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    These are SOLD. Link to the brochure for 2019 Klipschorn Museum Edition can be found here: https://www.klipschmuseum.org/blog/2019/1/5/one-time-opportunity-museum-edition-klipschorn-ak6-me-sale ONE OF A KIND MUSEUM EDITION-KHORNS and LA SCALAs The Klipsch Heritage Museum Association is excited to announce that Museum Edition ("ME") Heritage Speakers are now available for sale! EXTREMELY LIMITED to only ONE Unique Pair of Each Model 2019 Museum Edition Klipschorn® Model AK6 - S/N 001 and 002 Museum Edition La Scala Model AK5 (due to be released 01/19), S/N 001 and 002 Both pairs will have Museum Edition-only features.Including: Exclusive Museum Edition exotic "one of a kind" real wood veneer (stay tuned) Special Museum Edition grille fabric specially matched to veneer Hand selected and specially matched drivers and crossovers by Chief Engineer Museum Edition metal plaques Hand signed by the Chief Engineer responsible for each of these new models As with all speakers in the Klipsch Heritage line, these ME edition speakers will be hand-assembled and hand-finished by the Klipsch factory in Hope, AR, with pride. All proceeds from the sale of these speakers will go to the Klipsch Heritage Museum Association, Inc. (KHMA) which operates the Klipsch Museum of Audio History in Hope, Arkansas. Your purchase of these speakers directly helps us continue preserving and sharing the scientific work and cultural legacy of audio pioneer Paul. W. Klipsch. KHMA dba Klipsch Museum of Audio History is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation. The Klipsch Museum of Audio History would like to specially thank Klipsch Group, Inc. for their continued support. To see the 2019 Klipschorn Museum Edition brochure please visit us here: https://www.klipschmuseum.org/blog/2019/1/5/one-time-opportunity-museum-edition-klipschorn-ak6-me-sale
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    New anything is expensive to me. I consider new K-402 or K-510's only because I cant find them used and don't have Emiles secret insider K-510 pricing power.
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    A shot from last nights basketball game.
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    Best time to do it. She comes back happy and is greeted by you in bliss. What could be better? They can easily be hidden by a small towel when not in use. No one will even see them.
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    Maybe I need measurements on the MCM 1900’s. My doors are all 36” x 80”. My wife might pack up and go if a pair of those shows up the next time she does a “girls trip” for few days. The last few big purchases I made were here waiting on her return.
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    Since advice to beginners was brought into this discussion I need to make a comment. Solid state users have the advantage of not having to deal with ludicrous claims such as "the case of our output transistors is made of @$#@# which results in much tighter bass than those made of other materials," or "our transistor pins are coated with a layer of unobtainium which makes the electrons flow faster resulting in smoother highs." Tube users, on the other hand, are assaulted with ridiculous claims such as the color of the heat dissipation coating on the plate or shape/location of the getter resulting in radical changes in sound. Then, there's the issue of claims that rectifier tubes can significantly affect sound (if they supply the correct voltage required for a particular circuit, it is impossible to differentiate one from the other). Beginners often get sucked into spending lots of money on total tube nonsense, and the dealers certainly cash in on the mythology. I could keep on going with this, but you get the idea. Beware!!! Maynard
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    I think titanium makes it worse. Phenolic is considerably warmer sounding. He needs to replace the old Mylars in his networks with some nice polypropylenes. Replace crap resistor with Mills.
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    For the record I don’t believe in any amplifier type being the best because I currently own examples of Single Ended Tube, Single Ended SS, Class A P/P Tube, Class A/B SS and Class G and all these amplifiers perform excellent with my Jubs/K402/TAD4002 systems. So my advice is use your ears as the main guide in what amplifier has the best synergy with your system, room and your personal taste in sound reproduction that you desire. Like anything we humans adapt and refine our taste and desire over time and it will be and should be a part of the journey for any newby to audio. Experience as much as possible while keeping an open mind and pay attention to the details along the way because they can and will alter your experiences especially if not controlled and accounted for. miketn
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    Chris, My assertion was, and continues, that modern day amps that are engineered to be linear will be indistinguishable when operated within their design limits. You disagree and cite how some 35 years ago a few handfuls of people were able to distinguish a sold-state amp from a tube amp. This fails to meet the criteria oI either modern or "engineered to be linear". As for Roy Delgato, I never said differences b/w speakers were inaudible. Indeed, I believe that is pretty much where ALL the differences lie, apart from the all-important listening environment and, perhaps, a turntable in an analog rig which is highly mechanical and subject to poor alignment (cartridge) and other such issues. As for challenging my hearing, I don't take offense at all. In reply I can only offer that my hearing measures well, and I have a keen sense of musical nuance honed from years of playing and listening to live (often unamplified) music. Since I've never de-mastered music they way you have I of course can't say for certain that I would be able to hear what you are hearing during that process. But all of this serves to make my point that if there is even a debate regarding the audibility of differences b/w modern day amplifiers, then just how important can these difference be!? Plus, establishing the existence of these differences is only part of the equation. Of even greater importance: If Amp A is audibly different from amp B, then the next question is, which one is reliably found to sound more like music?? No one has even begun to take that on. So, again, to beginners I say. Buy an integrated amp or receiver (2-ch or multi) that has enough power to drive your speaker to desired levels and offers the features you want (eg., tone controls, input level matching, mono switch, built-in DAC, etc..) and be done with it. ..In most cases this can be accomplished for $500 or less. ..Spend the vast majority of $$ on your speakers and maximizing your listening environment.
