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    I know you mentioned it I think but have you tried hooking up the speaker while bypassing the speaker wire plate and in wall wire? You don’t know what’s going on inside that wall so try plugging your speaker directly into the receiver. It doesn’t surprise me that whatever issue is being amplified by the Klipsch speakers, which are famously efficient and sensitive. It wouldn’t surprise me if some speaker wire is cross polaritied (is that a word?) inside that wall.
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    Ummmm no. Busted my hump in the yard and then garage today. Time to put my feet up. I'm exhausted. Cheers.
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    Yea that article talked about Buckingham's setup, and he isn't touring with them right now. Must be older.
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    I'm looking at the RP-450C to go with my RF-3's so I'm following this. Started my own thread with specifics.
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    Needed to play an LP to after a short break and it’s also raining in my location Boy does an LP sound great when it’s raining outside Settled on a brilliant album by a brilliant musician An all synth recording taken to the pinnacle of its being  Artist - Synergy ( Larry Fast ) Title - Audion This album is a US import ID PB 6005   
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    I think yours is the majority opinion, so you are solid. I think most people would agree that it is my philosophy on the center speaker which is the minority opinion. I am a fan of "get the best center speaker you can afford." My reasoning is the center does not play the same content as the L/R. Its primary function is to produce clear and accurate vocals. For movies or TV 90% of the content is dialog, and 90% of dialog comes from the center speaker. I respect both viewpoints. People should consider all sides and get whatever speaker they deem best for their listening environment.
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    after a minute... and a couple of, no, what the's… I figured it's a salesman demonstration for a $5000 coaster (look ma, no rings) like... have you ever seen a distilled water salesman with an electric cord ?
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    Haha. Been in IT for 15 years, so troubleshooting isn't a problem and is second nature. 14 Gauge wire. Let me see if I have some type of converter.
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    They do appear to be Claire arrays. The article you linked has a picture of the setup for the 2015 tour. They had a different configuration in Tulsa for this tour. It sounded good.
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    Schu, I switched to eliptrac 400, B&C DCM 50, DE 120 and ALK ESNs. The combo sounds pretty good! joe I’m thinking BR, probably the big ones. I have really been wanting to try full range. Now that my wife is used to huge speakers I think I can squeeze another pair in. opus, you will have a PM soon
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    I have a pair of beautiful cherry corner floor standing speakers for sale. Excellent condition, non smoking environment. They have been loved for a long while for both sound and beauty. No dents or scratches. Moving to a smaller home so need to find them a new forever owner. Purchased new and I have been the sole owner. Located in Chicago burbs. Asking $8,500 for pair.
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    Married man who spend night in Cat house, end up in dog house..... and man who go thru airport turnstile sideways, going to Bangkok.
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    Furious 7 More fun stuff for tonight (have 6 -7 & 8 on 4K). PW R.I.P. A bunch of the originals launched this week on 4K (1-thru-4) looking forward to adding them soon.
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    My OU post was hyperbole. I don't feel that kind of rivalry. You and I are much alike in that we really value good-spirited sportsmanship. I could sit in a room full of OU fans and enjoy a beer or two and have a lot of fun with them - especially if it was on their tab.
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    https://www.klipsch.com/pro/cinema/behind-the-screen just an fyi link to a lot of spec's and pictures of, what I would figure to be an extension of a great idea... thank heaven's there isn't a buy it now button lol
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    the sounds of reverb extend into more reverbation…. reverted to eat a peach here for some duane allman
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    Yes, I have bought some Khorn Woofers from him. He always answers my e-mails with great advice, even if I am not purchasing something from him!
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    ........Onto Side TWO............
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    so true... I remember there was a time when I saw one sitting in the middle of the road so I thought to myself... "I am going to go get'em and put him back in the woods". this thing was huge, at least a 14-16" in diameter so I was saying to myself that it might be better if I sneak up on him from behind and just grab him and he wont be able to do anything one I have him by the shell. As I sidled up to him from the arse end I remember thinking, this might not be the best idea Ive ever had... and just as I am about to lean in a grab him, he literally jumped up into the air and did 180º pivot while in mid air, landed and was now facing me down... hissing and pissed. I backed off and looked at a lady that just happened to driving by at that moment and she was looking at me and was laughing her arse off... I left after that.
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    From my latest Monoprice advert. How about some color changing skull lights to set the mood. https://www.monoprice.com/product?c_id=115&cp_id=11505&cs_id=1150506&p_id=24581&seq=1&format=2
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    nice. regardless of industry or niche, it's good to be reminded that proper, even elite, customer service still exists. in my book, I would pay for premium service. I bet I'm not alone.
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    I have 3 pairs of Carver Amazings (Platinum and AL III's) that use the Bohlender Graebener 45 and 60" Planar Magnetic drivers along with built in Subs (4 12's per channel in Platinums). They have amazing micro detail and dynamics for a non-horn setup, however they need gobs of power compared to horns, and lots of space away from walls to get the 3D effect. My experience with Bose, admittedly, was with earlier products. I still think their stuff is overpriced, either way. But as long as they do what they are designed for, I have no problem with the systems you mention or the compliment you have generously paid them.
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