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    I finally said good bye to General Motors after 24 years. I've had 5 surgeries in the last 8 years, and my body just can't take building trucks anymore. Probably the scariest thing I've ever done, but I did it. I'm 63, so with my pension and SS, I should be fine. Besides, my wife works full time also. I'll probably have to cut back on buying vintage tubes and speakers.....
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    Klipsch LaScala AL-5 ME. 🙂
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    My orphaned family... 😛
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    They went to a great new home, which makes me very happy. And wow, did they sound fantastic set up outside....Several of my neighbors (and the mailman) came over and asked if I was getting ready for a concert.....Well, yes! Now I need a new project.......
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    Greetings folks. I thought I’d temporarily lift my self-imposed ban to tell you all that the Lord has smiled on my family today. Brother’s cancer is localized and has NOT spread. Next step is meeting with the Oncologist to devise a treatment plan. Still a serious surgery ahead; but grateful for this bit of good news. Thank you for your prayers. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. Praising God for this good news, so today is still Thanksgiving to me. Kindly, Steve
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    I thought there might be a special section of this forum for new member introductions but a search revealed that the most likely place would be in this section. I'm sure I could lurk here indefinitely gleaning mass quantities of information about Klipsch speakers that I couldn't find anywhere else but I thought I should introduce myself anyway. I've already found quite a lot of information which has helped me figure out how to proceed with some cosmetic repair as well as performance updates to the new/used Heresy I speakers I recently purchased. Attached is a "before" photo of one of these speakers. They'll never be beauty contest winners but I think with some new grill cloth and a bit of cleaning and treatment of the finish they won't look embarrassing. In terms of sound the plan is to update and replace the crossover components too. I'm not a newcomer to Klipsch speakers however. My high school band director in the early 70s introduced us to Klipsch with a pair of corner horns in the band hall. I've been hooked ever since then. He also had taught band in Hope, Arkansas and used to recount stories of working at the plant during the summers and having discussion with Paul Klipsch about music and speaker design. I had always been intrigued by these stories - not all of them about audio necessarily. Both had a great sense of humor. He had a two track reel to reel tape deck (made by Bell) in a custom made wooden carrying box that PWK used to carry with him in his airplane when traveling to do audio demonstrations. He passed that tape deck onto me when I was in college and then sometime later - late 80s or 90s - I made a trip through Hope, stopped at the museum, and donated the machine to the museum. Of particular note about this tape deck was that the "Bell" in Bell Electronics had an extra "e" penciled in to the name making it "Belle". I"m not sure if the museum actually put it on display since I haven't been back since then to find out. The first Klipsch speakers I ever purchased were a set of KG4 that I bought new. It was all I could afford at the time. A few years later and back when I was in a house that had room for bigger speakers I ended up buying a pair of La Scalas (maybe two pair on two different occasions if I remember correctly), selling them, then buying two different pairs of Klipschorns (but not at the same time). The first pair were mismatched from different years and different finishes but the second pair (after I sold those) were matched and wonderful! A series of moves made it impossible to keep them however. After that the KG4s kept me in Klipsch sound until buying these Heresy speakers just a few weeks ago. I've always been intrigued with the design and have a set of technical papers that my former high school band director gave me. One of the things that I believe makes horn loaded speakers, and especially Klipsch because they do it well, so appealing to me is the reduction of intermodulation distortion caused by limiting the amount of diaphragm movement through coupling to a horn. It's strange but I rarely see this mentioned in defense of the design. Efficiency, sensitivity, and controlled directivity is mentioned but the lower distortion, especially from high volume and high level transients, is not talked about so much. I credit that aspect with being one of the reasons that I believe they reproduce brass music (I am a brass player, trombone specifically, as if you couldn't guess from my user name) so well. To me the brass section of orchestras doesn't sound realistic through most other speakers. The brass section my come through loud on other speakers but there's no power behind it. Not only did my band director influence me in my preference for Klipsch speakers, he also contributed to my decision to become a band and orchestra director 40 years ago - and now, after 35+ years of teaching, a professional trombonist. So, here's my latest project. The little Heresies are just about the perfect size for my small office/practice room. Looking forward to hearing about everyone's interest and experience with their Klipsch speakers and learning more about these great speakers! Ken
