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    Ugh, memories. I had a '69 Mach w/the 351. Another guy bought a '70 black Cobra Jet complete w/the shaker hood and some kinda "out there" nerdy chick here bought a bright yellow/black Torino w/the Cobra package. I traded mine, he still has his and it's always been in the garage and she just sold hers but won't tell anyone what she got for it. Musta been big buck$. Yup, I was THAT freaking dumb even after I told myself I'd keep it forever. Don't ask what I bought either but THAT was dumb too! Yup, I did... 😂
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    There are several pictures of the Enactron truck at K&A in the 75th Anniversary book which is imminent. In one, Curtis Putnam (Klipsch Engineer) is strumming Emmylou's guitar. And here is the American Studios pic I promised over a year ago!
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    https://atlanta.craigslist.org/atl/ele/d/marietta-klipsch-corwall-wo/7305450845.html No affiliation. If only I weren't saving for something else.........
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    The original " Summer in the city " from The Lovin´Spoonful 1966
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    From the linked article above: Regardless, this history humbles vaccine scientists. They know that they hold people’s lives in their hands. As stated by Dr. Maurice Hilleman, perhaps the most prolific vaccine scientist in history, “I never breathe a sigh of relief until the first few million doses are out there,” (Personal communication, Paul Offit, 2004). For this reason, scientists and public health officials carefully analyze and continually monitor the data related to every vaccine before, during and after it becomes available. Basically Maurice is saying that he's nervous till a few million doses are out which means he's not certain of what is going to happen till he sees it. He's also saying that they need to keep watching what's happening after people have been injected because they have no idea of what will happen in the long term.
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    Dude said Australia Full Range. Met the Stones there as a kid. Said all were nice, then Mick came in room...lol
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    Check out the link I provided and then compare what we actually know about Covid-19. Fwiw, I'm taking my chances with the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine.
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    There's absolutely no data available to support that notion or claim. If you have some, please submit it. No clinical trial to date on these vaccines, which have been in use in humans for less than a year, can predict what the long term effects or risk factors could be. I'm not saying that there will be higher incidence of this or that with vaccinated v.s. un-vaccinated individuals, but the reality is that any potential long term effects are unknown at this time.
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    Visit went well. They are a staright up seller. The equipment is stored indoors in a clean, well lit facility. They are not a reseller - The company upgrades movie theaters - not just the sound systems but the entire theatre. This storage had some speakers from a few of their theatre redo's. I misunderstood that these would be trashed if not sold. They have had them for a while. The do not always save speakers - it is easier for them to demo them. Had good discussions and hopefully they realize that there may be some money in saving them. Talked a lot about the horns and drivers. They did not have any Klipsch horns. Told him about the 402 and 501 and he could probably sell out all that he could find. They will keep that in mind going forward. The 904's were in pretty good shape overall. Dusty and nicked up like you would expect but not beaten up. Inside looked very good and the few woofers I tested (just with a battery) worked fine. Coils had free travel. Some of the speaker wire boxes were busted up a littlle and would need to be replaced. The crossovers in the box looked good on the ones I bought. Again - dusty but no livestock signs. They had about 20- 904's still there. I bought 2 - 904's and 2-480"s (for under my Lascalas) The majority of the speakers were JBL's. I bought 2 - 4722 HF setups with everything except the horn drivers for a very reasonable price. Gonna compare with the 904 once I get it put together. Overall a great trip - wish I could get more but don't have room. Jarred will keep me in mind when more equipment comes in Price list is above. The top JBL line if for the 2374 horn and driver fo the 3722 JBL speaker. He listed it by driver number.
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    As I said before, you or anyone else can post or link to any study, whether it's mainstream, contrary or otherwise.
