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Cables, Coffee, Cycles, and Cocktails


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3 hours ago, babadono said:

PURE water and electricity play together just fine..its all those DANG electrolytes in the water that cause havoc.:)

& fries the bad guys in the movies!


Been all around this little burg today, a fresh produce market, grocery store with the bogos that I use too. Walmart for some cranberry juice, no one beats their price on 3/4 gal jug of it.

Parking way out in the lots, putting more miles on my legs!

I'm set except for paying taxes and getting my own place, feeling closer now is so nice! Haven't had this feeling of hope inside for two years now.

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Atta boy @dirtmudd I just took mine too!  Gonna soooooo piss off the neighbors cause it's FINALLY a beautiful day in the hood.  Coffee's smooth and hittin the spot!  Time to ROLL!  😂


Headed that way me thinks @grasshopper !


can someone subtitle or interpret the  language for me?

... all I understand is "Thank you" at the very end



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9 hours ago, OO1 said:

Treat Williams  passes away in a fluke accident in a parking lot  ,  he was riding a 1983 Honda VT700c



Second Act (2018) - News - IMDb


NO! He was in the northbound lane on  highway and a southbound car turned in front of him...


Not quite a parking lot. 🙄

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I read multiple reports of it. The motorcycle was headed north on hwy 30. The car was coming south and was turning left into the auto repair shop, across the northbound lane.


Perhaps the satellite image will help your comprehension of the article.




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