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    Some frequently-asked potential buyer questions (FAQs) for the home version Klipsch Jubilee: 1) What is a Jubilee? The Klipsch Jubilee consists of a redesigned dual-mouth ("W" section) bass bin having horn expansion path in one axis (versus both the horizontal and vertical in the original Khorn bass bin), and the K-402 high frequency horn on top that uses a full-range 2" compression driver, thus bringing the Klipschorn design back to its original two-way design of the 1940s and '50s that its inventor wished it to be. The crossover point is nominally 450-500 Hz. As sold by Klipsch, the two-way home version Jubilee was intended to be bi-amped using a DSP crossover, i.e., a "loudspeaker processor", for crossover and EQ balancing--the thin dark gray box on top of preamplifier in the photo below is one DSP crossover that is used with the Klipsch Jubilee. Third party passive crossovers are not supported by Klipsch, although there are passive schematics for the K-69-A compression driver and TAD TD-4002 compression driver (both drivers now discontinued). 2) What's so special about the Jubilee? Why should I consider buying them? The Klipsch Jubilee was originally developed to be the replacement for the Klipschorn (corner horn). Paul Klipsch intended to call it a "Klipschorn II", but its performance so exceeded the expectations of its inventor that the decision was made to call it the "Jubilee" in commemoration of the 50th year of the Klipschorn introduction to the marketplace in the mid-late 1940s. The Klipschorn is the only known loudspeaker to be in continuous production for all of those 50 years. Many that have heard Klipsch Jubilees consider them to be the finest loudspeaker that Klipsch produces. If you hear them, you'll understand why. The advantages of the Jubilee design over the original Klipschorn are: time alignment of the entire loudspeaker, leading to more neutral sounding loudspeakers overall without crossover interference band-induced timbre changes much better directivity vs. frequency of its acoustic output, leading to a huge soundstage image and very smooth sounding performance overall higher efficiency of both the bass bin and hf horn/driver due to the elimination of the passive crossover extremely low reactance load--direct connect to drivers to maximize driver damping much better frequency response flatness using the built-in equalizing filters in the DSP crossover to correct for the controlled directivity K-402 horn/driver and room response variances, especially in the midbass and below frequency bands Some history of the Klipsch Jubilee design, its bass bin, and K-402 horn can also be found here: 3) How much does a Klipsch Jubilee cost? The two-way Jubilees cost somewhat less than new Klipschorns. 4) What product ordering options are available? Klipsch provides a bass bin front panel veneer in a number of veneer choices. The K-691 compression driver (rebranded B&C DE75) is the standard driver bundled with the two-way home version Jubilee. 5) Where can I hear a pair of Jubilees? See the following thread: 6) Where can I buy a Jubilee? The two-way (home hi-fi version) Jubilee can be ordered in the U.S. through @MetropolisLakeOutfitters --a Klipsch dealer. Other dealers can be found through contacting Roy Delgado (roy.delgado@klipsch.com). 7) Does Klipsch provide setup support? If not, where can I get help? Klipsch does not provide setup support for these loudspeakers. Additional help can be obtained through Jubilee owners here on the Klipsch Forum. Free help with getting them dialed-in using DSP crossover can be obtained through @Chris A via email support using Room EQ Wizard (REW) and your chosen DSP crossover. It is recommended that you first consider using a Xilica crossover (XP or XD series) to facilitate the dialing-in tasks, although other DSP crossover types can also be used. It is also recommended that you use a better quality DSP crossover than a miniDSP, Behringer, and the entry-level dbx Driverack. 8 ) What active crossovers are used? What's recommended ? How do I program it? Several types of DSP crossovers have been used with the two-way home version Jubilee, including the older ElectroVoice Dx38 and its successor DC-One, Yamaha SP2060, Ashly Protea, and Xilica XP series. If buying through MetropolisLakeOutfitters, preloading of Xilica XP processor settings developed by Roy Delgado of Klipsch is an option supported by the dealer. 9) How do I buy a Jubilee if I don't live in the U.S.? What are my options? Contact Roy Delgado (roy.delgado@klipsch.com) to discuss your options for international sales. Note that most Klipsch dealers do not often handle Klipsch Professional products (i.e., cinema). Based on the history of difficulties getting the correct configuration for two-way home hi-fi operation, it is recommended to email Roy Delgado before contacting your local Klipsch dealer if you do not live and ship to the U.S. Chris
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    I may have posted here before but search didn't get any hits... Anyways, you guys have some awesome dedicated rooms. If and when I ever move, a dedicated theater room will be a priority. My living room serves me well for now however as my multi purpose media room. Belle's for 2 channel system and a reference series setup for movies and tv.......
