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    Just chillin and this sounds sooooo good! Floyd you say??? Obscured by Clouds is their 7th studio album from 1972. Recorded and produced by them between tour stops for a French film right before they did Dark Side of the Moon.
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    Van Morrison, Poetic Champions Compose, 1988
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    It would have, but it was---you guessed it---obscured by clouds.
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    @Full Range 3 days under Lockdown ? We´re under Lockdown since 18th. december It´s Winter , gets dark at 4pm , but also only when it gets light outside I´m ready for the Nutshouse
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    We are on a 3 day lockdown Thats music to the ears of an audiophile that likes to spin records 😎 Now as an essential worker I still need to go to work for a limited time but the majority of my time will be home I was thinking about my mates @dirtmudd & @MicroMara when I chose this album first So I’m kicking it off with an appropriate album by King Crimson for the enforced lockdown This album is a Re Issue Artist- King Crimson Title - Red Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/King-Crimson-Red/release/4703409
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    My wife bought me wildflowers for Christmas and I had it on cd for years but could never find it for less than $500 on vinyl before now. What a great album and I am totally enjoying it with all of the “all the rest” tracks - I love Tom Petty
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    today is my brother in laws birthday. he's a huge Seinfeld fan. my sister had one of those Cameo videos done where Jason Alexander records a video. I know my brother in law was thrilled by a birthday greeting from George Costanza. I was surprised as it was several minutes long and didn't feel rushed at all. my sis obviously feed Jason personal info because he mentioned things in the video (nickname, where he lived, etc...). He even joked about the George Costanza poster that is hanging in my brother in law's garage. Jason said "I think I know which one it is and if I'm right, we're going to have to rethink our relationship." He even sang two songs (one being happy birthday).
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    This one wants to give you a haircut hippy!
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    Received my kit from JEM Performance today. Very nicely packaged, sent Priority Mail. Comes with very detailed instructions and a schematic that even a novice could follow. I'm replacing the caps in my center Heresy that has a completely stock network from 1980. Commence soldering! 🙂
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    Off to pick up the monoliths from across town now. Quick wipe down so they’re not disgusting being shoved into the SUV, then’ll lemon oil ‘em down, brush off the woofers with my wife’s makeup brush 👌🏻and fire them up. Wish me luck!
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    Compressed pics don’t do them justice (the original owner took fantastic care of the speakers), but:
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    Steely Dan´s " Prezel Logic " 1974 , ABC Records , Printed in Germany
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    and it's a good one too ... wish it got more respect.
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    Please also use the "report" feature on such PMs that you may receive. We did receive some reports from that, and this account has now been banned.
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    Just approached by a scammer on this forum: New member "Samson269" sent me the following message: "Well if u are still interested in getting Xilica processorXilica processor I have a friend who can help u with that. Not sure if it’s still available but you can try. Here’s his mail michealbenson656@yahoo.comWell if u are still interested in getting I have a friend who can help u with that. Not sure if it’s still available but you can try. Here’s his mail michealbenson656@yahoo.com" A quick Google search on the email address comes up with lots of scammer complaints
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    Just hangin out for a few. Listening ost of the evening... Always some good stuff!
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    Like title says these are sold. @driverdog was looking and I was close to selling. When I posted I would be selling he bought. Posting for posterity and @wvu80 's spreadsheet. And like I told the buyer I don't know what the gray splotches that show in pictures are. Poor lighting? Bad camera? They are NOT on the speakers
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    Just had to say it. Over the last few days I have been getting my '80 KHorns back in stock configuration in order to list them for sale. Last night I completed the task. Got them tucked back into really the only two good corners in my basement rec. room. Hooked them up with one of the Crown D75 amps that I modded a while back. Ran cables from my mixing desk across the floor to the amp(not elegant but functional). Hooked speakers up with relatively short cable runs........ MAN-O-MAN do these things sound good...40 year old non modified crossovers and all.. Absolutely no problem being pleased to offer these for sale to a new owner to enjoy....For another 40 years. THANK YOU PAUL W. KLIPSCH
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    Possibly but I have to be honest - I have seen a number of post online about people having a horrible experience with buying preowned items. I am sure this is not what happens most of the time, but I do have horrible luck and it makes me nervous. Either way best wishes and see you around the forum
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    Steely Dan´s Debut Album " You can´t buy a Thrill " 1972 , ABC Records, Printed in Germany
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    It must be Moderator ***** Day on the Klipsch Forum and on the Funniest T-shirt thread....Whudda thunk it? Btw, am I one of the ones on your list dtel? Anyway, thank you both for all you do and fwiw, I'm in between both of you what I think should be allowed on this forum. Have a great day regardless of the unrest and pandemic.
