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    Happy Thanksgiving long weekend to one and all north of the border. Although Monday is officially Thanksgiving, many if not most have thier dinner on the Sunday. My bird is now in the oven and I’ll soon start sipping wine and working on the rest of the menu. Feels like a Bill Evans kind of Sunday, and the discs are already pulled and ready to be played. Thanksgiving Monday will be devoted to a couple pints, leftovers and a CFL double header. Calgary squaring off against Montreal followed by the big one: Edmonton vs Saskatchewan. Columbus Day greetings to all my American friends.
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    I know you mentioned it I think but have you tried hooking up the speaker while bypassing the speaker wire plate and in wall wire? You don’t know what’s going on inside that wall so try plugging your speaker directly into the receiver. It doesn’t surprise me that whatever issue is being amplified by the Klipsch speakers, which are famously efficient and sensitive. It wouldn’t surprise me if some speaker wire is cross polaritied (is that a word?) inside that wall.
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    Ummmm no. Busted my hump in the yard and then garage today. Time to put my feet up. I'm exhausted. Cheers.
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    The Crites Type A crossovers are now installed, and there is certainly a difference! This difference seems less tonal in nature as it is about phase consistency between left and right channels. Images are much more focused, with phantom center being much more precise. A sub will be next, as I can live with the sonic signature I’m getting now. I’d like to keep things as original as possible. Thx for the good advice!
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    That's good to hear. I'm getting rp 8000fs tomorrow. I'm worried my sony 1080 isn't going to be enough. But as sensitive as Klipsch speakers are it should be plenty..... Right? Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    I’m not going to be able to assist much with your audio issues. It seems that you’ve got it narrowed to a couple of likely possibilities and I hope you get those sorted quickly. However, I do want to tell you that I’m running the exact same LCR set up, in our Family Room, powered by a Denon AVR X2200W. I just added the RP280Fs last week, replacing RF52iis. I’m here to tell you it’s fantastic! Even with the relatively low power of my AVR, the 280s rock! Maybe not enough to “Piss Off” the neighbors (they aren’t that close) but more than enough to annoy my lovely wife. You’ve chosen well, I hope you get to enjoy them to their full potential very soon.
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    Replaced the front edge "L" extrusions with "U" extrusions on the LF bin. This hides the ratty interior edge and helps support the new armor for the leading edge of the V. I ordered this stuff more than a month ago and USPS lost it. Earlier last week they found it in Florida and here it is. Looks much better.
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    the cat with its face in to cuppa looks like one of our kittens. She will drink your coffee. They think I'm their momma. Whatever I am eating/drinking, they want. They didn't know chicken was food until I waved a piece in front of them for/to eat. wife is "off work" ... well, no school, this coming week. Fall break. She's sposed to do grade cards. But, is talking going to her sister's, in Tucson, for a few days. I don't see grade cards getting done, if that happens. I did the math. 3 days in the city and 4 days babysitting the granddaughter.... and 3 days doing report cards... got a pot of Mexican going. Good stuff
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    Yea that article talked about Buckingham's setup, and he isn't touring with them right now. Must be older.
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    It's cool and ever so slightly wet. Caught a few drops. Enough to make spots on the windshield. If the ripple in the jet stream moves your way, expect some hearty storms. Been a good day to hang indoors. We take our good weather for granted and simply do not go out when it's not nice. I have seen Arizona Dept of Trans running "safety around snowplows" PSAs since Sept. Pima County only has one snowplow.... and it is on top of Mt Lemmon. If it snows down here.... we wait for it to melt. By noon, mostly
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    I was at a Tractor Supply store earlier today. Our heat index today is 95 degrees, and they had snow blowers on sale 😀
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    It has been on every mainstream news outlet starting 3 days ago. It was preannounced that he was going to slam China 4 days ago. They will be best best buddies again if they finish the trade deal. They will continue to posture until then. At the request of the OP not to debate politics, I don't see too much here of a story here, yet.
