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Send me a prayer please.....and thank you


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Say a prayer for my daughter Shania. She got in an accident while riding in a golf cart in Florida. She has broken toes, road rash and a big chunk out of her ankle. She is headed to see a pediatric surgeon at now a second hospital, as the first hospital did not have one on staff.The surgeon will need a CT of her ankle to determine what needs to be done as the Xrays were inconclusive. I guess the divot is pretty deep in her ankle and they are not sure if it is the bone or a ligament they are seeing from the outside. It is now almost 2:30 am and the accident happened around 5:30 in the afternoon so this has been a long day of waiting. I hope we get good news and that she won't need surgery.

They were going to start the long drive home in the morning but that is obviously not happening now.



The doctors just put her under for about half an hour and cleaned out her ankle. They think she chipped the ankle bone but don't think anything else is wrong in there. No ligament damage that they can see and the joint seems okay too so far. They are worried however that the accident happened eleven hours ago and it is just getting taken care of now. They administered antibiotics and everything and they admitted her just now for at least a 24 hour stay so they can monitor the wound to make sure no infection has or will set in. My wife is supposed to be out of the rental home by eleven in the morning so she is scrambling to figure how or where she is going to stay. My MIL is going to call the home owner to see if she and the girls can stay longer, at least until my daughter gets released.

Please pray with me that no infection takes hold in my daughter.


Thanks in advance for your prayers and well wishes.


Tim (teaman)

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Thoughts and prayers. Ankle disasters are really dangerous and pose significant threats to the ability to walk, run etc, if not corrected as soon as possible. Hope the surgeons are "on this" and make sure that the ankle rehab is careful and does not force use of the ankle too soon. Best of luck, and if your daughter needs, take advantage of Bill's offer.

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Prayers to you and Shania.  She is a cute, good looking kid and apparently very athletic.  I saw her FB page from the link you posted.   She will bounce back, but before she does there will be a few stressful days for everybody.


Hang in there buddy, this too shall pass.

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