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    Forgive me Howard as it was not on Long Island. However, a great deal of pride which still exists today forces me to interject. I hope you understand. In the third quarter of 1979, myself(at the ripe old age of 21) and a partner were awarded our Klipsch franchise. We felt that opening our retail establishment totally and completely hinged on being able to offer Klipsch to the public in the small California, Central Valley town of Merced. We opened our doors and began operation in August of 1979 thanks to the help of a lot of GREAT folks in the audio industry of that era. Jack Thornton Co., Dale Sprock, Bill Rogers, Woody Jackson, Kent Sheldon, Chuck Mulhearn and the list goes on. Georgia helped us a lot on the credit end of things as well. We proudly named our new baby "Sound Encounters". The license plate on our delivery vehicle(a white, 1962 Ford Falcon pickup with three on the tree)proudly declared we had "HiFi4U". The store was gorgeous. Dark Wood and blue carpeting on the walls and floor. Live plants, art, etc. We had one enclosed sound room which contained only the Heritage line in it's entirety(except for Belles)later on the KG's, Fortes and Chorus, etc.. Boston Acoustics and the "other stuff" was outside. LOL! Merced had never seen anything like it. We were SO proud. Those were grand times, times which I will never, ever forget nor the folks that were met along the way. Just when I thought things could not become anymore surreal, in 1983 I believe, myself and a small contingent of about five other guys from California dealerships were invited to Hope to spend a week at the plant and the "Compound". Talk about giddy, wow! The folks in Hope were ALL world class hosts. We felt SO welcome. From the plant tours, the educational and sales tools, to heading out to Garland over "Piss Bridge" for Catfish and Hush Puppies, it just could not get any better.....or could it? Mid week we were told we were going to the Bosses home for lunch. The Boss? Turns out when we get there it is the home of PWK and Ms. Valerie. Holy Cow, I have never been so intimidated in my life. That soon passed. They could not have made us feel more at home. We had a wonderful lunch. PWK showed us his model Trains in the pool house(yes, the one that carried refreshments to guests by the lap pool), Ms. Valerie was gracious enough to play the same song on both her Steinway and Bosendorfer pianos so we could hear the difference between them. We were commoners in the presence of royalty, but we did not once feel as such. One of the most memorable experiences of my life. I also stood shoulder to shoulder(well, i'm only 5'4", but you know what I mean)with PWK in the fairly recently completed Anechoic Chamber. GREAT experience but a weird place. Standing in that thing made me feel "off" somehow, haha. Anyway, I'm sorry if I have gone on and on. Happens to me every time the subject comes up. But those times will never be again and I will forever cherish the memories, the people and the customers that allowed us to change their lives forever by bringing Klipsch into their home. though my partner and I have not been involved since the '90's, the business still stands today, 42 years later, in it's current format. I still run into old customers, old friends who thank me, thank us, for the enrichment that we brought into their lives through Klipsch.
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    Yes, let me try this "little bit of tinkering" @Shiva , i have most of the needed parts lying around here anyway. I´ll post my findings; these will be highly subjective of course, i can´t measure but using my ears. A very controversial theme, i see. Thanks for Your input Guys.
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    Do we want to spend time dickering over a little tinkering?😀
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    - 4 speed Tranny -Hurst Shifter and an 8 ball -Chin spoiler -4 Headlamps-Vent by the door handle -American Racing Wheels ,Ford 9 inch differential --Black hood -hood pins -V8 351 Windsor Holley 4 Barrel Carb-
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    Instead, why don't you prove (since you have all of that fabulous lab gear, and no handheld meters), that the wire isn't better? Please post your results.
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    It's to placate audiophiles and marketing
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    I will buy lunch for anyone that can PROVE the jumpers and wire are different and the wire is better. Voltage transfer, acoustic measurement, blind listening with switching, Note from your Momma....ok, not the last one, but you get the point. insert little yellow button
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    I'm 62 and have never owned a television. Not that I've never watched just find it sucks time like a black hole. Thanks for the input though
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    I think we have all done similar things. Dave. Got up early... well rested - for a change. Had my fried potatoes and 3 egg breakfast. Now I'm ready for a nap.. lol Need to do some housekeeping today. I don't like housekeeping, but I like a reasonably clean house. Wife worked 6 days last week and I don't expect her to do much.
