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Congratulations dtel!


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Yup, I saw it yesterday in the "Dope" too.  I KNEW a thread would be started and it's well deserved.  It's WORK coupled with that 7 hour drive each way?  Geez Louise we should all chip in w/the gas money!  Those guys doing the work ALL deserve an award.  @dtel imo is a rare breed who strives for perfection!  Yea, look at him.  Years in here fielding the same questions from the newbies and contributing so much to the forum.  You're a good man Charlie Brown and congratulations brother!  :)


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Well Thank you.


I am just a small part of all of this, many have helped to make this museum come true, I am just a very little part. (not in weight) :o


4 hours ago, ssh said:

Scott is no doubt smiling on you.

That makes me happy to think about that, being part of anything to do with Scott Yocum or the award in his Honor is a big deal to me and a privilege. Time spent working with Mr Yocum was way to short for me, I wish I could have had more time to get to know him better but it was fun. He would laugh, he wore a headband to help with sweat and I called him the karate Kid. Wish he could have been around much longer.


It's also big deal to me that they decided to pick me, it's not something I had ever thought about before finding out.  It was all about making a museum as best we can to honor PWK's story and history, he deserves that at the very least.

It was also all about having the chance to work with some really nice and fun people, I have to name Craig Strause since he is who is in charge of renovations and I work with everyday, and of course Karen Joy and Donna. And of course Jim Hunter, who if you don't know is a funny guy, you never know what Jim is going to say.


So many good people, like SSH, as nice of a person as you could meet, I still have that cigar you gave me from Mr Yocum that was intended to be smoked with you, it's in the china cabinet to remind me of him everytime I see it. Thank you.


Craig, you are the main reason I do whatever I can to help. Thank You.

And of course Chief Bonehead for many reasons, including all the respect he has for PWK and for just how he is as a person. Thank You.


I did have a couple rules

#1      I will not go under a house (spiders) and I don't want to die under a house in Hope with a old building causing it.

 #2    No getting on the roof (3 storys high). I am old and have no ballerina skills, and gravity would get me, and also the dying thing. 



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For he's a jolly good fellow, for he's a jolly good fellow, for he's a jolly good fellow, that nobody can deny. 

Easier to write ... I play guitar not sing. And someone who only sings is NOT a musician (sorry almost everyone on American Idol ever .... note to self:  why the need to create controversy?

Loved an interview with Linda Perry where she was asked about American Idol (a show she doesn't watch) in which she said, "of course they can sing; but so what. Who cares if a person can sing?"  

reminds me of a friendly argument that I have with my bass playing buddy ... I tell him that the greater talent resides with the writer of the music NOT the performer. He, being a performer not a writer, disagrees. He says no show goes off without problem and he has to improvise during the show and that takes a great amount of talent. But, we weren't talking about talent or no talent, we were debating the greater talent and I contend that it takes more talent to write a song than it does to learn how to play a song already written. 

Someone help me by tying my treatise to Elden somehow.  Does he sing? write music?  Please don't tell me he's a dancer.

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Well thanks everyone, No Steve you will never have to worry about me singing or dancing fast.


On 9/20/2021 at 5:47 PM, RandyH said:

Link please  TX-

I have no idea, I was just told about it, I don't know where it was read ?


2 hours ago, CECAA850 said:

Way to go @dtel !

It was a big suprise to me also, I somewhat have no idea what goes on with the museum on anything except what needs to be done to get the building ready to be used.


When we go back in about 3 weeks to paint the ceiling which we just hung sheetrock, floated and lightly textured for the HT room, the walls are old paneling so we primed them. All will be painted whatever color they pick then flooring. Roy will decide what speakers and how the room will be set up for HT, it's a good size room will be nice.


Then the second floor will be started, Craig was talking about what we could use the third floor for which is not all that big, I told him, you are very optimistic about how long were going to live. 


But it will be really nice when it's done, much more room than the original building, it's ( I think ) around 4200 Sf. It will have "period" rooms with a usable system from different times in the past.


This past trip we went to Eldorado and picked up a pair of Khorns which were donated by a chirch, one from 1954 and the other from 1957, probably originally was mono then another added ? We plugged them in, one tweeter not working but they sounded great, way better than I expected. I wanted to hear the difference from then to now, it was way less of a difference than I expected.

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On 9/20/2021 at 10:19 PM, BigStewMan said:

Someone help me by tying my treatise to Elden somehow.  Does he sing? write music?  Please don't tell me he's a dancer.

He's no tiny Dancer :lol: But Congrats and you definitely do a lot for the Forum , the  Museum, and the Brand .


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