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    Hard to say... I think she liked acoustical music without a driving beat. Thanks to all, you've made lessened my pain and loss greatly. It's really wonderful how a community has the power to do this.
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    We fared well thank you. Never planned to leave yet, had a plan if needed to do so. In a rather large camper with a brother nearby. Plenty of rain and wind yet camper rv held steady with no blackouts. Have not seen the news but sure there is plenty about the panhandle, especially the PCB area. Weak signal here made this thread informative for me. When I go out later, thinking some fared much worse abit closer than us to the water. Am located maybe 2 1/2 miles from gulf mouth of river and 300 yards away from same river. Higher ground than some here. Thanks for asking...
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    C'mon people. What happened to the somewhat unwritten rule about pricing comments within a FS posting?
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    "I see what you did there." It's a compliment. He lead with Babycakes to push my buttons. Or at least that's how I interpreted it. (i.e. I'm sure he wouldn't actually call me Babycakes to my face)
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    I will have to sell my soul and then take out a loan for the other 230,000.00
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    That has no place in someone else's H2 for sale thread, true or not. There are other places here on the forum where that can be debated. For sale threads are not educational by nature. If the seller asks a question then fine. Everything else is pretty much a thread crap which has no business there. I hope I don't come across as picking on you Claude. I'm trying to make a point and you happen to be the one that's being used as an example. This happens far too often and you're certainly not alone in doing it. Normally I'll hide the posts but I felt that this needed to be discussed. My apologies to the OP because my post has nothing to do with the sale of his speakers either.
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    Outer bands of wind and rain.....nothing serious. The weekend looks nice......mid 70s for highs. Good weather to continue clean up from Florence. Mosquitoes as big as cats🙄
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    Actually, back then, we drank more alcohol, a lot more. Water spoils in barrels, beer doesn't. There was more beer on the Mayflower than water for that reason. The Puritans were all about drink. The Molasses Act, a tax on non-British (which means French) molasses was imposed on the colonies. That, along with the Stamp act and Townsend Act led us to declare independence because we are all about life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Molasses you see was used by the colonists to make rum. We were pretty touchy about the cost of rum back then. Up until the 1800s each sailor in the US Navy was given a ration of a half pint of rum, per day. We fought the war, won, all was good, alcohol consumption continued to rise, up to 3X of what it is today. People started with a dram with breakfast and drank throughout the entire day. Whiskey was used as a form of currency in the early days of our Country. We loved Whiskey and other spirits so much that the Continental Congress came up with the idea of taxing it to pay the war debt. Which led to, of course, the Whiskey Rebellion. Whiskey, Rum, etc. is a fundamental right, per the 21st Amendment, subject to the democratic process of each State. Water, on the other hand, is a property right, derived from English common law (and thus "assumed" as you correctly state), which has evolved into statutory law by each state, and heavily regulated. The biggest blow out over water was between California and Arizona, it started in about '52, SCOTUS issued an opinion in '63 that every law student has to learn about because it deals with Original Jurisdiction of that court (a trial court), and the battle continues to this day. The Court never held that water was a fundamental right. https://www.justice.gov/enrd/arizona-v-california Thus, there is more of a fundamental right to alcohol than there to water. A strong case can be made for a fundamental right to hot sauce however. As it should be.
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    I may have posted this previously, but don't want to go through 193 pages of better photos to confirm...
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    === you’re not overly sensitive. ‘Bo has that effect on most everyone —
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    Yeah, don't think I would have come up with that. I was going down completely different (and inappropriate) roads! BTW, mine were more fun.
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    You smoked the woofers and not the tweeters? How is that possible? Unless it's a car audio application and the primary intent is literally rocking the block, I don't think I have ever heard of someone blowing a home audio woofer from excessive volume. And from time to time, I listen quite loudly.
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    I may be overly sensitive. Zero of my students completed their assignment today and about 75 percent of them also gave zero cares after a 2 day fall break. 🤷
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    What's left of it must be parallel with my longitude right now. We've got the strongest wind @ 1:15pm we've had since the bluster started yesterday. It's 35 to 45 mph constant from the north for the past while. Obviously tropical in nature if you've ever experienced it before. It's been wet here for a while now, from my regard it's better than a heatwave & drought!
