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    These are SOLD. Link to the brochure for 2019 Klipschorn Museum Edition can be found here: https://www.klipschmuseum.org/blog/2019/1/5/one-time-opportunity-museum-edition-klipschorn-ak6-me-sale ONE OF A KIND MUSEUM EDITION-KHORNS and LA SCALAs The Klipsch Heritage Museum Association is excited to announce that Museum Edition ("ME") Heritage Speakers are now available for sale! EXTREMELY LIMITED to only ONE Unique Pair of Each Model 2019 Museum Edition Klipschorn® Model AK6 - S/N 001 and 002 Museum Edition La Scala Model AK5 (due to be released 01/19), S/N 001 and 002 Both pairs will have Museum Edition-only features.Including: Exclusive Museum Edition exotic "one of a kind" real wood veneer (stay tuned) Special Museum Edition grille fabric specially matched to veneer Hand selected and specially matched drivers and crossovers by Chief Engineer Museum Edition metal plaques Hand signed by the Chief Engineer responsible for each of these new models As with all speakers in the Klipsch Heritage line, these ME edition speakers will be hand-assembled and hand-finished by the Klipsch factory in Hope, AR, with pride. All proceeds from the sale of these speakers will go to the Klipsch Heritage Museum Association, Inc. (KHMA) which operates the Klipsch Museum of Audio History in Hope, Arkansas. Your purchase of these speakers directly helps us continue preserving and sharing the scientific work and cultural legacy of audio pioneer Paul. W. Klipsch. KHMA dba Klipsch Museum of Audio History is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation. The Klipsch Museum of Audio History would like to specially thank Klipsch Group, Inc. for their continued support. To see the 2019 Klipschorn Museum Edition brochure please visit us here: https://www.klipschmuseum.org/blog/2019/1/5/one-time-opportunity-museum-edition-klipschorn-ak6-me-sale
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    New anything is expensive to me. I consider new K-402 or K-510's only because I cant find them used and don't have Emiles secret insider K-510 pricing power.
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    A shot from last nights basketball game.
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    You got to stop with the negative waves man I plan to veneer my Jube bass cabinets this winter.
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    Best time to do it. She comes back happy and is greeted by you in bliss. What could be better? They can easily be hidden by a small towel when not in use. No one will even see them.
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    Maybe I need measurements on the MCM 1900’s. My doors are all 36” x 80”. My wife might pack up and go if a pair of those shows up the next time she does a “girls trip” for few days. The last few big purchases I made were here waiting on her return.
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    Speaking of peyote, Canadians' and space. Pick this one up at about the 50 second mark:
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    I like the song by Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield and Bare Naked Ladies singing about the I.S.S.
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    I am not sure why either if quality of sound is the only important metric. I think in many cases just the idea of a speaker being professional creates a false impression in the minds of many who are looking for home use because home use must be better for the home, right? I had a chance one day to listen back to back to a new La Scala and a Jubilee with 402 horns on them. The clear superiority of the Jubilees was not small nor subtle. I have had many variations of pro and vintage veneer and while I really like the Chorus I's and La Scalas what I choose to keep for myself is pro gear all the way. I have been able to listen back to back in my environment to a number of both types in my shop and all I can say is if you do not consider pro gear you are not looking for the absolute best sound. Yes but very nice ones.
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    Since advice to beginners was brought into this discussion I need to make a comment. Solid state users have the advantage of not having to deal with ludicrous claims such as "the case of our output transistors is made of @$#@# which results in much tighter bass than those made of other materials," or "our transistor pins are coated with a layer of unobtainium which makes the electrons flow faster resulting in smoother highs." Tube users, on the other hand, are assaulted with ridiculous claims such as the color of the heat dissipation coating on the plate or shape/location of the getter resulting in radical changes in sound. Then, there's the issue of claims that rectifier tubes can significantly affect sound (if they supply the correct voltage required for a particular circuit, it is impossible to differentiate one from the other). Beginners often get sucked into spending lots of money on total tube nonsense, and the dealers certainly cash in on the mythology. I could keep on going with this, but you get the idea. Beware!!! Maynard
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    This place needs one post per day, I think.
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    Say didn't the Chipmunks have something to say about Christmas?
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    I am not looking to make a profit. I will hold onto these and enjoy for the remainder of my lifetime, unless there becomes an emergency need to sell down the road. My wife even liked them....A LOT! Which completely surprised me! Here are some pictures. Please note, I do not have corners (yet). A basement remodel will be in store for me hopefully soon, which will allow placement into corners. Even without corners, they sound absolutely fantastic! Only imperfections pictured below... Peeling veneer, which will be re-attached. It was already coming off a little when I got them, and I have the other piece that broke off that I can put back on. Any suggestions on what I can use to reattach?
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    I think titanium makes it worse. Phenolic is considerably warmer sounding. He needs to replace the old Mylars in his networks with some nice polypropylenes. Replace crap resistor with Mills.
