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Never Forget


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My wife grew up with a gal in her small town that was one that perished when  the first plane hit Tower 1.  Somehow, amidst all of the wreckage and carnage after both towers fell, two of her rings were found on the ground and returned to her parents.  Simply amazing story.  She was an airline attendant on board Flight 11.





    Sara Low was on American Airlines flight 11, which flew into the north tower of the World Trade Center at 8:46 a.m. on September 11. On July 18, 2002, her father flew from Arkansas to New York to identify her remains. Two of Low’s rings were found in the debris and are now worn by her mother and sister.


Me personally, I had just flown out of Newark on the morning of September 10th...24 hours earlier.  Every year it gives me chills thinking about it as we had decided to leave a day earlier.  

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I don't know any good reason to kill anyone. I do however think killing people to start a war instead of bringing one to an end is pretty evil......Thanks to ALL that tried to save lives, and their families. Never forget the ones that died !

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It shocked me into disbelief for a few seconds when I turned on the boob-tube that morning. The fighter jets from all the Air Force bases around the Cape were buzzing the area for days.

The raw footage of things that really happened that morning can not be unseen by anybody with a soul that saw them.

I won't forget the one time that I saw the WTC in 1996 right before or after we passed the Meadowlands headed north. They looked down below where we were on I-95 right then. 

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=== I was at a trade show at McCormick Center, Chicago. Watched it on the news as I was getting ready to head out. Of course the show came to a quiet end as no one could fly in the rest of the week.

I had a more “worldly view” of the attack during a recent trip in Norway when I asked our hosts’ their perception of the attack(s).

To a man - they feared the world would soon come to an end with a “world type” war. They assumed the US would strike any and all involved with any and all force required - nuclear weapons a certainty. 

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As a guy who live across the ocean, I still do not comprehend what exactly happened there. Of course, there are many scenarios around, but does anybody have a clue what actually occurred there? 

But then again, I may be too optimistic to expect the answer on that one.


Btw, I am way ignorant of actual political situation in the USA to even discuss that, so no way I am inclining to go that way.

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