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    This was our Arkansas sunset last night. Can't wait for y'all to join us.
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    That's my son Auston second from the left. These kids and parents got to hang out with Coach Saban the other day. School football season starts Saturday. 12 and 13 year old jr high squad shown. Mine is #55.
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    ...and introducing edition "Plum Crazy" All minor details now Matt ♪ ♫ ♪
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    Good morning all. Not much news to tell. I'm almost finished converting a storage room off my garage to a gaming room for my grandson. His only little "man cave." Headed to Hope on Thursday. Looking forward to seeing friends, having some fun and not thinking about work for a few days.
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    Hey gang .... just checking in. We got the heat back and wish it would go away. Once in a while Colorado will cool down the last week or so of august, but it hasn't happened yet. 2 cups down and waiting on the painter to show and do a little exterior work. Later............
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    Much cooler here today, after some heavy rain on Sunday afternoon and a slight drop in temps. Light showers on Monday and Tuesday got hot but today it feels great so far. Still supposed to get to 90, with high humidity, but working in the garden this a.m. has been pleasant. Have a cup of java now. Have a busy day with company tonight. Thinking about the traffic in Atlanta next Wednesday, having to be over in Tucker by 8:00am. Really sucks! Don't want to spend the night in the hotel again, so we will leave at 5:00, to get past Marietta before the slowdown. We'll arrive early, eat breakfast and take a nap in the car.
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    Mornin' guys. The key to the speedo thing is to just threaten to wear one. People will pay you money not to. Great way to supplement retirement income. Have a great Tuesday.
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    I hate to say it but if his marriage is depending on him getting rid of a relatively small set of floor-standing speakers then its already over.
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    She's not a citizen just yet... She passed the interview but doesn't take the oath of allegiance until next Wednesday, Aug. 17. It's a bit crazy that we have to drive back to Atlanta a week later. They approve enough folks in the morning that they could hols the swearing in after lunch. I think they are trying to get a bunch of new voters for the Nov. election.
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    Mole79, Welcome to the forum. I say leave the Pioneer SC-37 with the Polk Audio setup and move your current Emos over to the Klipsch and buy a modern midlevel or better(with multichannel preouts) AVR. Bill
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    Lol! That would require writing a book. The synopsis would be that I have people that I trust listen. I listen to various cuts of music that I have collected over the years and i also "listen" to what the speaker and measurements tell me.
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    Rain here in Destin off and on. We're passing time by drinking and watching the olympics. I could get used to this.
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    Thanks Mookie! They really did turn out well. Was skeptical at first but no regrets. Yeah, I had to steal the grills to see what they are going to actually look like - The cane should be here tomorrow and will complete them this weekend. It is a grueling process to do all six of them so will need to devote most of the day Saturday. Mids, tweets and crossovers installed today. They bass bins will have to wait for the weekend. Matt ♪ ♫ ♪
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    Observations about maximizing loudspeaker-room performance: I've found that if the strong early reflections (i.e., within ~2.5 ms delay or one yard/metre distance) are well controlled via room absorption/diffusion and controlled midrange and midbass horn directivity, the entire room's sound becomes clear, spacious, and detailed. If anyone walks into that intervening space (90 degrees left to 90 degrees right of centerline...well outside the lay-line to the loudspeakers), the distortion of the ambience of the room is immediately apparent and very disturbing of the listening experience. However, in rooms where the early reflections are not controlled, the room's sound is confused, opaque, and insensitive to all but someone walking directly in front of one or more loudspeakers. In rooms with too much absorption--especially on the side walls--the room sounds clear and detailed, but not "ambient" and sensitive to someone walking in from the sides outside of the direct lines to the loudspeakers. This is a high price to pay for overdoing the absorption. This effect is quite pronounced, and it is the way that I use to immediately determine the acoustics in listening rooms that are new to me. Getting the room set up well acoustically makes all the difference in the world in the listening experience. Doing the acoustic treatment and loudspeaker positioning wrong will nullify the performance of even the best loudspeakers that money can buy...although loudspeakers with good directivity control do much better in cluttered rooms, such as full-range multiple-entry horns like Danley's and DIY multiple-entry horns, and full-range conventional multi-way horns, i.e., Jubilee, Khorn, La Scala, and Belle. Chris
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    Just in case y'all were wondering it's still here!!
