can go low enough (good output below 400 Hz is preferred) while providing good chatter-free output above 10 kHz. The dual-diaphragm BMS 4592ND fits this bill nicely, but note that 2" Be diaphragm drivers (like TAD, Radian, and the JBL retrofitted Truextent Be diaphragms) will also do very well if the low end crossover frequency is moved up to 450-500 Hz and the upper end of the Khorn bass bin response is boosted slightly (about a maximum of 6 dB overall) above 400 Hz. This will, course, result in a further narrowing of bass bin polars in this region, but that is something that is quite tolerable as compared to the effect of the design trades using the stock K-400 collapsing polar midrange horn. Much more consistent coverage vs. frequency above the crossover point (where the ears are most sensitive to those type of disturbances), the absence of phase issues and time misalignment, and lower harmonic/modulation distortion from the 2" compression driver--even at very high in-home SPLs--will be the offsetting characteristics of a well implemented two-way Khorn design. (I've mentioned this before) It would be nice to have a midrange/treble horn midway between the K-402 and the K-510 in terms of mouth size--especially in the vertical direction. This would delay the widening of midrange horn polar coverage to below its nominal 400 Hz crossover frequency, thus making the horn sound about as good as the K-402 in-room when used down to that frequency (but crossed no lower). When that horn exists, then I believe that there will be a strong interest in using it for midrange duties on all conventional horn-loaded loudspeakers. Chris
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    Well, it's not just about the construction of the product, it's reactions, questions, compliments, suggestions, etc, etc, etc. Perhaps you haven't read the entire thread, nor do you care to, but that's OK, we know you're not a rocket scientist....
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    15 pages about a Heresy on steroids (dwarf Cornwall). This isn’t exactly rocket science folks.
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    Gonna be a good 4th of July. Forte III's arrived a couple of hours ago. Strapped to a pallet-that's the way to do it! Well done Klipsch.
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    FIRST THINGS FIRST! WHILE YOU HAVE THE BACK PANEL OFF of those Heresy speakers, BE SURE to remove the wire connections from the crossover network to the terminal on that back panel, clean them, and then re-assemble in reverse. AND be sure to TIGHTEN the machine screws holding the terminal to the rear panel!! This is HIGHLY LIKELY your problem to begin with....because the wood of the rear panel shrinks over time, which means that the rear panel THICKNESS also shrinks, which in-turn causes the screws holding both the wires to the rear panel from the crossover network AND the rear terminal to become more LOOSE than it should be...which reduces the signal the crossover network can get. I have seen this happen hundreds of times since I joined this forum...and the vast majority of the members here are all about replacing this and that when just a little bit of cleaning and tightening is really all that is necessary...in MOST cases. The Heresy speaker has a relatively air-tight cabinet design, and its crossover components are far less apt to need replacing than most forum members want to admit...simply because those components are FAR LESS SUSCEPTIBLE to any kind of corrosion, or leaking can caps, due to the air-tightness of the cabinet design wherein sits the crossover network. I am more of a "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" kinda guy, myself!
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    Well Dave, you are aware that a real man would use a wood/natural charcoal fire....
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    A marine layer, hovering out at sea.
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    We are playing a little summer baseball.
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    Tried macro mode on my old Nikkor. Last batch of Fuji Superia Xtra 200 35mm film that was available locally. i think Fuji discontinued this film now.
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    You should see what happens on a motorcycle forum when someone asks what oil they should use.
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    Awesome! I was just thinking of sending you a message to make sure everything arrived. Glad to hear!
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    Man, I love this forum! I just received my Ti mids from Wuzzzer in the mail and have my horns apart and noticed no polarity markings. Knew right off where to look... And here it is in a post from FIVE years ago by the very same gentleman I bought the diaphragms from! It has taken me all of ten minutes to resolve my dilemna. Positive is LARGE. Right on. And thanks Wuzzzer, twice!
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    Ok - so I was able to get in on a recent sale on the forte iii's. Received them today, boxes looked just fine but when I opened em up, one was roughed up pretty good. The other thing is that I noticed some discoloration in the stain that looks to me like it would have had to have left the factory that way -- doesn't look like shipping dent, or ding. Maybe not. At any rate, contacted the retailer, and they say they no longer have Forte iii in Cherry, so I can either return both, or they will contact me after review of the pics for a discount if I keep both. Here's the two part question --- (1) Has anyone ever had shipping damage like this, and should I even consider keeping them, even with a discount. If so, what would be reasonable? I realize that's a difficult question. Worried of course about something else being outta whack, but they sound great. (2) I've done quite a bit of woodworking, but my guess is trying to fill or sand out, then stain these dents and dings would likely make them look even worse. (assuming the discount was substantial) Anyone tried any such repairs, or should I just do a straight return of both of them and start over. I can't afford these at the normal retail price - so it'd likely be wait and watch again. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I listened to these briefly tonight, and I have to say I'd definitely like to keep a set of these --- just worried about the damage.
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    They might consider one top and one bottom a "set".
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