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    I thought there might be a special section of this forum for new member introductions but a search revealed that the most likely place would be in this section. I'm sure I could lurk here indefinitely gleaning mass quantities of information about Klipsch speakers that I couldn't find anywhere else but I thought I should introduce myself anyway. I've already found quite a lot of information which has helped me figure out how to proceed with some cosmetic repair as well as performance updates to the new/used Heresy I speakers I recently purchased. Attached is a "before" photo of one of these speakers. They'll never be beauty contest winners but I think with some new grill cloth and a bit of cleaning and treatment of the finish they won't look embarrassing. In terms of sound the plan is to update and replace the crossover components too. I'm not a newcomer to Klipsch speakers however. My high school band director in the early 70s introduced us to Klipsch with a pair of corner horns in the band hall. I've been hooked ever since then. He also had taught band in Hope, Arkansas and used to recount stories of working at the plant during the summers and having discussion with Paul Klipsch about music and speaker design. I had always been intrigued by these stories - not all of them about audio necessarily. Both had a great sense of humor. He had a two track reel to reel tape deck (made by Bell) in a custom made wooden carrying box that PWK used to carry with him in his airplane when traveling to do audio demonstrations. He passed that tape deck onto me when I was in college and then sometime later - late 80s or 90s - I made a trip through Hope, stopped at the museum, and donated the machine to the museum. Of particular note about this tape deck was that the "Bell" in Bell Electronics had an extra "e" penciled in to the name making it "Belle". I"m not sure if the museum actually put it on display since I haven't been back since then to find out. The first Klipsch speakers I ever purchased were a set of KG4 that I bought new. It was all I could afford at the time. A few years later and back when I was in a house that had room for bigger speakers I ended up buying a pair of La Scalas (maybe two pair on two different occasions if I remember correctly), selling them, then buying two different pairs of Klipschorns (but not at the same time). The first pair were mismatched from different years and different finishes but the second pair (after I sold those) were matched and wonderful! A series of moves made it impossible to keep them however. After that the KG4s kept me in Klipsch sound until buying these Heresy speakers just a few weeks ago. I've always been intrigued with the design and have a set of technical papers that my former high school band director gave me. One of the things that I believe makes horn loaded speakers, and especially Klipsch because they do it well, so appealing to me is the reduction of intermodulation distortion caused by limiting the amount of diaphragm movement through coupling to a horn. It's strange but I rarely see this mentioned in defense of the design. Efficiency, sensitivity, and controlled directivity is mentioned but the lower distortion, especially from high volume and high level transients, is not talked about so much. I credit that aspect with being one of the reasons that I believe they reproduce brass music (I am a brass player, trombone specifically, as if you couldn't guess from my user name) so well. To me the brass section of orchestras doesn't sound realistic through most other speakers. The brass section my come through loud on other speakers but there's no power behind it. Not only did my band director influence me in my preference for Klipsch speakers, he also contributed to my decision to become a band and orchestra director 40 years ago - and now, after 35+ years of teaching, a professional trombonist. So, here's my latest project. The little Heresies are just about the perfect size for my small office/practice room. Looking forward to hearing about everyone's interest and experience with their Klipsch speakers and learning more about these great speakers! Ken
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    Some pictures of mine, with 2 La Scala, 1 Cornwall and 4 THX KW-120 Subs... Some Heresy in the back...and THX Sides Changed the seating in the meanwhile...
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    Been Lurking for some time now. I had a lower end system that I bought about 13 years ago. And because of this forum I decided it’s time for a new system. I keep hearing (reading) all great things about the Forte III. Earlier this week I made a 6 hour round trip to listen and possibly buy some Forte III. After just a few minutes of listening I knew these were the ones. Even my wife was impressed and she usually doesn’t care about stuff like this. Then of course i had to get a new receiver so I decided on a Denon AVR X3500H (plenty of a receiver for me). This system will hopefully last me a very long time. Next will be a new tv. My tv is about 15 years old but we don’t watch enough tv to justify getting one any time soon. We have never had cable or satellite. We do occasionally rent a movie. We just have music as background noise 24/7. Anyways thanks to this forum for leading me in the right direction. I’m giving my old system to my son. He just got his first apartment and is very excited. 😜 Old system: Pioneer 5960, Synergy F2’s, RC52 and a couple of Klipsch 12”sub.
