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Cables, Coffee, Cycles, and Cocktails


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34 minutes ago, DizRotus said:

I didn’t buy a ticket so my chance of winning is ever so slightly less than Tarheel’s.

Loser!  Accept that you lost.  No wait, take a bunch of nothing to the courts.  Demand your toaster that was stolen from you, you know, the toaster!  You are entitled to your toast!  Covered in ketchup!  OK now I'm hungry.

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Our upper 70's gave way to warm/ish [mid 50's] and wet/damp   be lucky if it make a seasonable 65` today


Went fishing yesterday. Didn't feel like cleaning fish, so I gave mine to an old guy...... well, [I'd guess] he was older than me... He was fishing for dinner for he and his wife. I made sure he had enough.


Got a red robe......if I could find a mitre, Saint Nicholas... lol


Was up early....

... and went back to bed

Woke up 1/2 hour after I was sposed to get wife up.... NO, she didn't get herself up....So, she found that she can get ready AND have a cup of coffee in a half hour.... oops. Why I don't generally go back to bed. I knew this was going to happen eventually

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1 hour ago, Tarheel said:

Surprise....surprise I didn't win.  Now the Power Ball lottery is up to $277,000,000.  Pretty sure I got it this time😁

  if you wanna win ,  you gotta join a pool or create a new pool ,or buy more tickets ,  your ticket may not win , but another might , at 100 tickets with a chance of 2.7 million each , that's still a lot of money -good luck rubs on------

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Hadn't gtten a chance to go get mine yet but I will after this. Got a bunch out of the shed today... looks like mice did the past few years also. Acorns and chewed cardboard all over.


Anyhow @dirtmudd I'll post this for you the fettuccini is five min away now!



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