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    Good to hear. Thanks for checking in. Best of luck moving forward!!!
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    From Matt Sommers, Creative Director and Renaissance Man: Dear Klipsch Family and Friends, We are excited to share the new ‘Keepers of the Sound’ video series, which honors audio pioneer and company founder Paul W. Klipsch, and celebrates pioneers of all crafts — spotlighting those who’ve stayed true to a vision of preserving their rich heritage, while adapting to today’s tech-driven world. These pioneers give insights into how listening to music through Klipsch speakers drives their spirit and endeavors. The first installment in the video series features legendary American musician, singer-songwriter, and producerButch Walker, as he creates music for his new album using Klipsch headphones and speakers in the recording studio and playback listening area. Walker has performed on, written and produced albums for artists including Taylor Swift, Train, Pink, Avril Lavigne, Keith Urban, Katy Perry, The Struts, Panic! At the Disco, Pete Yorn, Harry Connick Jr., Weezer, Fall Out Boy, and many more. As a friend of Klipsch, and supporter of pioneering craftsmen in pursuit of a better, more powerful and emotional listening experience, please help us promote this video and Butch Walker by posting or sharing it on your social media platforms. SHARE or REPOST from the Klipsch Social Media Channels on Wednesday, September 19. Here is a list of our properties. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KlipschAudio/posts/10155550057451345 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bn57n14hi1D/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet Twitter: https://twitter.com/KlipschAudio/status/1042368574453637123 YouTube: https://youtu.be/mU9zmWEHFLI Keepers of the Sound Landing Page: https://www.klipsch.com/keepersofthesound Thank you in advance and rock on! -Matt Matt Sommers | Senior Creative Director | Keeper of the Brand
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    SCHIIIIIIIT! I'm pretty much amazed at what happened today so far. Mani delivered by FedEx's driver who lugged the PrimaLuna in for me. Promised him lighter days then and so far so good. Ha! 30 minutes later (if that) I was up and running. Dipsticks set right? Check! Cables right? Check! Power ON before hitting the amp? Check! All plugged in? Check! Dust cover off? Check! OK now what in the H@&L do I play? I seriously just STOOD there looking TOTALLY stupid! My first system was in the late 60's or so and I ran ESS Heil speakers (Beatles something), early 80's it was Infinity Reference Standards (The Wall was just released), now FINALLY followed my first love La Scala's and PrimaLuna tubes? Yea, ok... They ALL say tubes are the Schiit's so let's see... Walked over and pulled the FIRST album that laid there calling my name on top of the pile I've been sorting... Don Henly "Building the Perfect Beast" cause I thought Sunset Grill should sound great... Dropped the Karma cartridge on the Linn, turned up the volume and flopped on the couches sweet spot... Yea, sports fans the old guys jaw totally dropped! One side was enough so then grabbed Phil Collins, amazed then it was time to break out the #1 LP on the planet forever... No not Moby Grape but Floyd's Dark Side... Just finished a Magical Mystery Tour, which it has been... Now it's Tedeschi Trucks "Revelator" side 1 w/"Midnite in Harlem" on it...Don't worry @Deang I'm being good to those sweet networks you built me. You tolerated my insanity so well and I've honestly tried to be a good listener! lolol Good God guys I don't know where to start with the Thank You's! Blessed to call you ALL my friends! BTW Susan Tedeschi has a voice.... Yay me and Thank You ALL again!
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    There were several hotel chains offering free rooms to evacuees from Florence. Hiltons were one of them. Got a free night in Knoxville last Wednesday night.
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    Please don't encourage him.
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    We all could use a good laugh!
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    Exactly. My dog is good lookin.
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    No charge and no issue pulling the meter in a natural disaster. They understand. It's the best way to power your house while at the same time making sure you're not back feeding into their system and potentially endangering the crews that are repairing damage.
