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    I finally decided to put some grills on the Chorus II passives to prevent damage to them from the cat. Ended up going with some Generic eBay 15" grills and earth magnets. Worked very well. Very clean look as well.
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    Probably less than the cats clawing through the cones. LOL
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    I agree John and thought the same thing. They do have a two-year warranty though. I know if i was runnng repairs for Schiit I'd have some "upgraded boards" for audiophiles so maybe them seeing what I had helped. That's just a guess though dunno. Whatever it is I have to take into consideration the "innards" aren't burned in too. Sounds fantastic now though so giving this a spin and it's sweet! Gotta love the jazz renditions of the Allman Brothers.
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    Bookshelves, small surround system and a sub, but it's a start. Restricted to online, but again it's a start. https://www.costco.com/CatalogSearch?dept=All&keyword=klipsch
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    Room EQ Wizard (REW) works for me. It does all that you've mentioned, plus a lot more. Here's a link to a thread where many of the different plots/measurement types are shown:-- here and here. You can also look at Omnimic if you want to buy everything as a package. Personally, I'd buy the calibrated USB microphone at miniDSP (UMIK-1). There are other packages available that you can pay for: ARTA, Acourate, etc. For me, I don't see any advantages of these tools over REW. Chris
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    Big games coming up tomorrow and the Big 12 has a path to the CFP. #5 Utah got crushed by #13 Oregon Friday night. The winner of #6 OK and #7 Baylor may jump into 4th, especially if #4 GA loses to #2 LSU. Saturday is going to be pressure packed for all the top four teams, and those wanting to be a top four team.
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    More psychedelics! Gotta look into that band. Makes me think of the Peachoid between here and GA.
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    It’s because they probably read my post to pull their finger out 😃 But seriously I’m glad it’s back and working better than before
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    ...and now for something complete with an off-kilter attitude or if you dig the Claypool Lennon Delirium give this a listen!!
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    Couldn't resist. Bought it as a stocking stuffer for myself. Starts out good. Pocket torch, with safety cover, safety lock and a stand so it can cool off before you put it away. Soft grip handle so you won't drop it. Well thought out. Er, um but then there's the bottle opener. Yup a bottle opener. On a pocket torch. Flame and brewskis . What could possibly go wrong? And it's hardly an afterthought. Most of the torch is plastic but the opener, metal so it won't break before you run out of gas. I wonder if the inventor is still alive?
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    I know my opinion isn't worth much, but in my estimation, this is a good deal for someone. code
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    Ohh whoa This is the music I know I feel I gotta let it show This is the music I know It's to you, I gotta let it show The second tune off the record was big on the radio around here for a couple of years after this came out in `81. Missed out on them here in town but in about `01 or 02 they opened a new Harley dealership just north of the Satellite Beach bridge on US1. Not bad for some old rockers even then!
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    Another pile, not 415's though, shows up next week. See I am not like Westcoastdrums though and keeping it all a secret until the walls of my shop start bulging out. I am a nice guy and let you know temptation is lurking about. Honestly though I don't have the problem it's the guys who will be finding places to put these that will have the problems. I have plenty of storage and a forklift. They have desires and most of them wives with speaker evil eyes.
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    Felt like something with some bite to it then this grabbed me out of the middle of the LP. Nicely Done Indeed! You know who's singing this don't you? Do not answer @dirtmudd I know you know this!!
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    The Klipsch/Pro website lists my speakers as surrounds, so I will need to place a pair in the back corners of the room.
