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    Speaking of fun......I just cleaned out an upstairs bedroom that was a catch all for the unloved or unneeded items I have accumulated over the last few years. Amazon boxes, rolls of bubble wrap, picture frames, RP-280 F speaker cartons, and such. My inspiration was that I have offered my house to a friend for a week so that he and the family can spend some time on the coast. I usually stay at LF's place anyway so it's not an imposition. I told LF this morning that I was not going to get in a big hurry as I have had the annual spring back issue. I had planned on spreading it out over a few days. Started a 9:30 this morning and had it cleaned out and vacuumed by 11:15am A good use of a rainy day!
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    . . . in color, I just look in a mirror.
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    Picked these up for $100 today. First Heritage purchase, I think I made a good choice? Haven't listened to them yet so not sure if everything is working 100%. For the price, frankly I didn't care.
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    Roger that. I don't use the "round up" brand, it's too expensive. But the stuff I use is the same chemical.
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    Photos? This is, after all, a photography thread. I’d like to see Starry Night done in wood.
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    Our first color TV was a Heathkit my father assembled in the mid-60s. Since it was built into the wall, it stayed in the house when we moved in ‘66, so we built another Heathkit to be a built-in in the new home. I say “we” because my father let me do some of the soldering. In addition to early color, we also had early cable in the Kalamazoo area. There were only about ten channels, but it was great to get WGN from Chicago, WKBD from Detroit, stations from Fort Wayne and South Bend, as well as the 3 local stations. We built one more Heathkit color TV when we moved again. Those early Heathkit soldering and electronics assembly experiences were precursors to several Dynakits. Those were the days.
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    Nah - look what’s in his hand 🤐 Im clean cut these days — But in my youth I had long hair past the shoulder, as was the custom of the day
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    DP fan here but only saw once. Speed King ending still send shivers up spines... Otis Redding ...my my my...Posted Dictionary Of Soul album here. Posted Otis Blue youtube earlier pages... Pain In My Heart/My Girl/Shake...Happy Song.
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    I could post a pic of the LP ... but Otis Redding at the Monterey Pop Festival
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    Pictorial description of this thread right now...
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    Yes, one normally leads to the other. I usually have no choice which one has to come first.
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    On their stands and rockin'! Confirmed that all drivers are working. Really exceptional midrange and the bass is very tight and defined, even with them a couple feet off the floor. Listening to my free spotify premium trial right now to get accustomed to their sound.
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    Update, got the front extended trim veneer but haven't flush trimmed them yet. Will do tonight and then apply veneer to second speaker. Won't be long before the ole finish goes on.
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    Same here. I have a few more new 90's records since this was taken.
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    You need to start saving for college and their wedding when their born.
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    This is just prepping you for the next big dress purchase when she'll no longer have your last name. It hurts, but in a good way. I've purchased one wedding dress already and have one more to go.
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    I had to dig a little deeper in my pocket.... But that's what Gia picked out... When she tried it on.. You should of seen the excitement in her eyes... What I paid for was service.... And a big smile on Gia's face.... Just like the MasterCard commercial... Priceless !
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    Beautiful dress Mike. She'll remember this day for years to come.
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    I would play them with a known good stereo receiver or integrate amp, etc and start at low volumes. Make sure the drivers are all working properly. Get it to a normal listening volume and listen. I usually put the receiver in mono mode so left and right speakers have the same exact signal, they I compare left vs right. If everything sounds the same, enjoy. If not, look into recapping your crossovers or perhaps buying new ones. Congrats!
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    Heresys have never been Baltic birch. The birch plywood ones were made from custom ordered Klipsch-spec cabinet-grade plywood with minimal voids in the plys...usually made by Georgia-Pacific. These particular Heresys certainly appear to be birch veneer over MDF...they offered that veneer because so many people have furniture that is birch-veneered plywood. I haven't seen very many birch-veneered MDF Heresy II's around, and I'm also not sure just how long they offered the birch veneer on them. They could be fairly low in numbers produced. Birch veneer has been popular for decades, simply because it can "stain-up" to have the appearance of so many other wood veneers...cherry, black walnut, etc....at much lower materiels cost. Even though, with the advent of the Heresy II, the birch plywood Heresy disappeared, there was likely still a demand for birch-raw speakers so that the purchaser could stain them to match other items in the home with stained birch veneers. The old HDBR/HBR was the largest selling "heritage" speaker Klipsch ever produced.
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    Warming the coffee mug.... Brewing coffee !
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    Was this when The Wizard of Oz first came out
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    Terrible, you should sell them to me for $150 to make your money back, and learn your lesson properly.
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    I saw them -- Made in Japan Tour. Rory Galagher and FleetwoodMac opened. I do not remember the ladies being with FM. I don't remember much about that one ... except there were bottles flying when they wouldn't let Deep Purple on stage... David Bowie... I kinda hung around the cops ... they looked the most normal. The glitter kids. and they came costumed... A circus
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    round bottom spikes so I don’t tear up the risers positioning them
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    I'm not really a zep fan.....
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    Aerosmith draw the line.... I don't remember buying zep 1 and 4.....
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    19" Philco and Bose......must sound sweet
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    Q: How many New Yorkers does it take to change a light bulb? A: None of your F...ing business.
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    Just picked Gia's first communion dress..
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    Denis i am thrilled to be heading back to Maine and be the next steward of these beautiful speakers it was also great to get to meet you and your wife! They should be hooked up by lunch time! James J
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    Looking for a vintage amp like the M-60 or around those lines. Budget is around $400. Located in 19947 Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    The wires on the crossovers definitely need attention, although looking original. It does look as though they wired up their entire sound system with wire you wouldn't trust to tie up old newspapers. To answer a question, I got a Onkyo A-7090 amp in the deal too... very happy on my end. I'll try to post some pics tomorrow or later tonight
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    K horns K horns K horns! Good Monday morning, everyone. OK, they are worth $2000. So sue me.
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    Sort of an interesting question, but I'd think responses are going to be few and far between. I have never owned Cornwall III's, so can't comment on those. However, I have had several pairs of Chorus II's. In the end, I felt that they sounded best powered by good quality solid state amps, and the more they were pushed and the louder they were played, the better they sounded. Placement is important of course due to the rear passive. Just my old guy opinion of course. Hope you find what you are looking for.
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    So are you going to grow ... Some dreadlocks ?
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    Funny. My dog wouldn't know what to do with a stick. He preferred ham bones. Actually, so do I...did I ever tell ya that dachshunds are stubborn?
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    I don't know how good my hair is ... it does go front to back and side to side wall to wall
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    --- that's not much to brag on there 'Heel ?! The Q-ball on my billiard table can equal Carls hair, if not surpass it --?!?
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    If it wasn't for the cows.... Nobody would find you.. In the middle of nowhere USA
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    I agree. 80 Hz is a very common x-over point. I believe it is what THX recommends, providing the main speakers are good down to 80 Hz. Klipsch must think they are. Even with your x-over at 80 Hz, your R-28PFs will continue to respond below that point. I could be wrong, but I think it would be 12 dB down at 40 Hz.
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    Thanks Richard! These are moving to the retired life of indoor use. I don't think my son would let you take them back...
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    Those single MWMs are just awesome. Yours appear to be in great shape. In my opinion this is the very best sounding bass horn Klipsch ever made.
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    Thanks. I've been collecting for quite a few years. really need to sell some off. The wife is about full up with speakers.
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