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    I enjoy this hobby from both the musical as well as technical aspects and have always done this for about 50 years now🙂.... and I have come to the same conclusion that while we desire perfection we must also accept it’s not possible and thus ultimately our systems must allow the music to move us or why bother..??? miketn
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    For the record I don’t believe in any amplifier type being the best because I currently own examples of Single Ended Tube, Single Ended SS, Class A P/P Tube, Class A/B SS and Class G and all these amplifiers perform excellent with my Jubs/K402/TAD4002 systems. So my advice is use your ears as the main guide in what amplifier has the best synergy with your system, room and your personal taste in sound reproduction that you desire. Like anything we humans adapt and refine our taste and desire over time and it will be and should be a part of the journey for any newby to audio. Experience as much as possible while keeping an open mind and pay attention to the details along the way because they can and will alter your experiences especially if not controlled and accounted for. miketn
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    Chris, My assertion was, and continues, that modern day amps that are engineered to be linear will be indistinguishable when operated within their design limits. You disagree and cite how some 35 years ago a few handfuls of people were able to distinguish a sold-state amp from a tube amp. This fails to meet the criteria oI either modern or "engineered to be linear". As for Roy Delgato, I never said differences b/w speakers were inaudible. Indeed, I believe that is pretty much where ALL the differences lie, apart from the all-important listening environment and, perhaps, a turntable in an analog rig which is highly mechanical and subject to poor alignment (cartridge) and other such issues. As for challenging my hearing, I don't take offense at all. In reply I can only offer that my hearing measures well, and I have a keen sense of musical nuance honed from years of playing and listening to live (often unamplified) music. Since I've never de-mastered music they way you have I of course can't say for certain that I would be able to hear what you are hearing during that process. But all of this serves to make my point that if there is even a debate regarding the audibility of differences b/w modern day amplifiers, then just how important can these difference be!? Plus, establishing the existence of these differences is only part of the equation. Of even greater importance: If Amp A is audibly different from amp B, then the next question is, which one is reliably found to sound more like music?? No one has even begun to take that on. So, again, to beginners I say. Buy an integrated amp or receiver (2-ch or multi) that has enough power to drive your speaker to desired levels and offers the features you want (eg., tone controls, input level matching, mono switch, built-in DAC, etc..) and be done with it. ..In most cases this can be accomplished for $500 or less. ..Spend the vast majority of $$ on your speakers and maximizing your listening environment.
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    Mike, I think that Nelson Pass brings a little more understanding to the table in this article: https://www.passlabs.com/press/audio-distortion-and-feedback It explains a lot about feedback and slew rate, and really shows why "intermodulation distortion" in amplifiers is the real issue, and the really objectionable distortions correlate to the higher order harmonics (as Geddes pointed out using masking of the human hearing system as an explanation). The focus on harmonic distortion of first and second orders isn't useful, and that's what Mr. Dan D'Agostino (above) is basically saying. I wish that we'll all spend a lot less time on 1st and 2nd order harmonics (or even 3rd or 4th order, usually the dominant ones in harmonic distortion measurements) that basically correlate poorly to listen tests, as Geddes pointed out. Chris
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    2's not 1's. and I'm not offended by the price given the looks. https://washingtondc.craigslist.org/nva/ele/d/klipsch-cornwall-ii-speakers/6764606215.html
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    Hello there! I just got a pair of RP-250F fronts to replace my old Paradigms that finally died. My current setup is a mish-mash of pieces, and I'm upgrading/updating a bit at a time. I'm not a high-end audiophile, but I do appreciate a good setup. I'm running a Denon X2400H receiver, and currently have the aforementioned RP-250F on the left and right. I have my old Paradigm center channel and surrounds, which are still running fine for now. I'll update them later as budget allows. I've never owned a sub, because until a month ago I lived in an apartment and didn't want to annoy the neighbors. But now I have my own house, and it's time for a sub! Suggestions as to what I should pair with the RP-250F fronts? I see the R120-SW is on sale now, is that worth picking up? Or should I be looking at dropping the extra cash on the R-110SW or the R-112SW?
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    In good working condition. A few scuffs, but nothing major. Very powerful Subwoofer! Features 2 12" subs.Drivers: (2) 12" long-throw MK125Push pull configuration virtually eliminates even harmonic distortionBuilt-in 150 watt RMS amplifierActive Headroom Maximizer IV design to prevent clippingAdjustable 50Hz-125Hz low-pass filter with bypassFrequency Response: 20 - 125 Hz ± 3dBWeight: 64 lbsDimensions: 23" H x 15.25" W x 19 5/8" D
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    Hi DrSnooze, welcome to the forum Just a couple of notes ... Subwoofers WITH build-in amps do not seem to last very long ... avg for Klipsch seems to be about 5 yrs (very rough guess). Therefore, suggest you get a passive one with an external amp. I got a 15" sub (kit) from partsexpress.com for about $300. (Easy build with some glue and a couple of clamps. If you want to get fancy you can veneer it ) Sounds like a $1000+ subwoofer. Got a barely used Dayton Audio SA1000 amp off FleaBay for $200 (haha, 2 outputs in case you want to add a 2nd sub.) But, just checked on the R-120SW ... Jeez; only $200 delivered. Almost a "no-brainer," even though it's not as good as the R-112SW ($500) or my subwoofer kit. Have fun ... haha ... you can always upgrade later Cheers, Emile Add-on ... are you sure you "need" a sub? Your RP-250F's officially go down to 35Hz ... good enough for most music. Or do you need the sub for "earthquake" movies?