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    2's not 1's. and I'm not offended by the price given the looks. https://washingtondc.craigslist.org/nva/ele/d/klipsch-cornwall-ii-speakers/6764606215.html
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    Hello there! I just got a pair of RP-250F fronts to replace my old Paradigms that finally died. My current setup is a mish-mash of pieces, and I'm upgrading/updating a bit at a time. I'm not a high-end audiophile, but I do appreciate a good setup. I'm running a Denon X2400H receiver, and currently have the aforementioned RP-250F on the left and right. I have my old Paradigm center channel and surrounds, which are still running fine for now. I'll update them later as budget allows. I've never owned a sub, because until a month ago I lived in an apartment and didn't want to annoy the neighbors. But now I have my own house, and it's time for a sub! Suggestions as to what I should pair with the RP-250F fronts? I see the R120-SW is on sale now, is that worth picking up? Or should I be looking at dropping the extra cash on the R-110SW or the R-112SW?
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    Hi DrSnooze, welcome to the forum Just a couple of notes ... Subwoofers WITH build-in amps do not seem to last very long ... avg for Klipsch seems to be about 5 yrs (very rough guess). Therefore, suggest you get a passive one with an external amp. I got a 15" sub (kit) from partsexpress.com for about $300. (Easy build with some glue and a couple of clamps. If you want to get fancy you can veneer it ) Sounds like a $1000+ subwoofer. Got a barely used Dayton Audio SA1000 amp off FleaBay for $200 (haha, 2 outputs in case you want to add a 2nd sub.) But, just checked on the R-120SW ... Jeez; only $200 delivered. Almost a "no-brainer," even though it's not as good as the R-112SW ($500) or my subwoofer kit. Have fun ... haha ... you can always upgrade later Cheers, Emile Add-on ... are you sure you "need" a sub? Your RP-250F's officially go down to 35Hz ... good enough for most music. Or do you need the sub for "earthquake" movies?
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    The Swingin' Medallions That choreography is amazing. I bet they paid a professional choreographer three or four dollars for that program.
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    good stuff. loving this thread already. I'm always checking out demos on youtube. Nice to see & hear other set ups
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    Thank you very much. I feel very fortunate to have gotten these fine speakers, especially in the shape they are in.
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    "I personally wanted to go this route and was shocked at the price I was told for the Ki-396-II or the 362-II I was interested in" I agree. I initially had sticker shock when I heard what a pair of the 396s cost. I wanted to buy these before any other heritage purchase, but wasnt willing to spend heading towards double what a Forte III pair would cost. I only bought them as Cory was (and may still be) running a special, otherwise I would have kept my Cornwall IIIs.
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    First of all, please avoid contaminating or threatening this venerable thread with politics. That billboard above is funny, but not necessarily incorrect. As an attorney, specifically a former prosecutor, IMO, the sentiment expressed in that billboard is correct. Laypersons, especially the media, frequently fail to grasp the legal meanings of the words innocent or guilty. As Mr. Archie indicates, you’re not legally guilty unless and until the state sustains its appropriately high burden of proving your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. That definition of guilty does not mean you’re innocent if found not guilty. If a jury finds you not guilty, it does not mean you’re necessarily innocent, but, at a minimum, you’re not legally guilty. It drives me nuts when the media reports that a defendant was found innocent by a jury; that can’t happen. Whether you’re innocent or not is between you, your conscience and your God. Nothing other men and women can do can alter that.
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    Looking good, I think you have it covered...................you make me feel normal.  Sorry, that wasn't my intention. I have been to Walmart and seen what is now accepted as normal. I am happy to not be normal. What can I say that will rectify this feeling that I have bestowed upon you?
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    It’s not a peak - it’s the sagging response below it that causes it to be more noticeable than it otherwise would be. I’ve been told that using the K-43 helps, but I’ve never seen a curve.
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    feel free to visit the other threads then. It's amazing how threatened some are by someone trying to inject objectivity into the audio discussion. Again, Beginners take note.
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    We did an RF-7 vs RF-7II vs RF-7II(DeanG) vs RF-7III. Not real controlled or scientific but still a comparison. We all thought the RF-7III did perform "best" and was more balanced but it was not a runaway. Kind of like comparing a Chevy Corvette Z06 vs Dodge Viper vs Ferrari 458 vs Porsche 911. Piano finishes are pretty popular today so I too think it should be offered with the RF-7III. Bill
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    Don't get me started. I'm Native American!
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    That's the joke.
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    Pollution for profit. Sums up the current policy. Pruning of public (citizen owned and protected) lands is another facet of this. (Department of the Interior). Why the pruning? Private profit, usually tied to the polluting "industry." Picking winners from a governmental stance---nothing has changed here. Only the hypocrisy grows.
