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    We'll take all the snow you can send; supposed to be 75F. here today...
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    Restaurant coffee at 7:30 with eggs and sliced tomatoes. Dreary here so may brew another half pot. Need to grocery shop....gearing up for Atkins diet for a few days. Need to drop five pounds and that's my favorite way of doing that. Jake needs more green beans and canned food. Got a small Vox amp for the LF's guitar and played around a little last night. The smaller neck on the electric does make chords easier. Nothing much on the agenda and rain predicted for the weekend Cheer Gents
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    Morning coffee gang, first cup started, breakfast burrito down the hatch. Now for some plans today. I would like to get down in the basement and get some insulation up. The wife wants to go down town, to look at the lights before they take them down. A couple of buddies of mine are suppose to stop down. One who is a plumber to look at the bar situation and another who will help me fix up my smoker for a competition in 2 weeks. Well the only thing to do is suck down some coffee and get to it. Heck I hobble and I am only 32. I do put my glasses in the same spot every night, so that makes it easier to find.
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    I can remember when I used to wake up and simply get out of bed. Now I wake up, hunt for my glasses on the nightstand and kinda crawl out of bed. Getting old stinks.
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    Where do you find the strength to continue? (says the man that is still in bed at 8:19 am, and has a Keurig machine in the kitchen; but, has never used it…still go out and get a cup from a local eatery).
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    Happy Saturday folks. Not much to report. Supposed to get more cold and snow today but that's par for the course. Been getting back to some old country/rockabilly on the B-3 lately ("Moanin' the Blues", etc.) and will hit it some more today. Miss my jammin' buddy but it's hard for him to get around these days. Cheers.
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    Morning Gang 35 going to 54, and Nippy. Parts shopping for the Boat on the agenda. Second cup down, going for the third. Mancave/shop smells like Wattco oil, (oiling Oak/Boat part)
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    No cream in the house. Having to settle for whole milk.... Ah, such is life in the new year...
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    once again my friend--well done. That’s what I buy. I’m a VOX man!
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    I got tired of cream a few years back, I went black and never went back.
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    I bet it is only due to his upcoming brunch with Thebes.
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    i hear ya…currently taking prednisone to get rid of some inflammation … spinal stenosis they say.
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    Afternoon already , rainy and cold out, makes the back feel GOOD...........................................................NOT, Onward to another cup
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    Refinished LaScalas - "Forum members" means those who have been around for a while, not those who sign up to get the deal.
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    Yesterday I got some of "oldtimer"'s light-your-butt-on-fire Hawaiian hot sauce. Now the question is what to use it on...
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    While I CAN say there won't be any white Klipsch HT separates coming out any time soon, we do have this. (a bookshelf model is also available) http://www.jamo.com/speaker-lines/concert/C10/?sku=C109
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    I was mainly using ickstream to run through my Squeezebox Touch. I also used the desktop version to try it out. I have dropped TIDAL now, mainly because of content. It is severely lacking compared to Spotify. I will continue to use Spotify.
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    Maybe, no, or heck no depending on the setup. If you are new to this it's best to consult a turntable specialist and they can get you all sorted out. For a first table I would recommend an audiophile brand all in one unit (table, arm and cart.) in the 500 dollar range. Google the Needle Doctor
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    BevMo price matching TotalWine, brought these goodies in at less than a "C" note, good start to the new year
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    Yea for sure.......that way you won't have to stumble to far back to your seat...... lol lolIt's looking really good.....keep it up :-)
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    Keep chuggin' and pluggin', thing are starting to take shape. Once the wall are up things will really start to shape up and the finish line will be in site.
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    Great prices here. They would be gone ASAP in Chicago.
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    Raspberry Pi sounds like it would be fun to tinker with for the so minded, but there are so many old computers out there that do the task beautifully and cost nothing. I just resurrected a 12 year old Dell for my son to stream music from our NAS (using JRiver), and keep itunes on. The only cost was a cheap DAC. His friends did give him a hard time about the old computer, but he has the last laugh. A kick butt system of his own.
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    I'm a little nervous... I'm starting to think like Thebes.