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    Congrats to Ms. Marvel on becoming a citizen
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    A question I believe everyone with this goal should ask themselves is how can I know when my " Loudspeaker/Room's Maximum Performance has been achieved " ...??? Of course the combination of acoustical test of the loudspeaker, listening room, and the integration of them can help to achieve our goal but the answers I would like to hear from others is based from where the rubber meets the road ie: "The Listening Experience" I believe at this time there is one listening indicator that is the best gauge to use to judge the performance of our systems and it is: Imaging I see very little discussion of this aspect of sound reproduction on the forum but "Imaging" is where all aspect of reproduction combine to be experienced by us and it always reveals when something isn't performing at it's best. So I am interested in others thoughts and what you use to gauge the performance of your system..??? miketn
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    Is anyone looking for a four pack of the KP 250's? Seems like a decent price as well. http://sandiego.craigslist.org/nsd/msg/5715247108.html
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    I guess we ought to repossess a bunch of Khorns and Belles running off tube amps, huh?
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    Dad's memorial service was held this morning. Very upbeat. A genuine celebration of a life well lived.
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    Man these cars are way cool. 1600 ponies! I would wear a helmet tho for sure.
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    I'm no acoustic engineer but logically speaking changing the crossover won't help as you'll run into the same frequency regardless of changes made to crossovers. It's music dependent. Again take what I say with a grains, grain of salt. As for one being metal and the other plastic I do apologize for not being clearer. I was using my Belle's horn as an example. Also here are some "remedies" to address some of the issues for horns.
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    Welcome to the forums. Many guys have enjoyed Emo with their Klipsch. I've owned 3 power amps (Parasound, B&K and Sherbourn) and I wasn't able to hear a difference between the three. My suggestion....go with a Projector if you can. I just upgraded my screen from 103" to a 150" and gaming on it is pretty sick. You can see a video tour of my setup in my signature.
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    I'd snag a pair of p-17b's from somewhere before they can't be bought new anymore. Should be ablemto find a new pair for 1800ish
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    I would love to hear Roy's description of the development and evaluation process for crossover networks and speaker voicing. When the decision was made to develop the AK-4 to replace the AK-3 it seems to have represented a significant change in how the crossover network is used to balance more attributes of the speaker system performance. In the case of the AK-4 and AL-4 being developed for existing systems, how many people were involved in the evaluation process, what are the discussions like, how closely does everyone agree before crossover voicing specs get locked in?
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    I had a tube amp that had too much gain in its original design and would overdrive 300-500hz. It produced an uncomfortable sustaining sound that walked over the rest of the FR. Nothing wrong with the horns in that case, The amp designer reduced the gain of his amp on a successive version and also added a stepped attenuator for even more adjustability and that took care of the issue. Is the gain structure of your system adjusted acceptably?
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    Well, you know....if you weren't working 9 jobs in addition to partying every spare moment, we might be able to get together....I've got other things for a project of yours still.....
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    Sympathetic vibrations... They can resonate at a harmonic as well, but as Mike stated above, the composite resin horn in the LS II won't do that. Beaming usually has to do with the polars of the horn/driver combination (I believe), where above a certain frequency the high frequency response becomes narrower. I don't design horns or speaker systems, so I'm just coughing up what I understand from reading.
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    After careful consideration, yes... The "Black Betty's" went for $1550. Edition "Plum Crazy" are MUCH nicer, close to flawless given a 30 year old specimen. A much more desirable finish with higher "WAF" to boot. If the current interested party decides to pass, these beauties will be priced as follows: - with eBay buyer protection in place (aka fees) $2195 - local cash or PP/FF $1900 I know the right buyer is out there. It may take time, which I have plenty of. The hard part, getting the right light for fantastic photos Matt ♪ ♫ ♪
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    I don't understand what ringing and beaming mean.