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    May should be good.....not hurricane season. I hopefully will make it to the Outer Banks Oct.23 after cancelling out twice. Any later in the year and I will need a heavy coat.
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    Guys, when you wonder where so and so went, or why people don't shy around here anymore, this is why. Years ago, my thread would have been met with "for friends looking to match their '70s Klipschorns in a home theater situation, these Heresys are a perfect match" or "these speakers feature the MOST sought after Klipsch drivers and will blow your socks off..." But today, far too many members can't resist the urge to spout off, without any sort of thought behind their words. I understand that this will be met with "good riddance" or "who is that guy, anyway?", but I really feel like this thread sorta sums up the ugliest aspects to this forum. Take care- Jeff
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    I've got 58 on my outdoor thermometer this morning... been waiting for some free air conditioning !!! but it "ain't" helpin' the 'ole mr mcCraqfe, I mean, like 3 weeks of this stuff is turning into an eternity...
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    Not mine, but this shot taken just before hurricane Michael made landfall in Panama City Beach, FL.
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    Oh hell no. I was taught well (by a coach, of course) on my first day of professional development my first year teaching. "Do not ask questions!" I do think though, that were there ever a place to ask questions and find as many different responses as any teacher could dream of, this is the place. There's such a melting pot of personalities, interests, and careers right here in the Klipsch forums that I would be remiss not to use this resource to its full advantage, if even for my personal curiosity.
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    The RF-7 III has beautiful and smooth highs. Absolutely an improvement on the RF-7 II's which were too fatiguing and harsh to my ears. I've had a shoot out with my Chorus II(Ti tweeters-stock networks) vs Craig's RF-7 III's. I prefer the musicality of the 3 way Chorus II, though it was very close for the environment we were in and the CHII placement. It was a large open living room and the Chorus II were on top of rsw-15's. In a more intimate listening room, things like 4x 10's vs 2 15's and a 2 way or 3 way start to really matter. To me personally, there's something about the way a 15" woofer sounds that i absolutely love(consider saving for CWIII's?) but the RF-7 series has a slam factor much like the larger KLF series that i can totally understand people would love. In the shootout, for me, the RF-7IIIs only win was in its incredibly detailed and sweet highs. Not even factoring in the CHII are due for a recap or new crossover build and they were placed high off the floor. While i haven't heard the FIII and it's a single 12" woofer which is pretty different from a 15" in a Chorus II(which also has a larger mid horn), i still can't imagine that new mid horn being "only slightly" better than the RF-7 III 2 way. People have different tastes. Some have a more critical ear for mid range frequencies and others love crisp and clean highs and others are bass heads and then probably most just want balance which is the hardest to achieve in a full range speaker with size limitations. It's awesome yet also unfortunate we've only got Youthman to do a shootout between the FIII and the RF7III because he's just one guy with his own personal tastes(No offense Youthman). Youthman has stated he prefers the more modern look of the RF series vs vintage speaker look IIRC, so that's taken into account and if i'm not mistaken, he loved the RF-7 II's more in your face sound that many find harsh and fatiguing. That already goes against many people's tastes so just beware if you are on the fence of purchasing one or the other to lean on your own experiences. Have you heard 2 way Klipsch? Have you heard 3 way Klipsch? Have you heard dual 10's of a KLF-20 vs a Forte II for example? Can you listen to an RF-7 II locally? If you can, imagine it with smoother highs and none of the fatigue. Can you listen to a Forte II locally? If you can. Imagine it with a slightly smaller mid horn with new patented mumps and more detailed titanium diaphragms that were voiced to where they seem to be universally raved about. Is it going to be primarily 2ch or home theater or both? Which will be more important to you? If it's home theater, the RF-7 III has a matching center channel and there's surrounds for example whereas the Forte III has no matching home theater speakers as of now. Do aesthetics/decor come into play with personal tastes and WAF? Etc, etc. In the end, i think it's a very safe bet that you can't go wrong with either one.