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    Well, it's been well over 2 years since I've shared in this thread what my home theater looks like. It has certainly changed a lot. If a picture is worth a thousand words...well, hope you enjoy the video.
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    After 6 years in the band. Senior night.
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    My summer project is now complete. Moai made from a foam base/core, wrapped with chicken wire, then hypertufa. Layers of hypertufa sculpted, and then carved - but mostly sculpted with the tufa. Had a difficult time moving it, but got it moved from the garage and leveled out. Its about 5.5 ft tall. Thanks to plans posted on another forum by Wavy Davy.
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    In one respect it was a plebeian undertaking. Certainly the masses were there. The biggest misconception about Woodstock is that everyone there was a hippie. It was some kind of hippie convention. The hippies gave it it's gestalt, but it mostly just young kids raised by the WW2 generation starting to find there way in the world .It was high schoolers and college types mostly, Iif a third of the crowd was , or went onto college, I'd be surprised. Except for the decided lack of people of color, it was an economically egalitarian event. Truest phrase was the times are a changin... and they were. For example, and please don't turn this into a political thread, it's a historical thread. I was an ardent pro Vietnam War proponent and fairly articulate about it. This event, and it was not pro-war by any stretch, gave me pause. I said to myself (is that a phrase from a song?) while looking around this massive assembly , maybe the other side has a point that I should be more open too, maybe I'm be too rigid in my own viewpoint. In one sense it was a step towards maturity. Ah, there are other points of view! It started me down a path where ultimately I became more critical and then finally adamantly against the war. I then began to look at other aspects of American life and arriving at other conclusions about our great, but flawed society. There was also this sense of friendliness. The two fingered peace sign was more than a political symbol, it was the tipping of a hat when passing somebody on the street of an earlier generation. It gave me this feeling, that I still hold to today, that people everywhere would rather give you a hug and a smile, then a shaken fist or a shiv in the ribs. I became a hippie of sorts. I wanted that sense of goodwill. To spread, the community. To grow. I held on as long as I could but the rest of my generation soon went onto became the Me Generation, got jobs, got kids, got responsibility and became their parents, only worse. Nothing new about that, pretty cool in most respects, but still sad in some ways. Especially when I see that kids no longer play outside, and neighbors are something you see through your car windows while heading down some dog-turd filled suburban landscape. The mud (not really that much of it), the lack of food etc. where minor travails, compared to the cosmic buzz that was Woodstock. People have been tearing it down since the day it began, and will forever more. Eventually their view will dominate and the music will fade. But hopefully somewhere out there that spark, that warmth, that magic will bide it's time, waiting, and hoping and wishing...
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    A new Server/streamer... Wyred4sound MS I wanted this because of the ability to use an i2s interconnect to my DAC.
