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    Can we get pictures of the back side too?
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    After doing a little looking around I believe they are the de75. Just comparing pictures back and forth. It looks to me the de750 has a chrome ring just before the magnet. Both the de75 and k691 are black in the area. I was under the impression the k69 was a de75 and the k691 was a de750. The k69 clearly is a different manufacturer. That agrees what I read earlier about them being PAudio drivers. I will say this. The radians I just installed are better than the k691s. But slightly smoother and a little better highs. As in bells and symbals are more sharp and precise like glass breaking. The k691 was a little more rolled off sounding. It’s funny that I swore the music couldn’t be improved any better than i was hearing with them. The k691s really do sound that good. Completely unnecessary that I upgraded them. I’d say they are 5-10% at most over the k691. And they were almost $1000. So take that unbiased mini review for what it is. It’s really splitting hairs at this level in my opinion.
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    I am selling my industrial LaScalas that are equipped with K-77 drivers and tweeters, ElectroVoice 1823 drivers and mid-range, Eminence 15 woofers, consecutive serial numbers, and AA crossovers. Rough exterior but still have that terrific sound.
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    I'm looking for advice on upgrading my speaker system. My Home Theater System is Powered by a Marantz SR5008 running Klipsch RF25's, RC-25, and four RB-25's for surrounds. Purchased in 2005. Room size is 14 X 22. I am wondering if upgrading my system to the new RP line (RP-6000F, RP-404C, ....) would give me a noticeable improvement in clarity or not. I'm having difficulty hearing softer conversations parts on TV and movies without turning up the volume too high. I am hoping the upgrade would help that or maybe as I am getting older, 67, my money should be better spent on hearing help.
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    After seeing a few posts of “I’ve had my Jubilees XX years,” I figured it’s time for me to finally provide an update. Since the very beginning, this gift has been very special to me. To me Jube’s are like a classic car that was owned by your father and handed down to you. The car becomes an heirloom that you cherish, something that you take your wife out for a drive, let your son take to prom and have hopes to pass on to him when he grows to become man. While, it has only been 2 years, this is the feeling that I get with my Jubilees. They have that heirloom feel that I know I can pass on hopefully to my son, when my ears betray me. I have finally found my go to drink and my go to hole in the wall bar. The bar that has that faint aroma of cigarette smoke, yet hasn’t been smoked in for over a decade. It’s handmade, with a long thick cherry rail molding wrap around begging to be sat at, leaned on, and danced on. The bartender Cory, is full of fun stories that draws customers in and ensures that your glass is never empty. The bar is filled with other Jubilee owners discussing what they are listening to, figuring out ways to get that last bit of detail, further dialing in the PEQ’s and filters. I sit off to the side now, as I’ve become a regular. I still enjoy listening in and learning, however, my contribution is now limited as there are far more knowledgeable experts in this bar. I now just sit back with my glass and enjoy the tunes. Though, should a new comer walk through that door, I will always keep an open seat and share my stories and knowledge, paying it forward. I may visit other bars with friends from time to time, but this bar is my home. I’ve realized that there is nothing further that needs to be said or added that hasn’t already been posted prior by experts that are far better audio linguists than myself. So I’ve chose to take a different approach in describing the setting that I feel Jube’s create. My Jubilees have become a staple in the family. We look forward to our movies more than ever before. They are fired up every evening as we prepare our dinner, adding warmth to the home. After I put down the kid for the evening, I will often come out and see my wife sitting on the couch with glass of scotch listening quietly to some FLAC rips of classical albums. Something she has never done with any of my systems prior and I could not be more proud. But Wait! Don’t ride off into the sunset just yet. It’s not 2:00 AM, the bar is still open for business, so keep that seat warm because the Jubilees are just the beginning. They are the foundation that I will build upon. The path is still foggy and the map a bit faded, but I have many guides that will help me reach my destination. The first stop, is ordering a 3rd round from the bartender. I’ve been slowly setting aside a rainy day fund that will allow me to drink just a bit more of the top shelf product. I’m not sure when I will wave over Cory for my order, but I’m going to need another drink. Once that refill is in my hand, I will wander around the bar, keeping my ears perked to see which way the wind is blowing. You see, that old car has a tired old engine (D75a) and is on borrowed time. I’m not sure if I should rebuild that engine or replace it with something more powerful, cleaner burning and fuel efficient. Hypex…ice… I came across some new old stock car mods and bought them from an Italian man that called himself La Scalla. Not sure how these additions to the car will look, but will be a project for a later date. So for now, I’m going to weave through the crowd and keep my ears open. So sorry folks, this car is not for sale, but you’re welcome to jump inside, I’m heading to the bar.
