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What I Got Today!


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Just now, Shakeydeal said:


No wi-fi, just bluetooth. But it does have a set of analog inputs that are switchable from line to phono.




Thanks, was hoping it might work as a Roon endpoint for the bedroom. I've got so many SONOS Ones around the house because they are just so darn convenient.....but I feel like I am cheating on my first love, Klipsch.

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2 hours ago, Shakeydeal said:

The Three has what you are looking for. Wi-fi capable and digital inputs. I wish someone would have a fire sale on those.




Looks like I spoke too soon. The original Three had Wi-Fi, but looks like the version II does not.


I have The Three V1. Not recently. My wife uses it in the sewing room. Not sure the wifi audio quality with it is any better than some flavors of bluetooth though. With mono there is no imaging. I think with the V2 you can talk to it.

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In spite of all that 2020 has thrown at us, we managed to harvest 6 of our turkeys today. Final weights were 4x 12lb, 18lb, and 19lb.


Small batch, free ranged, free of antibiotics and growth hormones, etc etc etc.


Had some people come help with the harvest and I was able to send them home with a turkey for their effort. It's a pretty cool experience and I always feel just that little bit extra connected to our fore fathers during this time of Thanksgiving by doing so. 









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(this obviously is not my setup ...)

Iloud Micro monitors for my desktop.


Funny thing these have DSP built in, powered speakers. A lot of mastering guys are using them in their small home recording studios. They are the size of my palm.

The company that designed them is from Italy but these are made in China (of course). How can they not be when selling for little money.

Got them on a discount, so not to many complaints from my side so far. 😇

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4 minutes ago, Thaddeus Smith said:

Because why not.. I'm turning into a regular Dr. Dolittle.



My heart is bleeding...we love white-bellied hedgehogs . Unfortunately ours , his name was Emil, was euthanized at the vet last week. He had a very bad pneumonia. We are still in mourning for him.

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