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    At the current price, surely you must realize you're in heaven.
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    Morally yes, but not legally.
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    I'd say that no one has the right to deprive another individual of water. But, If you go out into the middle of Death Valley in August, without carrying any (or even if you go, period), you are probably on your own. But, if I drove by, and had water with me, I would be obligated to give you some, then drag you out of there.
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    The tweeters usually go long before the woofers in those. Lot's of threads about how to test tweeters on Khorn and LS with a surprised owner.
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    Now I am going to be up all night plugging words into a string to come up with ISWYDT!!!
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    Damn, I should've known water is one of those things people have always fought over. Like, for forever-ever...and until forever-ever.
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    It's a boy, Mrs. Walker, it's a boy It's a boy, Mrs. Walker, it's a boy
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    It was for me a week or so ago, wasn't wordy enough.
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    Nestle will answer ALL of that... I won't start... Bottom line... This may be in Cali but it's happening all over the US. Tapping mountain water supplies in our National Park systems. Govt contracts have expired and ignored by Nestle... Google is your friend but imo its total bull&#iY! https://www.desertsun.com/story/news/environment/2018/02/09/bottled-water-maker-nestle-tells-california-regulators-its-entitled-keep-bottling-water/324976002/ I don't and won't ever give Nestle another penny of my money!
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    Ok then babycakes, how about Sis? Trying to explain to my young grandkids what a "figure of speech" is, like that of the larger, overall "Brothers and Sisters".....wait for it..... Isn't easy. But then, some of my coworkers don't get it either......
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    Def Leppard The album Hysteria I believe is in the top 50 highest grossing of all time, amazing that they are still kicking *** to this day. Say what you want but these guys deserve a spot.
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    Sounded like Shite as a 4 way, let's make it a 7 way😎
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    It's for the thousand dollar cable risers, and/or your prenup......
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    check out the health benefits of intermittent fasting and you will be impressed. Also this video by Dr Lustig is very informing as to the issues of sugar and diet. Natural sugars along with the fibers in the food are ok though you do want to keep them to a minimum, you want to work on eliminating the added sugars in your diet especially added fructose. Natura
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    D*mn Straight! And if you had been right here when you uttered those fighting words... 💥
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    Absolutely. He's got a beautiful home. Here's a full shot so you can see the rear. Open wall to the large kitchen so that rear center above the listening position really helps with nearfield and it sounds lovely. So smooth. Don't remember those speakers against the fireplace but he was selling them that day. I had bugged him about trying to pry away his Klipschorns from him because i had once brought LSi splits over there with the stock AL network and we compared to his LS with Dean's networks and i was blown away at the difference and then i heard his DeanG'd Klipschorns and it just wasn't fair. Now i have my own DeanG'd Klipschorns and i'm going over there soon to hear his R-C-L Jubilee set up and i'll probably start dreaming of the Jubes when i walk out of there as he says they completely blow away the Klipschorns.
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    Did not know this. I thought you still used them. My 4 are still OK but now I know what fate awaits me
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    I deleted it. All pricing comments need to be done via pm. You can be just as helpful through a pm as you can be on the open forum.
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    We're so spoiled here. In many other countries, they collect rainwater for household use. You're all worried that the big companies will buy up the reservoirs, but there will always be rain. The time for serious concern is when they make collecting rain illegal. On the other hand, the people who would monopolize the water supply would do so to sell it - not to hoard it. They will never make it too expensive for people to buy. (Of course, I realize some consumers have $0, but I imagine Uncle Sam and state-level welfare programs will help those folks with it.)
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    Wal-Mart in St. George is less than half that.
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    a co-worker has his computer wallpaper set with this guy, and an edited version of this quote. his says (something like): 'there may come a day where your failure to plan requires an emergency on my part, but today is not that day.' in my world - PRICELESS !
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    Yes, we are like one big dysfunctional family.
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