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    Streaming is convenient; we use it regulalrly for informal background music. Under good conditions, as you outlined, it can be great as a primary source too. BTW, please know my comment about really expensive capacitors (I have some in a few amps too!) was not at all in reference to the Jupiter output capacitors in your beautiful new preamp. What I said was just to help illustrate how this tiny digital amplifier could sound so ridiculously good at its price point. TS phono stage: a 6 tube kit product complete with all parts and chassis from OTL designer Bruce Rozenblit. See at: www.transcendentsound.com
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    we used to dream of getting a rock … (haven’t we been here before?)
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    I use Heresy III in my main office, powered by a McIntosh 250 power amp coupled with a MX 110 Z chassis tuner preamp. I have a ReVox CD player coupled with a Technics SP-10 Mk II in custom plinth using a SME 3012 with an Ortofon SPU with Ortofon SUT. Company supplied perk as I am a broadcast engineer.
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    If you could explain it better, I might. [emoji14]
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    I hooked em up, both sound the same to my ear. Which is very good! I guess the differences were just cosmetic. I may end up lowering the mid level slightly, since they seem a little louder than K55M. I'm enjoying them so far!
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    I started with a low end Marantz 1402 and then upgraded to my Pioneer SC-1323 which has their Class D amps. I picked up the Pio from Amazon for around $500. The Pio is the better receiver in every way and noticeably improved sound quality...clearer, more bass impact, and improved dynamics.
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    here ya go ... "Amazing" - it's the new "awesome". Ditch both. Not every idiot who writes a flavor of the month song is amazing. Nor is the output of said writing.
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    my new 1993 wheel horse 314 hydrostatic
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    Them tax returns in the new year will have you hopping soon. Have a relaxing time of it. Cheers and Happy New Year Klipsch boyz!!! Saw the Seminoles get handed their azz back to them in a sling by a Duck. Was watching Alabama and Ohio but, left before half time...so will find out later. Bama was looking strong. Had to eat all the appropriate food, including a nice corn casserole.
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    I'd want to see data before I went through this kind of expense rather than a modern driver. Sorry, but I ain't buying this. Nobody asked you to buy anything Claude, I owned all of those speakers and the LaScala. At one time, I owned about 43 Klipsch 15 inch drivers. My brother in Law has ownd Khorns with 24 feet between them for over a decade and that pair of LaScala was on lone to him at the time. We both agreed that the EV sounded best, it was clearly a noticeable difference. Another thought hear Claude, why would you think you would loose your resonance in your K-Horn when very clearly Paul originally designed that horn around much bulkier drivers just like these, from the Klipschorns inception. Be a doubting Thomas if you will, I'll bet it will be a long time before someone else has all those Klipsch drivers in their possession to plot them out, and those graphs still won't tell you what they will sound like to your ears. As for the EV-15W-Ks on ebay, in my eyes they aren't the real deal without the original plackards that go on the back that are hand stamped. EV made a lot of drivers with this same motor and basket that can be bought ALOT cheaper and reconed. I wouldn't pay $500 without the plaques. Roger
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    I have to take a pic of this tonight, but I scored big last night. One of my alternative hobbies is aquatic life. (I work at a pet store, so...) Last night, I landed a $529 light fixture for $131. It's so purdy...
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    See how fast a post about power cords turns to a religious discussion? heh heh.
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    Fair to the general public and very fair for forum members. Bill
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    I just ordered a shielded 6 ft cord from emotiva it is $60. I am going to use it with a amp and sound pre amp.
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    no... no such thing as "sonic matching". most of the magic will happen with the cartridge and or pre amp selection... so choose wisely. at that price level... $500... most anything you buy will be a slight compromise, so just get whatever one fit your fancy and is esthetically pleasing to you. remember, direct drives are slightly more audible/rumble. last thing... buy used, save your self some money or have the ability to buy a slightly better table for the same money.
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    I received the joy of being able to see this Thank you all
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    Amazing! The forum looks so much better with the 27" LED IPS ACER monitor that Santa brought me for Christmas!!!
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    dunno what your budget is, but the KEF LS50 is a very popular bookshelf speaker and I've seen it paired with the likes of Bottlehead Steremour amps so you should have no problem driving them with the Scott. http://www.kef.com/html/us/showroom/flagship_hi-fi_series/LS50/overview/
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