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    Built the separate bass bin and tophat for a friend using Crites 15" cast frame woofers, K500 horns and xovers purchased from a forum member (Thanks Al) wit K77 tweeters. The tophat is movable and the risers are covered with felt on the bottom to prevent scratching the cabinets. Cherry veneer with poly finish and rubbed down with 0000 steel wool and finishing wax. Custom made new 1/2" ply grills with hidden neo magnets.
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    One of my friends has 2 tickets for the 2019 Super Bowl, both box seats. He paid $2,000 for both tickets, but he didn't realize last year when he bought them it was going to be the same weekend as his wedding. If you are interested, he is looking for someone to take his place. It's at St John's Episcopal Church in Martinsburg WV at 2:00 PM. Her name is Connie, she'll be the one in the white dress.
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    ,Splits! I'll have some KP-2500s for sale soon as these will replace them on my back patio.
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    Last weekend I took a trip to California as a mini vacation... go to Disneyland, play some poker and visit some Klipsch scenes. Fist stop was an audition of a pair of Jubilees at fellow forumite babadono's wonderful home in southern California. Eric was kind enough to allow me a visit with him and his wife to hear these magnificent speakers and he tolerated my playing of some rather eclectic music that I am sure made him go "hum". The set up was still in it's infancy and eric really hadn't had much spare time to get it completely dialed in, but despite the very spacious listening area and many highly reflective exposed surfaces the system was over powering and very potent. Like a caged tiger ready to pounce at the moment any volume was applied. The system gained more and more significance and impact as the db's rose higher and higher. The 402's were being fed by a pair of TAD4002's and they lived up to the expectation I had for them. thank you Eric for the great experience. Next up, I went to Los Angeles to a place called "In Sheep's Clothing". This is a highend listening bar in the swanky Art's district of L.A. that offers up great Japanese whiskeys and hand blended teas for patrons while they listen to non-stop Vinyl playback via two vintage Garrard 301 turntables. main speakers are Klipschorns driven by what looked like an A23 Amplifier... but I really could not tell. Yes... that is a $680 glass of whisky... not a bottle of whisky. Directly across from the front stage is the bar which houses two Heresy's and what looked like an extrea pair of mid/tweeter section sitting atop to bar. when I first got there, they were playing two channel only... later as other patrons began to show up, all speakers were firing. The sound was absolutely magnificent... zero issues. The detail was quite profound (even with six speakers firing). The room was mainly hard surfaces, but ringing the entire room had an absorption ring that was centered at the HF section of the Klipschorn... the sound was extremely spatial and detailed and fully enveloping with no dead zones... every seat in the small room was a good seat when all speakers were firing. Next up... I went to "upscale audio" in La Verne to see if they possibly had a pair of the new AK6 Klipschorns to listen to, unfortunately they did not. As a Heritage dealer they did however have several pairs of great speakers... the Cornwall III, the Forte III and a pair of beautiful La Scala II 70th's I was slightly disappointed that I could not hear the new Klipschorn, so I began asking about the new VPI HW-40 direct drive turntable (since they were a VPI dealer). I have been following this model for some time, and fully expected to buy one when it comes out in a few weeks. It's an anniversary model that is a direct drive unit (which is a departure for VPI)... I had thought the unit was going to retail for that 1500-2000$ range as a low end direct drive convenience model in the VPI line... imagine my surprise when they range it up and the receipt said 15,000$... I had to kindly decline that purchase... OOPS! all in all a great weekend wit great people and great speakers.