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    There's absolutely no data available to support that notion or claim. If you have some, please submit it. Feature Article: Long-term Side Effects of COVID-19 Vaccine? What We Know. | Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (chop.edu) Even with this history in mind, some reasonably wonder about the mRNA vaccines because they have not previously been approved for use in people. But here, too, we can be confident in what we know: Although COVID-19 mRNA vaccines are new, this type of vaccine has been studied in people before. mRNA vaccines against HIV, rabies, Zika and flu have been tested in phase 1 and phase 2 trials in people. The technology has also been used in clinical trials as a way to treat some cancers. Even though these products have not been licensed for use in people, these efforts provided important information about mRNA technology and its safety. mRNA is made and used in protein production in all cells of our bodies. As such, cells have mechanisms in place to ensure that no protein is made in quantities greater than needed. One way this happens is that mRNA has a “poly(A) tail.” In the cytoplasm, this tail ensures mRNA decay. As the mRNA is used to make proteins in the cell, the length of the poly(A) tail decreases, until it is too short for the mRNA to continue being used as a protein blueprint. Once this happens, the mRNA breaks down and is removed as cellular debris. This process limits how long mRNA remains in the cytoplasm — and, therefore, how much protein is produced. As such, poly(A) tails ensure that the cell breaks down the vaccine mRNA in a timely manner. Likewise, this understanding allows scientists to design vaccine-delivered mRNA in a way that ensures it does not stay in the cell longer than needed to generate immunity. Because of the knowledge gained with other vaccines, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) required companies making COVID-19 vaccines to follow trial participants for a minimum of eight weeks before they could submit their data for approval. Likewise, the participants in the mRNA vaccine trials continue to be followed even though the vaccines have been approved for use.
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    This is a preference question or a Math question.... Math... 101db@1w/1m 2 x power = 3db 100 W ph. 1 Watt dubled, then dubled... 1,2,3,8,16,32,64,128...that is 7 times. 7 x 3 =21db output... 101 + 21 = 122db max out. to get there clean, you need at least 6db headroom. So 4 x the power. 128 x 4 = 512 Watts per channel to reach full volume with headroom at 1 meter. Your seat is ....4 meters away...for fun...-6db every time the distance is doubled. that's 2 x -6 = -12db off the level due to distance. SO, with about 500 Watts to each speaker, you can have 6db of head room and about 120db at your seat. IF you want 3db less than that, cut the power in half.
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    Great enough that I entered it into the Klipsch Museum of Audio History Archives. More dealer recollections from "the old days" are solicited!
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    Since when? I know it is for Covid-19 because it's under a emergency use authorization, but I think all of the standard ones are all required for basic or officer training. It is totally voluntary, and they are told it is voluntary. For the usual vaccinations, they are not voluntary, but there has always been a medical or administrative exemption. For example, if you had an allergic reaction to a previous vaccine they have to review that carefully and extensively. I remember being asked if any previous reactions, and if I was allergic to certain things like eggs, etc. . If you had a previous reaction or relevant algery, you were sent to specialist and evaluated. On Admin/Religious Exemptions, for that you had to state religious grounds, that got you an audience with the base commander and then a meeting with medical staff. Children who use DoD sponsored schools or day care are required to be immunized unless based on valid religious grounds or medically contraindicated. If a vaccine was declared "mandatory" for a field of operation (I don't think there are many currently) the only exemption is medical. If you refuse, the commander has to advise you orally and in writing that if you refuse they can force you to get it. After the warning and a refusal they would probably prosecute you for willful failure to follow a legal order under the UCMJ.
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    After playing them for a few days they really seemed to open up. I believe the guy I bought them from said they were in his closet for a very long time. Just seemed they needed to be played for a little bit. Moved them a little farther from the wall and turned them up to a nice level And they have a very nice balanced sound. Not boomy like my old KG4s.
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    Until there is full approval.
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    This was discussed last week, DoD says it's voluntary until full FDA approval, at which time they will re-evaluate.
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    Okay. Fair enough. My only continuing counter is that we do know that infected people spread Covid-19 and that most of us will come in contact with someone or are ourselves vulnerable to the worst effects of the virus. I actually trust the science behind the vaccines because the community seems to support it as well by making themselves "Lemmings." This last year we've lost well over a half million people to the virus and the vaccine seems like a better alternative and I understand the need to get to herd immunity. Understood on all fronts. I hope you are wrong because it seems you are predicting the worse is to come regardless if we vaccinate--That's not what I'm gleaning but we are looking at the same material. Regardless, by July I predict the vaccinated people will be in better shape than those who aren't. We'll see.
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    La Scala over Belle because of the midhorn size and la scala over klipschorn because of timing issues... La Scala
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    for the past few months.. I have been secretly listening to Cheap Trick vids..
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    Love listening to Amy what’s your favourite track - for me it’s all tracks 😎🤪
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    Shiva the Destructor. a first time listen. 👍
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    Expert, a bit of a stretch, me thinks. 😀 I move on fairly quickly these days, Devin having about a two month window of exploration.