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    You have a large room. The speakers might work better on the 22 ft. wall. Thirty feet apart is far for good imaging. Also, sitting more that 15 ft from the speakers let's the room have a big part in what your are hearing. It's OK to use the same speaker for music and HT. A good avr could improve things especialy if it has some room correction. Last week, I listed a good Pioneer Elite avr in the Garage sale section. We do have a few guys using Khorns with Pioneer Elite avr's. A lot of the guys use tube amps with the Khorns's also. I don't own Khorn and can't make recommendation on upgrades for the Khorns. I'm sure some more knowledgable forum members will chime in on this thread and offer some help.
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    I thought the same thing on the black pair
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    Beautiful.... great combo of the cabinet color and cane. Thinking about pricing yet?
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    Well, you were right, the plum mahogany and cane go well together. Actually "fantastic" is more accurate. I see you couldn't wait for the new fabric and stole from your other LS's, they look naked.
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    I would recommend the II's in any case. The mid horn is larger and is responsible for the special Cornwall sound IMO. I am not enthusiastic about the III's, with their slightly smaller mid horn and higher Xover point. Just MHO.
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    I just confirmed today with an inside sales rep from Klipsch that all these eBay open box / B stock speakers that are openly advertised with a big discount only have a very limited and strict 90 day warranty even if it is from an authorized seller. Actually it's even on their website: http://www.klipsch.com/b-stock-warranty You're not getting the 5 year warranty that new speakers have if you buy B-stock or open box on eBay.
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    I believe warranty should cover those damages?! Looks like they were shipped --- with no boxes!
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    I'm not That bith is a control freak. The dude better grow some before she leaves him for someone who knows what she wants.
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    Yes Craig, that looks awesome. I'm the guy on the deck with a drink in one hand and my phone in the other Chuck. I could rock a speedo better than you but we'd both be disgusting.
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    Sunset over Lake Michigan at Point Betsie Lighthouse Frankfort, MI. The attached photos appear in the reverse order from how I attached them. The freighter photo is fuzzy because it was merely a speck on the horizon until I used the "telephoto" feature of the Samsung Galaxy S6. I still prefer using a camera that cannot also order a pizza, but the quality of phone pics is now so good it makes it harder to justify always carrying a real camera,
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    The guy is out of his gord if he thinks those are worth $150 let alone $1500.
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    Let me try to clarify my thoughts because I see many answers that seem to indicate some feel that there is a priority of attributes (frequency, dynamics, etc....) and imaging is one of them to choose from also. Imaging is a result/measure of and not really a choice. Imaging is a result of each of many attributes of a signal/recording being combined by our ear/brain to form an image. There seems to be a direct correlation that every time each of these are reproduced more accurately and preserved and delivered to the listener through the direct path combined/integrated with the room's acoustical path(filter) the imaging will be perceived in a much more realistic and pleasant way. It's not a matter of if someone is has reached a point of happiness or compromise that they can live with for aesthetic or other reasons. Imaging perception is an audible measuring method to know when you are getting the maximum performance from your loudspeaker, room acoustics and their integration. The new room I'm working on now is a good example of this. As I bring the room acoustics into proper balance and optimize the integration of the loudspeaker into the room the results are perceived in the improved imaging and the listener position becomes much less critical of being in the optimum position. If you want the best of any attributes on your list of priorities then Imaging can and should be used as a tool to measure/monitor your progress as you optimize your system/room. miketn
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    This is true of any comparison of loudspeaker or equipment for that matter also. miketn
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    I love my 2014 Regal GS. The quality and price is very hard to beat. Congratulations on the new ride!
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    Well the comparison question is much more complex than it might first appear to someone....!!! Can you give an idea of what system comparisons would be helpful to you? I've had many 1st hand experiences with the K-402/KHJ with various HF drivers on the K402. I've owned or experienced most of the Heritage and Klipsch cinema line. I've also listened to many of these systems in multiple rooms of my own as well other environments. So with all that being said I want to add a caution because you see this happen on all forums where opinions about the sound of loudspeakers are discussed. It is extremely important to take into account the listening environment the loudspeaker is placed in. The majority of home listening environments exhibit coloration and masking effects that will prevent a listener from hearing the best reproduction that is possible from any loudspeaker design unless efforts are implemented to control them..!!! So my advice to anyone asking for comparisons of loudspeakers is you must also know all that is possible about the context that leads to the opinions expressed about the reproduction from loudspeakers. miketn
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    A new vehicle.... 2016 Buick Enclave
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