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    I have always preferred the 3-way Jub over the 2-way. But honestly since the recent trip to Roy's lab now I can't say why. The 2-way Jub blew me away. This was the 3rd time I heard Jubs in that room in Hope. Clearly, Roy has evolved the presentation of the Jubs. If I could get THAT sound in my house it would be the end-all for me. I don't think 2 or 3 way has as much to do about it anymore. We were supposed to be there to hear the new Heritage models and I walked out wondering why my expensive setup doesn't match what I heard when he played the Jubs. I have TAD 4002s on my 402s, and 691s on my 510s. I have a Xilica processor. Mcintosh preamp/amps. Roy only had a pair of 691s on his new version 402s, and it appeared he still had the same EV DX-38 processor and same Jub cabinets I saw in there 10 years ago. He had a new QSC Pro Theater amp. The drivers, amp, and newest version of 402 horn are probably all that changed in 10 years..........besides the processor settings and maybe wires. I would just get the standard 2-way now......which gives you those exact speakers........and go to the next education session, listen.........talk to Roy..........and especially look closely at that room. I know we all like to tinker and find our own sound. But I don't think I could do any better than that.
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    well played brother Mike, well played. I worked at a Kmart for about a week. I was sent home my first day because i wasn’t wearing a belt. I was busy doing stuff at closing time and got locked IN the store. Thankfully, the manager was in the parking lot talking and saw me inside the store and unlocked it. The cleaning crew was there but they were locked in all night by design. I was going to call the fire department (don’t know if they had 911 back then).
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    That is something you can do
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    These things are bigger than I thought. Now all I have to do is find something for the HF side.
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    Very Good Condition pair of Oak KG 3.2’s I am located in Ivoryton Ct 06442 Local pick up only $225 Very nice entry level Horn speakers
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    https://www.julienslive.com/m/view-auctions/catalog/id/326 The man had a lot of stuff...
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    Thanks Chris. REW it is.
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    I knew this was going to leak. I've been back up on the Hill working on this for the last two years. This was supposed to be unveiled as part of the Kennedy Center Honors 2019 this week during at the induction of Earth, Wind and Fire. It is the sole reason behind last years Farewell Tour for George Clinton as the leader of Parliament /Funkadelic. He will be nominated by the President at the beginning of next year's term as the 1st Secretary of the newly formed Department of Funk. The Senate is prepared to put aside the Impeachment trial and take up his confirmation on an expedited basis. Bootsy Collins is slated to be the Undersecretary of Grooves. The Department's motto will be "We Got The Funk!" and the central courtyard of the Departments headquarters will feature a full sized stature of James Brown bustin a move. All employees will be issued Flashlights. Now I know my fellow Klipschers are true patriots and can be trusted to hold dearly what I am about to reveal. A large portion of the Department's budget will actually be dedicated to cutting-edge research on very large array space orbiting speakers which can be deployed over China, Russia , North Korea and Iran on short notice. The Bar-Kays, "Too Hot To Stop" will be broadcast causing their missiliers uncontrollable spasms of dance floor booty calls rendering them incapable of pressing the launch buttons. Should that prove insufficient Johnny Guitar Watson broadcasts will lull them into a center of the groove. Be strong my fellow Americans for we are the funk!
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    It's my personal Rorschach test... just pick a spot and stare at it for 30 minutes. Some people tell me they can see Elvis....
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    Just when I think I’m out they pull me back in,I was ready to get away from vinyl and before I started to list my turntable I was looking on one of the Audio sites and a guy had a like new Denon DL-103r cartridge for sale and he was less than 75 miles from me.I contacted him and I told him I was interested in his cartridge and when he told me he was planning on spending a couple of days in Pigeon Forge,Tn .So today we met and I installed the cartridge in my system and what a shock I didn’t think a 450.00 cartridge could sound this good.So instead of selling my turntable I am now thinking about buying or building a record cleaning machine.
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    I probably still have the extra 7 originals from my CF-2's, if you're interested...
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    I have no experience with Jubes, but I always prefer my K-Horns on the long wall.
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    Sounds like a blast! What 9mm do you prefer?
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    Going to be a fun day. 60 degrees and sunny. Pig Picking, shooting, a few beers by the Cape Fear River with 50 or so high school chums (all guys). Taking a 9mm, AR-15, and a new .22 single six Wrangler. A 45 minute ride into the boonies. Report to come..........