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    I was paying attention to your politics at the time and realizing the disparity I was amazed West Germany was willing to make a deal to bring up the east mark to mark...My dad worked at the Embassy in Bonn from 1968 to 1972 while I hung out in the embassy section of Bad Godesberg. Uh, yup. I wish I could comment but I've gotten in trouble in this thread before so I will refrain except to say {Edited} Amsterdam!!! I know that place like the back of my hand and as much as Brotchen reminds me of Germany, Pomme Fritz on the Damrak can't be beat!
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    Brotchen!!!!!! I lived in Bad Godesberg for 4 years as a kid and I absolutely LOVE those bad boys. Thanks for sharing that breakfast because it also brings back all of the awesome places I've stayed that served that exact meal and is what I consider breakfast here in the stated... On a sidenote, My worst (pun intended) breakfast experience happened at a B&B I stayed at in Koblenz where I met a group from Liverpool and we went out drinking heavily one night and I woke up to something that I never want to see again--It was called "bloodwurst" and when they brought it over I thought I was going to spew. 🥺 I ended up hiding it behind the orange juice but when ever I caught a glimpse of it brought that pukey response. Yep as an adult I've been all over Germany and plan on visiting again when restrictions are lifted.
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    You want it to sound better/different....so it does...that's how the human mind works
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    Though a classic...would I want to buy a factory new 57 Chevy today? Nope. Would I however, consider buying a factory fresh SS, GTO, Mustang or 442? Yep. Maybe Roy can make the new Jubilee's in Macassar Ebony??!! A blend of new and old.
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    This forum has been there, done that, a zillion times, don't you think?
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    I've heard that too, and so far I would say it does great with power. My experience is limited, but that big ol woofer can use the power to really control it and keep it tight. Maybe dampening factor is more important that watts. Mid and highs are great with anything. I've gone from 25 watt HK430 to 120 integrated, now at 150 watt NAD and 220 watt B&K. Kinda liking the NAD at the moment. Edit - revising this post as I have no idea whether that woofer has any bearing on anything, that's something I read and it made sense. Trying to get away from speculative hearsay.
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    Between the Belle and LaScala, you'll spend a lot less on the LaScala, have a better midrange and have way more available to purchase.
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    No he's a drummer but he knows things and when I say things I mean everything. I guess you could say he bloviates.
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    I appreciate the thought experiment but given what I said below and that there has been notable advances in those models to get them where they are at today I think it would backfire as a marketing tool and they would be in a "parts" competition with aftermarket venders who have pretty big following. I also gotta think the Heritage line isn't where Klipsch's bread-n-butter is today. After following this and other forum's for the last 20 years folks would still recommend purchasing used Heritage for the best bang-for-your-buck and New for the best sound in that class. Otoh, Home Theater is where sales are going to be and those speakers have smaller footprints and are cheaper to make. That's my take.
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    Yep. We're looking at getting creative with the closing contract with the house. Things could be going bonkers pretty soon and inflation might be hitting pretty hard soon too. The Probate not being finalized has thrown a monkey wrench into my life. We (heirs) can't deed the property to another until it is finalized. Which ticks me off `cause the "Real Property" is NOT a part of the "Estate". Except when it pertains to my current situation. Any of you Legal-Eagles have any experience you would/could share hypothetically about renting for a 90 day or a month more period then applying that rent to the purchase of the home? Please PM. Yea I'm calling & EMailing Monday morning, but anything about protecting the interests of seller's side & buyers too could be invaluable here. Do not want to let this opportunity fade away.
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    Plug and play...lol. For sure, bet there are those. I know I posted way more than usual. Your idea above has logistical issues and a certain amount of training, and feedback that would have to be addressed. Not just a simple, pass me the procedure and an email. You have to have resource and people skills.
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    I've found Pampers to work quite nicely once you get that plastic liner lit! Kinda tough but they work in a pinch! 😂
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    Welcome to the Forum. You will have some quick answers. For the value you will need to post some photos and your general location.