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    I have a son who’s ruined his life with drugs and I know too many families with similar tragedies. Being cavalier with drug analogies is offensive, personally for myself. Also I feel it lightloads drug use/abuse - and - ‘crack’ is among the worst drugs to become involved with. It was an irresponsible name to begin with. I hope that nobody ever has to see their child shriveled and wasted. Every drug zombie is a victim and every dealer is a murderer. Feel free to call me a ‘snowflake’.
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    The Swingin' Medallions That choreography is amazing. I bet they paid a professional choreographer three or four dollars for that program.
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    I was kidding, it was just a chance for me to feel normal, but there is too much evidence to pull that off, and I know better.
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    Some snowflakes got hurt, o crap we have to change the name. People just need to get over stuff!!
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    When the height is determined I will send you a set. Claude says that Crites better 15" woofer gave the best numbers. I am going to use some K-43-K's I have sitting around that came out of some old John Allen MWM clone bins. My guess would be you could use them but how good they will be here I don't know. The set of drawings will be rudimentary. Top view of the complete horn with angles and lengths and the a front view of the motorboard with dimensions and between the two there is enough data to build by.
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    Looking good, I think you have it covered...................you make me feel normal.  Sorry, that wasn't my intention. I have been to Walmart and seen what is now accepted as normal. I am happy to not be normal. What can I say that will rectify this feeling that I have bestowed upon you?
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    It’s not a peak - it’s the sagging response below it that causes it to be more noticeable than it otherwise would be. I’ve been told that using the K-43 helps, but I’ve never seen a curve.
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    Is this room on the ground floor? One guy ripped up the floor in a few contiguous rooms and dug out a huge pit in the dirt below, then built a strong, huge wood horn in that pit, and had it "speak" through a metal grille in the new flooring he put in. The grille was as wide as the listening room. There are photos of this floating around somewhere. This could be your next project! You would be well advised to discuss it with your wife first. P.S. Pat Boone and Harry Browne would suggest you bury some gold down there while you are at it.
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    Alvin did...and Theodore and SIMON... The Carpenters Christmas songs and videos...just the ones that make it just so...nice. Take your pick...
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    That's the joke.
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    I didn’t know I liked hot sauce, but apparently I do. I’m certainly game if you want to send me some.
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    Throw in free shipping and I'll consider them, otherwise your price is too high.
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    Unfortunately my last sled dog is on strike.
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    TI diaphragms will help tone things down a bit but I would update your crossovers first before anything else is done. Even a Solen or Dayton grade caps can make a difference.
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    @ClaudeJ1 As can be readily seen, I'm pretty much a newbie here, but have been reading with great interest, especially your many posts on modding the Heresy. I'm a bit of an "older fart" (just over 60), love my high notes (though I've been suffering from tinnitus since my early teens - 5,7khz@54db), and though I had wanted a pair of Klipschorn's with their stomach churning kick, I settled for smaller as I didn't have the room. I have a 1981 set of Heresy 1's I bought new. Unfortunately, the middle dust cap of both of the K-22-E's came loose last year on one side. (Man, these Klipsch's only lasted 36 years of daily playing, 4-10 hrs/day). I drive them with a same vintage Technics SU-V4K (now replaced with the SU-V4X last month). I was able to carefully reglue the the dustcovers back on. There was also some slight separation of the paper cone (no tears/cuts), which were "fixed" the same way. I've been reading the Super Heresy 1 thread with interest, with the idea of upgrading my speakers. Now, you've come up with the Super 2 mod... Tough choices need to be made, but I'm liking what I'm seeing here. So, am I understanding this correctly- With the DE-120/MAHL and the more expensive 3012HO-NEO , I can keep my existing E crossover (still with the big cans) but would in all likelihood need to upgrade the capacitors on it. Or do I have to put different values in? Where does the 10uf cap go (and does it matter which way)? So, the middle set (K-55-V / K700) get to stay where it is, the upper & lowers have to come out, say goodbye and greet the new brethren who are dying to take their place, with the foam padding and port ready to cuddle them in... Am I missing anything else? What else am I missing?
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    The guy I bought my MCM from said that they make LaScala and Khorns sound like bookshelf speakers. I can do argue against that.
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    What was it PWK said "too damn loud" or somesuch? I agree with the statement. A fraction of a watt is plenty. From there they get very loud. I have never felt self destructive enough to turn them up more. The main thing with the MCM stack is how accurate they sound and how they do it so effortlessly. Imagine filling the room with great sound without the blaring volume.
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