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    Sure I don't know you? Had the same set up then went ALL SAE w/the biggest and bestest they had. Arnie cut me a deal at his cost! The dealer he shipped them to was having a litter of puppies mumbling about what I paid for all that stuff. Inside I was rollin. Funnier when he said he'd send his best man 200 miles to do the complete install. Said he was told it was to be properly set up! Dude wound up spending the night at my place and got to work about noon the next day! hahahahaha Trust me the system DOES need a dust and polish... That Linn has NEVER looked like that! Think I'll spray paint the Mani purple just for giggles or maybe pink for Gia! lolol
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    === nothing I got but an interesting sighting as we were navigating at around 11000 feet in Rocky Mtn. National Park. You know in automobiles magazines how they show “spy” photos of new vehicles all camouflaged to be unrecognizable - heading down the mountain I see what I believe to be a pick up truck and wonder what the helll it has all over the front end, then see the entire truck is covered in different materials, then comes a second and third one. Must have been pre-production mules doing high altitude testing. Kinda cool —
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    Rear active, front passive. No doubt. I have 2 of these animals
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    Hahaha whoa now you are talking double for the same... I am speaking to this day and age...... We can argue all day long but I hesitate to do so with anyone that thinks 40 years of engineering has brought nothing to the table for the same price as the prime "vintage" gear. Yeah from that comment you can figure out how old I am. You buy an old piece of gear and revamp it and you are EASILY into a quality piece of modern gear. Just my 2 cents. I know I'll be burned at the steak for it but I'm ready.
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    I'm not sure. I wouldn't go back to the tube days like many, but I consider my sunfire amp and preamp modern, even if they are close to 20 years old. I like bourbon too. I'm pretty sure I am not descended from the Bourbons, but several generations back there may be a connection. Were they anywhere near Cognac?
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    Yay @Dave1290 The Shiit has landed and making sweet sounding vinyl music 🎶 Now your system can do with a dust and polish as the Mani is a little bit to shiny now 🤪
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    Did not imply it was the stores fault. I fully understand how the process works I was responsible for the deliveries that keeps the doors open. I agree That each person is supposed to be responsible for ones self. (Thats why my freezers are full, and I now have a generator to run them in a time of need) I also get to help some less fortunate than me with food.
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    I'd get the new ones, they aren't that much more expensive and the finish is much nicer. Easier to find matching stuff to go with it in the future as well. They sound similar. Woofers are literally identical. They may have increased the box size a little. Tweeter is vented now, supposed to be more linear. That's about it.
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    Dizzy Gillespie Jam Montreaux '77
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    Have already tried the LX500 and its the same visually as the 203 couldnt see any difference But using as a cd player the sound was excellent Below is photos of the first unit to enter NZ Sent from my LG-H990 using Tapatalk
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    ^^can't be Carl's doppelganger; this one has hair
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    We use vinyl like that alot, it tougher than you would think.
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    When I sold auto parts there were tons of people buying car bras going down to Florida.
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    it's a tough business when you have a small share of the market. Samsung, Sony and Panasonic all make very competitive BDP for a fraction of the cost. These companies also offer more streaming choices which is becoming very popular. Sad to see a USA product/factory go out of business.
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    Yeah, but he'd have to come through my neck of the woods first.....
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    Yes, CD's, DVD's and streaming, I don't do vinyl or tape anymore because about 30 years ago I was stupid. I gave a relative 2 turntables and all my LP's, plus a Akai RTR with a Sansui 8080, yes it was stupid. I have all the CD's on my Ipad and phone copied with the best quality the computer could do. It's all the phone is used for, no service but works great as a modern small music player that also has wifi for Pandora and Spotify. I use the Ipod the same way and for streaming outside in the bar with Heresy's. Inside I use the BR player to stream music which is what we listen to most of the time as it's playing all day. Also cd, dvd dvd-a and super audio disc, I only have a few of the last type since they were harder to find and went out like betamax. Half the reason I stream even knowing I am not getting the best quality is because I am tired of change. Plus I can use what would be a warehouse full of music using no space. I say tired of change because of the changes over the years, my changes although almost always for the better, some were terrible. After buying what I liked, then switching over and over it gets old, I never even finished collecting all the music i once had onto cd format before giving up or couldn't find. 8 tracks cassettes Lp's RTR cd's dvd's SACD..........very few DVD-a.........very few streaming
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    Looks great! Any chance you'd want to share the template for the logo?
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    If you were local and no shipping was involved I'd have those 250's already. GLWYS.
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    Edited and thanks, to you /all correct. Front is passive, rear driver. My 15 is the driver/rear, thanks again for noting. I knew that from placement issues over the years, talking while typing......
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    True, as long as you don't let the magic smoke out your good.
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    I removed one of my front passive as the subwoofer wasn't working and wanted to see if maybe a cable had become unhooked inside. Front is definitely passive.
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    Yes, front passive. Passive will have more excursion.
