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Cables, Coffee, Cycles, and Cocktails


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17 hours ago, jimjimbo said:

You ARE going to let me know when you will be here, right?

 I certainly hope so. 

And my sister's neighbors may be subject to a "spirited" listening session before I pack them up for the trip down here.


coffee cup story

I'm using a cup a patron of the bowling alley on Kauai gave me. Just outa the blue this lady presents me with a mug.

She said she figured I needed a new one. The old one wasn't fit for use.

  Ya know how we season our mugs --- like cast iron. NEVER wash it. lol

It is one of my more treasured cups. Not fancy, just the sentiment

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19 hours ago, Tarheel said:

Shrimperoo last night.....another one tonight.  The one tonight to benefit the Wrightsville Beach museum.  Hope these are peeled but probably not.  Shrimp finally starting to run.........or swim😋


Chatted with my forum bud Tigerman today.   Good time catching up.  Check out  the Right This Minute Thread he has been hosting since Boxx left us.  Gary is doing a wonderful job and is it growing!  A bunch of regulars there are really having a good time. Hope to get back posting some there when things settle down  bit.

Thank you Chuck!  RTM is a real happening every weekend, we got a good thing going there and it makes it worth waiting for Friday nights!) 


It was great to hear from too, even though I was at Home Depot, and actually got KICKED OUT of the isle I was standing in while we were talking.   They put up fences at both ends and were doing some restocking, guy came over and asked if I could step out so they could work....   I never told you that, as the conversation was more important 😏


Glad you still love your RP speakers............but, if you do decided to go for the final frontier (RF-7 3's) I would LOVE to get your take on the differences....   You know, there is only 1 DB difference in efficiency...  I would think they would be closer then some really say they (are NOT)...


Ok, enjoy the day everyone............Good to stop by now and again....

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25 minutes ago, mangofirst said:

That is *not* the Kool aid man. It's a smiley face that lost the black because it's neither dishwasher nor microwave safe.

It's the kool aid man !


The dishwasher and microwave...


Are telling something.....

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