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    Well, pretty much everything. Yellow Peril on all things chicken and my wife’s meatloaf. Red Menace on everything else. We do a lot of Mexican dishes over here - and the stuff is beyond perfect. How about Wendy’s Taco Salad? Ya, that works. I also like Paul Newman’s pineapple Salsa. Adding Red Menace makes it a serious flavor contender.
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    I didn’t know I liked hot sauce, but apparently I do. I’m certainly game if you want to send me some.
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    I should send you some of my melt your face off picante if you like the hot stuff.
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    Throw in free shipping and I'll consider them, otherwise your price is too high.
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    TI diaphragms will help tone things down a bit but I would update your crossovers first before anything else is done. Even a Solen or Dayton grade caps can make a difference.
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    William Shatner on Gun Control:
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    I have some 75s for a week now and they are next to the 35s. Unfortunately, their location is at work where I have very limited time to listen to them at above a nanowatt. On top of that, they're in an all drywall room that is close to a cube in shape. I need to take them home so I can listen to them for what they're worth. Until then, like you, the jury is still out.
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    What was it PWK said "too damn loud" or somesuch? I agree with the statement. A fraction of a watt is plenty. From there they get very loud. I have never felt self destructive enough to turn them up more. The main thing with the MCM stack is how accurate they sound and how they do it so effortlessly. Imagine filling the room with great sound without the blaring volume.
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    Pharmaceutical sales representative visits to doctors, known as “detailing,” is the most prominent form of pharmaceutical company marketing. Detailing often involves small gifts for physicians and their staff, such as meals. Pharmaceutical companies incur far greater expenditures on detailing visits than they do on direct-to-consumer marketing, or even on research and development of new drugs. Despite the prevalence of detailing and the numerous programs to regulate detailing, little was known about how practice-level detailing restrictions affect physician prescribing
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    That is of course fine. You are certainly free to pursue this hobby any way you chose. And I hope you do it in good health. ..That said, I'm not trying to change your mind. I'm trying to point out to the newbies who visit this site that this hobby is utterly bereft of any sort of honesty or validity testing. Which is something that may not concern you but it probably would someone new to this hobby who wants to decide how to apportion their spending across Speakers, Amplifier, Cables, CD Player, etc..
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    At the risk of rehashing an old argument, I’ll comment briefly. For argument’s sake, let’s assume that you are correct, “that no manufacturer has made the claim that their amplifier is preferred, in blinded trials, by experienced audiophiles to other amps which are also engineered to be linear under normal operating conditions”. (I don’t study marketing claims, so I don’t know if it is true that no manufacturer has made such a claim.) Two observations: It does NOT logically follow that all amps (or “all amps engineered to be linear under normal operating conditions”) sound the same. Why should an audiophile be concerned with an amp being “linear”, vs. sounding good in their hi-fi system? Your assertion in your thread titled “Advice for Beginners …” that “the audible differences made by (the) rest of your components, including amplifier cd player, DAC, cables/ power cords, power conditioner, etc.. are negligible” was debated last month, and not everyone agrees with your assertion that amplifiers have negligible impact on the sound quality of a hi-fi system: https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/180122-advice-for-beginners/& One of my posts that I think is relevant: https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/180122-advice-for-beginners/&do=findComment&comment=2324994 I have a clear benchmark for how my home hi-fi system should sound (i.e., a live performance of classical music), as discussed here: https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/180122-advice-for-beginners/&do=findComment&comment=2325763 and here https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/180122-advice-for-beginners/&do=findComment&comment=2326157 Bottom line, I’m concerned with MY assessment of how my hi-fi system sounds relative to a live classical performance. As I discussed in one of my posts referenced above, four of my hi-fi systems are equipped with multiple amps (totaling more than two dozen different amps of various types), and I’ve conducted my own amplifier comparison tests on many occasions, and I generally prefer tube amps for classical music. Your assertion that “blinded trials” haven’t been conducted by amplifier manufacturers has no relevance to my enjoyment of classical music via my home hi-fi systems, and has no relevance to my enjoyment of the hobby of hi-fi.
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    Army Navy today Watching these young men and women always chokes me up with pride. The best of the best.
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    Makes no difference. Rubber feet will be easier on the carpet and padding.
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    Thanks! If it makes you feel better, by the time I called to tell her I’m coming for them, the woman who posted them gave me the “ahhh...ummm...before you do, my husband is really mad at me for posting the price way too low”. So, once I recovered from the gut punch, and after some correspondence back and forth between her and her husband, who was researching selling prices on eBay, I ended up paying more than double her asking price, which was less than the figure the husband had in mind, but since they initially posted so low, they weren’t going to sell it to me for top dollar. The price was still very fair, so I grabbed them.
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    Have any of you taken the high-resolution audio challenge thatWaldrup is doing? Very illuminating. http://www.realhd-audio.com/?p=6197
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    Thanks Guys. I saw the pair on Ebay. They have been painted and the grills are toast. I just got an RC-7 from ebay. Shipped with no padding in the box. I have had this happen several times- the magnet on the woofers snapped the plastic frame
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