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    Helping rebuild/refurbish a forum friend's Welborne Labs Laurel II mono blocks. A tremendous amount of cleanup; many feet of solder wick; complete recapping of all electrolytic, metallized film bypass, and film coupling caps. There was terrible hum and noise in one channel, which turned out to be a heater to cathode short in one of the 6AC7 as well as a bad rectifier socket. Many cracked wires, including capacitor leads, etc. A main issue was over-heating in the 300B filament supply, which was replaced by a relocated full-wave bridge rectifier and CRC filter section (all rebuilt with paralleled resistors for DCR of 1ohm). 300B 5V filaments had been running 4.3VDC, and are now corrected. Once wiring and parts replacement where needed was finished, there was still an inexplicable 60Hz hum in one channel. I worked literally hours on this problem, and finally found the source: hiding under a 3.3uf Solen cap was a wire from the 6.3 VAC heater supply (for the paralleled 6SL7 and 6AC7) leading directly into the grid. That corrected, I have to say these Laurels are now probably the quietest single-ended amps I have. I'm also going to take a picture of the MagneQuest 300B output transformer. They are absolutely huge, the largest output transformers of this kind I've seen. And so, with one more step (new 4 pin finals sockets), I will be very sorry to see these shipped back home this coming week. They are lovely sounding amplifiers; and if you have heard that the 300B is euphonic, syrupy, overly-warm, etc., this circuit thoroughly and comprehensively dispels that myth. With the schematic in (basically) in my head, I'm going to build a pair after I finish up a couple of other project. Forgot to mention: A large choke was used to replace the common resistor in the power supply between the main filter sections for CLCLC. Wonderful amps!
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    Sound almost catching up to the transducers.
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    For those of you that attended Pilgrimage and met Paul Biglane....you will know it's a true story. Here's what happened to him on the way home from Pilgrimage. You just can't make this stuff up!! Just for the record...Plain Dealing, LA is only 8 miles from the Arkansas border!!!! "top of the day my audiophile friends and klipsch fans. TRUE STORY i left out of the pilgrimage Sunday morning at 3am. running the back highway .i got pulled over in plain dealing by a local cop. he said he pulled me over for speeding took my license asked where was i coming from i told him the klipsch pilgrimage. he walked to his car about 2 minutes later he came back handed me my license and said today is your lucky day he said he use to do sound reinforcement and i have a pair of cornwalls at home..now what is the odds of beating a speeding ticket from a cop who happens to be a klipsch fanatic.. handed me back my license and said there is a state trooper 3 miles up the highway.. yes i said a prayer when I drove off.."
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    I want to extend a huge thank you to richieb for allowing me to listen to his Jubilees. Rich was kind enough to allow me to come over to his house and hear these amazing speakers. It took a lot of effort on his part. He had placed some LaScala's in the primary listening position. Rich had to re-arrange his listening area just so I could hear these speakers. MY wife has graciously given her approval for me to pursue the purchase of a set of Jubilees. We are in the process of moving from Kansas to Colorado.....as soon as the dust settles I'll make sure I still have the go ahead. It is wonderful people like Rich that makes you realize this is a pretty darn good world to live in still. Wonderful people like Rich are still out there and it is very uplifting when you encounter these people in your life. Thank you so much Rich!
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    Some more from lunch time today..
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    The color of the Gulf away from the land and the river. Plus a flying fish just because, blurry because they are fast and unexpected and I am old.
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    Working on Gia's system... Now I need a pre box , Bluetooth box... And turntable...