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    5th Grandbaby Eleanor Louise, born at 10:05 last night:
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    Gonna be a good 4th of July. Forte III's arrived a couple of hours ago. Strapped to a pallet-that's the way to do it! Well done Klipsch.
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    I had been trying to replace some Speakerlab woofers for months when I saw a post by Mookie . He said he had a pair that I could have just for the shipping cost . Received speakers a few days latter. When I asked for his Pay pal account to pay for shipping he said " just made a charitable donation somewhere & we would both be paying it forward . Now is that cool or what . Kind enough to give the drivers away free but not even recouping shipping blew me away ! THANKS, Mookie
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    A few of these came in the mail....this is going to be good.... @Davis
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    I had my first member visit to audition my Jubilees this past Saturday L to R Michael (Schu) his wife Sonja and my better half Schu and Sonja -is it love at first hearing? Yours truly and Schu. The visit was too short but a good time was had by all.
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    Here is the Official video from KGI on the AL-5 being built.
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    I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving day. No matter matter what life brings there's always something to be thankful for. I wish all that read this the best.
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    My first bed out of college was made up of eight tea crates (free for the asking from Lipton company at the Galveston docks) with a pad of foam rubber on top...for 5 years. In that time, I owned DIY 3-way acoustic suspension loudspeakers, and later gave them to a friend when I bought a pair of AR90s a year or so later with Pioneer receiver and direct drive TT with Shure V15 Type III cartridge. About 2 years later I sprang for a pair of Magnepan MG-IIIAs with Carver C-2 preamp and M1.5t amplifier. I was also a cat sailor/racer (NACRA 5.2, NACRA 5.5 18^2 metre, windsurfer) during that time and raced year 'round on the weekends on cats, then big boats (J24, 10-metre racing monohulls) on Galveston bay. I basically lived like a beach bum in Galveston (later Alvin, home of Nolan Ryan)--but with a very good sound system. I only accepted a donated bed from friends later--when they showed up at my door with a spare one that they had, thus having pity on my poor audiophile living state. It was like a page of my life turned when I laid down on the new bed that evening. I must've shed a little tear--knowing that life was going to change--forever. (I later married the girl that brought the bed.) That was 35 1/2 years ago. She's still here. Later, when our kids were almost out the door (i.e., graduated and with good jobs), I bought Jubilees. The rest you already know. The Magnepans are still in a box in the garage and the NACRA 5.5 is disassembled in the back yard (not having seen the water since I got married). I guess that I hang on the image of being an audiophile beach bum. Chris
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    i have said that i would not touch pauls designs. but having the honor and opportunity to work and develop a friendship with mr k, i also know what he ultimately wanted to do with his babies. and of course, i can wish he was still around to guide me, i mean, look at the original jub. so many things that mr k wanted were in that; but not all of them. that is why i hesitate these days to do anything. i dont want to do anything that he would not approve of. its that simple. i have incorporated what else mr k wanted. and i think (and hope) that mr k would approve of what has been done to his pinnacle product... the klipschorn ak6. i hope you all get a chance to listen to it and can imagine mr k smiling.