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    I approve almost all the new peoples first post and remove a few inappropriate pictures and spam. I am not going to warn people for the 50th time to not talk about politics, I just erase it if I see it. I figure if your too dumb or hard headed to know that no politics means what it says I am not arguing it. NO there is no BS section and will not be again, get over it or move on. If I do anything about the 3-4 who persist with the political comments maby I should just ban them and they can whine to Chad about the rules or me, I DON"T CARE TO BABYSIT ANYMORE. If anyone has a problem with me or what I do , too bad, get ahold of Chad, I DON"T CARE anymore to deal with those who get off on pushing a few simple rules consistently or too slow to follow a few very simple rules. BAN ME I don't care, for years now I am just here for the friends I have made. I have asked for more and different moderators for a long time now and am tired of the few troublemakers, YES I get complaints from many about the few. I am NOT doing anymore than I am now, and this is even getting old real fast. I would just as soon quit. EDIT' Dave this is not directed at you it's for everyone .
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    Do not have to believe in anyone man or panel. I do not have to believe. Just follow the science.
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    Think he has repeated seller's remorse, and doesn't want to go there. May sell his Vette instead.
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    What I don’t like about their statement is that it makes no mention of the known internal damages wrought by covid19 on the subacute cases. Perhaps they just accept the idea that survivors will need to deal with future consequences of their prior covid19 infections. This is the value of vaccines. You get the immunity w/o the real consequences of actually having the disease. That’s a much better option than adopting community acquired herd immunity through covid19 infections.
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    not mine. but I might help a brotha out since they are probably near me. CL link
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    Everything you have is desirable and will sell but as a package I wish you luck. Seriously consider parting it out. You probably could scan the Garage Sale section and find WTB ads for each piece you're selling. Not in any way trying to destroy your thread but if you're going to move it on THIS forum of cheapskates (myself included) you'd have to be in this ballpark. My opinion only but please take this as constructive. $800 for the KLFs $400 for the RC 7 $400 for the RS 7s $1,200 (maybe) for the RSW 15 Not sure about the receiver
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    As it should be. My wife watches Greys Anatomy and the whole estrogen line up on Thursday night. Makes me want to puke. My daughter and I love Family Guy. When its on my wife leaves the room.
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    So, some comment on the pop report. That does not sound like an issue related to the caps in your xover. It is more likely that you are bottoming one or the other woofer coils at the very high sound levels you mention. If this is the case, then there is no quick remedy for that other than backing off the drive power. Are you using equalization of any kind to boost the bass response? Check on the passives in the back to make sure they are in good shape and not leaking air.
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    Yea I always liked that show, my wife hates it. She loves Friends, I hate it 😀
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    Those are real LS industrial mid 80's looks like , rounded edges cabs , refinished , badges , not a bad deal at all --for 800$ -
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    @BigStewMan Captain Beefheart is cool - let’s up that to very cool
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    Further tweaking. Equalisation was an iterative process using REW measurements and the EQ function in REW to calculate the settings then import the REW EQ settings into the miniDSP, run another REW measurement, tweak the EQ settings in REW EQ, import .......... Equalisation is by PEQs in the miniDSP. I picked crossovers at 350Hz and 3,500Hz , the crossovers were set using FIR filters in the miniDSP by rePhase Linear Phase Filters and are Linkwitz-Riley 24db per octave at 350Hz and 3,500Hz. rePhase was also used to flatten phase response. As only 3 of the 4 available outputs of the miniDSP are being used, FIR taps are allocated only to the active outputs. How does it sound ? Well I'm not a speaker reviewer, but there is a noticeable increase in clarity and sound stage and the system can be played quieter than with the ES passive crossovers. I have aimed for a flat response and add a "room curve" with setting bass boost to 2 o'clock on the NAD receiver. I will try some gentler slope crossovers after the holiday season - it is summer down here in Australia and I have family staying for a few weeks.
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    Keep it and get rid of the wife... 🤣 Dave
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    Klipsch Academy and Chorus IIs for sale in Virginia Academy $450 Chorus IIs $1250 All sound amazing. (Sidenote the Chorus IIs are not sequential numbers and one has a small dent in the passive radiator) Please reach out to me for any questions or request for photos.
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    I don't agree. I think China had a reason for serious concern. Without further evidence, I would believe it was without intent.
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    It’s never safe to comment on someone’s looks but I’ve been told, numerous times, I’m quite the handsome man, blessed with chiseled good looks. Some have it, some don’t. So sorry Carl -
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    That's funny. Leo Fender was friends with Les Paul, and had access to the research Les was performing in his creation of the world's first electric guitar. Gibson was waffling and not sure that Les Paul's creation would sell, so Fender came out with the first commercial guitar. Even though Fender was having a field day selling these things, Gibson still balked about putting their name on these guitars, so Les said "Put my name on it".
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    For something a little different. This song comes up often on a Pandora station of mine. A little east meets west.
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    I've bought a new desktop and a new laptop. both with windows 10. I hate windows 10.
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