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    Wait, What??? How in the heck could I forget this crew? Yea, it was up close and personal with so many there. Black? White? Sure it mattered back then to everyone but us! Always about a love of music IF you were true to yourself and real! OUCH! Now get that swing on! Yea, that's it... ...Just like THAT!
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    Starting a new thread for music lovers that like to listen and sample music on YouTube As it’s very simple to link a video of Artists and Songs you enjoy - members that also view ones link may have no idea as to “Why” So this thread has - One simple rule Rule is - post why you like or enjoy this title It may hold some significance So here goes my first post to start it off ——————————————- This band changed the way I listened to music and I first heard them at the age of 12 or 13 It’s also the first album I purchased that started my record collection Artist - King Crimson
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    I'm not seeing any connection at all being made in that article. "Dr. Fauci did not respond to Newsweek's requests for comment. NIH responded with a statement that said in part: "Most emerging human viruses come from wildlife, and these represent a significant threat to public health and biosecurity in the US and globally, as demonstrated by the SARS epidemic of 2002-03, and the current COVID-19 pandemic.... scientific research indicates that there is no evidence that suggests the virus was created in a laboratory." There is out right now on Netflix, a documentary about Covid-19 (In top ten US section) that shows the following activity: "The NIH research consisted of two parts. The first part began in 2014 and involved surveillance of bat coronaviruses, and had a budget of $3.7 million. The program funded Shi Zheng-Li, a virologist at the Wuhan lab, and other researchers to investigate and catalogue bat coronaviruses in the wild. This part of the project was completed in 2019." Also in that documentary it showed how they classify the virus strains they find in bats (paraphrasing, no big deal, medium risk, and oh man, if this gets out we are going to have a pandemic on out hands and we better start working on a solution now for if/when that happens). "Three years later, though—in December 2017—the NIH ended the moratorium and the second phase of the NIAID project, which included the gain-of-function research, began. The NIH established a framework for determining how the research would go forward: scientists have to get approval from a panel of experts, who would decide whether the risks were justified." @tube fanatic I read that article twice and there is nothing in there that says anything about SARS-CoV-2 being created in a lab other than some unnamed "official" said it was possible. The article doesn't conclude anywhere that SARS-CoV-2 was created in a lab. It does say that "gain of function" research is controversial because if you have an accident and release a pathogen that has been release after gain of function you could have developed a very deadly pathogen much more deadly, much more difficult to stop. The article also discusses the controversy among scientists in this field about whether the benefits possibly derived from gain of use methods are outweighed by the associated risks.
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    Great idea! Sooo many great groups out there when I was young so gonna post just a lil Motown to get the party started. When I got my license it was time to hit the Roostertail in Detroit every Sunday evening. Yup, I disappeared and took friends with me when I went. People thought I was insane for spending 3 hours driving one-way to hear everyone. Always home late and had my grin on @ school the next morning. That's how I started... This dude right here w/a #1 hit @ 13 years old? Seriously??? He sooo had it workin! Talk about a killer A game? More than 40 years together? Just WOW every time! Ford opened their assembly line for these girls to shoot a video? Come on they're ridin in style! Mar tha Reeves & The Vandella's? Damn straight it was a HeatWave EVERY Sunday evening!
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    Stumbled across these people during one You Tube trip ... a father & daughter plus some friends. I think they have a nice sound. Just regular folk doing what they love ... making music.
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    How's about some RTF
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    This is simply as cool as it gets.
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    I have been listening to this live set for quite a while now But I have finally found the Limited edition LP on sale and celebrating the fact that it will be in my collection as soon as it arrives Artist as per cover Enjoy
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    Because they formed CSA after secession, oh and they and lost. They should have hung Lee, Davis and the rest of the traitors right then and there, we were war and a military tribunal could have quickly, and legally taken care of that. The fact that Unconditional Surrender Grant was college buds with many of them probably changed the course of history for the next 125 years. Wrong. The States had to secede from the Perpetual Union of the Articles of Confederation to form the union. Read Federalist 40, he answered way better than I could even hope to. Those States who had yet to ratify were treated as independent nations. Virginia, & other States, conditionally ratified the Constitution with the Right to leave. It was yeah, or nay. Pass fail. Others tried to make in conditional upon passage of Bill of Rights. They knew going in, once your in, your in. Kind of like the mafia. Secession was not illegal, at that time. The South wished to depart from the union, in peace, however. Congress and Lincoln had a contrary view that states who seceded were well aware of. Lincoln's 1st Inaugral, his support of the Corwin Amendment, and on, and on to avoid secession. The Southern aristocracy was blinded by greed. Why was Jefferson F. Davis not tried for treason? The Chief Justice basically told president Andrew Johnson you’d better not try him, because he’s guilty of no crime. Don't know the full answer to this, but it wasn't because of Supreme Court. I'm thinking Lincoln wanted to get country back going again and then a North Carolinian like Andy Taylor wasn't going to make things too difficult. Probably a thousand books on what if Booth. . . . Had he been tried, and found not guilty... Do you know the history of the search, investigation and trials on Lincoln Conspirators? He would have been tried for treason, there would have been at least two witness as required by Constitution and they would have hung him. It must have been more politically expedient to have him around. I suspect the scallywag cut a deal,.but as I said before, I don't know much about the history behind that. Would I have been for secession in 1860? No. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. My 3 times great grandfather was part of the Mississippi Secession Convention. He warned against such action, & with one other gentleman, voted NO. There should be a statue of him in every town square in that Mississippi. Both signed the document. Mine sent 4 sons to Mississippi Regiments (1 KiA). T’other became a General Officer. Both were fundamentally against leaving the union; but, loyal to their State. Traitors to the Union, but whose to judge. They must have been glad Union was a forgiving lot. In 1865, my ggg gf was Chairman of the State Constitution Convention. You know what they say in the South, "Thank God for Mississipi"
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    my stash of black ash. I will have that many in cherry and also that many in walnut here in a day or two.
