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    Purchased but no delivery until I close on the new place in 3 weeks. Yes, that is a reflection
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    ... if my memory serves me Climbing was their 1st lp, followed by Nantucket Sleighride Twin Peaks is a live [non-studio] album, released later? one from my collection -- minus Felix
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    Alright @MicroMara I did not forget about you bruder! Maybe I'll catch you before you retire tonight! This doesn't really go with the ARS I just played but does go good with the volume on the sub turned up a little from 28 to 22. I remember the "Move Out" chorus from one of the songs from long, long ago in another life. This was in all the records with plastic still on it but opened as if it had been played. It was the only one like that. Did not go with all the others that came in either. I think there was more to that collection that I never saw but heck I've got no problem with how that turned out! Anyhow if I had played some Depeche Mode this would follow well maybe since the guy here was in that band, Allison Moyet has got some funky in her and a voice too!
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    Go @grasshopper Go! That's a good one.
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    Who knows... Source is Music on Vinyl... Mountain is a band of American hard rockers from New York who broke up in 1972 and reunited a year later, remaining active today. Twin Peaks was their second live album and was recorded in Osaka, Japan in 1973. It featured the long version (32+ minutes!) of "Nantucket Sleigh Ride" which is spread over two sides. Glad you're warmin up out there. Rainy, suckie day here and it's about 45 outside. Another pathetically worthless day in paradise.
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    Your first sentence is a Mountain song. If your memory serves you well. The first can remember is an lp with Leslie on cover. Blood of the sun. Our band did that one. Good bass player... Flowers of evil another good one.
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    Here's a pic of miss piggy.....she's fat, heavy, slow, and the best handling, funnest bike I've ever ridden. RVT1000r, RC51, SP2. Just a little throttle blip and those 2 big cylinders and Sato race pipes will set off car alarms 50' away! I picked my 12 year old daughter up from school one day, she loved to ride, Mom wasn't crazy about it though.
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    I have/had several Mountain lps.... Most of those mentioned. Now you've got me looking.
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    Was going to play their second LP but remembered you loved that and their white album @dirtmudd ! Played H t H also and think my metal thirst was quenched for a few days now. Got a disco surprise for our Bruder George I'll put on sometime soon.
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    this my favorite off of right in the nuts
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    Here's another promo keeping with my current tangent:
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    I was very happy with my beautiful Mcintosh MA252 Integrated amp and had not even finished paying for it when I went to Upscale Audio to audition the EVO 400 Integrated playing thru some amazing sounding Tannoy speakers. I was so blown away I became instantly obsessed with trading in the Mcintosh. Getting it home and listening to it through my Klipsch Fortes I realized right away that the EVO sounded even better to me with my Fortes and HSU subwoofer than the Tannoys had sounded at Upscale. I wasted no time paying off the Primaluna and I have enjoyed it almost every day this past year. Maybe amps all sound the same or maybe not - I don't know and I really don't care because the synergy of my EVO 400 and Klipsch speakers continue to blow my mind song after song after song - congrats on your new toy!
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    @billybob said ...... bee gees
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    @billybob said.... Donna Summer
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    wondered about that most wouldn't even let me post them here. Search for Situation... not Godsmack. although that is great but by Yaz and it's a funky masterpiece by what was being played then. Don't know why I sat on it for so long before posting but you have posted some seriously funked up music like for those raves that popped up at abandoned warehoused that were all over in the 90s here in the states. This would have been there if it had been the early 80s when the did the g or whatever and got weird. It was a different weird in the late 70s early 80s... different dope too! Depeche Mode are incredible! Will listen to vid in a few, faces are shaking the walls right now!
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    Not true. But it's like---- There once was girl from St. Paul Who went to a newspaper ball Her dress caught on fire And burnt her entire Front page, sporting section and all Any more limericks. Cheer us up.
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    On a hunch (gut feeling), I went to the local thriftstore and was very lucky. I found a champagne Marantz PM350 (1981). I hooked it up to my 1972 Heresy set. Lots of potential, but there as a cracking sound in the right hand channel when changing the volume and the balance. I still had to do some errands, so I bought a spray can of Deoxid. After opening, taking all the dust away and then applying deoxid on all contacts and pots, and rca connectors I am now in audio heaven. What I like a lot about the Marantz PM350 is the mini equalizer for bass, mid, and treble. A perfect companion for the Heresy speakers. Sound: warm and bright at the same time, lots of power in the bass! Excellent phono stage! Cost: Marantz PM350: €12 ($14) Can of Deoxid: €6.5 ($7.5)
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    As a teen saw many bands like Hendrix, Fudge, etc. Went to Daytona Beach at 46 y/o, checked into a highrise hotel with an Aztec symbol. called a cab and went to a nightclub close by. Had a DJ, ball and Disco floor, off season and mostly empty midweek. Had a couple and danced by myself. Good time. Walked back to room, stopping at a pastie bar along the way. Next day, pizza delivery, a nice hot bath. Ready again... Am sure I was a spectacle...🤡
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    Okay, Okay Reminiscing is nice but this is MY real dancing music. I could not stop when they were onstage!