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    For [goodness] sake. I don't think you heard your friends correctly there, I think what they were trying to tell you is that they were deeply offended when a well know "third" political party tried to draw a parallel with vaccination passports and the yellow star mandates during the holocaust: https://www.forbes.com/sites/petersuciu/2021/03/30/vaccine-passport-comparison-to-holocaust-symbols-stirs-debate/?sh=576ec0da8f6b https://www.kentucky.com/news/coronavirus/article250332241.html https://www.courier-journal.com/story/news/politics/2021/03/30/kentucky-libertarian-party-compares-vaccine-passports-star-david-badge/4806747001/ https://www.wkyt.com/2021/03/31/lexington-rabbi-responds-to-ky-libertarian-party-comparing-vaccine-passports-to-the-holocaust/ On this issue, you are grossly misinformed. It reads like something off of a conspiracy/antivax website. I say that because if you unpack that statement it isn't saying anything - I'm mean literally, it is saying nothing because it doesn't match up with how it is administered, or the information sheets that are given to patients before they get vaccinated. (The Moderna warning/sheet is pretty clear you don't have to take it, there are unknown risks, and it's still being studied (see below for excerpts)). Previously untested. Are you aware of any new vaccine or drug, that was previously tested before it went through clinical trials (testing). They all start out untested. They start with mice, and then non-human primates. Then Phase 1, etc. Other than the EUA, every new drug for the last 20 or 30 years (at least) starts the same way. How are the Fact Sheet/Warnings (what your refer to as "informed consent") in the package of a brand new drug any different than the Moderna Fact Sheet/Warnings everyone has to read/sign before given the vaccine? In fact, the delivery mechanism or "platform" of this vaccination (via messenger RNA) has been under study for several years already. What's you source for saying "doctors are not telling patients that "the long term ramifications . . are unknown?" It is true, absolutely true. Why is it true? It's true because generally speaking, doctors are not part of the process of administering the vaccinations. Doctors are not "telling them" because doctors are literally not there. Want to know something that is really, really scary? It can be given by an RN or a pharmacist. You don't even have to see a doctor to get it. Oh my GAWD! So I'm wondering who these doctors are that have a private supply that are giving it to their patients but not telling them "hey this is a brand new vaccine, so we don't know what the long terms effects might be"? (At my wife's County HUB they do have a doctor physically present at all times, as well as an ambulance, in the event that someone had a rare anaphylaxis reaction, they are not there to answer questions or provide information. Now that really would be a scandal? So, I guess the response would be, well "doctors" is a generic term, it includes all health professionals who administer the vaccine, nurses, pharmacists, etc. Well none of them have to be "pressed" about about anything, if someone asked "what are the long terms ramifications" of this new drug/vaccine the response would be, what's your definition of "long term"? The patient would give their definition, (1 month, one year, ten years, 30, 80 years) and the "doctor" (or pharmacist or nurse, medical assistant) would respond "it's less than a year old, beyond that no one knows, it's all right there in the information sheet I gave you. If you don't want it you are not required to take it, I can give you does to one of our waitlisted people. Here are some excerpts from the 5 page fact sheet with warnings and disclosures - It's pretty simple: What's in there? Can they track me with this stuff? Those sons of *******, i knew it. They give me cholesterol and lipids. Cholesterol is bad. I'm pretty sure there are lots of studies that say the long term effects of increased cholesterol is not good. That for sure is going to have long terms effects. A strongly worded letter of complaint is in order here. The polyethylene glycol is why you have to wait 15 minutes, and why at my wife's HUB they have a doctor on physically there on standby, with all of the equipment and drugs ready to treat such a reaction. And then this - we don't know everything yet: As to the "freedom" issue of requiring the vaccine, I don't think it is necessarily improper, political, or otherwise, but it's way, way off this topic so if you have more to say about that, you are seriously welcome to start a new thread about it, either on the Rutgers vaccination requirement (it's not a study by the way) or even something new. (I would start with Jacobson v. Massachusetts and look at the manly scholarly legal articles and discussions as to whether it was correctly decided or not, and what the court would likely do today. Quick link: https://constitutioncenter.org/blog/on-this-day-the-supreme-court-rules-on-vaccines-and-public-health).
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    I took @RandyH000 quote from the other thread but thought the overall discussion would be better here. THEY DID! 👨‍🎓 I agree and that is what the experts have been saying for quite some time. I would agree with you but there aren't any large spread deaths attributed to the vaccine. We've come full circle to Dean's comment which I totally agree with and seems to be the scientific consensus.
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    IV's are not oiled. They don't do any oil finishes in Hope any longer. What every you do, you have to make sure that it doesn't remove the special lacquer underneath. Travis
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