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    • Quad,   What I am attempting to do is stimulate a discussion on DACs; and if their quality is so uniformly good at this time, that any decent DAC is pretty good. So why pay more than the sweet spot. Probably $250 for name brand in this competitive market. Maybe more if it has other products built in like an EQ, pre-amp, blutooth, net server etc.   There is still a lot of snake oil in the audio industry, that might confuse someone working with glue all day long.   So I had hoped to afford people who don't have a background in electronics, data communications, micro processors, chip design and programming an opportunity to enter the discussion since they are the targets of the snake oil. I'm not the only one the board with a background in electronics.   We also have more than a few amateur, and probably a few professional, speaker designers on the board. Some of the designs from the board have found their way into the Klipsch line-up. So I would ask Klipsch to think carefully, before taking down the amateur speaker or Altec discussions. They are not the competition for Klipsch. It appears that most of the users on the board are old curmudgeons, not first time speaker buyers.   We have a lot of people in the trades and general contractors, who don't spend their weekends reading EE magazine, but are hunched over the kitchen table reviewing D size drawings for their projects. Who want good sound, but don't want to get ripped off either. Same way I want a good house, but probably won't get a degree in architecture to get a good house.   I had hoped someone had recently test driven several DACs and could share their experience; frequently the test drive reveals more about the car or motorcycle than reading the spec sheet.   In the motorcycle example; the "certain-something" is frame-flex, center of gravity, weight distribution FR tires, engine crank shaft and piston balance at 5,000-12,000 RPM and harmonic vibration, and cam-shaft and valve behavior at high speed,  in a turn all at the same time, combined with suspension damping so the bike doesn't kill you. Ducati got it right. Their engine turns into a fine-tuned gyroscope at high RPMs,  that allows the bike precision tracking and stability at speeds that would normally kill the rider. You place a coin on the engine at 6,000 rpm and it won't vibrate off.   The  DS chip set built-in-options may be the reason that one DS DAC sounds subtly different than another DS DAC, perhaps using the same chip set. Any competent EE DAC designer, will look at all of the characteristics and nuance  of the chip set and DAC, before selecting their components and finalizing their design. And still they spend days test driving the designs to see how they handle under various loads, and bumps.   EMO's implementation is noteworthy in that they are allowing the user to decide which option/s best suit the listener's preference, there is no uniform set of ears or likes.  Have it your way, audio preference.   Before responding, I took a minute to review your other contributions to the forum.   The question I would have on gluing or repairing plastic horns is what is the effect on resonance ? And what will it introduce into the sound ? ABS Fiber glass etc.......  
    • How did I forget Bill Evans and Paul Desmond 
    • Koenigsegg makes fast vehicles, I wouldn't know how my molecules would react!   A 305 MG is freakin' scary, almost more than a 350Vega `65 GTO Tri-Powered 389 4-spd balanced and blueprinted at a Nascar outfit in west Charlotte might be truly fast, but possibly not as exhilarating as those small V-8s mentioned. That V-65 Magna I rode for a while was fast too, but bikes are different.   Check the numbers on Koenigsegg, think they have held the world speed record a couple times!  
    • 1000 pages! Back to the Denon, today
    • You can’t go wrong with the absolute classics -  in alphabetical order  Andrew Hill Art Blakey  Art Pepper  Cannonball Adderley  Charles Mingus  Chick Corea  Dave Brubeck  Dexter Gordon  Elvin Jones Grant Green Herbie Hancock  Horace Silver  John Coltrane  Jacob Magnusson  John Klemmer  Keith Jarrett  Miles Davis  Oscar Peterson  Sonny Rollins  Wynton Marsalis                     
    • Stereophile's review on low bass.    "The La Scala is not without flaws, or more precisely, limitations. Surprising for a speaker of such ample proportions, it doesn't do really deep bass; its 15" woofer rolls off steeply at around 50Hz. Roy Delgado, Klipsch's chief audio engineer, told me that this is a result of a compromise that allowed Paul Klipsch to design a relatively compact bass horn. (The Cornwall, a smaller and less expensive sibling in Klipsch's Heritage line, dispenses with the bass horn and goes down to 35Hz.) Whether this deficit might be a problem for you depends on your musical diet and priorities. While I noticed bass missing on certain electronic music and hip hop recordings, I rarely missed it; some La Scala owners, though, use a subwoofer. I should add that, despite being limited, the Klipsches' bass is in no way wimpy: When called upon, the big horns emitted bass notes as stentorian and downright scary as any speakers I've lived with."