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    I had been struggling for years to get a good sound in my two channel set up. Every time I thought I had it sorted out, I would listen a different type of music (or movie) and I would be up and adjusting something again. My living room is my listening space, and it is asymmetrical. Many years ago I had acquired a pair of speakers from a friend who considered himself an “Audiophile” who suddenly needed cash more than speakers. These speakers were Vero Research (no longer in business) Soundwaves Point Source 3.0 Towers (vintage 1992). I had seen the original invoice and knew I was getting these speakers for a fraction of their new cost. The Soundwaves are an unusual 2 way polygonal design that can create a very open sound. Unfortunately for me, the design does not seem to work well in my living room. Over the years I have added acoustic absorption to key points of the room and changed electronics and still I could not find a sound to make me happy. Late last year my wife are at some outdoor venue and I hear something that makes me smile. Fifty yards away are some JBL professional speakers running background music (before a festival) at a low volume that sounded clear and powerful, even from a distance. As I get closer to these speakers I realize they are a horn driven design! This is the sound I was looking for! OK, so at some point here I have a flashback and remember back in the late 80's or early 90's (yeah I am an old man) I was in a hi-fi shop sampling some speakers and they demonstrated some large Klipsch speakers tucked into the corners of the high-end room. To be honest I don't remember if they were Klipschorns, La Scala's or what. What I do remember was the clear powerful, lifelike live sound they produced! Unfortunately the price and size of these speakers didn't match my budget or listening space then or now. Last December, the frustration of not knowing if my 'audiophile' speakers were at the root of my sound issues became higher when I discovered that the closest Klipsch Heritage dealer was 300 miles away! I was thinking of getting a pair of Heresy III's, but I still had a hard time in my mind spending this amount of money until I knew where my sound issues really were. I debated taking this trip to this dealer, but I was exploring other options. The week before Christmas, I am checking out E-Bay for used Heresy II's, and I find a pair of Forte II's in good shape for $600. They were black (which matches our decor), and while the pictures showed the wear and tear of the years, all the corners and drivers looks good in the pictures. The only downside was a 1200 mile round trip to get them! This is the pair I bought! So my wife and I take a three day road trip during a cold and rainy weekend before Christmas to meet a very nice man and his family who was the original owner (vintage 1995). His reason for parting with the Forte II's was that he finally upgraded to a multi-channel system and no longer felt the need for a large speaker. He even had the original boxes! I believe he really did me a favor! Once we get home, I plug the Forte II's up to my amplifier and whoa! My wife, who is rarely interested in music is floored, as am I. The character our our listening experience improved so dramatically in such a short period, I know now the root cause of my previous frustration was speakers! In early January I ordered a pair of new crossovers and the titanium tweeter diaphragms from Bob Crites. In late January I disassembled the speakers, gave them a light sanding, did the rattle can paint job, and reassembled them with the upgrades (the Crites crossovers are a work of art themselves) adding in a bit of rockwool dampening. I figured we have $1500 invested in the speakers, from the cost of speakers, electronics and cost of the round trip. The speaker grills are a bit faded by time, so I removed them, and painted the speaker mounting screws red for contrast and added a Klipsch logo I found on E-Bay for a Industrial look. I currently have our rebuilt Forte II's paired with some old Sub-10 Klipsch sub-woofers I had, connected on the high side with a 40hz crossover point. I cleaned out some old electronics and bought in the Yamaha WXC-50 Streamer/DAC/Preamp connected to a new Emotiva A-150 amplifier. This simple system now sounds glorious with any music played or any movie watched. It is interesting to see now that the hi-fi reviewers such as Steve Guttenberg, Andrew Robinson and John Darko have also found their way to the Klipsch Heritage line. This journey has been a fun one with us being rewarded with a new appreciation for well record music. For under $3K for everything (except the TV), this budget system sounds better than I could have imagined, and continues to impress new guests to our home. Sorry for the long post but I have read many posts in the Klipsch two channel forums concerning the Heritage speakers and I wanted to share my experience as well.
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    Well I did it I purchased the LaScalas II in cherry !! i cant wait to hear them with my mac mc275 tube amp !! review to follow !!
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    Wish we could have had someone taking the pictures of the auction and winners. I am happy everyone thought my watercolor of the Klipschorn was great! I enjoyed painting it and donating it for the museum!
