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    I guess I am due for a room update though. I’m slowly learning this complicated(for a newby like me) system. I’ve got more acoustic treatment finished up. I’ll probably stop here til I get a custom skylight cover and clouds. It’ll be nice to get to know the system better and learn to know their sound. At this point the sound is new enough and changes take place often enough that it’s hard to tell the changes that I make at times. Cornwalls are inset and trim is in the process. I’m mostly done and when I am I’ll post an update. In my mind it has made a nice improvement in aesthetics.
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    Nice! I wonder what took him so long to become enlightened?
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    This parrot is dead! It's not dead. It's only resting.
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    my fat cat caught another bird today, that flew into the den, through the sliding glass door... which was open, because the temp outside is like free air conditioning... and let me add, this cat is trained like skidboots RIP, all I said was - Hey Buddy, and the rest was left up to my dust pan....
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    Can we get pictures of the back side too?
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    Steve Guttenberg's recent YouTube video. Steve is an opinion leader for many in the "audiophile" community. In the video he promotes Klipsch speakers and actually says he's "starting a "one man campaign" to raise awareness of horn speakers".
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    They sound amazing. They already sounded great. I’m enjoying the extra detail that they bring. It was costly, but I’m in this deep already so what the hell. I’ll really be excited when I upgrade the diaphragms to beryllium. I don’t like to be left wondering what else there is left on the table.
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    And thus the discussion goes in the usual (unfortunate) direction....."Less fillung, tastes great". My advice to beginners, as previously stated..... Beginners should listen to lots of gear in a variety of settings. Gain experience. Learn what you like. Trust your own ears. Don't be influenced by other folks telling you what you should, or should not, hear. Your ears, your brain, your connection to the music. Assemble whatever system best connects you to the music. Buy lots of the music you love. Enjoy this wonderful hobby for many years. Just my opinion.
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    Wonder what work they have had done. That input didn't upside down itself...
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    I won't be satisfied until you meter readers are all using the shit you claim sounds as good as everything else. Let me see those awesome DBT inspired systems!
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    We had a tomcat here from the time I was about five until I was a teen. One drove my mother bananas twisting around her feet when she baked turkey. She kicked him out of the house once when he almost tripped her in the kitchen. When we sat down and started to eat that turkey he walks up the back steps, bird in mouth. Looks at her, plops it down on that top slab the other side of the sliding glass door and tears into it while it was trying to get away. My brother and I laughed she made me get up and draw the curtains it grossed her out! the Spanish inquisition
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    I have the 691s on my Jubs and I have been enjoying. I can hear their limitations when it comes to clarity when comparing against my TAD 4002s across the room. They are not as clear nor as smooth as the TADs. But still, they are fine and I think they are the best 2" Klipsch driver I have heard in my systems. I can listen to them all night long and they sound great with any type of music. I am funny about drivers on Klipsch horns. You can surely find what you may say is a better sounding driver, and a driver that measures better. Yes you can. I have tried several. I have rejected a few because to me (my opinion), they stray from what I consider to be the "Klipsch sound", or the "right" sound. What is the "Klipsch sound"? I have no idea how to describe it. But I know when I hear it and when I don't. You can't go wrong with 691s and they are inexpensive.
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    I have one that is a hunter. He is very neat about his kills. He takes them to his bowl. Still trying to figure out how he caught two bats... at night. Frank, he's a smart bugger...
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    When we toured the factory last year there were B&C drivers laying all around the lab.
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    Well, we started here, and it was the only thing I wanted to address. I believe the position does a real disservice to designers and manufacturers, and is misleading to those who are looking for something that will truly engage them. I almost forgot to mention this; the higher the sensitivity of the loudspeaker, the more revealing it is. Few things sound worse to me than a mid-tier receiver through a pair of LaScalas or Klipschorns. The sound is barely passable!
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    Yes, you are out of line. Almost everyone knows the original retail price was 16K, NOT 12K that regular Khorns retail at. Calling someone out as not being a straight shooter when you don't have correct information is a footing move. Your participation to benefit others? Poor knowledge of a product and running your mouth about it makes you ____ (fill in the blank, I really don't want any more warning points) Did you know in Canada Moosehead is a beer, where you live it's a felony. OK MODS, slap me with a point if I'm out of line OP, those are beautiful, GLWS Mark
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    After doing a little looking around I believe they are the de75. Just comparing pictures back and forth. It looks to me the de750 has a chrome ring just before the magnet. Both the de75 and k691 are black in the area. I was under the impression the k69 was a de75 and the k691 was a de750. The k69 clearly is a different manufacturer. That agrees what I read earlier about them being PAudio drivers. I will say this. The radians I just installed are better than the k691s. But slightly smoother and a little better highs. As in bells and symbals are more sharp and precise like glass breaking. The k691 was a little more rolled off sounding. It’s funny that I swore the music couldn’t be improved any better than i was hearing with them. The k691s really do sound that good. Completely unnecessary that I upgraded them. I’d say they are 5-10% at most over the k691. And they were almost $1000. So take that unbiased mini review for what it is. It’s really splitting hairs at this level in my opinion.
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    You're obviously not talking about bullwinkle up there. Unreal
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    No, I mean, you have my avatar to the left here.....what more do you want? Don't answer that.
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    I'd buy them but there are no green ones. I like green.
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    We did the same with Monty Python. Evening activities stopped when they came on.
