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    That sounds terrible. But what it actually was didn't sound bad, depending on the green sauce. The Cod traveled a good ways to get to the desert. Was at a restaurant in Arkansas once and someone with us asked if i was going to try raw oysters ? I said no, I never traveled over 8 hours from a coast to trust a raw oyster that traveled just as far.
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    Constant coverage...chhhhh....oops. Not a klipsch designed horn so not the same.
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    well it is a rather intimidating invitation ..." The Pilgrimage: i know we’ve never met; but, come visit us in the backwoods of Arkansas. There is nobody around for miles and miles ... all you hear are the croaking of the frogs, the hum of flying insects, and banjo music.”
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    I'll let you in on our little secret....neither are we.
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    I make my corners by screwing a piece of angle iron to the edge of two door slabs. Then attached the slabs on a base or a cross brace to form a rigid triangle. Easier than building a stick frame and covering that with plywood. The door knob holes are in the right spot for feeding the wires through.
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    That's all it really takes, the rest usually just works out. Out of ketchup, I didn't think that could happen, old age must be slipping in.
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    Make sure you wear your Depends so you don't have to hit the loo... Stay woke!
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    Just wanted to thank all who had responded to my question earlier on color options for CW III. I’ve just received my set yesterday. Went for Natural Cherry and lambs wool linen grill cloth. Likely one of the last sets of CW III rolling out of the factory. A pic it still sitting in the foam packaging.
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    I just ate some Pringles ... now what?
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    Is this Gia's homework? Don't let the dog eat it
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    So you do travel? Hmmmm.... we expect you in Hope at the next pilgrimage
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    Hat bandanna Graham cracker jackhammer in A nail file suit your self-serviceman The world's my oyster soup kitchen floor wax museum Autographed pictures of Shakespeare fishing Gear head phone Madison Square garden hose The world's my oyster soup kitchen floor wax museum Get set get wet get fat get fit get a life Get it on get it up get it off of me The world's my oyster soup kitchen floor wax museum Get sacked get the facts get a load of this Get pissed get real get over it get it over with The world's my oyster soup bowling ball of wax museum Cannibal dog house plan be happy As a lark's tongue in cheekbone china doll The world's my oyster soup kitchen floor wax museum Don't ask Y2 cake and eat it too Nothing lasts for evergreen thumbscrew The world's my oyster soup kitchen door frame by frame Get back slap back backtalk halfback back track talkback Back to back I'll be back to get you back The world's my oyster soup kitchen floor wax museum Get bumped get pumped get dumped get the funk Get sick get fixed get jiggy with it The world's my oyster souffle mignon Get set get wet get fat get fit Get along little doggiem get it off of me Oyster soup kitchen floor wax museum Get sacked get the facts get a load of this The world's my oyster soup kitchen floor wax museum
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    The 2013 show was available on Blu Ray, and it was well done. Can't wait, gonna be a great time.
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    I hope Orianthi Panagaris shows up. Maybe with Beck. She's played with everyone. She and Tal Wilkenfield jam together all of the time. If you've never heard of her.... check her out. Amazing.
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    Yeah, it was cool. I posted some of these pics here afterwards. Here they are performing a strafing run by my house. The sound of the old prop planes flying by was great.
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    do you even need to ask? actually, i’m out of the good red vitamin stuff and out of Molson too. Going dry for a couple of days since i fly back to California tomorrow and i know that the place i’m going to stay has alcohol and it’s a celebratory atmosphere.
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    Great seller and great gear! GLWS! Picked up a RC64 iii from him on my last road trip, smooth transaction and communication. I think I need a bigger car for next trip! lol
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    go easy guys... I haven't had my coffee and that sounds horrible. got a decent end of the season storm yesterday afternoon. A good inch of rain, locally. Was a strange storm. Was so light out, that it seemed like the sun should be shining. Rain was coming in sheets and sideways. Told the wife to leave the little car at the school and get a ride. Road was dry until they got to town. Figures. got a Peruvian edge on this AM. These are good beans. Still prefer the Mexican. Busy month ahead. 2 weddings. Boy is going to Amarillo. Wife is off to IL. That one oughta be good. She attending a class reunion. Wife wanted "something light" for dinner. I made a "diet plate" for her. A portion of cod. A slab of lettuce. 1/4 of a red bell pepper, 1/4 of a cuke, a pickle and a portion of cottage cheese. So much "diet food" that she couldn't finish her "light" dinner. We had a chuckle over that. I poured some green enchilada sauce on the fish. Some ran into the veggies... I guess it make good salad dressing, too.
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    I will be using a pair of those 18 X 10 horns in these
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    RIP rocker. I saw the Cars and the Kinks around 1980.....awesome show.
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    RIP Mr. Ocasek ... i like The Cars ... weird lyrics often (especially some tunes off Candy-O) but good music nonetheless.