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    1) use as intended 2) list at 2 or 3 times what you paid on various sites and make a buck 3) if you have no reason to keep pass along to forum brothers at cost and enjoy karma
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    Where they the amt1 ? My friends father had a pair.... With a marantz receiver , I forgot which model.. And dual table....
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    I have 5 CF4 actually. Found a lone wolf v3 at the Pilgrimage this year. The idea is to make a surround setup with them. But the more I think about it the more I realize I may need alternatives for the back side for space reasons. May end up trying to pick up a bunch of KV4 or something possibly
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    He is the quintessential Ressnisance Man, in the true Quatrcento sense. He is a writer, photographer, musician, composer . . . . The Abilities Of The Ideal Renaissance Man A Renaissance Man strives for perfection, in mind, body and spirit. An iconic painting of the ideal man is the Vitruvian Man, painted by Leonardo da Vinci. The Vitruvian Man is based on the writings of an ancient Roman architect called Vitruvius. In his works, Vitruvius described the ideal proportions of the ideal man. Da Vinci took those writings and used them as a guide to draw the painting that today has become a visual synonym for the Renaissance Man. A Renaissance Man tries to develop his capacities as fully as possible. He has a profound knowledge in several fields and deep expertise in some. It is important not to be just a dabbler, but also go more deeply in one or two specialized fields. The most important asset of a Renaissance Man is his broad base of knowledge, which he can combine to form different patterns. He can solve complex problems by examining them from different directions. He can bring analogies from one discipline to another one and also act as a bridge between different disciplines.
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    ^^^^^^^^ If you've never been through a bad hurricane, there's a lot that you don't know that you don't know. You can read all the preparation literature you can get your hands on but it doesn't prepare you for the next one like actually living through one does.
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    And this is normal, it's not the stores fault thay can't get delivery trucks and demand is much higher than normal. Prepare the best you can and deal with it, before it happens. It's your responsibility to know when to do the last minute preparations, get fuel for generator or whatever. Millions of people know this for the rest they can blame whoever they want. It reminds me of some of the complaints from people who stayed and went to the superdome, they complained, " they were not given anything to eat ! " It was last resort place, no food service should have been expected, they should have taken some self responsibility. Plan ahead, money has nothing to do with it, it takes very little if you plan ahead and do a little at a time, but this requires planning ahead, not the week of an event. I don't mean to sound like I don't care but, we have been through this more than once, along with plenty others, the only person responsible for you is you.
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    Think about it.... you either have to back in or back out. GFL.
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    Yuuuuuup, that's definately a pair of horns and a half! I can only imagine! 😎
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    Hard to hold the tape and take the picture but about 29" across. That is a 10" bass driver below and it looks tiny
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    I have a set of Bel Canto Ref-1000s with the same modules and I can say, hard to beat when paired with Klipsch speakers. If you can get them for a good price it is a no brainer. Dead quiet, excellent sound, and headroom you can typically only dream of.
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    Ha! I've been working on that for MONTHS... I'm so freakin clueless right now... NO idea!
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    I gave up on ESPN, a few years ago. I like the College Game day picks, only. Their NFL Countdown show is abysmal...
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    Hello Arash, I was reminded of you and this thread this morning while listening to Duke Ellington’s Caravan from the Chasing The Dragon CD you asked for. It sounded spectacular using Sennheiser headphones converted to accept balanced output from a Pono player. About the only time I ever listen through headphones is in the morning before my bride awakens. Did the CD ever make it? Do you still want assistance getting CDs to you? I’m glad to help.
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    Good luck on tweeking . I figure there are over a trillion possible combinations on that unit of settings for your audio pleasure. JJK
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    And there is more. The new brains of the operation. Denon AVR-X4400H directly off the display shelf in the Best Buy Magnolia Design Center and is now sitting on my shelf. I have had too many frustrations with the Onkyo hdmi not playing nice with my other pieces. New things I am looking forward to playing around with that even my up the ladder but slightly older AVR-X6200W does not have are: DTS Virtual:X whole home audio integration smart home integration Amazon Alexa voice control Heos built in Audyssey xt32 multiEQ editor app AirPlay2 5.6MHZ high resolution audio streaming AL32 processing Auro 3D built in Tidal/ Spotify/ Amazon Music/ iHeart Radio/ Napster/ Soundcloud/ Mood Mix built in
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    Yes, the "5" is just next to the "6" on the keyboard.
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    One would hope that they start production of other tubes in addition to the 300's...
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