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    It is not unknown for the odd receiver to have an HDMI board problem. The RCA cable idea might bear fruit.
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    That label looks to be in perfect condition...
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    This is a wild hair I got for my den area, where we watch tv on any given day. The room already has some older in-wall Klipsch speakers in stalled by the home's previous owner. They generally went unused and only came on when whole house audio was in use. I picked up a used Integra DTR-40.5 receiver for cheap and figured I'd set the den up in 5.1 just for grins, but needed a center speaker. Picked up a JBL at a local Fry's for less than half price, Studio 235C model. Since this is just for occasional use when we don't use our HT, this should do for the experiment. Thanks for all the input.
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    When it comes to center speakers I'm a firm believer in getting the biggest / best that you can fit / afford. The RC-7 and RC-64 II are my personal favorites if looking for one smaller I'd go with the RC-3. The RC-35 was the newer replacement but they really cheaped out on the cabinet build quality and the tweeter motor is tiny compared to the RC-3, not sure it makes a huge difference in sound but just looking at the two side by side is bothersome to me.
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    Speakers look very clean, welcome back to the world of Klipsch! I've never had a problem mixing and matching Klipsch speakers but honestly when listening to music I stick with 2 channel, I don't think timbre matching is as critical for surround sound with movies. I would recommend finding a used RC-7 that was the flagship center speaker at the time the RF-3's were produced and it uses the same woofers as the RF-3's so it would be a very good match. If you want to buy new I would look for a good deal on the RC-64 II they can be had at discount right now because they are being cleared out for the new RC-64 III.
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    Having some eight o'clock coffee... And that sucks too !
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    I'm looking at the RP-450C to go with my RF-3's so I'm following this. Started my own thread with specifics.
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    Needed to play an LP to after a short break and it’s also raining in my location Boy does an LP sound great when it’s raining outside Settled on a brilliant album by a brilliant musician An all synth recording taken to the pinnacle of its being  Artist - Synergy ( Larry Fast ) Title - Audion This album is a US import ID PB 6005   
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    I think yours is the majority opinion, so you are solid. I think most people would agree that it is my philosophy on the center speaker which is the minority opinion. I am a fan of "get the best center speaker you can afford." My reasoning is the center does not play the same content as the L/R. Its primary function is to produce clear and accurate vocals. For movies or TV 90% of the content is dialog, and 90% of dialog comes from the center speaker. I respect both viewpoints. People should consider all sides and get whatever speaker they deem best for their listening environment.
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    after a minute... and a couple of, no, what the's… I figured it's a salesman demonstration for a $5000 coaster (look ma, no rings) like... have you ever seen a distilled water salesman with an electric cord ?
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    Haha. Been in IT for 15 years, so troubleshooting isn't a problem and is second nature. 14 Gauge wire. Let me see if I have some type of converter.
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    They do appear to be Claire arrays. The article you linked has a picture of the setup for the 2015 tour. They had a different configuration in Tulsa for this tour. It sounded good.
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    Schu, I switched to eliptrac 400, B&C DCM 50, DE 120 and ALK ESNs. The combo sounds pretty good! joe I’m thinking BR, probably the big ones. I have really been wanting to try full range. Now that my wife is used to huge speakers I think I can squeeze another pair in. opus, you will have a PM soon
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    I have a pair of beautiful cherry corner floor standing speakers for sale. Excellent condition, non smoking environment. They have been loved for a long while for both sound and beauty. No dents or scratches. Moving to a smaller home so need to find them a new forever owner. Purchased new and I have been the sole owner. Located in Chicago burbs. Asking $8,500 for pair.
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    Thanks, it's on its way. Next house will have a dedicated theater room with hidden speakers and I intend on matching speakers throughout.