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    You might recall some of it if you ever went to one of those places as a teen with the strobe lights and the bee gees & Donna Summer playing real loud! *Got one of the tunes to stick up there. Funny they didn't really look close at the drivers license back then!
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    Dang, guess I better listen to it...🤩
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    BTW, do not use anything but my memory so, anything you see am wrong on, call me on it... thanks.
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    A bit breezy here yesterday and last night and 7.5 inches of rain. Sunny and 68 today. Yes branches and a couple of 20' pine tree tops in the yard from the field next door. It's wet so I will wait to get on the tractor tomorrow to move them. Power went out last night at 8:30 and came back on 18 hours later. .
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    They might, there's a number to call to ask about shipping. Don't forget about the 13% buyer's premium plus at least 6.5% MN sales tax.
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    The summer of 1977, I was 15 yo and I bought my 1973 900 Z1
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    Should sound really good with your system...
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    Ahh... your the one who got them. I was considering them, but I keep coming down on the side of financial caution. Enjoy, they look beautiful
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    If you plan on passing through Vegas anytime, I have a pair of RB-75 and RC-7 in Cherry that I would most likely part with. The RC-7 is mint, I'd say 9/10. I'd say the RB-75 are 7/10 considering one has a nickel size chip in top right corner from original owner transport. I have all grills as well. I have successfully shipped RB-5's before, but would be a little nervous about shipping the RC-7. I've read stories of the tweeter snapping apart during shipment. I'd most likely pull all drivers and tweeters prior to shipping them but would need to research this a bit.
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    Thanks for that Randy, great video. Sweet....last fast...is fast. Hope everyone stays safe.
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    Had a lil fun w/my buddy earlier since he took the day off. He likes Rory Gallagher so sweetened him up with this his 3rd from 1972! Ha! That softened him up a bit then I slammed him w/a lil Felix and the boys nailin "Nantucket Sleigh Ride." Left him clueless but not speechless. Had to ask who it was. hahaha Mountain's second lp from 1974. Slipped in this one and then he was really shakin his head cause he's heard it before. Hahaha! Always good for a laff when he stops. He's jammin and learnin! Off on a beer run he said. lolol
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    The eagle has landed. You guys were right, no need for that loudness button. This is my first experience with tube gear, so imagine my surprise to experience the volume and bass thrown from a 30 watt amplifier. I have read a lot about the differences between tube power and solid state power, but until you actually experience it, it's kind of hard to believe. My Marantz separates were fun and served me well, but I'm a Primaluna convert now. Thanks for your help guys. ted
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    The only other beach town where actually lived instead of just visiting like Daytona was PCB... beautiful and fun to say the least. town but, knew and met some locals there after and before my divorce. Of course. Mexico Beach, Cape San Blas, Cocoa, South Beach, St. Augustine, Jax ... Titusville. Now, here. Yeah, I was a bit of a heliotrope, lol...
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    That's the name @billybob! You laugh at how I'm wired.... to dance to the Shenker Brothers rockin out! Love it and it made me chuckle. Can't help it and I couldn't hide it either! These guys made me dance too... and they could see it in the smaller places they played here. hey sometimes I got lucky shakin' it to that good music. Didn't matter, like you said have a blast... Dare ya! Dare ya to listen to this LP and not even feel your feet start to shuffle a little
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    uh huh uh huh you were checking to see if he was glued on. I fell victim to that .... once A "friend" popped a wheelie and left me sittin on the road
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    they had a lot of the Orange bikes in 73 , the engine cases were black
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    Very nice Mike....yet to hear any
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    Will some warm milk make me sleep?
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    - it won't be long before she asks you to teach her how to ride motorcycles -
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    My wife is a teacher at her school. I had her place that helmet in Mom's car so we could ride after school. There was about 12 of her friends out there waiting when I showed up. Yea, she was pretty happy.
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    Fastest have been on the ones I owned or rode was Honda VFR 700 prototype for the 750. It made me swallow at 130 when looked at speedo...
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    Exactly how I brought mine home from @richieb place in KC. cincy
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    I would be interested in those and the chair next to them. I bet those sound really dam good and probably hardly different than most of the Lascalas on the forum. Sent from my SM-G986U using Tapatalk
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    I miss it sometimes. It was crude, uncomfortable, and fast enough to make you swallow your gum.
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