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    Not what I expected to see out of Utah, but that's why they play the games. Franklin gets a big contract extension at PSU , obviously I have not drank the same flavor kool aid that the administration did. Surprises me that it doesn't seem to be talked about much that PSU leads the nation in players that have entered the transfer portal and how that doesn't reflect negatively on the coaching staff. My brother and I watched an unprepared lethargic team play a rugby match with Rutgers last week and it was pitiful. I have little confidence that we can preform successfully against Oregon, if in fact, that's who we meet up with in January. I am looking forward to some great championship games today, especially the SEC championship game. Go LSU
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    If you're looking for impedance measurements, etc. I find that DATS (available from Parts Express) works well. I don't use it often, but when I do, it's a snap and it produces good data. Below is the impedance of a TAD TD-4002 driver on a K-402 horn: Here is the measurement for a Crites 15" cast frame woofer and showing the data for the T/S parameters:
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    That's strange they would ship you a new or refurb and not admit the one you marked had an issue. Glad the new to you one sounds good @Dave1290
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    I'm not sure. I think he removed a cap on the imput that rolled off the bass. The PWK Brook has been examined but it has also been restored by Modaferri of McIntosh fame back in 93. The feedback is different than in the original. I put these changes in my Brook clones and it improved a bit. I am running them right now. If I could build them again I'd only change a few things.
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    Hmmm weird. Got an LP today from Amazon on the porch. Finally ventured out tonite and stopped at the mailbox. Cardboard box in there from Schiit so the Mani came home! Shipped Monday from Cali and in Ohio Friday? Seems as though the US Postal Service stepped up their game for the holidays. Before I shipped it I put a lil sharpie dot on the bottom. Note with it said no problem found. Yet no sharpie dot on the bottom. Makes ya wonder doesn't it? I did attach a note telling them what I was running and what I was hearing and about the hum. The female who who checked it out signed her name and put a lil note there for me "Hope you enjoy! It should sound stellar now! Merry Christmas Dave" and put a smiley face on it. Now I don't know what she did but I do know this. It sounds even better than it did new. No hum anywhere and the mids and highs sound amazing. Winwood is sounding fantastic! That's some Schiit! Maybe an elf???
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    I think this may fall under the category of, ahem, “paraphernalia”... along with glass pipes, aluminum foil, or a spoon. But if you already had enough pocket knives and LED flashlights to stock a hardware store, this would be right up there on the list of must-haves! Full disclosure, I have something very similar that you slot a refillable lighter into and you can rough solder in anything less than a tornado.
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    my personal opinion is that rp-502s and rp-402s is better for side surrounds since getting an ear full of horn from 4' away is a little uncomfortable plus it hugs the wall better and makes more sense ergonomically speaking. If you decide to get bookshelves anyway, if you want to hang them on the wall, the rp-500m is much easier since it has a keyhole mount. if you're going to use a shelf or stand and don't care about the footprint, weight, or the price, then yeah by all means, get the rp-600m.
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    Gift idea for the extreme audio enthusiast on your Christmas list. https://www.yankodesign.com/2019/11/20/a-vinyl-turntable-inspired-washbasin-to-hit-you-with-a-wave-of-nostalgia/
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    WELL DONE, TOM!!! Good for you!
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    Raiders won again on You Tube ... Bo Jackson looked really good.
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    I thought of that same thing a few years ago since my wife does not want cloth over the horn, I didn't want cloth either. I just never got around to doing it BUT after seeing yours I might have to get off my butt and do it ! Very nice and good work on all of it, you definitely have patience. I am definitely not brave enough to vinyl the inside (or outside), it would positively not come out like yours If I tried that they would probably end up with mumps and not the good kind.
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    The picture frame on the right speaker makes the horn look smaller than the left one.
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    I can help you with part of that. The attenuation values available on the T2A are: Tap 4 - 3db, tap 3 - 6db, tap 2 - 9db and tap 1 - 12db. Now you need to find someone who believes in adding resistors to answer the rest of that for you. Bob Crites
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