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    If it makes me smile when I listen to it, then it's good! For me, that's what matters. Currently I have three 2 channel systems. All three are vintage Pioneers driving vintage Klipsch speakers (1989 La Scalas, 1978 Heresies, and 198x KG4s). They all sound different, but they all make me smile. Sometimes I just sit and listen while I read, sometimes I listen intently to the music. But, they never fail to put a smile on my face. I didn't buy my gear to impress other people. It's for me.
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    I wish I didn't enjoy happy hour as much as I do. Second Evan Williams Small Batch. I heard Four Roses Small Batch was decent......anyone know?
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    If you mean the hair thing don't know, not long enough to know. Some lady tried to sell me on doing that, I pointed to my hair and asked really, she kept walking. I would like it but have never been to Hawaii. I love low key, one of the places we go to in Cozumel is because it's never crowded great food and drinks right on the water.
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    Your La Scalas have K-77 tweeters. They are E-V T-35s that carry a power rating or 1 watts continuous/10 watts program/120 watts peak above 3500 Hz with an unspecified crossover slope, but surely 18 dB or more/octave, like the Type AA and later networks have. I do not run K-77-Ms any more and other tweeters are more robust, but, especially the later K-77-Ms can be safely run at 3500 Hz and above, if you limit the power sent to them.
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    Mr. Paul's mouth bracing. Note that the braces are not centered. I would have done this if I'd discovered the resonance before I had mine refinished. Yours are striking and quite attractive for raw birch. I'd be likely to just finish them with linseed oil or satin poly. There are lots of mods that provide genuine improvements, the bass horn braces would be one. New caps *IF* your speaker need them would be another. i just picked up a '68 H700 (Heresy) that did not need caps, though my '67 did. Let's prove they are in proper shape before heading down the rabbit hole. Checking ALL of the connections and the seal on the bottom access to the woofer should be checked, especially with your concern about bass output. Later, there excellent mods for the squawker horn and other areas. When you get around to replacing the capacitors, use film and foil. I have used metallized foil caps and have been satisfied, but film and foil is better and is what Klipsch used. You don't want to back up. Your solid wood walls are HIGHLY reflective at all frequencies. The insulation behind them will contribute nothing in audio frequencies because of the stiffness of the wood. It will be especially reflective in the middle ranges, contributing to your description of bright, hard sound. Compared to my 20 year experience with La Scalas, your room may be entirely the cause. Something as simple as Persian rugs (or a velvet Elvis, hee hee) hung in the right place can be enough to kill the first reflection/reinforcement in the midrange. I'm sure you can find a thick tribal style rug or 3. Changes to the room will always dwarf "improvements" to the speakers.
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    It actually works very well as a center and keeps up surprisingly well for what it is up against. It’s not a 100% seem-less transition for movies, but 99% of people would mostly likely consider it good enough. I will still be building a mini jube for the center. K510 with matching radian driver, with a belle-ish bass bin. Unless a 402 falls in my lap. In which case I’d probably do up a MEH.
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    The system sounded so good with factory components I was hesitant to change anything. But I trust that the experiences I’ve read on here of members that have changed the HF compression driver for a higher quality unit to be true. I had my heart set on TAD 4002, but they are unobtainium. And when you do find them, they are grossly expensive even used. I weighed my options and did as much research on the topic I could bare. The next best candidate for the money seemed like Faitalpro 20at. They are discontinued though. While you can get them, they are very rare. Even though people have gave testimony how great they are I figured I would try Radian 950pb’s. I liked the idea that I could upgrade the diaphragms in the future to beryllium when money allows. There is so little info on how drivers perform. And so many variants in room and system that you really have to take everything with a grain of salt. I was told by a dealer the Radian was slightly better in his opinion and his staffs opinion than the 20at. Being that they were similar priced I closed my eyes and hoped for the best. I know I would be happy with either and that I will never know what the other sounds like. But this time next year it won’t matter which driver was better after I get the new diaphragms
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    You're shifting the burden of proof. It's those who claim to hear audible improvements from aftermarket A/C cords, etc. that need to support their claims, not the other way around. But since you asked so nicely (ha!), I have participated in a carefully level matched comparison to a wickedly expensive Pass Labs amp against my NADs (both an old 2100 and a slightly newer C372), and neither myself nor anyone else could identify a difference, much less choose a preference. I also have amps by ATI and Yamaha. And I have a soft spot for SE types, and have both SEP and an ACA in the quiver. Those DO sound different, and have corresponding differences in various measurements (e.g. amount and type of distortion, higher output impedance, etc.)
