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    A couple years ago when I bought my KG 4s through Craigslist the guy gave me a nice pair of Yamaha bookshelf speakers for free with them. They sound really nice but they had been sitting around for a while collecting dust. So, I decided to throw them on Craigslist. Listed them this morning for $25 or best offer. Got a call a couple hours later from a guy who was interested in them. I called him back and told him he could have the speakers for free. I didn't want to list them for free since I figured I'd get tons of responses from people just looking for a freebie. He was very surprised to hear that. He stopped over a few hours later and it turns out he's disabled in a wheelchair and wasn't able to text me (like I listed in the ad as a preferred contact method) because he can't afford a cell phone. He thanked me over and over again for giving him the speakers. Made me feel good.
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    My orphaned family... 😛
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    As I alluded to in CC and C thread yesterday these things are making sweet sounds in my man cave. Thanks to @MetropolisLakeOutfitters, @Trentster5172, @Chris A everyone at Klipsch and Assoc. Hope AR and most especially to @Chief bonehead. I've got more fine tuning to do. Chris I have the UMIK and a microphone stand but still waiting for a laptop(guess I have to order one before it will show up). I will get back to you when I get it. But so far the settings for the TADs sound pretty darn good to me. Also I have some veneering to do. And cable routing and clean up etc...etc....Oh and listening. Forgot, thanks @cincymat for the XP 4080
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    This was taken by my older son... Invidiosulus on the forums. His two daughters.
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    Gonna be a good 4th of July. Forte III's arrived a couple of hours ago. Strapped to a pallet-that's the way to do it! Well done Klipsch.
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    i have said that i would not touch pauls designs. but having the honor and opportunity to work and develop a friendship with mr k, i also know what he ultimately wanted to do with his babies. and of course, i can wish he was still around to guide me, i mean, look at the original jub. so many things that mr k wanted were in that; but not all of them. that is why i hesitate these days to do anything. i dont want to do anything that he would not approve of. its that simple. i have incorporated what else mr k wanted. and i think (and hope) that mr k would approve of what has been done to his pinnacle product... the klipschorn ak6. i hope you all get a chance to listen to it and can imagine mr k smiling.
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    Got some new toys, first pair made in natural cherry. Also got a spare set of lambswool grills with 70th anniversary logos. Listening to Ryan Adams right now, they're warmer than I expected, and drums are very nice.
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    The edge of winter last fall... North Fork of the Flathead river in Northern MT. Running Eagle Falls, in Eastern Glacier NP.
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    I'm very thankful to have run across this site. I've realized that letting these beauties go was a lapse in good judgement and pretty much stinking' thinkin'. They'll be moving with us and we will continue to enjoy them as we have since 1982. Thanks all for your input.
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    After enjoying my Rf82ii’s and other reference II gear for 4 years, I stumbled on some modified cabinet decorator Klipschorns on Craigslist. After hearing them, I knew I had to have them. It also made me no longer satisfied with Reference gear. Even though they weren’t the B model cabinets I thought I was getting. They still sounded fantastic. Well that ended up being a rabbit hole to say the least. In one year’s time, I ended up with new Crites AA crossovers, ct-120 tweeters, A-55g mid drivers, Yamaha rxa1030, built a VTA ST-70 tube amp, Krell Kav-250p preamp, Kg4s, Marantz 2215, Yamaha 810, technics 1800 mk2, smsl dac, Anthem mca20, BenQ 3050 projector, 125” screen, Cornwalls, (3) heresies, and Forte II’s During this year I learned about the pro line. I became obsessed with all things klipsch through this fantastic forum and the klipsch groups on Facebook. The jubilee was always a pipe dream. With a little help from the man, Cory Harrison @ Paducah home theater, we made it reality. Sold off some stuff from my other hobbies and ordered a set of 2-way Jubes finished in walnut. 402/k691. Also a xilica 4080 dsp to run them. But why stop there? A KPT-1802-HLS would compliment them so well right? Well surely it would so I hit the buy button on one of them as well. A bridged crown 2002 to send awesome low frequency juice to the behemoth of a sub. The sub shipped out right away so I’ve been playing with it everyday. Learning a bit about the xilica and REW with my umik-1. It blends so seemlessly with khorns, that I can’t wait for the jubes to get here in a couple days. It has been a long hard wait from the time I asked to get them ordered to now. What a pleasure it will be to have another piece of PWK and Roy’s handy work sitting in my small living room.
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    This is an open letter I sent to the company today...I wanted to share here too. Happy Birthday Paul W. Klipsch! I would love to tell the old man that a few more times. I have been to a few of his birthday parties. I think my favorite one was his 96th. My wife at the time and myself were invited to visit them at a friend of theirs home in Hot Springs. We met with Steve and Becky Phillips there. They had just been to Hope for the first Pilgrimage and received the invite from Mrs. Valerie. Once we all were there, we ate, talked and listened. That’s right, we set and listened to Khorns with PWK on his birthday. In my book that has a supper high cool factor. Not long after that, Klipsch offered Steve a job and he and family moved up to Indy and I made a new best friend. I would like everyone to take a min. to think about their job and that PWK made that posable. We owe a ton to that man and I for one am very thankful. When Paul passed, I told Valerie that Gabriel needed help with his horn so they called Paul up to help. I look forward to hearing that horn someday. Trey Cannon – Systems Engineer
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    I know this one is. Saturday night at the movies is one of our favorite things.
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    No matter your political leanings/beliefs, John McCain deserves our respect and admiration. He is a hero, someone who put his service to this country above himself. I am compelled to start another thread because I feel so strongly with respect for this great man. Courage, integrity and passion are but a few words to describe him. You all know the rules. Please do not cause this thread to be locked. Thank you.
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    Here they sit, man I got some re arranging and setting up to do
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    My Cary CAD 45SE showed up today, Pretty Rare with only 6 pairs ever produced by Dennis Had himself, (you had to call him and ask for a pair by special order) Glowing forr about 1 hour so far and all seems well http://www.positive-feedback.com/Issue28/cad45se.htm
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    Now your CDs and downloads can sound as good as vinyl! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    These came in today. Still need to recalibrate stuff (going from recapped type AA to these, type A), but so far so good. It's nice to have crossovers worth staring at again.
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    Yep....I drove 1055 miles for one of Carl's slushies. Great job by Christy and Elden to keep my attendance a secret. A fun time for sure. Factory tour starts at 7:30am!
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    Front yard during a drought. Six feeders and a swarm all day long. I went through a 50 gallon drum of confectioners sugar that summer and it's a good thing I got it for free from a food manufacturing customer. You could stand away from the deck about 100' and all you saw was hummers flying to and fro. Hundreds in the air and around the feeders at a time.
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    Caught this beauty eating a fish in a tree by my work. A family of eagles has been there for the last 8-9 years.
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    Well not today, but last Saturday. Good enough? Nice pair of Klipschorn that I bought from 76 year old gentleman for 2100$us.Great deal! I’m so happy! They’re awesome. Never heard anything like it.
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    Granny’s love child from the Clampett sessions?
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