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    Thank you. I am very proud of them. they sound pretty good too😁
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    I went to a Tractor Supply store earlier. It's hot here today, heat index is mid 90s. They had snow blowers on sale, might be slightly pre-mature 😀
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    Thanks. Not sure why ours is when it is, always just assumed it was tied to the harvest season which is earlier here because of latitude. It is always the second Monday in October rather than a specified date, ensuring a long weekend
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    Did you notice a price? I'll bet it was an expensive setup.
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    Happy Thanksgiving to you. It makes sense Canada would not celebrate Thanksgiving on the same day as the American holiday declared by President Lincoln. If you went to Sams Club where I'm at they already have all the Christmas stuff out.
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    I’m thinking yes. My Denon is rated @95 watts/channel (2channel) and it fills our 13’X20’ room with serious volume. I’ve seen over 100db from my usual listening position (app 10’ away) with no distortion or issues. Good choice on the RP8000s I hear they’ve really upped the finish on the cabinets. I got a good deal and couldn’t pass up the older model.
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    Purple liquid with pink “Lava” tough to get the color right in pic. I love these things. I remember them from when I was a kid in the sixties, they were new, hip, & cool. I was blown away.
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    Ive only used bob a less than a handful of times, but everytime I do I am treated with superb service, professionalism and speed. I look for reasons to order something from him just because I love the way he conducts his business.
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    I've dealt with Crites numerous times over the years always excellent quality products and top notch service.
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    Married man who spend night in Cat house, end up in dog house..... and man who go thru airport turnstile sideways, going to Bangkok.
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    Furious 7 More fun stuff for tonight (have 6 -7 & 8 on 4K). PW R.I.P. A bunch of the originals launched this week on 4K (1-thru-4) looking forward to adding them soon.
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    My OU post was hyperbole. I don't feel that kind of rivalry. You and I are much alike in that we really value good-spirited sportsmanship. I could sit in a room full of OU fans and enjoy a beer or two and have a lot of fun with them - especially if it was on their tab.
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    https://www.klipsch.com/pro/cinema/behind-the-screen just an fyi link to a lot of spec's and pictures of, what I would figure to be an extension of a great idea... thank heaven's there isn't a buy it now button lol
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    the sounds of reverb extend into more reverbation…. reverted to eat a peach here for some duane allman
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    Yes, I have bought some Khorn Woofers from him. He always answers my e-mails with great advice, even if I am not purchasing something from him!
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    ........Onto Side TWO............
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    so true... I remember there was a time when I saw one sitting in the middle of the road so I thought to myself... "I am going to go get'em and put him back in the woods". this thing was huge, at least a 14-16" in diameter so I was saying to myself that it might be better if I sneak up on him from behind and just grab him and he wont be able to do anything one I have him by the shell. As I sidled up to him from the arse end I remember thinking, this might not be the best idea Ive ever had... and just as I am about to lean in a grab him, he literally jumped up into the air and did 180º pivot while in mid air, landed and was now facing me down... hissing and pissed. I backed off and looked at a lady that just happened to driving by at that moment and she was looking at me and was laughing her arse off... I left after that.
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    From my latest Monoprice advert. How about some color changing skull lights to set the mood. https://www.monoprice.com/product?c_id=115&cp_id=11505&cs_id=1150506&p_id=24581&seq=1&format=2
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    nice. regardless of industry or niche, it's good to be reminded that proper, even elite, customer service still exists. in my book, I would pay for premium service. I bet I'm not alone.
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    I have 3 pairs of Carver Amazings (Platinum and AL III's) that use the Bohlender Graebener 45 and 60" Planar Magnetic drivers along with built in Subs (4 12's per channel in Platinums). They have amazing micro detail and dynamics for a non-horn setup, however they need gobs of power compared to horns, and lots of space away from walls to get the 3D effect. My experience with Bose, admittedly, was with earlier products. I still think their stuff is overpriced, either way. But as long as they do what they are designed for, I have no problem with the systems you mention or the compliment you have generously paid them.
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