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    Thank You so much Delicious2 , ...for the kind words ! Both of my main MUSIC systems (Theater Surround + the JUBILEE Rooms) are 18ft x 15ft rooms. But, the Jubilee Room has 11 foot ceilings with 6 Clouds (10ft x 18"...4" thick) , ...filled with Rockwool 'SAFE 'n SOUND' Acoustical Soundproofing Insulation. https://www.rockwool.com/products/safensound/ The CLOUDS are pictured above, in my downstairs RF7-iii Surround System, before they were wrapped with FLEECE Fabric. Again, The Jube room upstairs is the exact size and directly above this pictured downstairs living room ! The 6 CLOUDs are hung upstairs by hooks and chain ! The 11ft ceiling is angled, as seen in this OLD foto of the room, pictured below ! The reflective Couch and Metal table were the first thing I removed from the room ! All ' 5 milliseconds ' reflective surfaces, were addressed and label'd as ' PRIORITY ' in getting this room acoustically treated ! The acoustic Stage Curtains were purchased from the ROSE BRAND ( www.RoseBrand.com ), a professional Theater supply company in the New York City area ! After I removed that long reflective couch, I acquired a LOW SHOULDER Fabric 'CLUB' seat for my listening position. (pictured below) My Danley TH-50 SUB Woofer cabinet is barely seen in the right side of the picture above. ...a massive 24” Tall x 34” Wide x 25.5” Deep flawless speaker, true down to 21hz. https://www.danleysoundlabs.com/products/subwoofers/tapped-horns/th50/ Since that pic was taken, it has been moved directly behind my listening seat, within inches of the back of that new fabric Club Seat ! Also, i must mention that moving the seating position off the Back of the Wall , was a game changer sonic'ly. *A serious recommendation to anyone sitting directly next to a WALL : Move your listening position at least 4-5 feet off the Wall, if your closest wall is acoustically treated ! Or, move at least 6 feet off the wall, ... if it is NOT acoustically treated ! (The golden '5 millisecond Reflection rule' is around the 6 feet mark, ...which I truly now believe) Our brotha ChrisA, can verify for us, if I am not close to that estimation. Trust me, THAT made a HUGE difference in the systems fidelity. -Tightening everything ! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My room's SIDE 15ft walls, are my 'SHORT WALLS' ! I built 4 Curved-Diffussors, for the 1st and 2nd order side-wall reflection points ! They cost me about $10 each, to make . (If anyone is curious how to build those, just ask) Below are some pics of the side walls ! So to conclude, ...this is my 2-Channel listening Jube L/C/R system, for 2018 . All equipment used in of all my Klipsch systems are listed below, in my signature ! For 2019 , I want to expand to 5.1 Audio. In 2020, I will add a 125" screen + Projector ! Thanx for lookin' , Any questions ...? HAPPY NEW YEAR ! ~ Craig LeMay 281.469.1111 Born2Rock@Comcast.net
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    It was a couple of weeks ago, that was leaving Jamaica. A couple hours later we left headed to the next stop, it looked really strange, the sun was going down but it was raining between us and the island.
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    This refurbishment project has been mainly a summertime (3 years now!) project with the kids at the Boys & Girls Club... slow going, but little by little we've made progress. The Klipsch Audio Community has been wonderful with tons of good advice. Now that I'm "retired" I'll have a bit more time to volunteer on this endeavor. Recently we've been patching and sanding the cabinets in preparation of adding 1/4" mdf to the exterior prior to walnut veneer. I'm attaching some photos of the steps so far. Already secured all new (or had refurbished by Crites) innards.
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    Also owned a set of KG4s.....just bought a clean pair of 1992 KG 2.2 .....Loyal happy American Klipsch customer ..... USA first.....keep it American !
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    Good morning fellow Klipsch Brothers and Sisters: It's been a long time since I've poured my heart out to you all here on the forum. I used to post daily, but somehow, life and social media happened! Still, despite Facebook and all of its advantages, I prefer this forum to mainstream social media because it's simply more intimate and it's they way we all started as a family. It's akin to reading a real newspaper in your hands as opposed to reading it on line. Love the smell of newsprint! Many of you whom attended this years pilgrimage in Hope are already aware of the challenges the Lord had chosen for my bride Verna and I this year. And as word has traveled, we've received so many prayers, well wishes and so much love from so many corners of this orb. In short, in the beginning of this year, I was in need of two, total knee replacements. Verna got word in March of two issues just one week apart (can you imagine?): 1) "You have skin cancer on your forehead!" 