    • I think its odd that both units have failed.  Hopefully its simple fix.  Sign up at Hifiengine as it appears they may have a schematic.   hfe_denon_poa-6600_schematic.pdf   https://www.hifiengine.com/manual_library/denon/poa-6600.shtml
    • I honestly did not mean any offense on anything I posted. When young I was much as yourself trusting in published specs as to what you will hear. PWK could not say it enough that music is dynamics with frequency response important but not the tell all. Horns are efficient, low distortion, dynamic ways to reproduce sound. Nothing can match a horn system. For really low bass the folded K-horn is the speaker of reasonable choice. I have heard of really serious audiophiles building a room with a 32ft bass horn built out of concrete and steel. The problem with the K-horn is that it is perfect if the room is suited for it. Horns uses what is called compression drivers for reproduction. Mostly associated with pro equipment and not home sound reproduction. PWK used professional drivers for his Heritage line and made a compression driver out of the 15" cone bass speaker. The speaker is put in a very small chamber with a board in front of the speaker with a slot to limit the travel of the 15" cone in effect making a compression driver out of the cone speaker. The gain is produced by the attached horn. Being a bass horn has to be extremely long and large he folded the horn and used the walls of the room for further amplification of the sound wave. With a proper large enough room using K-horns and a center speaker as suggested by Paul the sound will be like most have never heard.    The LaScala is a compromise cutting one fold out of the equation with part of a db loss if not a whole db of bass notes loss but is suited for more rooms and is still horn loaded bass with the bass it does make. This is not to say it does not make great bass below 100hz, just not go very much below 50hz. When I bought my speaker very few LP's had much below 50hz recorded on them anyways so it made little difference to me to sacrifice a db or so of the low notes. For a couple of decades I did not feel I was missing anything. What I had for more than 30 years was a level of sound reproduction many never hear. I mentioned I paid $1500 or possible $1595 for my speakers in '86 and that was a lot of money for a blue collar worker with a family of 6 to support. But it was worth it to me. A pair of new LaScala's is a serious investment in sound for most but they were the last main speaker system I have ever bought. Always dreamed of owning K-horns but realized I do not have the space or proper room for them to sound their best. Now with the cost of really good subs and lots of cheap class D power to drive them reasonably priced I am not missing anything.    What carewser is missing is a LaScala is an ultimate speaker system for most for a lifetime of sound enjoyment that most will pass on to their heir's after they are gone. Certainly benefit from a really good sub for those low bass note lovers. I personally listen to mine without using my sub a lot of the time. Plenty of the best bass one will ever hear and you can do that with a few watt single ended triode amplifier such as the amazing SET 300B amp. Not many speakers can say that.    I know you are a skeptic carewser and you will never fully understand what members here are talking about until you live with a pair of LaScala's and hear what we are trying to convey into words. Impossible really to put into words what we are hearing from a pair of LaScala's. I have no desire to listen to the newer LaScala's loving the sound my old speakers produce. Klipsch claims improvements which I do not doubt but like carewser I could not afford them being old and retired on a fixed income anyways. What you do hear from top reviewers Klipsch sends to them to is when it is time to send them back most all say "I am sure going to miss those speakers." That is the ones that do not pay and keep them! And this is from people that have heard and reviewed many of the top speakers currently being produced.    Shame these day there are not places one can go and audition a pair of LaScala's as it was in my days when I purchased mine. I am still in awe remembering the first time I heard a pair in a showroom with a tube amplifier. It was if the singer was right in front of me live with music filling the large listening room with instruments everywhere. Never regretted purchasing mine.    Peace and love. 
    • Saturday night jazz    A classic album that has stood the test of time  And this Limited edition is sounding sublime after a gum glue clean    Artist - John Coltrane  Title – A Love Supreme    Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/release/4773442-John-Coltrane-A-Love-Supreme  
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