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    This is for all three of you who aren't on Facebook. Everybody else has probably already seen it 200 times so please just ignore. Almost photoshopped my website out but I talked to two admins and they said it was ok so here it is. If there's any issues please just delete, I'm just proud of it but don't want to ruffle any feathers. Basically I kept seeing all these trucks that were representing everything but home audio so I wanted to do the same thing with Klipsch. The below two were my favorite: example / inspiration 1: example / inspiration 2: So I hooked up with a designer and we came up with this based on design styles that I liked, it's actually a rendering but it almost looks real, this truck doesn't exist. This took several proofs to get to this point, I literally threw away about 75 versions of almost the same thing. Matt Sommers provided feedback on some tweaks and approved this design: I finally got the courage to pull the trigger, found a shop in Nashville called the Wrap Lab who had done multiple Raptors and other high end cars so I was more comfortable with dealing with them than the local guys who admitted that they didn't like stuffing the wrap behind anything, they just cut around stuff, and I saw examples of that and it was just as bad as I suspected, so I drove down and left it for a week. installation: Good thing I stared at that pic for awhile, finally realized that the front fender was messed up so that had to be redone: finished except the door handle was wrong, notice the driver side door handle makes it look like you are seeing double, that part of the L and I was about an inch too high, they had to redo it. first look outside the shop: at a local pond: tailgate closeup: at the warehouse: IT turned out great for the most part. If I were to do it over I would try to avoid the door handles if at all possible but they aren't that big of a deal, we knew going in that would be a challenge. The body panels made a few things appear slightly different than I expected but if I didn't point it out most people would never notice. The Raptor is a wide body truck, those fenders are VERY curvy compared to a normal truck, it messed some things up mostly revolving around my website. The tailgate top is twisted as well and I couldn't do much with it. The inside of the front and rear fender and right above the URL was probably the hardest though. If I ever did another one I'd make sure I got actual 3D renderings to be safe. Paint shops have some very good software that they can use to visualize all the curves, it would be more useful than I expected in situations like this. Here are a couple of renderings that didn't make the cut but were made using this software. This truck doesn't exist either, just blows my mind. Anyway, it was a fun project. It was surprisingly nerve racking to turn over a new truck to people knowing they're going to take a bunch of stuff off of it plus not knowing exactly how it was going to turn out. If I had done it a few times before and had an older vehicle I wouldn't care but yeah that was strange.
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    Baseball is what I photograph the most. I am a photographer for the Miracle League.
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    Each day lily bloom lasts about a day. My house in Wisconsin has a large day lily garden with over 100 varieties of them. We also have tree frogs that like to take residence in them and catch bugs.
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    Here is a piece of Iris Agate I dug in Tennessee and is some of the best in the world. It happens when there are roughly 10,000 lines of deposit per inch and up and when this happens it acts like a diffraction grating. When you move it up and down in front of your light source you see the colors change. The area of color is roughly 1.5" tall and 2.5" wide. The very best Iris under magnification is wavy and looks just like the groove on an LP record.
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    Some pictures of mine, with 2 La Scala, 1 Cornwall and 4 THX KW-120 Subs... Some Heresy in the back...and THX Sides Changed the seating in the meanwhile...
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    Received another speaker from Klipsch today, a 1502, that I needed to complete my Jubilees. I had already started to open it before I remembered to take some pictures. The shipper R&L Trucking was awesome and put it in my carport. After the packaging was removed and I walked around it and that smile formed which has not gone away yet. The music room remains a mess but most of it is back together. I have reconfigured the Xilica as per @Chief bonehead and am working on gain structure. My first impression is Wow there is music in that bottom octave and it is good. Some of the bass is very nuanced and some is punchy fast while being very clean and having correct tone. I'm using a Crown amp rated at 1500 watts at 4 Ohms bridged. I agree with @dtel that the china cabinet needs to be watched as I have already been reprimanded by my wife. Works like that vibrating football game we had as kids. The first music played was Gotthard's Domino Effect CD. I want to thank @MetropolisLakeOutfitters for putting up with me asking for one of these every couple of weeks and then actually getting one for me. I recommend them highly.
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    Bought these new in 1977 retired them in 1985 when I upgraded to Fortes. I just dragged them out of the back of my closet today after 33 years. Amazing what a little vacuuming and some Old English scratch cover will do.
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    Just received my new pair of CWIII’s. Walnut with 70th gold luster grills. Have to say, look and sound pretty good. I have them paired with all McIntosh tube gear. Going to take some time to break in.
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    I'm picking them up on Saturday. I always wanted to try a pair.
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    Just 'caught' my 17 year old doing homework while listening to Sly and the Family Stone. Yea, Dad this is better than the crap today. I'm down!