2) "You have breast cancer in your right breast!" DOUBLE DAMN!!! March kinda sucked for us. In March my right knee was replaced successfully. Many of you saw the results in Hope and it's wonderful! The same month, they began treating Verna's basal cell on her forehead with a special chemo-type cream. Six weeks later, it was totally gone! In May, Verna underwent a lumpectomy for the removal of a pea-sized tumor. Her lymph nodes are clear (great news!) In June, they went back in and removed a section of skin the tumor had rested against that tested position for cancer markers. For those of you who unfortunately know "Cancer-Speak", she is Grade 1, Stage 1A which is like a best-case scenario. In short, she is currently enduring 4 massive treatments of chemo, one every three weeks, then a month's rest. After the month's rest, she'll begin 16 separate treatments of radiation: Once, five days a week until done. She should be through just before Thanksgiving. The chemo and radiation are purely precautionary so as to help insure the cancer doesn't return in 9 years as "something else". We'll have an enormous amount to be thankful for this year as they predict a full recovery for Verna!! To back-track slightly, I had my left knee replacement in July; an even greater success over the first (much less pain and greater initial range of movement). I am still currently recovering and in outpatient physical therapy after undergoing a successful two weeks of at-home therapy. I am unrestricted, on the go, kicking butt and taking names! So many of you have asked how we're doing that there aren't enough minutes in our day to answer everyone individually. So sorry about that. I could not be doing better and Verna has been an absolute, "Rock Star"! He has a few moments here and there of nausea as expected with chemo. Many things, including water, taste "metallic" to her. She gets tired easily. But she NEVER complains about anything! She lost her hair on Wednesday, so our daughter took her to the barber and he her gave her a "buzz cut"....on the house in a private room in the back of the shop! Classy guy! She has several scarfs that she wears and a wig, which she has yet to wear out because it's been pretty warm lately. But she's doing amazingly well! She's my Wonder Woman! Thanks to all of you who knew. Thanks for your continuous support. And it's been a pleasure telling the rest of you who were unaware of our journey. We will be fine! Love to all! -Glenn and Verna
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    A few pics. Great turnout of about 45 folks total. Beautiful weather, great food, great music from the garage Super Cornwalls and an old Def Tech sub. 32 lbs before hitting the smoker yielded approx. 24 lbs. More than enough for the gathering.
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    My wife at Bishops Castle in the San Isabel National Forest, Colorado. A remarkable structure, built by one man (The castle, not my wife. She is remarkable as well, but required one man and one woman to build) on private property within the forest. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bishop_Castle
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    1967, 50+ years ago when these guys cranked out this, their first album, A LOT of cover songs on it. The Beatles, Sonny & Cher, The Zombies, Diana Ross &^ the Supremes ALL had hits "their" way. Vanilla Fudge played it THEIR way! Deep and heavy on the B-3/Leslie combo with outstanding vocals mixed in. A twist on the psychedelic West coast sound that worked since they drew quite the British following. Yes, Deep Purple, Styx, Uriah Heep along with Led Zeppelin were ALL influenced by them. Pretty crazy nuts to look back and hear someone say, "Yea, i remember when Led Zeppelin opened for us." They did though! "You Keep Me Hangin On," THEIR way is classic! It truly is a great old album imo!
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    Canned Heat - Live At Topanga Corral
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    I was wondering how long it would take for you to go third person on us.
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    Welcome to the forum. If she thinks that they're to big, just wait until you've had a chance to do some reading on this forum.
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    Nice! I have to open the pool tomorrow. The temps here just decided to go up, so Denise want's it done and my granddaughter asked me on Wednesday "GDaddy, Maylie go in the pool" She's a hair over 2 years, so no correction on sentence structure. LOL
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    I think this is going to be my 5000th post. Where's that freakin' toaster
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    Received my Heresy III yesterday ( again thx Mark) and inboxed my Mac mc 275. Took my time even though I was very excited to listen !! I have not done any critical listening ,but just put on music to make sure everything was connected correctly. First impression is WOW !! A full review soon .thx to all who responded .Here are some pics enjoy
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    Do you see what I see, an alligator in a tree? This is near St. Augustine, FL. I love kayaking, but don’t think I would like to look up at that.