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    When i was a young teen, i got to tag along with my brother and his friend to the drive in theatre. On the way, they were playing an 8-Track of Close to the Edge -- i was hooked ever since. Every time i hear that album now i can picture myself in the back seat of that station wagon listening to this musical gem.
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    This is my favorite from Mama Cass
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    No doubt the natural stuff takes a bit of work. Kinda like mixing paint but worth the effort for me. Tastes like — peanuts, nothing more.
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    Buy the “natural” peanut butter where sugar/or fructose isn’t in the ingredients - Smuckers makes one that tastes good.
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    This next video is of a song that was released in 1981 Its was a song I remember that I requested when I was out on my bucks night about Nov 81 I was married Jan 82
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    This is a very nice video of a beautifully performed piece of music that I've always loved.
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    I have not used my TT's all that much in years , and some are real beauties -- discs are far more practical to use ---no cleaning , no stylus --no worries -no headaches
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    Nice to know you are using Stereo Rehab. About the only shop I trust these days. This unit should satisfy someone for years to come.
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    Just a look back at feeling good pre-isolation.
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    @000 Nice Technics TT , latest model SL 1210 GR , with a Ortofon black , good choice ...where are your records ?
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    It also looks like you...
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    It might be the perfect population to study, but the answers you seek will not be answered unless they've set a protocol to measure and record those statistics.
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    I've long been a fan of BS&T. I just saw this for the first time.
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    Still needs some work (and a K77) but it a site that I can look at and I guess do the other top that is currently sitting on top of the MWMs clone.
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    In four U.S. state prisons, nearly 3,300 inmates test positive for coronavirus -- 96% without symptoms Have you seen this? Did not see anyone post it. Seems as though we have ourselves a control group to study how many people can be infected with the Covid-19 virus and still be asymptomatic. This is my greatest fear. A whole world of carriers going about as if they are perfectly immune to anything, all the while shedding viruses upon all who they encounter. At least in the past if someone would cough, or sneeze they might take a day off, or at least not breathe on you. Now with the asymptomatics of the world being oblivious to the problem, I have to, at this point, reconsider everything. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-prisons-testing-in/in-four-u-s-state-prisons-nearly-3300-inmates-test-positive-for-coronavirus-96-without-symptoms-idUSKCN2270RX
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    Check Bob Crites https://critesspeakers.com/prices-other_stuff.html his woofers are great
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    This is my favourite Mamas And The Papas song Reason is that Mama Cass brings something special from down below the solar plexus when she sings the words of love chorus
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    Awesome deal for someone. Says, deal pending.
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    First reported in the Richie Gazette. Fake news at its finest —
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    the reports are conflicting, but some say that it’s not the food but the packaging that you have to worry about. unless we’re jeremiah johnson living in the woods, we can’t completely isolate from the rest of the world ... even having our groceries delivered, opening our mail poses a risk (some say).
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    HEY! I just remembered. That was MY thread that got locked! What the heck?
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    Trump does not need money and donates his President salary to various causes. He also has quite a history of philanthropy but he is not a braggart about it so you probably don't know that.
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    I much prefer the AA to the A network. Have listened to both high end and "budget" mods to both and had the same conclusion each time.
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    — and don’t let your dog sniff another dogs *** - or yours - and vice versa
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    So go back to your bubble, it'll be safe in 2025(maybe)
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    Fun day running around yesterday. Slipped down to Cbus for an eye appointment w/my gorgeous lil Spanish doc who'd had her baby. Smelled great checking out my eyeballs w/her magnifier. I just kept telling her to come closer and she kept laffing at the dirty old man. lol She loves her music so last time turned her on to Nils Lofgren and she loved his "Live" lp. This time it was the Doors and "Isle of Wight" ha! Then hit a nursery down there for goodies and stopped for a carry-out fried bologna & onion rings http://gandrtavern.com/ . Bestest on the planet! Fired up the gas and cranked a few last night! Slept til 1 today? That's nuts! Buddy's coming over to give me a hand painting this living/dining room so it's game ON! About time I get this place done! Talk about major work? Gonna be a double ugh!
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    I think everyone has been pretty cordial after being called out on crossing a very wide line that has been offered, given the current circumstance we're dealing with. We're lucky that we can complain and object with different points of views on this here. I do not lock a thread unless the OP started it in violation of TOS. If necessary, posts will be hidden and action taken against individual contributors, but I won't lock it. In this, I do not necessarily reflect all mods, but I have tried to influence them to act the same way as I feel locking a thread reflects poorly on the original poster and those who follow the TOS in their posts. Dave
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    How about giving me and us a break... thanks!
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    My last one.: On CD and the Live Lol have. No more from me YouTube for awhile. Cheers...
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    Amen! When this whole thing started an old friend of mine was posting feverishly on FB how the Governor needed to shut down all construction work NOW! as he was working on a job that was deemed "essential" at the airport and never missed a beat. He was posting multiple times a day sharing petitions going to the extreme to try and force the government to enforce a complete shutdown and I just couldn't believe it, practically begging for government control of other peoples lives. I told him the same thing if YOU feel at risk or might be putting someone in your family at risk then just stay home its that simple but don't try and use government to force others to do so sickening in my view.
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