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    Thanks Dude Yes; am a bit cheap on this as i am just trying a set of 510's with drivers in a separate room. (Have 510/DE75's in my main system.) So; just "playing." Made a member an offer on K-691's ... also found DE750's for $150 each ... and HAHA a pair of EV DH1A's for $100. For "others" that were interested in the 510 horns ... package will arrive tomorrow. It's 8 pounds, so I'm pretty sure it does have horns in it Cheers, Emile
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    Enjoying music is subjective. Listening to music is, or at least should be, an emotional experience. The reproduction of recorded music, on the other hand, is a wholly reductive affair. It's a fact. PWK would tell you as much. I can't help but notice the subjectivist contingent hold on to their unsubstantiated beliefs with stubborn ferocity, the epitome of being close-minded.
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    I have both the DE75 and the DE750. The I will have to double check, but I think I have the de75 on my older 510 ( no mumps model) and the DE750 on my 402's. I couldn't really tell if I hear a difference. Then again, the environment doesn't have much for the ability to control the sound. If you can get a pair of the DE750 for $150.00 each, then I would jump on it. I think it is a way better driver than the EV DH1A. My next option would be the Faitals and if price wasn't an option, I would try the JBL 2446 with the BE diaphragms. As for your 8 or 16 ohm issue, if you are using an active crossover, I don't think it matters.
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    I have driven my Cornwall III's w/ an Onkyo TX-NR1030 AVR for weeks while my Mac was being serviced. It sounded awesome (..actually, identical to the Mac). While I could hear slightly more hiss with the volume cranked, source paused, and my ears pressed to the tweeter horn, the S/N ratio is excellent; there is no way this would be audible at the listening position while music is playing. It is quiet, it can drive the Klipsch's to "hear it down the block" levels without hint of strain, it and has an awesome feature set. And the build quality - while not quite the level of the Mac - is impressive. ..When used for movies, my son's crank it to near Theater levels and is has never overheated or shut down. A "set it and forget" music lover would find this an excellent choice, apart perhaps, from the fact that is 7.1 channel rather than 2 (or 2.1) ..And no one in my family, all of whom are music fanatics and have a keen sense for musical nuance, could hear one iota of difference b/w it and the Mac.
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    I also throw a cast net off my boat for shrimp. You need to get down here and do that with me. I have a nice audio system in the boat so bring some music.
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    Ever wonder why NO amplifier manufacturer has ever mentioned in an ad how their amp, dac, speaker cable, power cord (sigh), etc.. was preferred by listeners in a blinded trial?? I mean, how compelling would that be!? Imagine an ad like "In 30 blinded listening trials, our amp was preferred 87% of the time." ..They could describe all trial details in a footnote, etc.. But no, they'd rather include instructions that you "need to give X-component 20-100 hours of break-in before any critical listening." Again, this hobby's disinterest in ANY form of validity testing is discouraging and keeps it from being respected by practitioners of the scientific-method. Heck, forgot DBT, I'd be partly satisfied if they'd at least keep a component under consideration behind a screen so no pre-conceived notions about the brand, or whether its "separates" or "tubes" or whether there are tone controls on the faceplate can creep in and influence what they hear. Thank god the FDA doesn't allow drug companies to make unsubstantiated claims the way gear companies do.
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    I am pretty sure they are genuine purple, I will cut one of the more expensive ones open and let you know....thanks for your inquiry....
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    @Tarheel: that's an elegant combination. The organic warmth of the wood(panels) goes nicely with the black horns. Finally, a "pièce de résistance". I don't think I have ever seen this horn before. It might as well be produced by the same manufacturer as the ZXPC 17x11/Selenium HL4750-SLF, because they share the typical protruding mouth. 2 things I particularly like about this horn: - The size: 44x29x20cm - The throat: There's a diffraction slot, but it seems small, short, reasonably smooth and there's no narrowing as with the other big horn, shown earlier. It actually has a lot in common with the "slots" in highly regarded BEM/FEM optimized horns from RCF, B&C, Beyma and other brands. Except these horns are usually much smaller. It's unlikely this horn provides much loading below 600Hz (it's too short). However, the generous size together with the diffraction slot, as well as the high expansion rate and the nearly conical walls, should allow decent pattern control.