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    Actually. I am into bass fishing that just happens to be in sales and marketing that just happens to be an engineer. 🤓
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    Records. They take up space and they are usually stacked sideways, which means you have to turn your end at an odd angle to read the very small print to see what record it is and end up with a crink in your neck. Or, you can do what record stores and hippies learned to do a long time ago, and that's place them in a box so you can flip through them. Me I'm a flipper. As my collection grew I used old packing boxes, wooden crates and regular milk crates. All those storage vehicles had drawbacks. The boxes would rip, the wooden crates would split, and the milk crates left the top inch of the record exposed and weren't stackable. So wallah, along comes The Container Store's Superior Crate, perfect for lps. Cheap, holds about a hundred, is high enough to protect the top of the records, and is stackable. Then, like many loved objects, one day, a couple of years ago, The Container Store stops selling them . Boo! My collection continues to grow, my space keeps shrinking, the mounds grow and there's no cheap alternatives. What's a poor Thebes to do you ask? Well mostly fume and ponder I reply. But then one day as a tipsy mound of funk and soul finally topples to the floor, I go on what I presume will be another fruitless internet search. But wallah! Deliverance is at hand. My faith in American entrepreneurship is renewed. Because there is a site called Milk Crates Direct (no I'm not making this up) and on the site is the Heavy Duty Super Crate, or S-Crates for short. And, get this, not only are they a bit larger than their demised Superior crate, they ship in a convenient 4 pack and come in over a dozen colors, thus allowing you to color code your record collection. As an added bonus they are made in America and can, in a pinch, also be used to store milk cartons! Better yet, 10 buckaroos a pop rising to about $15 a piece with shipping. Well faster than you can say , Paypal, they were on their way to the humble Thebes abode where they will be employed in the Great Re-Filing Undertaking of 2018-2019, due to begin almost any day now. So how do you trump Superior. Why Super, of course. Here's a link to the site: https://www.milkcratesdirect.com/super-crates/s-crate-1?gclid=CjwKCAiAuMTfBRAcEiwAV4SDkUmY-rYd3v8Z1TbBB4s6LHx0IzjJAOvxl2M9FVKDLAF0W4PJcWHrlBoCBXAQAvD_BwE That that's Super on the left, Superior on the right.
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    A look at how one feels getting a day off after 150 hours of monitoring a Russian nuke sub circa 1979 deployed to Lajes, Azores Daughter digging out old pics.
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    An unmatched pair. Both 427's. From the Pavillions Car Show a couple of Saturdays back.
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    Definitely not helping to make your point. It’s obvious that you did not understand what I wrote. In case you don’t know, Paul’s four points; high efficiency, low distortion, controlled directivity, and controlled freq response. That’s what I am for and as long as I can help it, that will be the case. Will a Cornwall sound good in a typical living room? Yep. Will a ki396, 904 or even a grand system......you betcha. You gain headroom, headroom, headroom. Did I mention headroom? There is no compromise on the acoustic goals but only with what physics and economics limits us. Like bass extension and price points. So before you categorically decide that pro speakers are lacking the attributes of a home system, go listen to one. And now I really hope you get it.......meanwhile back to bass fishing.
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    Stopping infrim somewyin the middle of the Gulf of Mexicoto say hello. Jamaica tomorrow!
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    OK Bill ... I stand corrected Reading through this I was about to say something but was beaten to it. One thing I can say and any moderator can challenge this. Moderators are not asked or told to do anything like that in any way. When some people insist on continuing with some silly conspiracy theories which most would know is not true either prove it or stop being silly. To be perfectly honest we are not told anything outside of the terms everybody should have read when signing up. Also as I got to know how Klipsch works from seeing enough of it over the years, you can forget any overall weird intentions to trick people. As much as I hate to say it, it takes all there time just keeping things going and fixing things that pop up with general business operations, I doubt they could promote a good hoax if they wanted to. Honestly, it seems like it is run like a family business that grew almost faster than they can keep up with. About the only thing that bothers them a little is when people start changing parts and automatically call it an upgrade because it sounds different. This is all just my opinion from everything I have seen. And they do appreciate this form and fans and listen when they can, problem and mistake-free, of course not, like any other business, but they really do try. .
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