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    === through a chance meeting at a family members funeral, we met and have fast friend with a family from Norway. It’s amazing how much Roy and I have in common with cars and hifi. He has heard or owned many of the Euro big names - B&W, Dynaudio, Tannoy, Diavaliet, Triangle to name a few. Never owned but a fan of horns and Klipsch lore, he drove three hours to experience what is Jubilee. I’ve never really seen anyone stunned before but he was near speechless and what he described as “effortless, better than live piano, seamless transitions, buttery smooth mid-band”. “Puts the latest B&W Diamonds to waste”. “The center staging is perfect”. He kept shaking his head “I can’t believe how good these sound, no matter what you (me) have invested, the best rig I have ever heard. Some of KC’s best BBQ and a blast to 130 in the ‘Cat didn’t hurt things either. I think he enjoyed his stay —
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    I know this one is. Saturday night at the movies is one of our favorite things.
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    No matter your political leanings/beliefs, John McCain deserves our respect and admiration. He is a hero, someone who put his service to this country above himself. I am compelled to start another thread because I feel so strongly with respect for this great man. Courage, integrity and passion are but a few words to describe him. You all know the rules. Please do not cause this thread to be locked. Thank you.
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    Love the size of the Heresy, and my wife wanted my small Cornscalas smaller. I give you the CornHeresy. The design goal was for the same midrange horn, driver and crossover I use in my cornscala but smaller. It doesn't dig as deeply as my cornscala, not by a long shot but the bass is still fantastic. The sound stage is wide and Deep. 2way Eminence LFA12 Faital LTH142 (The big one) for the horn. Faital HF140 for 500-18K. I know some cross it as low as 500hz... Driver has been shown to be safe that low. The horn reports its freq response from 500hz to 18K, but suggests crossing at 800hz with a 12db filter. This is prob meant at full power, but I decided to use the recommendation and went with a 12DB. I asked AL to design a AP12-800 setup for this application. He had previously measured a 12LFA went I sent it to his for the Jub Clone crossovers. I believe Al describes it as a AP12 + a Zoble network.
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    Congrats to you! If you can bottle your secret on how you get to retire and keep your pretty Mrs working full time... Id bet there'd be a bunch here willing to buy a bottle! I spend my time here in TN getting people (state employees) INTO their pension/401K system. Then I spend one day a week at our downtown office, meeting with about 7 people on that one day. Those folks are eyeballing their way out so I get to review their entire situation with them. Sometimes I get to be depressed by how little they've saved (in their 401K) and over the years, have an idea of what kind of struggle might be ahead of them.... then....I hit the other extreme.... just last week, a guy came in. Basically clueless about everything. Years ago, he picked 3-4 different funds in his 401K plan. As it happened, he (in hind sight) picked pretty much four out of four, the highest performers available in his plan.....and he's sitting on $900,000 in his 401K. He had no clue he had amassed that much and was pleasantly surprised. (yeah, those are fun conversations to have) I got to watch him as he almost literally floated out of the office with rays of sunshine beaming all around him.
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    Wife took this of my daughter this morning. I thought her choice of background was, well, interesting. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I want to thank all of you that have expressed your prayers, sympathy and kind words regarding my condition. I by no means came here looking for sympathy, although I appreciate the support given. What I hope to convey in a small way is for each of you take better care of yourselves and possibly extend your own life by shedding bad habits. It doesn't take a life change just cutting back on habits that are bad for you. The worst part is leaving my wife alone. A few here can relate. I learned a valuable lesson from my Dad when I was 16 and have been fiercely independent my entire life, made my own way and never asked anyone for anything (well except for a few young ladies when I was younger). It's a pi$$er to work your entire life and have this crap take what you have worked for your entire life. Cancer Treatment Centers and Oncologist offices are full of people suffering this fate. Don't be one of them. Do whatever is necessary to ensure that you are there for your wife and kids when they need you most. Thanks again everyone. Keith
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    Well, it's been well over 2 years since I've shared in this thread what my home theater looks like. It has certainly changed a lot. If a picture is worth a thousand words...well, hope you enjoy the video.
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    Too dark to take a picture tonight, but I received a wool army blanket that was owned/used by my great grandfather in Europe during World War I. I don't believe in having shelf trophies, so I'll be using it regularly to honor his memory and service.
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Well, I was at it again, enjoying LaScalas outdoors! This time for a company picnic. Turned all four loose for this one since it was a large area. Didn't get to crank 'em (family picnic) but did receive many comments on how clean and clear the sound was even from far away.
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