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    If you're using a bare wire connection right now, just leave it that way unless you move your stuff around a lot and need to disconnect everything frequently. Banana plugs don't offer any benefit other than that.
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    You guys need a hobby! If capacitors are the excitement of your day, you need a new solder iron. One to solder those pretty purple caps. What did Plymouth call that color in the early 70's? Plum crazy! That pretty much says it all about most of us. Sent from my N9131 using Tapatalk
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    I consider The PBS News Hour to be right doen the middle and is my primary nightly news broadcast.
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    FINALLY learning manners in others FS postings. Off to a solid start.
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    These 70th anniversary khorns were $16,000 msrp because they were a limited edition with some extra features.
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    I’m sure the newbie will be dissuaded. Btw, what are your audio related credentials? I guess some opinions carry more weight than others - ya think?
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    @PGA, Welcome to the forum. I don't think you really need much advice, you seem to have it all figured out. If you can afford the separates setup you are considering, I say go for it. No such thing as overkill in my book. Enjoy, Bill Oh, don't forget a couple of subwoofers that will keep up with your RF-7III triplets.
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    Call me lucky. It's much easier to make one BTW.
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    Not necessarily. It can also work against the bass output and over damp. Maybe extending but at a lower lower level but likely relative to the overall loss. Different types of enclosure types will yield different results. In general though I agree. Use what was in there or test other damping material. Everyone has their own hot buttons and maybe more damped bass, depending on position and room may suit you.
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    Election Day has come and gone. Back to car, phone and "ask your doctor about (insert pill here)" commercials. Added bonus: my spam e-mails will revert to Nigerian Princes and discount "male enhancement" preparations. Oh boy!
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    How those corn rows holdin up??? 😂
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    We got home Sunday, Watched football and did nothing else. We have done this enough we do none of the things going on in the ship, no shows no clubs just take a break. Never even went to see what was going on with 90% of the ship, never even went to dinner at night, just ate somewhere else on the boat. On the islands, we just go to our favorite places to swim and snorkel have drinks and eat. Just overall relax, it's the drinks that catch up with me in the long run, and then there's Jamaica, that's a whole other thing.
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    Most newer vehicles (GM in my case) only recommends synthetic oil, it's called Dexos. Synthetic will double or more your change intervals. The newest Mobile synthetic says it will go 20k miles. I have never tore apart a vehicle's engine, and I have a Chevy 1/2 ton work truck with 242k on it, still runs fine. It uses about 1/2 a quart of oil between changes, only used Castrol synthetic. I have tore apart motorcycle engines for over 40 years, that was before synthetic was used. I raced them and rode them hard, and they always showed a lot of abuse. Over the years, I have noticed the same amount of abuse from me showed less abuse on the internals. I know some of this was due to better materials in the engine making process, and I believe a lot had to do with better oil.
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    Like the title says. Tomorrow I will be driving to Miami area. I’m taking a F450 with a flatbed trailer and bringing a 7x7x10 crate back with me So if anyone from around Orlando has something they need from Miami please contact me asap and I’ll help you out I’m leaving at 6:30 am so act fast. Email me at carlthess@icloud.com And I’ll be more the. Happy to help But if I do it must be a turn and burn type thing, if you know what I mean. Im not asking for anything money just wanting to help my Klipsch friends so I’m not posting this on any other fourm
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    You're missing the point. FB was once for friends and family to stay in touch, share pics of the kids, vacations and whatnot. Not I get my own personal feed on articles and BS that the National Inquirer wouldn't put in their rag. Im not down, actually quite happy, Im just tired of wading through all the ridiculous ads and posts. I would have left FB long ago if it wasn't for my son.
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    Well then if everyone else is selling it.... I wouldn't want to be odd man out.
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    How about some home made slow baked pumpkin then made into soup This was our dinner on Halloween night Canon EOS70D no flash to give ths image mode depth  
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    For $900, depending on your budget, I would personally take the heresys and pair them with a decent sub(s). I thought the heresy IIIs sounded amazing and with a sub, you can control the exact amount of bass output you want.
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    Tarheel... In my area school started back this week...yesterday in one of the High Schools here in my area, a 15 year old got arrested with a gun...I just don't understand..
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    Thank you for posting and the great pictures. I wonder if they have a speaker loaner program?
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