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    My sister and her guy were in HI for 10 days... on two islands. Ran themselves nuts trying to see"the sights"...Told her they missed the whole purpose of going there. Tourists lol at least they didn't get a room at one of those all inclusive resorts.... and stay on the grounds All you need is a clean bed and a shower with hot water. You aren't gonna be inside but to sleep and bathe...
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    I thought that this thread was gone. It was all the way back to the 7th page. Anyways : I got 4 bottles of this today as a present for an upcoming birthday. It is THE hardest beer to get in TX as it sells out almost immediately. There's also a one bottle limit on purchasing. This is all they could find after a week of searching Houston and Beaumont. Can't wait to try it.
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    I am selling my industrial LaScalas that are equipped with K-77 drivers and tweeters, ElectroVoice 1823 drivers and mid-range, Eminence 15 woofers, consecutive serial numbers, and AA crossovers. Rough exterior but still have that terrific sound.
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    If it makes me smile when I listen to it, then it's good! For me, that's what matters. Currently I have three 2 channel systems. All three are vintage Pioneers driving vintage Klipsch speakers (1989 La Scalas, 1978 Heresies, and 198x KG4s). They all sound different, but they all make me smile. Sometimes I just sit and listen while I read, sometimes I listen intently to the music. But, they never fail to put a smile on my face. I didn't buy my gear to impress other people. It's for me.
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    Yes it is. Priced well for a small batch. Smooth and tasty IMO. I would recommend it.
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    Enjoying music is subjective. Listening to music is, or at least should be, an emotional experience. The reproduction of recorded music, on the other hand, is a wholly reductive affair. It's a fact. PWK would tell you as much. I can't help but notice the subjectivist contingent hold on to their unsubstantiated beliefs with stubborn ferocity, the epitome of being close-minded.
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    Well, so you say. But without any effort made to compare these without knowing which you're hearing, I'd say it's expectation bias. Or perhaps Nelson amps are non-linear devices, which I can't imagine ANY audiophile would want. Better to have a linear amplifier, then use an equalizer to tip or dip certain frequencies according to taste. To Beginners!! Remember, at the start of this I referenced the $10,000 reward that was offered by Richard Clark to any golden-eared audiophile who could reliably differentiate b/w two amplifiers, provided they were engineered to be linear and they weren't driven into clipping. ..No one claimed the money. And you can be quite sure that everyone who took this test felt the same way as many here: "of course, i can tell a difference!" http://tom-morrow-land.com/tests/ampchall/
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    that's how! You would like Kauai. 45,000 people on the whole island. Things are/were very low key.
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    I also throw a cast net off my boat for shrimp. You need to get down here and do that with me. I have a nice audio system in the boat so bring some music.
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    Looks like a pic from the Bank in Centro in San Miguel. We love going to a restaurant that is jist to the right of this picture jf it js where i think it is. My wife calls San Miguel adult Disneyland. Parties nightly, with fireworks almost daily, and balloon rides every morning flying overhead. Sent from my SM-T550 using Tapatalk
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    Update: When I went to the post office to pick up the one horn, I found out the shipper had put all 4 in the box. Strange how it showed 4 for the quantity in the USA, and 1 for delivery...oh well I have all 4. I have ordered my black theater sound curtains, and will pick them up soon. I also have electric curtain rails coming, and these will cover the entire glass wall. I also ordered 3 Nelson Pass ACA amps which I will run in bridged mono with one for each K402. This will be my first time ever building and amp, and I have only soldered once when I was replacing caps on a crossover. Meanwhile I have been working on getting my ISY 994i up to speed for turning on and off each individual amp...this will also hopefully control my curtains, and screen. Lastly I have been ripping my Blurays to my NAS, and I should be done tomorrow.
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    Maybe it’s that way and I haven’t looked closely enough? Cincy
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    @PGA, Welcome to the forum. I don't think you really need much advice, you seem to have it all figured out. If you can afford the separates setup you are considering, I say go for it. No such thing as overkill in my book. Enjoy, Bill Oh, don't forget a couple of subwoofers that will keep up with your RF-7III triplets.
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    I would re-cap those crossovers and have a listen before I dropped money on new ones. Perhaps the best and cheapest thing you can do for those in my opinion. It would be my very first step before other things happened.
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    My favorite Eva Cassidy LP. Just remember to play it at 45 rpm. Don’t ask how I know that... Cincy
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    Call me lucky. It's much easier to make one BTW.
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    How those corn rows holdin up??? 😂
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    We got home Sunday, Watched football and did nothing else. We have done this enough we do none of the things going on in the ship, no shows no clubs just take a break. Never even went to see what was going on with 90% of the ship, never even went to dinner at night, just ate somewhere else on the boat. On the islands, we just go to our favorite places to swim and snorkel have drinks and eat. Just overall relax, it's the drinks that catch up with me in the long run, and then there's Jamaica, that's a whole other thing.
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    Speaking of the birthday boy............
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    Sorry, but think "trading up" is a lot of fun Pretty hard to select Jubes/MCM's as a "beginner." Went from KG's to Heresy's, Forte's, Cornwall's, KPT-904's etc. The "journey" was very enjoyable. Cheers, Emile
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    How about some home made slow baked pumpkin then made into soup This was our dinner on Halloween night Canon EOS70D no flash to give ths image mode depth  
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    Tarheel... In my area school started back this week...yesterday in one of the High Schools here in my area, a 15 year old got arrested with a gun...I just don't understand..
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