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    No cow yet but you KNOW how "Southerner's" are... Ohhhhh, you're just sooo precious! Yea, OK, gimme that #4 McValue meal...
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    Don't have a cow man! He said he'll make broth with the heads and shells. It''ll be up to full stink and all the cats in the neighborhood will come and visit.
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    No, just say NO! Another visual on Monday! I can't take it! First the wedding and now you stirrin the pot? Ummm...
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    It's amusing for the low life comments section Some real garbage out there ; on both sides 🤡
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    Clapton was the third best guitarist in the Yardbirds.
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    For those of you that won't be there, unlike my friend @Davisand I, apparently there is going to be a partial live stream of this amazing two day event in Dallas. Almost everyone from the 2013 event will be performing this weekend. Watching the 2013 Crossroads DVD right now. Absolutely awesome. If this year is half as good, I'll be happy. Jeff Beck is the man. Sorry Eric. https://liveforlivemusic.com/news/crossroads-guitar-festival-viewing-parties-2019/
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    Caps don't really have "break points." What they have is a decreasing reactance (impedance) as frequency rises. They all follow a curve starting at "infinity" (or thereabouts) at 0 Hz (DC). What one might call the "break point" is the place in the curve for any value of capacitance where the impedance of the cap matches that of the driver itself or as seen through a transformer if there is one (or any other resistance between the cap and driver), thus each consuming half the signal (the cap and whatever makes up the load as seen after the cap).
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    Should be a great show. I thought Eric Clapton was not playing anymore because of health reasons?
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    Is she...."my best friend's girlfriend"?
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    @pioneerhip Maybe you mentioned it and I didn't see it but what are the cabinets made from? Baltic Birch or something else? If Baltic Birch, that's a very tough wood to stain if you're not experienced in doing so. It's a very picky wood that doesn't always look great and someone else on here stained some speakers they built using BB and, to me, it looks awful. Me personally, and from experience, I would veneer over the BB with something that's more forgiving for staining. I built some Belle clones out of BB and veneered them using ribbon Mahogany. I believe the build link is in my signature.
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    If that was the question, then the answer may be interesting.
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    Not taking that way, either.
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    I've now started exercising them - intently - at lower volumes (just for the halibut) and come to the conclusion that I'm so utterly spoiled by the studio monitors in front of me that an objective evaluation is not possible. They're pretty good at low volumes. There is no loss to the delicacy of the presentation; it makes no difference to them. They scale downward as well as they do upward. It's just difficult for them to top what amounts to a pair of good headphones lacking only the too-warm ears.... I consider the money very well-spent.
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    It wasn't meant in a negative light.
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    I make a wicked coffee cake from scratch!! No grocery store for me baby!! Cinnamon Cake.pdf
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    That's about as brave as frying bacon naked.
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    Love the mono amps set on the "speaker" stands @Tigerman. That dynakit is as big as some of the speakers I've seen touted as "The Best Ever" in sales flyer "E"s! I replaced my ruined copy of that record with a cd....... that was a mistake, the timbre of the vocals just isn't there.
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    Me, too. Specifically, the RCA mini-yagi for about $40+ at Wal-Mart. That's a very good antenna, and it's not too huge. It fits nicely in the attic.
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    Have had great success with using a Yagi type of antenna. There are various one's misnamed as such online. Depending upon distance to the various stations, they can of time be received by not having a rotor to change antenna position. Would think most stations have migrated to UHF by now from VHF, which is now being used for purpose per FCC. There are some that are slowly complying. Also have used Archer brand VHF/UHF/ FM 25db amplifier for those more finicky stations that pixelate or dropout... fun times for sure.
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    Been there, done that. My smart phone has a compass function. If your does, all you have to do is go to the antenna, set your phone to compass, move your phone till it's pointing to that degree then aim your antenna to the same direction that your phone points to. You can use a standard compass that's labeled in degrees the same way.
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    Since the firmware update, I can use HDMI now (CEC, ARC) on my Vizio P75 and don't have any audio problems at all. Before it would lock up when you powered off the TV so I had to fall back on optical only but HDMI seems to cure the problems. I also get the sound coming on quicker with HDMI than I did with optical and occasionally I would switch inputs and have no sound until I switched inputs and came back one more time - again, this does not happen with HDMI. So not really a fix for the optical but if you have the choice, might be worth exploring the HDMI only route. I disconnected my optical or it seems to over ride which cable gets to run the audio.
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    Klipsch RC 64III. In excellent condition. This is local pickup only in CT since I don’t have the box. Frozen mat not included. Only selling because I thought it would fit under my TV but doesn’t. SOLD
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    if you bought the speakers from a couple of guys in a white van--the cabinets may be filled with balloons. i know, i know, i'm not much help--i get that all the time. steve
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